Sara’s Fantasy

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Sara’s FantasyI opened the door and felt a wave of both excitement and apprehension wash over me. Stood before me were 3 guys between the ages of 30 & 35. These were friends we met in chat rooms but had never met in person. They are Brandon, Rick, & Mark.These guys were the ones Sara felt most comfortable with from chating with them Sara chose them to fulfill her fantasy of her getting gang banged by 3 guys while I watched. Now it was time to see if they lived up to their online representations.I welcomed them into the hotel suite. They knew what Sara wanted and were happy to accommodate Sara. The main thing was she wanted to be in control and every one have a good time. The guys were already getting undressed when I shut the door and followed them into the suite.They were to undress and line up against the wall with their hands behind their backs, and not to touch my Sara until she gave the signal.Sara had gone into the bathroom 10 minutes earlier giving me a very smile, the kind of smile i know to mean she is in a very sexy mood. She emerged from the bathroom and my balls tightened at what was in front of me. She had some black patent leather shoes, with a 6 inch heel, black seamed stockings and a short black skirt which was hiked up to show the suspenders and her beautiful ass cheeks peeking out. She had a tight blacked cropped blouse and was showing off her toned midriff, and a black bra which was struggling to contain her 36DD breasts.She walked up to me and kissed me softly on my lips before pushing me back into my chair and walking towards the 3 guys.She walked over slowly and deliberately and was wiggling her hips. The look of anticipation on their faces made her slow down even more as she wanted to tease them as much as possible. As she walked in front of them she let her arm hang down so that her hand brushed their cocks knowing that this would wind them up even more.She stood in front of Brandon and took hold of his balls in her hand kaçak bahis gently massaging them while looking his body up and down, and then started to gently stroke his cock really slowly.He was hard right away and when he was she moved onto Rick.She turned around so her back was facing him and backed him up against the wall so he was pinned against it, and then slowly started to grind her ass against him.She then bent over to touch her toes and rub her ass cheeks on his erect cock making Ricks body tense up trying to resist breaking the rules and touching Sara before he was told.Mark was already hard by this point so Sara knelt down in front of him and opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and lower it over Marks cock as far as she could. Only then did her lips touch his cock as she closed her mouth around it and slowly sucked on the way back up. This is how i love her to suck my cock and as she was doing it she looked over at me and gave me a wink.The pressure was also starting to get to Mark, and i could tell he just wanted to grab the back of Sara’s head and fuck her mouth. She stood up and kissed Marked full on the mouth and pushed her Breast into his chest just to take him nearer the edge.With all 3 guys hard and ready to fuck, Sara got on the bed in the doggy position with her ass 3 ft away from the guys. She slowly started to buck her hips up and down and then reached back and ran a finger over her ass cheeks before pulling her panties back and showing the guys her moist pussy. The finger slipped straight in and she fingered herself for a few seconds before bringing the finger up to her asshole and rubbing her pussy juice over it. She then sat on the edge of the bed right in front of the guys, spread her legs, leaned back, and said “come and get it”.In a flash Mark had got on the bed and was stroking his cock in front of Saras mouth. Brandon was at the other side of her stroking and waiting to be sucked, so Sara turned her head from bets10 side to side giving them each of them a turn fucking her mouth. Rick was between Sara’s legs with his tounge buried in her pussy. He had pushed her legs right up so that both her pussy and ass were completley exposed and open, and was licking and sucking them both covering both holes with his lips and licking back and forth over them. My cock was so hard it thought it would burst, but i kept in my seat enjoying what i was watching.Rick stood up and Sara to take off her skirt, got on all fours at the end of the bed. When she had did this Brandon and Mark assumed their poitions either side of head As Rick started lick and suck on her swollen clit and kissing her ass the other 2 were putting their cocks back in her mouth as Sara took turnes sucking them sometimes taking bothe cocks in her mouth. I knew it wouldnt be long before someone was going to stick a cock up her tight little pussy.Rick didn’t let me down and stood behind Sara lining up his cock against her slit. He slid only an inch of it in just to get his own back and tease Sara, before taking it out so his cock was just pushing open her lips.He did this 3 times and on the 4th stroke he slid all the way in. The moan that sara let out was so deep and sexy that my balls tightened again, so i can imagine how Brandon felt as he had his cock in her mouth!!Rick started to fuck her pussy good and i could see his balls slapping against her with each stroke.Here was my wife with 2 cocks in her mouth, and another deep in her pussy making the kinds of noises i have never heard before, and she was loving it. I started to stroke my cock knowing that soon it would be my turn.Brandon went and sat against the headboard and signaled for Sara to come and straddle him.With her back facing him she lowered herself onto his cock and let out another deep satisfying sigh as she leaned back and closed her eyes. Brandon supported her bets10 giriş back as she started to ride his cock, and Rick put his cock near her mouth for her to suck off all her pussy juice. Mark was busy getting her bra off to reveal her fabulous tits, and when they were out he started running his tongue over her erect nipple. Brandon had hold of the other tit and was pulling her nipple up stretching the skin on her breast.Then to my surprise Sara raised herself off Brandon’s cock, moved slightly forward and began to guide his cock into her asshole. She had mentioned she might do this but not this early on in proceedings. Brandon’s cock was covered in her pussy juice and didn’t have much trouble sliding up her ass after a couple of attempts.Sara slowed things down until she was comfortable then started to pick up the pace again.With Mark the only one not to fuck her yet, she took his cock in her mouth to make sure he was nice and hard, then reached down to spread her pussy lips and told him to stick his cock in there.I went over for a better view to watch his cock slide up my Sara’s pussy. His cock was much fatter than mine but about the same length, and the way he stretched her pussy as he entered her was bringing her close to an orgasm. She gave her clit a few rubs and came so hard that she was shaking. WOW this was better than either of us imagined.They carried on fucking her while she sucked away on a cock, changing positions every few minutes, but at all times she had a cock in every hole until the guys were ready to cum. Brandon came first shooting his cum in her ass closely followed by Mark who filed her pussy. Rick than said i wanna fuck your sweet ass and Sara rolled on her stomach and he moved behind her, she raised her ass and her pushed his cock into her asshole. Sara than looked at me and told me to come and let her suck my cock. Sara took my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard as i fuck her mouth and lick was pumping hard and fast in her ass until he emptied his cum in her thrusting deep in her ass as he tensed up and shoo 4 or 5 times. When i saw Sara taking his cum i couldn’t hold back and i shoot my cum in Sara’s mouth as she sucked hard on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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