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What can a girl do when she is not allowed penetrative sex? A young nymph explores the joys of everything but until she meets the man she will let deflower her.

To be reborn every twenty or so years, to feel the rush of renewal and the firmness of a youthful body, taut silken skin and smooth lineless complexion is a fantasy all humanity craves. As a nymph this is my destiny and as I awakened from the intense hibernation that accompanies each renewal and breathed deeply into the now familiar fascination with the bodily changes that had occurred to me over the last seven nights.

From the body of a forty-year old woman I had emerged from a chrysalis like state into the firm supple body of an eighteen-year old girl. 5’4″ tall, intense baby blue eyes recognisable as my own through every transformation stared back at me from the mirror. The exquisitely petite curvaceous form that greeted me in the mirror was the stuff of male fantasise. Perfectly formed rounded breasts, firm B cups with luscious shape and large dark pink nipples. I felt each one tenderly as a man might touch them and felt the nipples grow erect and the hunger awaken in my pussy. The same hunger that had accompanied the frenzied sexual activity I had been part of my last days as Grace. I had left it far too long before transforming it was true but it had been worth it to meet a man so sweet and loving that I had spent every waking moment with him in the last hours milking his delicious cock day and night and revelling in his closeness.

I quickly bathed the remnants of skin from my body and readied myself to move over seas to Switzerland where I would spend two years in a finishing school before returning as a model for St Seine Honeyton Enterprises (SHE). My wardrobe had few size 8 clothes in it. After my last experience had rarely had time to shop, only fuck. I had been so hungry for the male sperm and orgasm that fed and sustained my body and life force. I slid on a tiny pair of white cotton panties and pulled a tight fitting halter top over my braless tits and shaped them seductively in the lycra top so that their small round shape was pressed into a delicious cleavage that showed just the right amount of flesh peering over the hot pink low cut top. The blue and gold hipster skirt slung loosely around my hips and covered my panties enough to make it worth looking at.

I applied my makeup sparingly, while getting use to the new angelic youthful features as I smeared pink eye shadow and eyeliner onto the entrancing eyes that seemed to be the only familiar thing. The warm wetness between my thighs grew as I began to think about my last lover. How tender he was, how he had filled every sweet orifice with his abundant cum. My fingers slid beneath the hem of my skirt and caressed the damp cotton gusset. The thrill of first touch sent shivers through me and I continued to fantasise about his hugeness pressed against my hot wet pussy. My clitoris swelled in anticipation and the shivers sent waves of sexual heat over me. I tore my panties aside urgently and slapped my clit with a hammering thumb as I plunged three fingers into the unfamiliar tight hole between my legs. I felt the wetness gush as I rocked against the insistent fingers and the first wave of orgasm hit me and sent shivers across my nubile body. My back arched in a seizure of sexual pleasure and wave after wave followed as I imagined his magnificent cock pounding my hot wet tight hole. Until she came of age according to the company this is the only kind of sex I would be allowed.

The breathtakingly beautiful young nymph recovered from her fantasy and gathered the passport and belongings she had packed to take her to her destination. Verity St Seine with a EU passport was her new identity. Like her predecessors she was of ancient French origin. The St Seine and Honeyton names associated with a large enterprise of women’s lingerie and modelling agency that was a multi million dollar international operation and though it issued shares the major controlling interests had been a matriarchal progression which saw three women as main owners each taking turns as models and major shareholders depending on their age. Without exception these were quite the most desirable women on the planet, the stuff of obsessed fantasies, breathtakingly beautiful and uncannily smart. Each generation of these women for almost a hundred years had brought more wealth to the company. Their beauty and wile attracted the best CEO’s, the most creative designers and scores of wealthy investors. Verity was now the youngest of this sexy triumvirate and would rejoin her aunt and older sister in two years time.

Julian had been her lover in her former life. He had been obsessed by the scent of her panties and even today like he did everyday he masturbated with them wrapped around his cock. He dreamed of her. She had sucked his virginity from him like a voracious vixen fucking him night and day and teasing him to frenzy. He had cum countless times inside Ataşehir Escort her wet tight pussy and savoured the luscious tightness of her ass hole. Her mouth had sucked him dry repeatedly and the taste and scent of her hot wetness drove him insane with passion. It was this scent and the feel of the satin butterfly panties that urged him to shred his distorted cock and finally cum in huge hot spurts.

It had been almost two years since he had made love to her and he had finished his Business degree and SHE had given him an extremely generous salary and conditions. His sister had worked for SHE as a designer but Julian not only had a great job he also had first hand access to some of the most gorgeous models on earth. It seemed at SHE sex was a commodity everyone traded and it was encouraged. Julian had been a little shy with women but women were attracted to him and it seemed that after he had his affair with Grace that he was almost irresistible. Hot women from young models to middle aged administrative assistants sought to do him sexual favours and in the two years he almost lost count how many women he had fucked.

I say ‘almost lost count’, because Julian always kept count in fact he always kept their cum soaked panties. His drawers at home and in his office overflowed with all manner of sexy panties g-strings and bikinis in rainbow colours and a myriad of fabrics. Despite this awesome collection and access to more sex than most men have in a dozen life times Julian masturbated everyday with Grace’s butterfly panties. The joy of sex with anyone could never eclipse the pleasure of his first experience.

The young model on his bed had not stirred. Her tiny dress lay crumpled on a chair and her shapely body wrapped in the satin sheets. Julian had fucked her for hours last night and again in the morning. She had begged him to be her first within minutes of meeting him and he had obliged but first taken her to dinner where he teased her until she was aching for him. She had cum several times before he entered her and his big cock had swelled in her tiny mouth as she slid her eager lips around it. She had been only slightly frightened by his length and girth as he split her labia and entered her hot tight virgin hole. The tears of pain when her hymen broke mixing with the extreme pleasure of his hot cock slamming into her and his thrusts slapping against her swollen clit.

Julian loved the tightness and wetness that swirled around his cock when a woman came. He loved being deep inside and feeling the gush of wetness. Mandy was a squirter and she had soaked him with her excitement repeatedly when he had licked at her freshly shaved pussy and tongued her hot clit. Even more so when he fucked her deeply, she gushed like a hot geyser. Julian liked virgins the most and if he couldn’t find a virgin he liked to be the first to enter them anally. Needless to say Julian’s panty collection grew.

Verity spent her time in sexual exile. She re-learnt what it was to be an eighteen year old in the twenty first century she learnt about the power and grace of her new body. She learnt to dress it so that she was always the object of every man’s desire, she learnt to flirt and tease with consummate perfection and she learnt how to make men of all ages cum in their pants when she allowed them to pet her. When a woman has the body of a young woman and the experience of hundred years of sex memory served her well. By the time Verity had returned to the headquarters of SHE from her time in Switzerland men swarmed around her like flies around a sticky sweet honey pot.

Verity was to be the new star model advertising and promoting the newest line of scented butterfly effect underwear. The virgin scent was to become her trademark and her virginity highly publicised. She was to remain a virgin for the entire twelve-month campaign. She had to be the ultimate tease, the hottest most available slut on earth and remain unpenetrated. By the second month of the campaign she was the most coveted pin up in the company’s history and sales of the underwear reached mega proportions.

Verity was going out of her mind with desire. At eighteen she was overdue for first sexual encounter but she contented herself with every opportunity other than penetrative sex. The CEO Blake Harding a man in his mid fifties was her first victim. Like her aunt beforehand Blake was besotted with Verity. The hard on in his suit pants betrayed his desire with transparent urgency and when the pair was alone in his office Verity pounced on the opportunity to tease him to extremes.

‘You want me don’t you Blake?’ She said as she ran her hands across her own firm round breasts and over her curvaceous hips.

‘Oh God, what man doesn’t… it’s so hard being around you.’

‘I can see how hard it is Blakey why don’t you show me.’ She continued to fondle her breasts until the outline of her nipples pressed against the sheer fabric of her bra and dress.

Blake nervously Kadıköy Escort unzipped his fly. He felt compelled to do whatever this miniscule goddess asked. He slid his cock out and fondled it to full length and moaned and shivered with desire.

‘Mmmmmm what a lovely big old cock.’ She cooed and reached down cross-armed to the hem of her dress and peeled it over her head leaving her wearing the signature while silk bra and panties with tiny butterflies all over them. His cock throbbed as his eyes scanned the luscious site of the supple form in sweet silk underwear that stood before him. She unsnapped the bra and peeled it off and walked towards him, her magnificently pear shaped breasts bobbed a little as she drew nearer.

‘Do you know what would turn me on Blakey?’ He nodded his head in a confused state first to say yes then no.

‘I want you to cum all over my tits! Mmmmmm I love to see you shred your cock and cum on my tits. Would you like to do that for me?’

Blake could hardly refuse his hand slid up and down his cock at light speed as she knelt before him. Her lips only a hairs breadth away from his cock, the luscious tits he had stared at throughout the meeting in front of him. His body tensed in a seizure of impending pleasure and he looked down as Verity licked her lips and smiled and fondled her own breasts.

‘Mmmmmm that turns me on sooooooo bad. Cum on my tits!Mmmmmm give my titties your cream Blakey.’

In moments it was all over. His cock had spat and sprayed her tits and face. She greedily scooped the life giving semen into her eager mouth and smiled as he looked down helplessly at her, his cock squeezed between his fist and the trickles of cum dripping down her succulent flesh. Verity used his office bathroom to clean up and redress.

It was this type of sexual encounter that became part and parcel of Verity’s days and nights. Some men she permitted to fondle her, to reach beneath her hem and massage her clit through the sweet secy panties that were her uniform. Others rubbed up against her from behind pressing their enormous cocks against her hot wet panties and feeling her push back and grind against her. For several months she contented herself with no contact. By six months she had begun to assist her partners masturbation using her deft hands and nimble fingers to jack off dozens of men each day. By the ninth month she let them kiss her panty clad pussy and suck her juices through the ever-present panties and by eleven months she had begun to use her mouth so creatively that she had become expert at sucking men off.

Patrick Noon was a fifty-year old retailer who owned a chain of underwear and lingerie outlets. He had met verity on a marketing and modelling campaign and had taken her to dinner. Like most men he was entranced. In the car on the way home she leaned across and kissed him on the neck. The hem of her tiny dress had risen to reveal her butterfly panties and he had been staring down her to lasciviously looking at her breasts fro most of the evening. The sight of her and her proximity made his blood boil and his cock strain against the fly of his suit pants.

‘ I am a virgin but that doesn’t mean you can’t touch me and I can’t touch you.’ She breathed sexily in his ear.

‘ I want you to touch my pussy. Mmmmmm yes … feel how wet I am, oh yeah make me cum darling… Oh yes! Yes!’

His hand had slid across and beneath her dress and he quickly found her damp soft panties and massaged her clit through it. He revelled at her early response and felt his own cock strain and throb as she orgasmed beneath his fingers.

“OH god you’re so wet, so hot baby. God I want you so much.’

She moaned appreciatively and slid her fingers across the lump in his pants listening for his satisfied moan, then running her fingernails lightly across its impressive girth then as he shivered with desire she unzipped him and extended his cock until she could stroke it, teasing it with her fingertips and squeezing it with her palm until his groans became ecstatic. She kissed him on the mouth once and the car almost ran off the road.

‘Pull over I want to suck your hot old cock.’

Noonan pulled off the road and turned down a darkened street and pulled on the handbrake rapidly. Verity kissed him wetly, longingly.

‘Mmmmmm you do want me badly don’t you?’

He could only issue a muffled ‘Yes’ that merged with a moan as she bent to kiss his throbbing tip. She swirled her tongue around the tip until it glistened with her saliva. Her fingers caressed his shaft with one hand and whilst her left hand tickled his balls with her fingernails. Shivers and throbs became regular pulse as desire rose in the middle-aged man’s body to fever pitch.

The stunning teenage temptress suckled his tip then slid his cock expertly down her throat deep inside. Noonan felt like he had died and gone to heaven but it was a hellcat that boobed up and down on his cock voraciously Bostancı Escort sucking teasing and caressing his cock in a wild frenzy of desire. When his cum rose in him he exploded and almost passed out from the intensity. Verities suckled at him swallowing his cum greedily and not letting any escape her hunger. Noonan felt waves of pleasure pass over him and through his squinting eyes he could make out her luscious body bent over him sucking his cock. He had slid his hand inside her top and pinched her nipples and fondled her delicious breasts. That was all he could do until he regained consciousness, emerging as if from a trance to find she had licked his cock thoroughly and replaced it in his pants and was adjusting her clothing so they could re start their journey home.

This is how Verity spent much of her non-work time now even as the 12-month contract on her virginity came close to expiration. Verity had kept her distance from Julian, as she knew it would be impossible to resist his advances. She had wanted him so much in her last incarnation and nothing had changed. In the few brief moments that had been together in an elevator and at a meeting she had experienced the most compelling hot flushes and most extreme horny-ness she had ever felt.

He too noticed something about Verity’s eyes that entranced him. That and her voice was so much like his long lost love. It would be impossible for either of them to withstand the magnetic forces that compelled them to make love. The pain of being with him not being allowed to carry her love forward tore at Verity and she had to remind herself that to him she was a young stranger. But would he remember her when his magnificent cock entered her. She was determined to make him remember.

Verity’s impending contract end made every man who had ever touched her or been touched by her want to be the one who took her virginity. Several times men had come close to entering her but she had drawn their cocks to her panty front and rubbed it against her clit until they both came. The shiny soft silk against her skin providing the friction needed to ejaculate over her hot little panties and smooth flat belly.

Julian like many company men and women had been invited to her Birthday party. The room was full of nubile young models and other employees, many of whom had contributed to his panty collection and many more who wanted to. Verity was dressed like the consummate virgin. She was sending it up dressed in a white satin almost religious looking confirmation dress but it was too revealing and short to have any spiritual connection. Throughout the night she disappeared and returned with various men. Each time she looked across at him and smiled cheekily. It was after perhaps three hours and six such trysts that Verity finally moved across the room and began a conversation with Julian.

‘Girls seem to like you, is it because you’re good in bed?’

She teased. Several girls smiled and a few others looked embarrassed. Verity held out her hand.

‘You know every man in this room wants to fuck me tonight but my Aunt said that the best first lover for me would be you. So would you like to come with me? I’m sooo horny and I’d love so much to fuck you.’

Julian looked bemused. He knew of Verity’s reputation for tease. He thought she was unbelievably hot but what was this some sort of joke. He took her hand and she led him along the corridor into a large bedroom. She closed the door behind them and locked it then turned and put her arms around him and kissed him wordlessly. He felt himself melt into her like butter trickling through hot hands. In his mind he was kissing Grace, her lips tasted the same. Was it genetic or was it true that she could return as she had said she would.

He was confused but so unbelievably horny. The kiss lasted forever neither wishing to break the awakening memories it invoked. His hand fell to her luscious buns and he felt beneath the white dress the warmth of her sexy buns clad in sheer white panties. He pressed her against his burgeoning cock and she ground against him wantonly there would be no foreplay this time. They both ached to be joined. He motioned her backwards without breaking the kiss until she was able to fall onto the Queen sized bed with him on top of her. His hand pushed beneath her low cut top to cup her breasts and pinch the nipple until she moaned in appreciation. Her legs were spread and his cock lay pressed against her hot wet panties separated by his trousers and a diaphanous wisp of silk.

‘Fuck me now, put it in me deep. I want your BIG HARD COCK sooooooo badly.’

He tore at his belt buckle and pants to liberate the monster that lurked beneath them and guided it towards her panties. She reached down and slid them aside for him.

‘Mmmmm I’m so wet for you. Your cock is sooo Big so hard, Fuck me! Make me cum!’

He slid his cock to her opening feeling the succulent wetness that greeted him squirt over his cock. He pressed the hot thick tip against her folds and felt the tightness part to take him and her wince slightly as she realised the extent of his girth.

‘Mmmmmm its so thick, I’m sooo tight and wet for you fuck me! Make me into a woman. Make me cum with your BIG COCK.’

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