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Big Tits

I’m a professional photographer. I don’t do portraits in a room with a fake background, fancy lights, two assistants, and enough high tech equipment to start my own camera store.

No, what I do is strictly outdoor stuff. I love going out early in the morning before sunrise, set up and wait for the sun so I can catch the perfect light and hopefully the perfect image.

One morning, as I was doing just that, I realized I had almost an hour to kill before the first morning rays. It was a warm and crisp summer morning; a slight dew started to form on the foliage around me. I had parked my truck in a parking lot way out in the woods of a national forest. Like I said, I love this time of day, because it makes me horny as a cat in heat. As I sat there, the radio on low, my mind turned to sex and fantasy and before I knew it, I was sporting a hard on.

I don’t know about other guys because I don’t talk about sex to them, but I love the feeling of being hard almost as much as the stroking itself. My balls swaying, and my dick bouncing is almost enough to make me cum. Anyway, as I sat in the truck getting harder by the moment, I knew I would need relief. I sat up and looked around to make sure I was alone. Opening the door, I slid out and stood next to my truck. Without any more thought, I slid my pants and shorts down to my ankles, the air caressed my cock and balls making me even harder. Boldly, I removed my sandals, and stepped out of my clothes. The lot was gravel so I put my sandals back on, all the while giving my hard cock a stroke or just rubbing my balls. It felt so good; I didn’t want it to end, and even starting thinking about being able to jerk off a second time after I came.

I started to walk around the truck, my cock bobbing up and down; I would make it bob more just for the feeling of it. As I grew bolder, I ventured farther away from my clothing and the truck. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go much longer without relieving myself, so I began looking for the perfect place to shoot my load. I spotted a small trail, and glanced back at the truck one last time. My small head now had the lead, and I would follow, justifying anything he said as long as I could get off.

I walked only a few feet, and as I did, my photographer’s eye spotted a wonderful view of the lake I had come to shoot. (With the camera, not my spunk) I stood there looking, slowly stroking my hard cock, when I heard something just beyond the tree I was leaning on. It was definitely female, and sounded like a sweet sigh. Now I didn’t know what to do, but since my little head was doing all the thinking it told me to take a look. I did, and bahis siteleri what I saw almost made me shoot my load.

A dark haired girl, naked except for the smile on her face, lay in the grass on a blanket on the other side of the tree. Her nipples were swollen and hard, apparently from pinching. The large tits they held together were perfect globes with just enough give to know they were real. I tore my eyes away from those and followed her arms past her slender waist to her pussy. She had one hand buried in her mound, while the other was under her ample ass. In the sparse light, I could see three fingers of her right hand buried deep into her pussy, and the middle finger of her left pushed into her tight ass. She sighed and moaned quietly. The aroma from her feminine hole filled my nostrils, and the lovely sight in front of me had me stroking harder. She must have heard me, because suddenly she stopped and got a frightened looked on her lovely face.

“Who’s there?” she asked, pulling her hands up to try and cover her nakedness.

I felt both guilty and turned on at the same time. I wanted to come out of the bushes and reveal myself, but I didn’t want her to think I was a rapist. My small head once again came to the rescue with the answer. In a bold move, I cleared my throat, and said I was sorry. She reached over and grabbed her clothes, covering herself even more.

She said, “Come out so I can see you.”

“I-I can’t.” I stuttered.

“Come out or I’ll scream.” She countered.

I didn’t want to say it would do her no good because we were alone, but at this point, I didn’t know if that was true or not. “Okay, I’ll come out, but please don’t scream.” My cock had gone half flaccid, but at the thought of stepping out, exposing myself to this goddess, it started to grow again. I stepped out trying to hide my manhood with my hands but wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

“Oh my God! Were you jacking off in the bushes?” she asked.

“Well you were too!” I blurted out, embarrassed I accused a woman of “jacking off.”

We both started to laugh at the absurdity of it all. As I laughed, I let my guard slip, and my hands, exposing my now raging hard-on. She stopped laughing before I did, and I noticed her staring at my cock. The light was getting better by now, and as she stared I felt my mouth go dry. To break the silence, my small head spoke up.

“Please touch it.” I said.

Without a word, she leaned forward, her clothes falling aside, and reached out for my cock. I stepped forward, my 6 inches of steel staring her in the face. Reaching up and caressed it gently, she marveled canlı bahis siteleri at how it reacted to her touch. She licked her crimson lips, then took me into her hot mouth. I sighed as she started moving her lips over the gland then swallowing my rod almost to the hilt. Her right hand started to fondle my balls. She stopped long enough to look up at me, put one finger in her mouth then return to what she was doing. To my surprise, she took her wet finger and inserted it into my ass. I was in heaven, but didn’t want to blow my load. I had her pussy in mind and didn’t want to miss out. Reluctantly, I gently pushed her away, and laid her back on the blanket. I took the clothes remaining on her body and set them aside. I marveled at her body and reached out to fondle her ample tits. Her nipples harden to my touch, and she sighed loudly. My right hand found it’s way to the wetness of her womanhood, and found her swollen clit. She pushed my hand away, and I knew instantly she was too sensitive for direct stimulation. I started sucking on her tits, one, then the other, enjoying the taste of her skin. My fingers danced in and out of her sopped pussy, moving quickly around her clit as she squirmed under me. I repositioned myself and moved my head down between her legs.

I inhaled deeply, her perfume turning me on even more; licking and sucking at her labia, her sighs egging me on. Sliding two fingers into her sopping hole, my small head told me to suck her clit. As I did, she grabbed my big head and pushed it into crotch. I knew I was onto something good. As my face was buried, I took my fingers out, and slowly pushed them into HER ass. Within seconds, she came hard on my face. Her juices soaking my facial hair to the point of saturation, and as I pulled away they dripped down my face and onto my shirt.

She smiled up at me and said no one was ever able to touch her clit and make her cum like that. I smiled, knowing I wasn’t done. My small head had been doing all the thinking that morning, and now he was ready to play. I rolled her over, and grabbed a handful of tit in my left hand. Squeezing it, letting my right hand caress her beautiful ass. I put the tip of my cock against her love hole, and slowly inserted it. She would have none of that, and moved back quickly, shoving my cock to the hilt. I started moving back and forth in a rhythmic motion, enjoying the feeling and watching my love muscle slide in and out.

By now she was panting hard, and egging me on. Her dirty talk, while I didn’t think it was possible, turned me on even more. Breathlessly, she said please don’t cum inside her pussy, and I didn’t want to disobey canlı bahis her. I slowed the rhythm then stopped. I took my dripping cock out and put it against her small pink ass hole. She was so turned on, but said no, it won’t fit. I said just try, if it hurts too much, we’ll stop.

Slowly, she moved back, then stopped saying it hurt. I massaged her ass cheeks and said relax, it’ll work. She tried again, this time I encouraged her until my cock head disappeared. She sighed and started pushing back more. Soon my 6 inches was buried and I started to stroke in and out.

Before I knew it she was screaming, “Oh yes, fuck my ass, fuck it hard!” I took two of my fingers and dipped them into her dripping snatch, catching as much love juice as I could and as I slipped in and out of her tight ass, I applied more natural lube to my cock.

By now she was panting hard and I was sweating profusely. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. My balls pulled up tight, and I got that feeling deep in my stomach. I groaned I was going to cum. To my surprise, she pulled away and flipped over onto her back, exposing her pussy and tits to me. The sight was too much to handle and I started to squirt. She grabbed my cock and stroked it hard. Each stroke produced another hard stream of white goo that hit her chest and flat tummy. I must have cum about a quart of spunk, then collapsed on the blanket next to her.

She purred like a kitten, rubbing the semen into her skin, seductively circling her nipples. I was so spent, but remained half hard. She saw this, and started to stroke me again. My balls ached, but I asked her to suck it and without a word, she moved down and licked the remaining spunk off my shaft and sucked me like a pro. I couldn’t believe it, because I started getting hard again.

This time, I mounted her mission style, up on my extended arms so I could watch her face, tits, and pussy. I pounded her hard for only a minute or two, but the sight of her under me, covered with my cum soon had my balls giving that great feeling and with a grunt, I pulled out and came on her bush. Not surprisingly, the amount was less, but I still squirted like a fire hose.

Depleted, I laid down beside her once again. She continued to purr and we started to talk. Ends up she’s a photographer too, and like me the early morning solitude makes her horny. She had driven up and parked her car in the adjacent lot. We watched the sun rise together, holding each other close.

I heard another car come up the road and with a panic realized I had left my pants and shorts by the truck. Fortunately, the car didn’t stop. I got up, my now flaccid but happy cock hanging contently between my legs. I snuck back to my truck and the clothes there in. I dressed quickly and returned to our love nest, but by the time I got there, she was gone.

I can’t wait for the next sunrise.

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