San Diego Vacation

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I love time to myself. It’s the universal truth for 18-year-old dudes like myself. If I hear my parents leave the house, my mind instantly starts planning where, when, and how I will play with myself. After years of experience, my mind eagerly anticipates these times alone. Do I have time to edge? What kind of perverted things do I want to fill my mind with? I love time alone.

That’s exactly what was happening. I just heard the door shut to the front door and the heard the sound of my Dad’s truck pull out of the driveway and down the street. He and my mom were leaving to take Craig to the airport.

I had no problems with Craig, he was a little bit older than me, he was the youngest of my four older brothers. We were very similar in many ways, but my parents always had a little bit of a different relationship with me. With my older siblings, it was understood that they would all follow very conventional paths, get good grades, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, repeat.

For me, I was different, in one sense I was the constant underachiever. Coasting through school, sneaking out at night with friends to drink. Oddly, with the apparent disappointment. I think I was my parents’ favorite kid. I was the one they confided in, the one they listened to almost as a family adviser.

They were leaving and I was excited, I knew I would have about 2 hours to myself. So I was making plans. I would take my clothes off and splay my smooth boyish body over the couch in the living room. I’d retrieve some lotion from my mom’s bathroom and I would repeatedly edge myself and cum until I couldn’t anymore. I was excited.

I always waited a few minutes before executing potentially compromising plans like this. Leaving myself naked and exposed on the couch and masturbating like that was exciting, partly because of the risk, but I didn’t want to get caught. So I waited. Finally, after a couple of minutes of listening to hear for sounds outside, I felt I was in the clear.

I began to strip right out there in the living room, curtains still not closed, the neighbors would be able to see me if they were to look my way. I didn’t care, at this point, I was controlled by the chase for pleasure. I could already feel the pleasure, I was reaching down to my penis and balls, my penis was getting harder and harder and I could start to feel what it wanted in my mind’s eye. With every slow stroke, I would feel rushes of excitement and fantasy flood through my mind.

On this particular day, I was unusually focused on the thought of my own mother. I was always interested in milfs, since as far as I remember. Though, I didn’t always know that terminology. Some of my first dreams were about having sex with my mother, though in my dreams my mother had taken on the body of Jennifer Anniston.

In real life, my mother was older than that. I’m sure when she was young she had an idyllic body like a famous actress. She was 53 now, I was the youngest of 5, her body would not be idyllic by society’s standards now, there were some sags and not everything was perfectly smooth and toned. At least that’s what I gathered from what she revealed. She was mostly a conservative person, so the most I saw of her was when she would go swimming. She was in good shape for a 53-year-old, and her breasts were on the smaller side, but still very inviting. It was images of my mother in her bathing suit that my mind was drifting to as I stroked my penis and rubbed my balls.

My penis similar to what’d I see in porn videos, long smooth tan colored cock, a shade darker than my skin. I was uncircumcised, my Mom made sure to protect me from society’s damaging traditions. She was the kind of mother who would do anything for her kids. She was not going to settle for a bad outcome just because of what people might say.

I kept stroking the head of my cock, to the image of my Mom in her bathing suit. Imagining us in another world. One where I could be open with my sexuality with her and be naked by the poolside with her. Waves of pleasure hit me, thinking of how perfect that world would be. No concerns for the outside world, just unconditional love, and acceptance having all our needs met, letting her give me all the pleasure she wanted. There was something addictive about this thought. This is really what was meant to be. It felt more natural than coupling with a random woman.

I thought I waited long enough before getting naked, but I heard the truck pulling back into the driveway. My mom and dad must need something. I grabbed my clothes that were laying by the couch with both my hands and put them over my crouch to cover myself up. Quickly I waddled back to my room trying to hold my clothes while covering up my penis at the same time.

I can’t say I was entirely surprised about this situation, I’ve almost been caught with my pants down before. Though to this day, I’ve never really been caught, that I know of. Thankfully I hustled out of the living room fast enough this time too.

It pendik escort was my brother Craig’s fault, apparently, he had left some important assignments here at home instead of packing them up in his suitcase. My Mom and Dad must have already almost been on the freeway when he remembered and they had to turn around. Oh well. I will have some time to myself soon enough I thought. They’ll be back out the door in no time at all. My Mom had come inside to help Craig find the things he needed.

“Josh, I love you! We’re headed out again! Remind me to talk to you when I get home!” My mother yelled as she leaned back out the door to leave.

I hope it’s not about my grades I thought. I’m 18 now I’m an adult I hope she still doesn’t think she can reprimand me about my grades. Whenever my Mom says she wants to talk to me it’s usually bad and usually my fault.

Oh well, I can escape my concerns for a little bit I’ll get back to the epic date I have with my cock some lube and the living room couch.

I was having quite the time with myself there laying on the couch, with my big thick cock. I had a special edging technique going that I had just learned, you thrust and squeeze just the head of your cock down onto your cock. Squeeze push let go, squeeze push let go. I was bringing myself close to climax when I thought I saw something in the air vent. it looked like the shimmer of a piece of glass.

There really shouldn’t be any glass in the vent. But I’m not sure I know what goes into air conditioning systems. I continued. All this edging had worked me up into a hyper sexual state, I wanted everything now. I needed to kick this to the next level.

Maybe I could suck my own dick. There was something more exciting about that, having a dick in my mouth, even though it was my own seemed wrong and exciting. I knew it was theoretically possible because I had attempted this before and I dick lick the tip of my cock head once. I tried again, this time I started off close to a wall I lifted my legs and had gravity push my cock down towards my face. It was close. I reached out my tongue and once again touched the tip. I breathed in and then a long breath out now the head of my penis was fully in my mouth. This was a sweet pleasure, the feeling of wet lips and a tongue on my cock was good, but maybe better was the feeling of what this was doing to me, I was going through all this effort just to feel a cock in my mouth if I was being honest with myself. I wondered what I might look like right now to other people, my smooth shaven body all twisted up, my thick cock in my mouth and my ass in the air. With that thought, I quickly came in my mouth.

A second earlier I felt wonderful, now I felt lost and wondering why I had ever put so much effort into all of this. That always happens when I ejaculate, I feel bewildered and somewhat ashamed. Almost like I just woke up after sleepwalking.

I put my clothes back on and started watching some netflix. That’s when my Mom and Dad came back after delivering Craig to the airport. My Mom waved and sat next to me and asked me to pause the show.

“Remember how I said I had something to talk to you about?” She asked.

I nodded, still looking at the paused television.

“Well, your Dad and I have decided we want to go on an adventure, just the 3 of us. I won a free hotel room in San Diego for this next week. I thought we all could take a road trip and drive down there. San Diego has a lot of fun places to go to, there’s a zoo there, and it has some of the best beaches in the world.” She said.

It all sounded fine to me. The only thing I don’t like about vacations is the lack of privacy. Besides that, it’s fine enough.

“Sounds cool, Mom.” I said.

“Great, remember to pack enough clothes for 5 days.” She said with a wink.

The time came for the trip. I had packed my stuff, all the essentials I thought. But I always have a feeling I forgot something. So I double-checked. Shirts, check. Pants, check. Socks, check. Deodorant, check. Toothbrush, toothpaste, check. I wish I didn’t always have this nagging feeling that I forgot something when I go on a trip. Ahh, charger cord! I almost forgot it, it’s always the thing I forget. Finally satisfied I put my suitcase in the car, my mom and dad had already filled the car halfway to the top. But I found a spot for it.

I was ready to go. Now I wait. My mom always gets anxious and runs around for a while before she’s finally ready to say she’s done packing and ready to go. She was a bit less anxious this time though, a bit more bubbly she was even sneaking kisses to my dad on the way in and out of the house. I guess she was excited about this trip, it would be the first of the summer and the weather forecast in San Diego seemed ideal.

All three of us hopped in the car, my Dad driving, my mom in the front, and me. This was going to be a long trip. It’s a good thing we were headed out early in the morning, with a 10-hour drive, we probably won’t be there escort pendik until night. And that’s assuming no stops along the way. This drive wasn’t particularly exciting either, we’d be on I-5 most of the time, which has to be one of the most monotonous roads on earth. My Mom had the right idea, she instantly started listening to her audiobooks.

I put in headphones so I didn’t have to listen to that silliness. I had heard some of the audiobooks she listens to, it’s usually some horrible romance novel or a stupid murder mystery. I started playing Spotify and tried to close my eyes to pass the time. It was very relaxing the white noise of the freeway, and my music covering up the sound of my mom’s audiobooks.

My Dad just kept to himself and drove, he always kept his eyes on the road, even when my mom would turn to him and squeeze his inner thigh. The most he would do is turn his head slightly to acknowledge the gestures from my mom.

I don’t know how long it took me, but I eventually fell asleep, which was pretty odd, because I usually can’t nap in the middle of the day. But I guess I didn’t sleep well the night before.

When I woke up I took my headphones off. I think my Mom and Dad were in their own world now. The stuff my mom was now listening to was different. This sounded more like erotica than the stuff I usually hear her listening to. I wonder if she thought I was still sleeping. I kept listening. It was describing an older woman seducing a young man in some sort of fantasy story. I made out something about “His smooth skin and lean body”. It almost sounded like it was talking about me. My mom at this time grabbed my dad’s arm and put it on her crotch. From my angle, I could not tell if it was in her jeans or on top of it. She would move his hand up and down rhythmically while pushing her crotch up. I was pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to see this. They must have thought I was still sleeping. I couldn’t believe they were actually doing this. I had never seen or heard anything sexual from either of them my whole life.

At first, I was a bit put off, this isn’t the type of thing I expected to wake up to. But after getting over my initial grogginess, I thought this was kind of exciting. I didn’t have much of a view so my imagination had to do most of the work to try to figure out what was going on. I decided that I might be able to lean forward a bit while still pretending to be asleep. That might give me a better view. So I tried. Still not good, but I could tell my Dad’s hand was deep in my Mom’s underwear and jeans.

That’s when I got lucky while I was leaning forward to get a better angle, my Dad took his hands out of my Mom’s jeans and lifted her shirt to pinch her nipples. That’s where I got a direct look at my Mom’s delicious-looking nipples sticking straight out. Her nipples were darker than I’d imagined. Her breast looked like a delicious mouthful from the split second I got to see. Sadly her shirt fell back down over my Dad’s hand and my view was ruined.

That didn’t matter for me, I had the image in my mind now. I leaned back and closed my eyes. This time just reviewing that delicious image in my mind. I was getting hard. I needed to readjust myself if I didn’t want to have a visible bulge in my pants. But I didn’t want to move around in a way that would let them know I was awake. I resigned myself to leaving the bulge there. Even as the precum started flowing. I would occasionally precum so much that it would make a wet spot through my pants. I kept my eyes closed, but from the feeling in my pants, I thought a wet spot could be forming in my pants.

That’s when I heard the voice from the GPS say something about needing to stay in the left 2 lanes. Quickly my dad asked my mom to check his blind spot so he could merge. I could hear her move around her voice was now directed backward at me.

“All clear!” She said.

I didn’t hear her turn around for another couple seconds.

I kept my eyes shut and tried to think about other things. Next thing I know my Mom is right next to me gently talking to me.

“Wake up, Josh. We’ve arrived.” She said calmly.

“Ugh, okay.” I said

“I’m going to go check into the hotel, can you help your Dad get our stuff ready?”

I agreed.

A few minutes my Mom came back from the lobby waving a card.

“We’re room 182.” She said with a big smile.

We each grabbed a couple of bags and were able to get everything in one trip. We headed to our room. It was on the first floor, but we had to go down two different long halls to find it. When we arrived my Mom got the card out of her pocket. She took a deep breath and tried to swipe the card. The handle flashed a red light.

“Other way around.” My dad said.

My mom fumbled around a little and then got the card oriented correctly. The door flashed green and unlatched. She opened the door and we all walked in and dropped our stuff.

It was a modest double queen suite. One TV, with one bathroom with some pendik escort bayan refreshments and towels strewed across the table. The room reminded me of what regular TVs were like.

“We used to have one of these,” I said pointing at the TV.

“This is a cabled TV,” I remarked.

We hadn’t had cable in almost 10 years, what’s the point when there’s netflix and hulu.

I turned on the TV and it was tuned into Fox, Tucker Carlson was making concerned faces and talking about the ungrateful and dangerous youth on college campuses. I kept flipping channels.

“Alright, well I’m tired. I’m going to get ready for bed.” My dad explained.

“That’s a good idea.” My mom declared.

They both grabbed some things and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard the shower turn on.

I went back to paying attention to the TV, trying to find something good to watch. 200 channels and nothing good, I remembered why we don’t have cable.

It was getting late, but I was wide awake. I basically sleep 7 hours on the drive down. That’s a full night of sleep. This wasn’t looking good for my chances of sleeping tonight. I had to try though, so I went to my suitcase to fetch some pajamas. Nothing. I looked again I couldn’t find my pajamas.

“Shit.” I thought.

I knew I was missing something. I tried to go over a checklist of things in my head, but I always forget my pajamas. When I was digging for my pajamas, I realized I had also forgotten my underwear. I slapped my face with my palm.

“You are so, stupid.” I thought to myself.

Underwear is literally the first thing I should have made sure to bring.

“Okay, it’s hot here. I can just sleep in the underwear I have on.” I thought.

My parents were taking up the bathroom, so I decided to just slip out of my pants and into my bed.

I had my pants around my ankles when I heard the door for the bathroom open.

My parents don’t usually see me in my underwear. We’re generally a pretty private family.

My mom was in a flirty mood and was holding onto my dad’s arm as they walked out. They were both fresh out of the shower. My mom was in a silky loose-fitting nightgown.

“Nice butt.” My mom joked.

“I know where he got that.” My dad added.

I gave them a timid smile back, to acknowledge their comments.

I must have been blushing at this point. I didn’t want to be seen changing, and now my parents are looking at and commenting on my butt. I crawled under the covers. I rolled over so my back was facing away from them and started browsing on my phone.

“See you in the morning.” My mom said as she turned off the lights and got back into her bed.

The glow from my phone was lighting up the room quite a bit. I went into my phone settings and turned down the lamp and set it to night mode. My circadian rhythm was already probably super screwed up with the giant nap I just took. I didn’t need the light from my phone making it worse. I hit Netflix and tried to find something boring to watch. World War II documentaries, murder docuseries, black mirror, the millionth wanna-be breaking bad show.

“The toys that made us.” That sounds pretty boring, I thought.

It was a show about old toys and how they came to be, it was perfect for just a little bit of background noise as I tried to fall asleep.

I watched several episodes of that boring show. It wasn’t working I had to just close my eyes and let time do its magic. This was going to be even more boring, but at least there was a hope that I could get back onto a good sleep schedule.

I closed my eyes and laid in bed, completely still. It was a little bit too warm with all my covers on at this point, so I pushed the comforter off to the side. Now I could feel cold airflow in through the sheet, cooling down my body, flowing through my boxer-briefs. It felt good. But I was aware that while I’m facing upward you just see a big bulge under my sheet where my penis and balls are. I kind of prefer to be a little bit more hidden than that.

I turned over onto my stomach to one facing my mom and dad’s bed. I kept that position for a long time. Every once in a while I’d look up at the clock. It was 1:00 am. It was frustrating how long it was taking to go to sleep, but what choice do I have, it’s the middle of the night there’s nothing else to do. So I continued waiting. Next, I checked it was 2:10. I decided I wasn’t going to think about it anymore, the frustration was probably making it worse. I resigned myself to just lay there.

I don’t know how much later, maybe 30 minutes or an hour later I started to hear some wet sounds. That’s the best way I can describe them. They were definitely coming from the direction of my parents’ bed. I didn’t know what the sound was. I wondered if my Dad was jerking off or if my mom was sucking him off. It had to be sexual, there’s no other cause of wet sounds coming from beds. The more I listened the more it sounded like sucking. I think they were trying to be sneaky, they probably assumed I was asleep, because who wouldn’t be at almost 3 am. But seriously, why would they even think this was a good idea with their son in the room. They must be seriously horny.

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