Root and the Lusty Professor Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is now a 19 year-old college student at a large Midwestern university. Having just completed his freshman year and recruited to play bass in a well-established local rock band, he has stayed on in the college town for the summer and is living with a couple of his band mates, working a low stress day job on the university’s landscaping crew, and rehearsing or playing gigs a few times a week. All while continuing to spread his goodwill among the ladies.


On a Saturday in early June, Lute’s band had a gig playing a wedding reception at the town’s country club. The reception started in the mid-afternoon, and after the usual toasts and speeches, the band kicked in and the dance floor filled up.

Lute recognized one of the attendees as Dr. Stone, his art history professor. At his sister’s suggestion, Lute had taken an intro art history course as a second semester elective and had really enjoyed it. And a lot of that had to do with Dr. Theresa Stone. She was a funny and clever Brit with an accent and manner of speaking that Lute could listen to for hours. And on top of that, she was a tall beauty in her mid-forties with a big medusa-like mane of gray streaked dark hair and a voluptuous figure accentuated by large full breast, which always competed for his attention during her slide lectures.

The art history course was one of those 100 level survey classes held in a large lecture hall with the professor stationed at a podium up front. The profs who were good at teaching these courses were the ones who understood their jobs were equal parts academics and performance art. And Dr. Stone was great at both. And though Lute had never met her – she had a few teaching assistants that conferred with students and graded their work – she had looked at him and given a little wave as he stood on the bandstand, so he figured he at least looked familiar to her.

So Lute was surprised when during the band’s first break, Dr. Stone approached him at the open bar and held out her hand saying, “Luther Casey, am I right?”

The two talked for a bit, and Dr. Stone – “Please, my friends call me Tess,” she insisted – told Lute she had read his final paper for her class because one of her teaching assistants had suggested she do so, believing it was quite good. So she was really pleased to meet him.

Flattered, Lute was starting to tell her how much he had enjoyed her class when a tall familiar-looking mocha-skinned beauty about his age joined them. Introduced as Maya, Tess’s daughter, she told him she really enjoyed his band and wanted to talk with him about the band playing for an upcoming party she was helping organize.

As she talked, Lute checked her out and saw that she was obviously biracial, but every bit her mother’s daughter: the same thick mane of hair, though shorter than her mom’s, and a lovely face and figure, all accented by full melon-sized tits whose succulence made him swoon as he tried not to gaze at her enticing cleavage displayed in her low-cut summer dress.

The threesome talked and got acquainted until Lute had to return to the stage. But they made occasional eye contact and exchanged smiles as the ladies danced throughout the remainder of the party.

It was early evening when the reception ended and the band began to break down their equipment. Lute had just pulled his amp off the stage when Tess came up to talk. Maya, Tess explained, had gone on to another party with some friends, and since she’d given her mom a ride to the reception, Tess needed a lift home and was hoping Lute could help.

Lute was glad to oblige, and after he’d loaded his gear in his Ford Econoline van they took off. Tess had apparently taken full advantage of the reception’s open bar and was in high spirits and laughed and talked as they drove – telling stories, asking questions, and proving to be just as interesting as Lute expected.

When they arrived at her home, set back on some property a few miles outside of town, Tess insisted Lute come in for a drink. Though he had never been to England, her rambling cottage-style house was exactly what he would have expected to find in the English countryside. It was a deceptively large vine-covered brick structure surrounded by trees and flowerbeds. And inside it was comfortably cozy and filled with all manner of art and book-lined shelves.

Telling Lute to make himself at home, Tess bopped off while he wandered about, surveying the books and admiring the eclectic art. She soon returned carrying a drink tray, but instead of the long summery dress she had worn to the reception, she was now wearing a very casual low-cut pullover affair that barely reached her knees. And her hair, which had been pulled back into a thick ponytail, was now flowing free and wild.

After clinking glasses, they otele gelen escort curled up together on a comfortable couch and sipped their proper English gin and tonics while Tess gave Lute a very abridged version of her life story, all in her charming singsong accent.

She and her ex-husband, a black man born in Jamaica, had moved to the states from Britain for graduate school, and had both gotten jobs at the university where she now taught. They bought this house, had Maya, and then about three years ago her husband knocked-up one of his grad students. He and Tess subsequently divorced, and he was now remarried, raising a young son and teaching at a college on the east coast. And since Maya was a junior at the university and living with friends in town, Tess had the place to herself, which mostly suited her just fine, “But tonight it’s nice to have some company,” she offered as she reached up and softly touched Lute’s hair.

While Lute told her a similarly condensed version of his story, Tess went over and queued up some music, and when he finished, she dropped the needle and the stereo began filling the room with soft Brazilian sambas. Settling back into the couch next to him, she smiled and put her hand on his leg.

“Okay, it’s true confessions time, Mr. Casey, and I’ll go first” she chuckled. “So, here it is. Your giving me a ride home tonight was a set-up that Maya and I planned.”

Not exactly sure what this meant, Lute replied, “Oh, really? A set up for what?”

“Well, a set up for me to seduce you. Because, you see, Maya has heard that you have a really big cock. And she knows how much I love well-endowed men.”

“Hmm…I see,” Lute murmured as he sipped his drink, surprised to hear the usually very proper Dr. Stone talk this way. But then realizing how he had been tricked, he asked, “So, the whole thing about you reading my final paper, and knowing who I am because of that, that’s also not true?”

“Right…sorry about that. I’m sure the paper was excellent, and I hope you got a good grade in my class, but I never read any of the students’ papers for my intro classes. My assistants do all of that,” she confessed. “Though I did recognize you from class when I saw you playing with the band, because you’re a really cute guy. And I thought so even before I knew you’re well-hung. You always sat about halfway back in the middle section, next to the right aisle, true?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Lute said, unsure if he should be pissed at being duped or thrilled he was being seduced by the very woman he had lusted over all semester. And though he definitely wanted to get in her pants, he still didn’t like how he had been played. Because aside from being a horny 19 year old guy, he was also an academic striver who took his classes seriously and worked hard for good grades.

“So…” Tess said with a coy, slightly inebriated smile as she moved her hand onto his crotch, “Are you going to be offended and leave, or do you want to fuck?”

Seeing that he now had the upper hand in this situation, Lute thought for a moment and then said, “I’m not sure. I need to know what’s in it for me.”

“Oh, really?” she said, not expecting this response.

“Yeah, really,” he replied with a serious look as he pushed her hand down so it was on top of his prodigious member. “Because you heard right, I do have a huge cock. It’s about ten-inches long and as thick as your wrist. And if I fuck you with it, I’m sure it’ll be the biggest and best thing you’ve ever had in your pussy. And I’ll make you cum so hard and scream so loud you’ll probably wake the dead.”

Liking the young man’s unabashed manner, she massaged his cock some more while she considered her response. And as she did, she felt his trouser python starting to swell, which convinced her he was telling the truth about his sexual prowess. And with that discovery, she knew she had to have him, and would do whatever it took to keep him there that night. Her ex-husband had a big cock that she had loved, and since they’d split up, she hadn’t found another man who was his phallic equal. But this guy showed real promise.

“Okay, I’m sorry if I offended you. I really am. That wasn’t a fair thing to do. And if it helps, I’ll go back and read your final paper and we can talk about it. Okay? So now, what do you want?” she said with a somewhat desperate sincerity as she continued rubbing his cock, realizing that her pussy was getting wet in anticipation of being ravaged by Lute’s monster.

“I want you to strip for me and show me your big tits. You taunted me with them all semester, so now it’s payback time,” he said without hesitation.

“Um…okay. But is that it?” she asked, thinking there must be more, because stripping for him was something she would have gladly done anyway.

“Yeah, that’s it…for starters,” he said with a sly smile.

“Fair enough.” And releasing her hand from his cock, she slowly pendik escort rose from the couch and began swaying to the samba rhythms.

She then turned her back to Lute and pulled her dress up and over her dense head of hair. Tossing the garment aside, she slowly turned and faced him.

Leaning back and then forward, she showed off her big soft tits stuffed inside a sexy black bra, and a matching pair of panties that had pubic hairs exploding out of the crotch and waistband.

“Top or bottom next?” she inquired as she seductively rubbed her hands over her tits, her slightly fleshy stomach, and down to her crotch.

“Bottoms,” Lute replied.

“Good choice,” she said as she put her thumbs into the sides of the waistband and turned back away from Lute. Pushing down her panties, she showed him her sexy curvaceous ass. Then slowly turning around, she presented Lute with the biggest bush he had ever seen. Her dark tangle not only completely covered her pussy, but it continued up like a pubic Bermuda triangle towards her hipbones and down between her legs towards her ass.

Obviously proud of her lush untended garden, Tess spread her legs apart and leaned back, letting Lute see the big dark red lips of her labia protruding through her jungle. And turning her back to him again, she leaned forward, showing him how her fur road traveled all the way between her legs and up and around her anus.

“Wow,” was all he could say as he admired her shaggy wilderness.

“Glad you like it,” she giggled. “I didn’t trim it all winter because a guy I was dating really wanted it this way. And then I dropped him, but I kept the bush.”

“I love it! It definitely complements your head of hair!” he said as he admired both of her dense manes.

“Thanks, but there’s still more,” she reminded him as she put her hands under her big soft breasts and refocused his attention on the sizeable attributes that had so mesmerized him during her lectures, “And I think you’re going to really like these, Mr. Casey.”

Again turning away from him, she reached up and undid her bra clasps as she continued swaying to the music. Placing her forearms underneath her bosom to keep her breasts from tumbling out of the loosened bra cups, she turned back around to face him and again seductively leaned forward. As she did, she shrugged off her bra straps from her shoulders and slowly lowered her arms, allowing her big tits to drop out of their restraints and down onto her chest, giving him a first siting of her marvelous breasts. And they were everything he had imagined, and then some.

As the fleshy globes swayed, he gazed at the big dark raised areolas and protruding suction cup nipples that accentuated each tit. And when she lifted them one at a time to her mouth and languidly sucked on their nipples, Lute could only smile at his good fortune.

“Want to guess my bra size, Mr. Casey?” she asked him as she cupped a hand under each breast and held them up for his inspection, knowing this was probably something he’d already considered when he admired her in class.

“Hmm…” Lute said as he examined her fleshy breasts. Not yet an expert at this game, he hazarded a guess, “I’d say 36 inches with a D cup.”

“Very good!” she replied, pleased with his astute estimation, “You’ve been studying! That’s very close! I am a 36, but with a double D cup. So I’ll give you an A minus. But you can bring that up to an A with some extra credit work we can discuss later.”

And then she continued on as she rocked in front of him, a self-assured seductress, “So, what now Mr. Casey?”

Admiring her sensual loveliness and the fleshy and furry attributes she proudly displayed, he was ready for more. So he stood up and instructed, “Now come here and suck my cock.”

Again taken aback by this young man’s confidence, Tess approached him. And once facing each other, they engaged in their first kiss. It started out slow and exploratory, as first kisses often do, with each person getting an initial taste of their partner’s essence. But after only a few of these tentative assessments, she put her mouth fully over his and began sliding her tongue down his throat as she lustily ground her naked body against him.

As they kissed, she began undoing his belt and pants, eager to get at the huge bulge she’d been groping. And once his trousers were removed, she reached inside his briefs and began stroking his long thick organ, quickly confirming that he hadn’t lied about its extraordinary dimensions. “My god!” she moaned as she gripped his huge shaft, “Oh, my god!”

She continued exploring his cock with her hand as he removed the dress shirt he’d worn to the reception. Then breaking their embrace, he tossed his shirt aside, slipped off his briefs, and sat down on the edge of the couch and pulled her towards him so he could plant his face in her bosom. Kissing and sucking on her luscious tits, he marveled at the turn-of-events rus escort that had brought him together with this luscious woman.

When he leaned back so he could view more of her curvaceous body, it suddenly occurred to him that Dr. Stone bore a strong resemblance to someone he knew and loved – someone who only recently he had seen naked for the first time, and likewise discovered that she was also a very sexual being. And that someone was his mother.

Tess and his mom certainly weren’t identical in their looks, but he now saw their similarities were very striking – thick dark hair, pretty faces with soft angular features, and curvaceous figures topped with a sizeable rack. Even the size, shape and nipples of their big tits were remarkably the same. They were also both in their mid-forties. And each obviously had a strong attraction to guys with big cocks. And to confirm this point, Tess was now on her knees hungrily stretching her mouth around his big tool.

As she sucked on his meat, Lute grabbed her head and raised his hips to move himself farther into her stretched maw. She welcomed every inch and soon had a good portion of his cock down her throat, throttling its base with her hands as she gagged and spit on his veiny shaft.

“You have a right wonderful cock, Mr. Casey,” she cooed as she looked up at him, her accent now coarser than her usual academic tone. “I’ve been hoping to meet a bloke with a cock this size for some time. And there you were all along, sitting in the middle of my bloody lecture hall!”

Not waiting for a response, she stuffed his rod back into her mouth and continued her voracious cock sucking, thrilled to again have someone with a sizeable tool worthy of her attention. And one she was certain would fill her pussy like no other.

Lute was equally pleased to have a confirmed big cock aficionado working him over, and after some prolonged work on his rod, he was ready to give her the fucking she so badly wanted.

“Okay, I want you to lean over that chair for me and spread your legs,” he whispered to her. And with an agreeable sigh, she reluctantly removed her mouth from his cock and did as he asked.

Once she had spread her legs and stretched her upper torso over the back of the big upholstered chair, he slid his hand between her thighs and worked his way up towards the dense pubic wilderness that filled her crotch. And after he reached her vulva, he parted its wooly coat covering with his fingers and found the protruding lips of her labia.

“Now touch yourself here and get your pussy ready for me,” he directed as he slipped out his hand.

Shoving a hand down to her pussy, she began fingering her already wet twat.

“Nice. Now slide your fingers inside there and get it stretched out. That’s right, get as much of your hand inside there as you can. That’s good. Now more.”

He was stroking his veiny member as he spoke, and she soon had a good portion of her hand shoved inside her gaping pussy.

“Now work it in and out. Yeah, that’s right…do it just like how I’m gonna’ do to you with my big cock. Yeah, get it all ready for me, baby.”

Straddling the back of the chair and holding one leg up while she fist-fucked her pussy, Tess was hungrily working herself into a state of high arousal.

“God, Luther, I’m ready for you now! I’m so ready. Please fuck me!” she moaned as her fleshy tits flopped over the back of the chair.

“Just a little more. I want your pussy really stretched and wet,” he whispered, “Get your hand way up in there. Yeah, just like that.”

Her pussy had become lusciously ripe and was making squishing sounds as she shoved her hand in and out. And her pubic jungle was now dripping wet.

Satisfied she was sufficiently primed, Lute pushed her hand aside as he moved in behind her and guided his thick tool toward the cavernous opening she had prepared for him.

“Okay, are you ready?” he asked as he inserted his cock’s bulbous head into her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! I’m ready!” she groaned as she felt him beginning to mount her, “Put it inside me!”

Lute, however, had other plans. And instead of feeding her wanton pussy the full measure of his meat, he grabbed his shaft and began to rub its head against the distended nib of her clitoris.

“Oh, god, what are you doing?” she panted as he accelerated his work on her clit, “What are you doing to me?” And before she could fully comprehend what was happening, she let loose with a gushing orgasm that caused her to wail in surprised pleasure as her pussy jetted a flow of juices that drenched her pubic curls and ran down her thighs.

“Oh, fuck, yes…yes…yes!” she moaned as Lute continued his cock-head stimulations on her clit, “Oh, my god! Yes!”

And while she was groaning in orgasmic disbelief, Lute began sliding his thick member into her well-lubricated vaginal canal, which only made her gasp and moan even more.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right!” Tess shouted as she felt his cock tunneling its way inside her.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispered as he leaned down towards her ear.

“I want your big cock inside my pussy,” she demanded without hesitation, “I want it all inside me! Please Luther! Fuck me!”

“Are you a big cock slut, Dr. Stone?” he taunted as he drove himself deeper into her ready cunt. “Is that what you are?”

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