Sandy And Dermot

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Sandy was a student at the local university in her second year studying psychology. She was short and petite with below shoulder length blonde hair, often tied in a pony tail to suit her mood. She was also a bit of a loner with only a few trusted friends and so did not socialise very much. She enjoyed the apartment she lived in, spent nights studying, listening to her favourite music or communicating with distant friends on the internet. If the mood suited her with the right person she would indulge in a little shared cybersex using her voice communication and cam.

The cybersex was good. It allowed her to masturbate and satiate those feelings of being horny. She regarded it as “safe sex”, and there was very little physical attachment she shared with, perhaps just a slight emotional one, which she could cope with because of her mind-set. It was simply fun, but very private. She never revealed it to other physical friends around her. Besides, her thoughts were could they be bothered anyway?

She did not believe in using a gym and over the past winter months she had put on more weight than she wanted, although the weight gain was minimal. Her body was still petite and healthy.

It was spring and time to do some jogging again every Saturday and Sunday mornings, a routine five kilometres.

Sandy would wake up and have a shower then breakfast of one tomato and lettuce sandwich. She considered that to be enough until dinner later that afternoon. She would put on her skimpy lace underwear and then the usual grey jogging shorts and t-shirt. She was ready to take on that five kilometre challenge.

Over the weeks it got easier. One Sunday she left her apartment and began her run. Outside on the boulevard was a young man, same age as Sandy. He was Dermot, his father Irish and his mother Caribbean. His hair was short, neat and curly with a body that was kept in good condition thanks to the university gym. He was not a student, but a carpenter for a nearby home repair establishment.

Dermot had been watching Sandy for many months over winter into spring. He liked what he saw. She was his kind of girl and he wanted to get to know her a little more. Perhaps even a date maybe? But that first move had to be his. The thing was, he was shy with lots of girls and spent quite a lot of time masturbating about having sex and especially Sandy. A date seemed great, but what he really wanted was to see what she was like naked and submissive for sex. Seduction was on his mind first, and perhaps that might be a way to her heart for a relationship.

That Sunday, late morning, Sandy returned from her jog. He waited to enter the apartment block behind her. “Excuse me, do you know anyone called Gerry who lives here?” Dermot asked. Sandy laughed nervously removing her earphone. On first impression, she thought he was quite handsome and not many young men burst into her life as if from nowhere.

“Sorry, I don’t know anyone called Gerry who lives here.” She smiled at him and he returned the gesture. “There are lots of people in this block. Gerry could be any one of them, but it is mostly female residence only, that is until they changed the rules recently. Is he a student?”

“Yes, I believe he is. Don’t know what he studies though.”

“I am really sorry I can’t help you… what is your name?”


“Very sorry Dermot. Are you OK?”

“Not really…” He was beginning to get lost for words. His shyness most of all.

“I’m Sandy,” she smiled and took his hand, holding it a few seconds whilst she checked out the young man before her, casually dressed in t-shirt and jeans with quite a few manly muscles and handsome looks, especially when he smiled. He reminded her of Kev, one of the online cybersex players. Only Kev had a good package and a penchant for British girls. She cleared her mind from daydreaming those few seconds. Dermot was physically facing her. “Would you like a coffee or something?”

Dermot raised a slight smile and accepted the invitation, feeling more at ease she had told him her name. One other thing he discovered whilst following her was not only her cute butt, she could also talk quite a lot, offering advice on how to locate Gerry, a completely non-existing individual, whilst they took the elevator to the floor her apartment was situated on.

He could not stop himself from looking at her legs, and when she turned to him, her small petite breasts through the clothing. He just wondered what they would be like compared to lots of other girls more stacked that he had fancied. Of course, he had seen pictures and even porn of petite girls being photographed and fucked. The amount of cum he had spent wanking over them was quite a lot. But what was it like to actually do it to one of them? The more he was with her now, close up, the more he began to fancy his chances of finding out.

Once in the apartment there was that clean fragrance smell in the air. The smell he associated with homes lived in by women, especially single ones. In his job it was bahis siteleri quite familiar. But in his job the homes were occupied by older women that made advances to him. They scared him. Older women were not “his thing”, even though they had maturity and experience.

“Sit down Dermot, make yourself comfortable.” Sandy told him as she made her way into the kitchen area. Dermot took a seat in a studio chair, and once again catching a glimpse of Sandy he began to daydream. Those porn movies did not help to keep his mind off things. He wanted to release that pony tail of hers and see how long her hair really was. And, thinking of hair, did she have pubes?

Sandy returned with two mugs of coffee setting them down on the coffee table. She took a seat opposite him. “So Dermot, what do you do?”

He explained that he was an apprentice trained carpenter and earned quite a good wage. Business was good and he had weekends free. This seemed to drift over Sandy’s head as if she had no interest and Dermot noticed. Infact, Sandy was not really interested in anything but her studies. Regarding her guest, he was lost looking for Gerry and perhaps needed rescuing for a while.

While they drank their coffee, now in silence, she noticed Dermot checking her out, this time with more interest. Even though she thought he was handsome, it made her shiver, not knowing for sure that it was right to allow a stranger within her domain.

“Can I confess something?” Dermot asked.

“Yes, why not?” Sandy replied, now trying to be a good host and possible listener.

“I like you Sandy quite a lot.” Silence hit the room between them. He expected an answer and she just did not know how to take his confession. “I’ve been kind of stalking you. Just hanging around the boulevard outside the block and following you during the weekends in winter. I’m surprised you didn’t notice me watching in the hypermarket every Saturday.”

Sandy put her head in her hands and laughed nervously. “Really? I can’t believe it.” The laughter followed by a smile, not knowing what to think or say.

“It’s true. But, I only wanted to get to know you, not harm you.”

“Oh my gawd! I can’t believe I actually have a stalker and you are sitting in my home.”

“I’m not sure of my feelings Sandy. I’ve never been with a girl before.”

“Are you telling me the truth Dermot, or is this some trick?” Sandy asked. Lots of men did often approach her with intentions to make advances. She told them she was not interested and some even began to think she was a lesbian and out of bounds. Dermot reacted by putting his head in his hands.

“Fuck… I knew this would be a mistake… shit!”

“No wait Dermot, don’t get upset on me.” Sandy reached her hand out to his and noticed real tears in his eyes. He was both offended and upset at her reaction to his honesty. “If it is any consolation Dermot, I too am a virgin. I have never been with any man or even a woman for that matter. I am just too busy to have a relationship. And, furthermore, my best friend when it comes to having sex is in my computer desk drawer. My dildo. The only thing that has ever been inside of me.”

Dermot could not believe her replies. She went on to explain the cybersex and she was not entirely absence of any sex. “All girls and women masturbate” she confessed. “I know someone in the States who I communicate with. Together we watch ourselves masturbate online. But there is no relationship between us. We do it for fun, and to be honest, not beating about the bush, he has a really amazing cock. I love to watch him cum and he loves watching me play with my dildo, talking dirty to me until I cum too.”

Suddenly, the shoe seemed to be on the other foot with her openness. Dermot could not believe what he was hearing. “So, even though you never had… physical intercourse you have cybersex?”

“Of course” Sandy smiled. “I don’t even know what a real cock feels like.” Once again silence hit the air as they looked at each other. Now his thoughts of seduction were increased. It was just the right question to ask perhaps. His own cock was becoming stiffer than ever. It could not be hidden inside of his pants because of the tell tale bulge which Sandy observantly noticed. “I see you are feeling horny?” she asked. Dermot looked down and noticed. He was by no means a small young man when it came to his package.

“Er… yes, I’m getting hard with what you just told me. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry Dermot.” Sandy smiled. She took the band from her pony tail and let her hair fall over her shoulders. “So, you like me?” she asked. Dermot could only nod his head in reply. She was beautiful in his eyes. “What exactly do you find attractive about me Dermot?” She was actually seducing him with that certain grin and look in her eyes.

“Everything I see and imagine.”

“I will do a deal with you. I’ve been jogging and need a shower. I need to see what you have too.” She pointed at him. “You’ve kind of twisted my arm on this one Dermot. Share that shower canlı bahis with me?”

“Fuck! Really?” Dermot replied, holding his head in his hands. “What if my tears were crocodile tears and I was trying to trick you?”

“Oh I know the real tears Dermot. Believe me, yours were real. And I truly am sorry for causing you upset. So… this deal then, are you ready?”

“Whenever you are Sandy.”

Before going anywhere, whilst Dermot watched, she lifted off her t-shirt revealing her petite breasts cosseted in her bra. Then with a smile she unclipped her bra revealing her breasts with smooth raised and pink areola. “Oh fuck…” Dermot uttered. “Those little titties are unbelievably gorgeous. I never imagined nipples like that…”

“There is more to come. But In the bathroom.” She took his hand, led him through her bedroom and through into the bathroom. “Take off your clothes Dermot, come on, this is our deal.” He began to strip and noticed when she bent forwards to remove her lower clothing, her breasts were like perfectly formed cones of flesh, and not dissimilar to what he had seen in porn, only Sandy’s were there in physical reach.

They both stepped into the shower. Dermot found it hard to believe what he was doing and who with. It was easy in a way he thought. They cleaned each other’s bodies in turn. He had to pause for a while, touching and feeling her breasts and further down, her smoothly shaved pussy mound. Sandy spent time making sure his cock was absolutely clean, stroking it between her finger grip from his balls to the tip. Even semi-erect he was quite thick and long with a mass of veins. She wanted to take it into her mouth, but if anything, that might happen later. She looked into his dark brown eyes and bit her lip moaning. “Love your fucking cock Dermot. Thank you for being with me.”

“My pleasure babe… er … I mean Sandy. To be honest I never really thought this would happen. Earlier during coffee even less. I had thoughts of seducing you, but… you actually seduced me. How can that happen?”

“Let’s just say… luck.” Sandy winked, her eyes now fixed on his growing erection still in her grip. “I’m just wondering if I can get your cock inside of me? You’re big… quite big.” Has she continued to stroke she looked him in the eyes still moaning and enjoying his feel in her grip. Dermot too began to moan and quiver.

“Oh fuck Sandy I’m cumming…”

“Yes!” She wanked his cock faster using both hands until he gasped, gripping her shoulders. His buttocks clenched and creamy white streams of cum shot onto her belly, the shower water washing it away as he released and the ropes of thick cum hit their target. “Fuck, you sure do cum Dermot. Nice!” she smiled.

“Yeah… been a few days since I had a wank… I mean masturbated.”

“Dermot, if you want to call it a wank that’s fine with me.” Sandy smiled, just happy to have relieved him and seen how much he is capable of cumming. And she liked what she saw. Her first physical contact, just as much as Dermot’s.

They both dried themselves with towels. Dermot’s eyes were firmly fixed on Sandy’s petite breasts. Still nubile. She was a late developer and it seemed that was it. They had never developed further, destined to have small breasts dominated by her large pink and raised areola. She wanted to feel him suck and lick them to see if it felt the same way when she touched them herself. Dermot took on the invitation and in turn he began to lick and suck them. To Sandy it felt so good. It was like touching her clitoris, giving her amazing tingles through her body. “Don’t stop… please” she told him, holding his flaccid cock. And as if by natural instinct he knew what to do to pleasure her.

The deal was done. Or was it? They had barely known each other for one hour and Dermot could not believe his luck. And, neither could Sandy. What motivated her was that Dermot was handsome and she just had to embark on that chance of actually physically being with someone. The shower deal was just something she had to do. Dermot was after all a “real” guy and after revealing her cybersex experiences and both being virgins, it made her feel quite horny. With respect, Dermot was not going to be her sex toy boy. They shared something between them. The lack of experience of contact sex and there was more to be discovered.

She moved closer to him whilst stroking his semi-hard cock. She just had to kiss him. Their lips made contact. Small tiny kisses at first growing more passionate. It began to feel good for both of them the longer the kiss developed. Dermot pulled away slowly. “I’ve never done that before. It feels good.”

“Neither have I.” Sandy smiled. “I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like.” It was so good they continued. His hands cupping her breasts whilst she stroked him to a full erection, helped on by the kissing. And Sandy felt herself becoming more and more wet as her love juices began to flow. Those tingles, the kissing turned both of them on. The initial deal may have been over, but güvenilir bahis they were both ready for more. “Can we promise each other something?” Sandy asked.

“What’s that?”

“Please don’t fall in love with me. I will do the same with you. Infact, let’s just be together this once.”

Dermot thought the request was strange. His chances of future dates with her had just been blown away. He was looking for love. To him that afternoon was the beginning, or so he had thought, to some kind of courtship. Suddenly his sex drive took a step backwards and right away Sandy could feel it in his cock. It slowly became flaccid as he thought about what she had said.

He took her by the arms. “Sandy, listen to me. I’ve been stalking you for many many weeks now, through winter into spring. You have been the only person on my mind. I’ve wanked myself stupid thinking about you.”

“This is it Dermot, you have already started to fall in love with me if not already. And, I have only known you for less than two hours. That isn’t right. I need perhaps more time… a long time.”

“You seduced me Sandy. The deal? I thought it was going to be the start of a relationship.”

“You’re being naive. I only wanted to show you what I was like and my curiosity made me wank you off. I liked what I saw. Curiosity. That is all it comes down to. I love the way you kiss, but it’s my first time too, like it was for you. And it felt amazing.”

“So, that’s it? Don’t I even get the pleasure of fucking you?”

Sandy looked down to the tiled bathroom floor to think. She was not looking for an on-going relationship. It would upset her lifestyle and although Dermot was handsome and everything some other girls and women would hope for. She did not even know if she could trust him. There was no real love for him. And, it would be too long for him to wait for her. Surely he would find someone else. She raised her head and looked straight into his eyes. “I am going to let you have sex with me this one time only.”

“It neither seems right nor wrong now Sandy. I am confused.”

“I’m not going to use you. This one time is for us. Call it experience. And besides, I am horny. The feeling is right for now. And yes, you can fuck me. But just this once.” Sandy explained. “Besides, I have my life already planned and it doesn’t make space for a boyfriend.”

It was not what Dermot wanted to hear. He had fallen in love during those long weeks and he was convinced. It was only fair that she had not gotten to know him. He was a stranger in her life still and that he had to accept. He was just lucky they had gotten so far in such a short time. She was right. But he could not fully understand the deal. It happened so quickly and unexpectedly. Yes, curiosity and yes, he was naive. She had control, rightfully for her own security and he was only being respectful. He looked at her. “I am going to confess Sandy… I am in love with you. Or, at least I think I am.”

Sandy saw tears run down his face. She knew he was emotionally upset and held him closely in her arms as he began to sob uncontrollably. She had not even expected it to happen and wondered what she had done to cause the situation. A mistake, but too late. “You can’t be in love Dermot. It’s not like that,” she began to explain. “You don’t really know who I am. My personality.”

“I want to get to know your personality.” Dermot told her, pleading.

“You don’t Dermot. It isn’t what you will expect. I have no time in my life for a relationship and, without hurting your feelings, I am aiming higher in life and that includes the relationships I will personally get involved in. You are a handsome man, unfortunately not my kind that I would be seeking in my future. I’m sorry if that sounds selfish Dermot, I really am.”

“What kind of man would you be looking for?”

It was not an easy question to answer, especially to Dermot. She sought a man or even woman she could settle down with, happily in love and share their intended professional status together. She thought it best not to answer directly. “Let’s not dwell on that.”

She took him into her bedroom and they began to kiss passionately. Those kisses led to each of them touching and feeling their bodies, it was all natural instinct. The oral sex and eventually the intercourse. The promised acts of sex were both carried out in neutral minds between them. Sandy, satiated by the acts of physical sexual contact for the first time in her life. Some things she was not sure she enjoyed. Dermot tried everything he wanted with the girl he became besotted with.

After they had done, they held each other tightly and once more sealed their experiences with a passionate kiss. There was silence for a while. They lay together. “Is that what it’s about?” Dermot asked. Sandy could only raise a smile. The only thing she wanted was to sleep in her state of contentment. “I’ll leave you to sleep.” He kissed her gently on the lips.

Before leaving, he dressed and returned to the bedroom. Sandy had fallen into a sleep. Again, he sat beside her on the bed, admiring her naked body and gently kissed her again. “Thank you…” he whispered softly. “I will keep our promise. But I still love you.” Sandy did not hear him.

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