Sad and Vulnerable

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Sad and VulnerableShe looked so sad that my heart went out to her. And she was so gorgeous!I was having lunch in the food court at the mall when I saw a gorgeous blonde sit down near me. Her hair was long, wavy, and beautiful, and her eye makeup was impeccable. But when I looked closer, tears filled her eyes and were about to run down her face! My heart sank with the thought that suck a beautiful girl could be crying! Sadness was all over her face and I wanted to just hold her to make everything alright. I had to do something!“Miss? Are you alright?” I whispered.She looked at me just as a tear rolled down her cheek. She tried to smile, but couldn’t. “Yes. I’m fine, but thanks.”“Well, you just look so sad and you’re crying. Is there anything I can do?”As she wiped that tear from her cheek, she managed a weak laugh and said, “No. It’s just something I’ll have to work out.”“Would it help if you had someone to talk to?”Struggling to regain her composure, she said, “Maybe.”“May I join you? I’m a good listener.”“Okay.”I moved to her table and looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said, “I’m Bill.”She held out her tiny hand and said, “Jenny.”Then I asked, “Now. What’s happened to make such a beautiful girl so sad.”She smiled weakly and replied, “I just dumped my boyfriend.”“Oh no! What happened?”“Ha. I caught him with another woman…in my apartment!”“Oh my god! That’s horrible!”“You think?”“What did you do?”“I blew up, obviously, and told him to get out. That’s why I’m here; waiting for him to move out.”“Oh jeez, Jenny. I’m so sorry! I know that I’m a stranger, but I wish I could do something to help,” I said as I rubbed her arm, making sure that I felt her soft blonde hair as well.“You’re nice to want to help. Just talking about it helps.”She’d stopped crying, so I ran my fingers down through her hair and said, “You’re very beautiful, Jenny. I just can’t imagine any man being unfaithful to you.”Jenny looked at me and managed a nice smile. “You’re sweet to say that, Bill. I’m glad you were here.”“Me too.”“You should eat your lunch before it gets cold.”I’d completely ignored my two tacos and iced tea. “Oh! I guess I should. Can I get you something? A Coke is not much of a lunch.”“No, thanks. I’m fine.”I quickly finished my lunch while trying to think of a way to discretely ask Jenny for a date. I knew it was too soon after her breakup with her boyfriend, and I was a complete stranger. But I had to try.When I took my last sip of iced tea, I asked, “Jenny, why don’t we go window shopping and I’ll buy you a bahis siteleri new sweater or something?”“Oh, I couldn’t let you do that. You don’t even know me!”“True. But I know that you need cheering up and I know that you’ll look gorgeous in a blue sweater to match your eyes.”Jenny looked at me inquisitively and said, “Who are you? And why do you want to buy a stranger a sweater?”“I’m just a guy who wants to cheer up a sad, beautiful girl. What’s so mysterious about that?” Then I ran my fingers down through her gorgeous blonde hair again.She smiled and said, “Let’s just window shop. Okay?”“Okay.”- – – – -After walking and looking for an hour, I guided Jenny into a store that seemed to specialize in lady’s sweaters.“I just bet we can find you a nice blue sweater in here.”“Oh, Bill. No.”“Come on. We’ll just look. Come on!”After several minutes of looking, I found a beautiful blue sweater with a subtle pattern on it. “How about this one? Why don’t you try it on?””Oh, okay,” Jenny said reluctantly and disappeared into a changing booth.When she came out, she had a big smile on her face, twirled around, and said, “It’s gorgeous!”“It is! Just like you!” Then I turned to the attendant and said, “We’ll take it.”“Oh, Bill, I couldn’t.”“Yes, you could. Now hush, get your stuff and leave that sweater on.”Then to my surprise, Jenny gave me a big hug! “Thank you, Bill. You’re so nice!”“And you’re so gorgeous in that sweater!”Then she smiled, took my face in her hands, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips! That was totally unexpected but welcomed. I thought, “Maybe I’ll get her into bed yet.”We walked back to the food court holding hands and got two iced teas. The place was crowded with shoppers, but we finally found a table for two.We sat silently for a few minutes, drinking our teas, then I asked, “Jenny. Would you consider having dinner with me tonight?”“Sure! After buying me this sweater, that’s the least I can do.”“Great!”Jenny smiled and took my hand. “Today I was feeling very bad, then out of the blue, you came along and cheered me up! I’ll never forget that.”“Have you noticed that every guy in this place can’t take their eyes off of you?”Jenny looked around and noticed a lot of guys staring at her. “Oh, it’s because of the sweater you bought me.”“No. It’s because you’re the most gorgeous girl they’ve ever seen!”“Oh, shut up.”“If we knew each other better, I’d lean across this table right now and kiss you. That’s how gorgeous you are.”“I dare you to do it,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.Without another canlı bahis siteleri word, I reached over, put my hand behind her neck, then we both leaned forward and kissed. It was a short kiss; maybe three seconds; but long enough for my cock to respond. Things were working out better with Jenny than I had expected.“Mmm. I love your soft lips, Jenny.”“Ditto.”“Oh! Are you a Ghost fan?”“It’s my favorite movie!”“Mine too. Then after dinner, we’ll go to my place and watch it. I have it on Blu-ray.”“That sounds wonderful. It’s been years since I’ve seen it.”“Then that’s the plan for tonight.”- – – – -After a nice Chinese dinner, I took Jenny to my sixth-floor condo on Cocoa Beach.Jenny went immediately out on the balcony. Her long blonde hair was waving in the wind as I put my arms around her waist.“Do you like the view?”“Yes. And I like your arms around me too.”I pulled her closer so my boner was pressing against her butt and kissed her on the neck.“Mmm. Be careful, Bill. We’re supposed to watch Ghost, remember?”“I remember. But I’d rather hold and kiss you right now.”Then Jenny turned around, put her arms around my neck and we kissed. And it was a long, passionate French kiss that ended up with her moaning and humping against the bulge in my pants.She whispered, “Maybe we should make love, then watch the movie.”“Good idea. That’s a beautiful sweater, but right now I’d rather see it off and on the floor.”Then she quickly pulled it over her head, dropped it on the floor, and said, “Done!”She was braless and her 36D breasts needed no support. “You are even more gorgeous now!” Then we kissed again.“You’d better take me to bed before I get aggressive.”“Mmm. I think I’d like to see that,” I said as I turned her around and cupped both firm breasts in my hands as I humped my bulge against her ass.“You will. Come on.” Then she took my hand and led me to the bedroom, pushed me down on the bed, roughly pulled my pants and boxers off, then quickly shed her mini-skirt.“This is me getting aggressive,” she said. Then she crawled on top of me, guided my cock into her wet pussy, and sat down on it.“Oh fuck! Your cock is so hard,” she said as she started to ride it.“I don’t think we’ll be watching Ghost tonight.”“No. I plan to keep you inside me all night.”- – – – -And she did. She rode my cock through two orgasms, then we flipped over into the missionary position where she had two more before my cock exploded.“Mmm. I feel you cumming,” Jenny whispered breathlessly.I was thrusting and spurting and sucking a hickey canlı bahis on her neck. I’d made two fists with her hair to control her. Her legs were around my waist as she pulled to get my cock deeper into her body.When I finally finished, I just collapsed on top of Jenny, but she kept thrusting and milking my cock with her muscles. She wasn’t through with me yet.Then she suddenly went stiff as another orgasm ravished her body. My cock was almost limp, but that didn’t seem to matter to her. She’d managed to have another orgasm on it anyway.But when it was over, I rolled off and pulled her to me. She laid her head on my shoulder and we both slept all night.- – – – -Around eight in the morning, I woke up and Jenny’s head was still on my shoulder and her arm was across my chest. So, I ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair until she stirred and said, “Was I too aggressive?”“Not at all. I’ve always wanted an aggressive woman to have her way with me.”She raised her head, kissed me, and said, “Turn on your side.”I quickly complied as she slipped down and took my half-erect cock into her mouth and sucked.“Mmm. You get hard so easily.”I took her head in both hands and started to fuck her mouth, going deeper and deeper. She didn’t resist at all, so I made one final pull and my nine-cock slipped down her throat.“Agh!” she gagged, but let me fuck her throat until I blew my load. Then she kept sucking until she’d swallowed every drop of cum that my body had. Then she moved back up and kissed me.“Mmm. I love to be throat-fucked in the morning.”“Then we’ll have to make a habit of it.”“I could get used to sleeping in your arms,” Jenny whispered as she laid her head on my shoulder.“Then you’ll have to move in with me.”She raised her head and said, “I don’t even know your last name and I’m already falling in love with you.”“Wilson. And I fell in love with you when you put that blue sweater on today.”“Aww. That was a special moment, wasn’t it?”“This afternoon, I want to fuck you in that sweater. I want to look at you lying under me with your gorgeous blonde hair spread out on the pillow. Then I want to put your legs over my shoulders and fuck you while I look at you. I want to pretend that we’re in that store and I pushed you to the floor and fucked you while the store clerk watched.”“Oh, Bill! I do love your imagination!”- – – – -Jenny moved in with me and we were married a year later. Her ex-boyfriend saw the announcement in the paper and finally caught up to her in the mall.“You’re getting married? Who’s the lucky stud?”“The lucky stud is a wonderful and faithful man. Not at all like you.” Then she walked away.When she told me about it, I was proud of her. “I wish I’d been there to see the look on his face.”“Yeah. It was priceless.”

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