Rose’s fantasies- Volume I

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Rose’s fantasies- Volume IThe adrenaline is still pumping through my veins. And yet I am fucked. Literally. As I lay on my bed in my torn skirt I can only imagine the colour of my arse cheeks. My lips are swollen from where she bit me. You see, I don’t usually do these kinds of things. Even when Rachel had told me about this invite for a very exclusive masquerade sex party, I had made up an excuse. But she convinced me. She always does. She had been right though, even if she didn’t know it and was only joking, I definitely did not want to miss out on seeing her naked. Even as I got into the taxi and saw her tight fitting black wrap dress I wanted to know what lay underneath, and then was instantly wet as she giggled and told me she only had stockings on. I just wanted to grab those red curls on her head and have my tongue in her throat. Instead I giggled thinking how over dressed I felt, opting for a red silk Basque and pencil skirt, but feeling sexy as I just see the top of my stocking that show through the skirt’s slit that stops at the top of my thigh. I’d piled my auburn locks high in hopes of someone pulling it back as they took me from behind. And then the masks. I’d had every doubt in the world until I adhorned that mask. As soon as my eyes were covered in red silk and black lace my inhibitions were lost. I can remember the adrenaline starting as soon as we’d walked down the steps in the street leading to seemingly nothing, but after presenting our invitation, a vast room of expense opened up before us. A room filled with masks. I can feel his hand now on the small of my back as he interrupted our giggling at the bar, dressed in what looked like an expensive shirt and trousers. “Are you enjoying yourselves ladies?” He’d asked.”Yes, but it doesn’t seem like much of a sex party if I’m honest, I mean, there are just a few people in masks, stood around stalking about sex, sipping drinks. It just wasn’t what I was expecting” I had replied. He chuckled. “I take it you haven’t visited the play room”. We’d been lead by Mr Mystery to a huge room of black, broken only by spotlights over red silk beds. Many of them occupied, the room tasted of sex with sounds of men and women reaching their climax. He lead us around and I watched as bahis siteleri a woman was choking on a mans length as she was riding another mans, A woman screaming in ecstasy as another woman had her fingers inside her-tongue on clit, a man messing the bed sheets with his load as he was taken by another man in the arse,screams and moans every where. By the time I realised we had stopped at an empty bed my thighs were dripping. “Think you’re up for it?” He asked, gesturing towards the bed. Me and Rachel looked at each other. She shrugged, untied her dress, dropping it to the floor and laid on the bed, just stockings and heels. I looked back at Mystery who gave me a questioning look. I nodded once, unable to move my limbs, locked into place by pure thrill. He sensed this and pulled me into him, my back to his front. His hands slid down to undo the zip on my skirt, which he slid down easily, revealing that I too had opted for no panties. His hands held my hips as his lips touched the dip in between my neck and my shoulder. It instantly relaxed me, and as he felt the stiffness leave my body his hand moved to my hairless pussy. I felt his fingers caress the lips and then one finger venturing inside for my clitoris. My eyes closed and my head rolled back to his shoulder. I felt his his fingers caress me, moving them from the sweet spot and up, spreading the wetness. I opened my eyes and saw Rachel watching us, with her fingers inside herself, thumb caressing her own clitoris. ” would you like to taste yourself?” he whispered in my ear and pulled his fingers up stopping just short of my mouth expectantly. I put them straight in my mouth and sucked them, and I tasted so sweet on him. After I was done tasting the delights he slid his hand down to undo the hooks on the front of my Basque, freeing my breasts.That’s when Rachel stopped, came to the edge of the bed and wrapped her lips around my nipple, licking and sucking. She pulled me closer to her and ran her finger down stairs and I felt it inside me. I moaned, and I instantly wanted more of her. She moved her mouth on to mine and I felt her tongue in my mouth. Holding my hips, she pulled me on to the bed and continued kissing me, moving down my neck, nibbling and sucking, wrapping her canlı bahis tongue around my nipples and then running down my belly, to the pubic bone, hitting the sweet spot. I could feel her flicking her tongue bar against me, sucking my clit, until I felt her fingers inside me again. I moaned aloud and I felt her bite my lip, she kept licking and sucking and sliding her fingers in and out of me, and I climbed higher and higher and exploded on her tongue, the aftermath reverberating around my body. “I hope you’re not finished”I open my eyes to see Mr Mystery, his erection throbbing and I instantly wanted more. “Of course not” I smiled cheekily at him and winked. He kneeled on to the bed and Rachel crawled to him and took him straight in her mouth. I watched him as his head rolled back and he sighed in ecstasy. As I lay rubbing myself I looked at Rachel, on all fours, her toned cheeks in the air and I wondered what she tasted like. I pulled myself over to her and positioned my head between her thighs. From there I could see her swollen lips and the wetness within. I glided my tongue up the length of her slit and could instantly taste her sweetness. I started flicking my tongue on her clit and then glided it down to the hole and swirled it around, savouring the juiciness. I heard her muffled moans as I glided up and down and flicked against her, alternating between. I heard her breathing get harder and I started touching myself again. As I pushed my fingers inside me and started massaging my g-spot my tongue got faster on her. Her breathing got harder, her muffled moans got louder and I started sucking her clit, pushing her over the edge, squirting into my mouth, covering my tongue and running down my throat. I suddenly felt movement on the bed, but I didn’t want her to move, I wanted to do that to her again. She didn’t move. I then felt a hand part my thighs and I felt his cock rubbing against my slit. Rachel sat up and looked down at me between her legs. She smiled at me. I smiled back at her and then ran my tongue up her again and her head rolled back. At the same time I felt him enter me, filling me completely and I shivered. I could feel every inch of him in me and I lost control of my body. It was like the perfect symphony, my güvenilir bahis tongue gliding and flicking, his dick sliding in and out of me. I felt his hands caress my breasts and the pull on my nipples. Then he started pounding me. My tongue got faster. Rachel and I moaned loudly and he pounded harder and faster Me and Rachel came together. We screamed in pleasure and her come dripped down my face and mine covered his cock. She flopped down on to the bed and rolled on to her back. I wouldn’t have rest. He instantly flipped me on to all fours and pushed me on top of her, her legs parted to accommodate me. I looked down at her wondering what he would do when her eyes closed and she moaned softly. Just as I realised he was fucking her I felt her fingers inside me again and it took all my strength to remain propped up. We moaned together and I heard him spit, then felt it running down my arsehole. I felt him rub it in there and then felt him slip his finger inside. I moaned loudly, I was losing control. Rachel grabbed my hair with her free hand and pulled me down to kiss her. As he got harder and faster she bit my lip and I felt his hand come down hard on my arse cheek. The slaps quickly became more frequent. With each slide of his cock his hand would lash a stinging blow on my arse cheek, but his fingers never left that hole. He got faster with his fingers and she matched his rhythm sending me screaming over the edge barely hearing Rachel as she reached her climax, covering her thighs as I came. I collapsed at her side, feeling higher than cloud nine, and closed my eyes. From behind my lids I saw his shadow appear.”Do you ladies feel like a shower?”I opened my eyes to see him kneeling, holding his length. We nodded and he started stroking. I jumped up and wrapped my lips around it, savouring the taste of Rachel on him. I felt her move and she was there with me, taking his balls in her mouth. I sucked hard and fast knowing he was on the edge about to explode, pulled her head away and as I felt his cock twitch pulled my mouth away and stroked faster and faster as Rachel put her head next to mine, pushing him over the edge, spraying both of our faces as he shouted out loud.As I lay here on my bed, remembering how she tore my skirt in the taxi home desperately trying to get in, just wanting to touch me one more time before we got home, with her tongue in my mouth, I can feel that twitch downstairs. So I just run my hand down and start to play….

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