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San Diego bay 3The story pt3Well heading home my mind wondered back through the day, how lucky I was to have met such a lovely lady, her age and how I found it so exciting, then to my invitation to a privet party on those huge yachts. Growing up in the north on a dairy farm the closest I have been to luxury was when a new John Deere was purchased by one of the neighboring farms. What do I wear, what the hell is ” lite summer” ? The rest of the week went by slowly, it was the time of year I had to prove to the Navy I was staying physically fit so physical fitness testing and I also had to complete a schooling test on a new system and a FAA exam. The week finally came to and end and I completed all my required testing. My drive home takes me down the silver strand, a narrow land mass that splits the bay to the vast Pacific Ocean, the sun was low as it was dusk. The drive has to be one of the best scenic drives in the world. At home and enjoying a nice warm evening in the pool thinking very excited about the next day, still no clue what to expect, but knew that something like I had never before experienced was going to happen. I finally shut my day down and crawled into bed. At 5am I was awoke by the phone ringing, not awake but answering with more of a mumble. No way, I sat up and looked at the time. It was the duty officer calling me, and clearly under stress his voice did not skip, you have 30min and the phone call ended. I quickly grabbed my gear and out the door. Then it hit me, Shit it’s Saturday ! This couldn’t be happening. Arriving I found a alert was called and we were to be on station in two hours. I looked at the time and started to figure full fuel load, again Shit, 1400hr then debrief 1500hr. Depressed I joined the crew and took my place and started preflight. I could hear through my helmet the tower and we were clear to taxi, I switched to guard to hear who besides us were donating another long day in the air. We just started rolling and cleared the flight line when I heard we were cancelled and to return. Like a little boy I let out a very excited scream… Checking in with Duty Officer, told to go home any alerts will be covered by the oncoming crew. Back home by noon, a dip in the pool and a shower, time check said it was time to get going. I’m sure my choice of dress was fitting for a 20 something in the eighties, shorts, bahis firmaları OP shirt and tennis shoes. The day was very warm even for Southern California, I was nervous, excited and what the hell am I doing all in one. I arrived promptly at 4pm, I sat for a moment to collect and toss away any sorted thoughts. Looking at the yachts as I walked up to the guard, Smiling as I approached and given the name of who I was here to see, She must have seen me pull in or walking up, she was there in seconds. She looked stunning and I was happy to see her choice of casual dress, light blue and cut just above her knees, no sleeves with white deck sandal. She grabbed ahold of my hand and gave it a great tight squeeze, she was bubbling with excited energy, she turned and gave me the most passionate kiss. My head was spinning and she knew I was nervous, we stopped just short of a huge boat called ” Cape Clipper”. Again she said that she was excited I was here and wanted to know if I had figured out what this was all a bout. Now we all have heard of theme parties, well this one was a theme party like no other. She wanted to tell me that I was not to miss read the theme and that she has smiled ever since our first sailing, and that after tonight nothing was to change, it was the party theme that made her greet me that first day on the launch. The theme of the party was called Old youth. Each member (old) was to seek out (youth) and invite them, the only required rules was they had to be single, youth and open minded. Well I will keep the boat description as fill in, it was a beautiful thing and very large. Stepping on deck I saw what looked like 6 to 8 other couples chatting, yep fully in theme old and young, both male and female of mixed ages. I had no thoughts at this point. My older date and I grabbed a beer and mixed into the conversation of another couple standing there. I figured it out, the comment ” I had been noticed and watched”. I was greeted with a kiss by an older female who then looked at my date and said ” it was you, I heard some one asked the sailor boy”. She filled me in on how I was watched and many comments made while watching me on the pier. I think I blushed and looked at her date, he was about my age, definitely found sunning on a beach. I looked around and it was true, besides the food and decorations there were two age kaçak iddaa groups, youth and old, all very attractive. My date grabbed my hand and said its time for a tour, we worked our way forward and then down a stairway, a large great room and 6 cabin doors. We were alone, she looked into my eyes and smiled, ” ready to have some fun ?” We move down to one of the cabins, once inside it was only a second and she was pulling up her skirt to show me a shear black string panty, I moved in and lightly ran my fingers up her thigh and across a very soft smooth body. She kneed down and took my very erect cock in her mouth, my eyes closed as I enjoyed the warmth and working sensation. Just as fast as she started she stopped, not yet she said, follow me, out the cabin we went. She was standing at the doorway looking into the next cabin, I looked in to see one of the older males enjoying a much younger gal. Her panties laying on the floor as he was working himself in and out of her. Beth entered the room, walked over and ran her fingers and a tight grip on the young girls breasts. Yep, my heart skipped more than one beat. We left the cabin and headed back up on deck to fetch more to drink… More than one smile was exchanged between Beth and I. My date was smiling and said, well ? My grin was my answer, good lets go find fun and trouble. We went up on the flying bridge, and looked out at the bay, I was beyond excited and knew that all rules were, no rules. As I walked up behind Beth, I reached beneath her short skirt and ran my hand across her bottom. A quick kiss and back for another drink and I grabbed something to eat as we walked past a well stocked table. There were others milling about, laughing and lots of touching. We continued to tour and see what others were up to. Again I was approached by the same older gal I first met. She smiled and asked if I was enjoying myself, again my grin and smile answered, great cant wait to see you later, and she walked away, her younger date nowhere in sight. We finished our drink, filled another and mingled with another couple, she was young, a bit on the fuller size with very large breasts, she was very stunning. We chatted and she also asked if I was having fun, this time I did get out a yes in reply, she smiled and said she was too, I asked if she had been around the boat, she smiled and said yes kaçak bahis and hoping to see much more. The time flew past and the sun was almost gone, the deck lights on put a very dim light and glow. Dinner and more drinks, we were off to do some exploring, or as my date said, hunting. Out on the bow we found four naked bodies all tangled with each other, I noted the missing date, he was enjoying himself and looked like he wasn’t going to limit himself on who he enjoyed. Beth grabbed my hand and said shall we, we headed back below deck to another area, Beth dropped her dress and lead me toward the couch where wke began making out. Beth was more then willing to take the lead here to melt the ice and my nervous energy. It wasn’t long and we were fully naked and deep in the throws of erotic sex. At one moment I realized we were not alone, turning to see who I now know as Jen, the lady I first meet, who met we with an enthusiastic kiss and beach boy, which again missing. She I’m guessing was about Beth’s age mid fifties. Her smile was more of a happy grin, she moved up to me and again, planted a very passion filled kiss, stepped back and quickly exited her clothes… Kneeling down touching Beth’s back and began to kiss around her neck. I was still not moving but hugely excited at what I was viewing. Beth let out a slight moan of approval and greeted Jen. They exchanged a few words and Jen moved her attention back to the moment, I moved back enough to pull out of Beth, Jens fingers and mouth surrounded my cock, sucking and stroking… I was in paradise and not even in control at this point, Jen pushed me all the way back and let me know she wanted me inside her, I stood and moved to the bed and sat at the corner watching Jen just a foot away, she was wearing a sexy white lace panty, her body like Beth’s was stunning, a few more curvy but more then stunning. I slid away her panties and leaned back, Beth had moved up behind Jen and guided me in. The feel of warmth shot through me, my cock fully inside Jen as Beth was sucking on my thighs and testical. I lasted only seconds and filled Jen with a strong gush of cum. She sat even harder and took in a long slow deep breath. Kissing me as she moved, Beth took advantage and stroked the base of my cock.. Few moment of stillness, Jen rolled off of me and Beth waisted no time to move between Jens thighs. I was watching these two, Beth working my cum out of Jen by both finger or sucking, brief thought of, are all mature females this horny or was this just a fluke but why had I never looked closer at the milf age group.

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