Sam, The Not So Naive Odd Job Girl

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Sam, The Not So Naive Odd Job GirlHello, I am Sam. I live with my grandma since my parents died when I was very young, I have had no social life and attended an all-girls school and never had a boyfriend. My grandma is very strict and I needed an escape. I put an ad in the local paper to find some odd jobs to give me a small income and experience a bit of life. Frank was the first to respond but I have had others.It was a Friday morning when I got an email from a guy called Tony who was inquiring if I could walk his dog, seemed easy enough I thought so I replied to him that I would drop by on my way home from class in the afternoon. As I got dressed I thought that easy shoes would be needed so I slipped on my trainers over my short white socks, put on a clean pair of panties thinking I must go back to Franks and pick up my laundry, short black skirt and white blouse and I was ready to go. I told Grandma I would be late home as I had a project to do, she didn’t question it.The day dragged as I was thinking where to walk the dog and decided that the nearby park would work, it had a big field and some woods, and it even had an old toilet block.I ran up the road, eager to get to Tony’s and meet his dog, I loved dogs although Grandma would never have one. Tony lived in a basement flat and as I walked down the steps I saw this guy standing in the window, he was black and looked very fit. I could see he was topless with just a pair of white shorts on and he waved me down.“You must be Sam” he said as he opened the door. “Yes” I replied looking him up and down, he had a great body and his shorts were on the tight side and I couldn’t help but notice the outline of a pretty large cock hidden in his shorts. “Come in and meet Bruno” he said and as I walked in this very playful Boxer puppy came bounding up to me, I crouched down to greet him and he covered my face in wet sloppy kisses. I noticed that Tony’s ankle was bandaged hence the reason he needed a dog walker, “I have not had him long but turned my ankle at the gym yesterday” he said. The park wasn’t far and I told Tony that I would be about an hour, he said there was no rush as he was going to take a bath and he asked me if I would be kind enough to do the bandage for him when I returned, “Of course” I said as I grabbed Bruno’s bahis firmaları lead. The dog nearly dragged me up the steps and I knew Tony was at the door watching me stumble and I knew I had given him a flash of my panty clad arse. Maybe I will get back a bit early I thought and catch him still in the bath, the naughty thoughts were running through my head.I reached the park and there was a few people wandering around, some with dogs and some just using the path as a cut through, I let Bruno off the lead to let him have a run. I crouched down each time he came back rubbing his back and letting him kiss my face and then off he would go again. The next time he came back, I crouched down to greet him I felt his nose go right up my skirt and I felt his wet nose sniffing at my panties, OMG I thought, it actually felt good and instinctively my legs widened but I was in a public place so tried to make out he was a bad dog because I saw another dog walker nearby, Bruno then darted off again this time running past the toilet block into the woods being closely followed by the other guys dog. Damn I thought as I marched off to find him, the other dog walker who was an elderly gentleman was walking in the same direction and as we got close he said “Wow, he is an excited puppy, don’t worry, they always come back” I was somewhat glad to hear that and we stuck up a conversation as we walked past the toilet block into the woods. I was a little worried as I didn’t want to lose Bruno on my first time walking him, we found a bench and sat down, we could hear the two dogs running around and the old guy said “As long as they are together they will come back, mine always does” I felt reassured.I told him this was the first time I had walked Bruno and he commented how playful he was, then he said “He is a lucky dog, I saw when he put his nose just now” I was a bit embarrassed that he saw that but again reassured. “Mine does that as well” he continued, “more so at home when I have little on” he said with a chuckle, we both laughed. Just then both dogs came running back, the old guys dog first and as he greeted him I saw that his dog’s nose went right up the legs of his shorts, I stared as he dog was nuzzling up inside his shorts and soon noticed an erection appearing and then Bruno came back kaçak iddaa and as I greeted him I opened my legs to let him do the same, I felt his hot breath on my panties as he started to lick me. The old guy looked on, watching Bruno licking my now wet crotch, my panties in full view. My breathing got heavier as Bruno got to work and I was also watching his dog getting to work under his shorts.Just then I saw the old guys head go back, “OMG!” he said as he reached orgasm, I watched as his cum seeped through his shorts and his dog lapping up the creamy liquid, I was kind of jealous but also excited to see it.Time was getting on and I really had to get back, I gave the old guy my number and told him to text me agreeing that we could meet up again. I put Bruno back on the lead and have to old guy a peck on the cheek as I headed back through the park. I enjoyed Bruno licking me and also loved seeing the old guy cumming in his shorts with his dog nuzzling up his short and it wasn’t long before I was walking down the steps of Tony’s flat. Tony greeted me at the door and asked me if I had a good time with Bruno, if only he knew. He invited me in and hobbled to the lounge and sat on the sofa, he still had on the tight white shorts, Bruno was lapping up some water from the kitchen and then came in to greet us jumping up on Tony as he sat giving him a slobbering wet kiss. I pulled up a stool and asked Tony to put his leg up and as he did so I noticed that his shorts were a bit wet with Bruno’s slobbering and now I could clearly see his cock through the fabric, I had heard that black guys had big cocks but had never seen one before.As I knelt down to sort the bandage out Bruno was being his playful self and was trying to get his head up my skirt again, Tony saw this and told him to behave saying “So sorry about that Sam, he is a playful thing” I smiled and said “it’s ok, dogs will be dogs” and carried on with the bandage trying not to show too much excitement at what Bruno was doing, Tony was watching him and I could see movement in his shorts and seeing this I opened my legs a bit to let him have a bit of access. The feelings that Bruno was giving me was sending chills through my body and as my legs widened more Tony could now clearly see Bruno’s tongue lashing at my panty clad thatch. kaçak bahis I moaned a little as Tony said “You seem to be enjoying his attention Sam” and all I could muster was “Yes!”I was getting wet and Bruno was lapping it up and I found myself running my hands up Tony’s legs, he didn’t seem to stop me and I could now clearly see his cock bulging in the tight surroundings of his shorts.As my hands reached the top I put my fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled them down releasing the huge black monster that lay beneath, my eyes widened as Tony lifted up to allow me to get his shorts off. I stood up and slowly undid my shirt showing off my small breasts beneath my bra and then unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, “Wow!” said Tony as I stood in front of him in just my underwear. As I unclipped my bra Tony reached forward and pulled my panties to the floor exposing my hairy triangle which was now very wet. “Let’s get comfortable” Tony said as he lay down on the sofa and motioned me to sit on his face which I was more than happy to do and as I felt his hot tongue hit the spot I nearly exploded, my head was now down and I slowly started licking the tip of his cock taking in the pre-cum that was leaking out. Bruno, not wanting to be left out had got up on the sofa and was between Tony’s legs and licking at his balls while I was trying to get some of this monster cock into my mouth, Tony was working his magic at the other end and his tongue was working between my now very wet pussy and my arse, when Tony got his tongue into my pussy I felt another tongue trying to get into my arse and the feeling of two tongues penetrate me sent me wild and I started to shake as I reached the most wonderful climax a girl could have, when I say it was multiple it went on and on and I found myself taking half of this big black cock down my throat, there was no way this bad boy was going all in, I was wanking the base as I sucked on the head all the time pushing down on Tony’s face. I was cumming for a long time and felt the juices running down my legs as Tony suddenly bucked and without warning I felt his hot creamy liquid filling my mouth, he kept squirting as I was struggling for breath trying to swallow it all. All of a sudden it went quiet and we both went limp and then I had a fight on my hands as me and Bruno tried to lick up the excess.Tony asked me if I wanted to walk the dog again and of course I said yes. This, of course, was secondary to getting that big cock inside me next time.

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