Sarah Ch. 02

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I picked up the phone and held it to my ear. Sarah’s voice came across the line clear and excited, as usual, and I felt the traffic pinning me in lift just slightly. But even in her initial greeting I could tell that there was a bit of hesitation that had never grown between us before. I cut directly into her purpose.

“Sarah, doll, why are you calling me? Is everything okay for this weekend?”

“See, Uncle Derick, that is why I am calling…” her little voice trailed off and I felt my heart sinking with the last note of her half-finished sentence. In two years she had not canceled a single visit. It is true that the visits were not often enough to put a strain on either of our everyday lives, but I still felt that it was somehow special that we had always managed to keep our promise to see each other, whenever we made it.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, feeling the squeeze of rush hour tighten again. I lifted my hand in frustration at a large white SUV that nudged its way in front of me. The bay bridge was going to be hell today. “Are you not going to be able to come?”

“Of course I am coming!” she said, her voice slapping my eardrum playfully as if I was a child that had said the most ridiculous thing in the world. I felt relief wash over me, and relaxed into my leather seat. However long the wait, I might as well surrender to it.

“It’s just that, do you remember when you said that I could always bring a friend with me if I wanted to?” I recalled giving her the open-house speech when she was about 15, and I thought that she might appreciate someone her own age around to amuse her during her yearly visits. Now she was nearly 20, and over the past two years the idea of sharing our few precious days together with anyone else had not crossed my mind.

“Of course I remember, and of course you can invite a friend if that is what you really want.”

“Great! Because I have already invited my friend, Laura.”

This was a completely unexpected announcement. “I see. Well, it is your vacation. I am sure that you two will find a lot to explore in the city together.”

“See, Uncle Derick, you’re misunderstanding me.” She giggled nervously on the other end of the line and I felt my pants twitch ever so slightly. That girl had a crazily adorable laugh. “I mean, I guess it is about exploration, but really… I was hoping that you would, maybe, possibly…”

“That I would what, Sarah?”

“Well, I was hoping that you would have sex with her.”

My foot slipped off the break and I nearly rear-ended the soccer mom in front of me, who laid on her horn without relent.

“You thought that I would what?” I laughed incredulously, “Whatever gave you the idea that I would fuck one of your friends, Sarah? You didn’t tell her about us, did you? You know how messy things could get if people found out that we’re sleeping together.”

“I know, I know!” she sighed. She really was still a 20 year old. I was definitely feeling 40, having to give her a lecture like that. “But it’s like this Uncle Derick. All of my friends talk about their sex lives all of the time, and I feel so left out. I have nothing to say, nothing in common with them. I want to have someone that understands me, that I can talk to, and I want that to be Laura.”

“You aren’t trying to say that you don’t have sex with the same boys that all of your friends are screwing. I’ve seen some of the pictures that prove otherwise. You have plenty to talk about.”

“Yeah, I have sex, but you’ve totally spoiled me and you know it. I know how good sex can be. These guys and girls are just playing, and it is adorable, but none of them really know about sex. Come on, please?”

“Baby, that’s not the way things work, and you know it. Just because you have sex with the same person as your friend does not mean that you have the same experience. If you really want to bond with this girl, why don’t you have sex with her? That will give you plenty to talk about.” altyazılı porno

“Because I can’t teach her the things that you can. I can’t make her feel the way that you could.”

“Sarah, you’re selling yourself short. You could make anyone feel like god.”

“Well, maybe. But the point is that I am bringing her. And I have already told her about us. And you can avoid it all weekend if you want, but that will just make things awkward, because she really, really wants to fuck you.”

The little devil hung up the phone and I groaned. I could not decide if I should masturbate right there or if I would rather curl into a hole and die at the situation my niece had put me in. She was not usually so demanding though, so I would have to consider her request.

Friday came too quickly and yet not soon enough. I was determined that even if Sarah brought her friend we would still get some alone time. However, things did not get off to a great start as I had to stay late at the office, and the girls had to take the BART to my house. Of course Sarah had a key, and they opened a bottle of wine and made dinner while they waited for me. I opened the door and hung my coat on the coat rack in the entryway when I felt Sarah’s warm, young body press against mine in an embrace. I hugged her back, feeling her solid against me, and unaware of anything else for a moment.

It was not until she tried to kiss me that I became aware of her friend sitting on the couch, staring at us with her hands folded in her tightly closed lap. I thought about resisting for a moment, but decided that since Laura already knew a simple kiss would not be too much of a shock. I had never kissed Sarah in front of anyone before, and a chill went down my spine as our lips met. I found myself enjoying the validation of our affection for each other that having an audience created. I slowly swayed her back up against the door and spread her legs with my knee. Knowing that Laura could see my hand, and the white of Sarah’s panties underneath her short skirt, I placed my palm on her pussy and held it there while we embraced. It was our customary way of greeting eachother, and I was happy to continue it.

Not wanting to be rude we broke our kiss and walked into the living room. Sarah introduced me to Laura, who stood and shook my hand.

“I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you, Derick,” she said. She was a classic redhead, a little shorter than Sarah and not as toned. Her skin was tissue-paper white with freckles and her hair was light red, but her eyes were dark, dark green, and I found my mind wandering to inappropriate images of her. We sat down on the couch and Sarah left the room to collect a wine glass for me.

“How are you?” she asked, nervously.

I put my hand on her bare thigh. She was wearing a skirt that matched Sarah’s. “Relax,” I told her. She smiled and laughed a little. “I am fine. I had a long day.”

“Then perhaps it is you who needs to relax a bit?” she pressed, with just the slightest bit of awkwardness. She was definitely cute.

“Are you offering to help me relax?”

“I would very much enjoy to help you relax in any way that you would like,” she stated boldly. But it sounded slightly rehearsed. I sighed. It was something Sarah wanted. I put my hand behind the girl’s neck and pulled her face close to mine. I flicked my tongue out of my mouth and against her lips. She tried to lean in to kiss me, but I held her head back in my palm.

“Well then, I want you to suck my cock.”

She hesitated, then looked up into my eyes. I could tell why Sarah liked her so much, and why she trusted her. “Of course.”

She was quick. Before I knew what was happening she was on her knees between my spread legs, and my belt was unfastened. My body responded well to her, and the memory of Sarah’s earlier kiss, and I was pleasantly throbbing. I unbuttoned my pants for her and pulled my 8 inch cock out amatör porno from my boxers. She did not hesitate to take the whole thing into her wet mouth, her head bobbing up and down like a porn star’s, her tongue swirling as she gripped my thighs and tried to deep throat me. She had great technique, and definitely would have pleased any man. I looked up to the hall and saw Sarah watching us with that cute little smirk on her lips. I wanted to kiss her so badly. I wanted to fuck her, and suckle every part of her body, not be playing with her friend. But there was no reason that I could not enjoy them both. I beckoned her over to the couch, but she took her time, and sat just out of my reach.

I stopped Laura, pulling her head off of my cock.

“You are very good, Laura. I bet boys go wild over what you do with your tongue.” She smiled shyly and my heart melted a little, “But it feels like you are doing what you think you are supposed to do. That’s how guys describe what they want because that is how porn displays it. Real sex is not about that moment of ferocity. It is about building up to it. I want you to do it again, but this time, go slow. Do what you feel like. If you want to hold it for a minute, just hold it. If you want to lick a little, lick a little. If you want to choke on me, by all means, do it, but I want to feel how bad you want me in your mouth.”

She hesitated, then brought her lips to the tip of my cock, kissing its swollen head. She started sucking me, lightly and slowly, and I groaned in pleasure. Now, this was fantastic. Sarah scooted over to me and offered me her lips. I kissed my niece gently, in time to her friend’s sucking. What a treat she had brought me. I wrapped my arms around her, sliding my hand down her back to her thighs, then up under her skirt. I stroked the outside of her panties, feeling how hot and wet she was. I knew she must be going crazy, seeing my cock in her friend’s mouth. I found the side of her labia and stroked it up and down, avoiding her clit. Then I pulled away and whispered, “I want you to go do the same thing to your friend.”

Sarah smiled up at me and then slid off the couch to join Laura on the floor. Laura’s ass was already up in the air, giving Sarah adequate access to her pussy. She shyly put her hand between her friend’s thighs and began stroking her with the same slow, steady rhythm that I had used. I felt Laura pick up the rhythm in her sucking, and her intensity increased as her pleasure began to mount. They were such a sight to see, all young, perfect flesh kneeling before me, begging for my attention.

“Sarah,” I said quietly, “I want you to pull Laura’s panties to one side, and give her a little lick with just the tip of your tongue.” Sarah did as she was told, and I felt Laura’s throat vibrate as she moaned. I was finally really getting into this. I pulled Laura’s head back again, and bent down to kiss her fully on the mouth, letting my tongue linger and explore her cavity for a moment. When I broke the kiss all three of us had silly grins on our faces.

“Why don’t we go to my room?” I suggested.

In my room we all three got naked and the two girls lay on my bed. I knelt between them, one hand on each of their outside hips. They looked at each other and giggled.

“So, you learned how to take things slow with a man, but I doubt that you have ever had a man go slow with you, or you would have already known how to do that. So why don’t you sit back and relax and I will have Sarah show you how to build an amazing orgasm.”

Laura curled up on her side and Sarah lay flat on her back, spreading her thighs, eager for what I was about to do. I reached up with one hand and began gently kneading her breast, while I spread her pussy lips with my other hand and dipped my tongue down to her hot juices. Two years later and I could still go down on her for hours. There was absolutely no rush. I savored her flavors and the gentle moans that escaped arap porno her writhing body. I was slow and steady and she began to build in intensity. Taking my cue from her I lapped harder, pulling at her skin with my teeth and pressing my tongue underneath the nub of her clit. I could feel Laura staring at us in awe. I saw her own hand wander down between her thighs and I felt a pang of pity for her, wanting to allow her to join.

Just when Sarah was about to climax Laura could stand the distance no more and reached out her hand to replace mine on Sarah’s nipples, tugging with the same amount of intensity as she leaned in to kiss my niece’s soft mouth. The new stimulation surprised Sarah and so she did not climax as hard as she had been about to, but she did not seem to mind as her hands eagerly roamed over Laura’s torso. My own hand freed from its earlier task I reached over to Laura’s dripping pussy and began to stroke it with the same rhythm as Sarah’s. The two girls moaned sweetly into each other’s mouths. I went back and forth with my mouth. Sarah was sweeter, and Laura was more pungent but they both tasted of happiness and youth. Eventually I sat up, keeping one hand working each of them as I watched them kiss and suck at each other’s nipples and mouths. They were a beautiful pair.

I stopped stroking the girls just long enough to find one hand of each of theirs and guide it to the other’s pussy. They were shy at first, timidly stroking the outside. But I knew that they both ached to be filled after my working of them and so I guided their fingers deep into each other. As soon as they felt the wetness around their fingers they both grew excited and began to more vigorously pump in and out of the other girl, never stopping their intimate kissing and adorable moaning. As they progressed I guided another finger into each girl, and then another, until they had all four fingers working into the sopping wet pussy of the other. I could hear the magical squishing sounds and their groans all around me. Finally I could sit back and just watch.

As I moved away from them they got closer, spreading their legs open further for the other. Sarah was less shy than Laura and was now down to all four knuckles of her hand, twisting her palm in little ways that made Laura start to scream with pleasure. It took Laura a while longer, but soon she was returning the favor to Sarah.

I stood over the bed and reached down to stroke myself as I watched the two girls play. I was not sure if they would go all night or have to stop the intensity of their session soon, but I knew I wanted to burn the image of their tangled bodies into my mind. They had long ago abandoned the gentle moans and were grunting and screaming with pleasure.

“Yes, baby, yes,” Laura cried out, “Mmm, fuck me Sarah, harder, please harder!”

And Sarah fucked her harder. She bit Laura’s lip and shoved her entire fist into the other girl’s dripping cunt. “Yeah, you want that you fucking slut?” she cried, unaware of what her mouth was saying, “You want me to give it to you like that? Well, you better give it to me to. Fuck me, you cunt. I want to feel you deep in me.”

I could not believe both girls were fisting eachother. True, their hands were smaller than mine, but I had been so afraid the first time I fisted a girl. Here they were, enjoying the spreading of their cunts without hesitation, putting on the most beautiful show for me. I had not even realized how hard I had started to stroke my cock, but I looked down and my own hand was working with speed and pressure that was bringing me near orgasm. That was okay though, because I knew with their intensity that neither of them could be far off.

Suddenly Laura’s body seized, and she bucked hard against Sarah’s soft naked frame.

“Fuck, Sarah! I am, I am, I am,” she shuddered. Her orgasm tripped Sarah off and she kissed her friend hard and rolled her eyes back into her head. I could not hold back my own orgasm any longer and shot my load in hot streams over their arched bodies.

“Fuck!” I cried, collapsing in bed between the two of them. The three of us had a collective sigh, and then Laura laughed with happy freedom. And I thought, Damn, this will be a good weekend after all.

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