Room 419 Ch. 01

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Pam’s tiny, old car rattled to a stop in front of the apartment building. The car jerked and the tires squeaked.

“How long have you had this thing?” Ethan said.

“Almost a year. Mom gave me $200 for it,” Pam said.

She was trying to wiggle the key out of the ignition.

“She better make sure she gets the money back.”

“Ha ha.”

She finally tugged the key out of the ignition. They got out and went around to the back of the car. Pam unlocked the trunk, kicked the fender by the bumper, and the trunk popped open. Ethan grabbed his small bag and Pam slammed the trunk.

“Go on up to the apartment. The door’s unlocked. I have to park the car.”

“Which one is it?” Ethan said, slinging his bag over his shoulder.

“Huh? Oh, 419.”

She jumped back into the old, rusted car and it trundled off down the street. Ethan turned to head up to the apartment. He got off the elevator, turned right, and found 419 down the hall. The door was open so he went in, looked around, and set his bag down by the table. He went to the sliding glass door and looked out at the balcony, which was actually larger than it looked. Half of it was in the shade and half was in the sun, and there was a long wooden lawn chair in the sunny half.

Behind him, he heard a door open and turned to see if it was Pam. Instead, it was a vision out of his dreams. His eyes grew wide. She had striking features and long, jet-black hair that curled in thick waves down her shoulders. Her body was perfect, trim, and lean. She was wearing the tiniest bikini he had ever seen. It was no bigger than a pair of stamps covering her nipples, and the piece of fabric over her pubic mound was barely big enough to cover her wisps of fine, black hair. Her plump breasts, her most striking feature, jiggled when she walked.

She stopped when she saw him, but did not seem the least bit concerned with how she was dressed, or even how she was not dressed.

“Hi,” she said, summing him up with a scrutinous eye.

“Hi,” Ethan said.

“I think you’ve got the wrong room,” she said, pointing toward the door as if she wanted him to use it.

Ethan looked at the door.

“I’m Pam’s brother,” he said.

She looked confused for a moment, then she smiled and her expression softened. She stepped toward him with her hand extended.

“I’m Donna. Pam’s roommate,” she said.

“Glad to meet you.”

He fought to keep his eyes on hers and not look down at her gorgeous boobs as he shook her hand.

“Pam told me … everything about you,” she said.

Her eyes wandered down the front of his body.


“Everything,” she said, looking back up to his eyes. “I’m dying to find out if it’s true.”

Ethan smiled, but he felt his face blushing. She was still holding his hand, and he was afraid she would feel his sweaty palms. They stood holding hands for what seemed an unusually long time, smiling at each other as if they could read each other’s minds, until Pam finally came in and broke them out of it.

“Hi, Donna. I didn’t know you were gonna be here so soon,” she said.

“My Lit class was cancelled.” She looked at Ethan again. “You didn’t tell me your brother was going to be here today.”

“Yes I did. I told you last night I was going to pick him up.”

“Then this means we can have a party tonight,” Donna said, and turned to go to the balcony.

Ethan watched the beautiful, bare cheeks of her ass shake as she walked, and she looked back playfully over her shoulder.

“She’s told me she wants to fuck you,” Pam said, as they watched her go out the sliding glass door to the balcony. “But I don’t think she could handle you.”

“We could let her try it, just to find out.”

* * * *

Ethan rubbed his eyes. They were dry, and the corners were clogged with sleep that felt like boulders. The sun had come up, but it was still early. The spare bedroom didn’t have a clock, so he didn’t know what time it was. He did know he needed to pee and get some water to drink.

He got out of bed and stumbled into the hallway. Pam was just about to go into the bathroom and looked startled when she saw him.

“Good morning,” she said.

She was wearing panties and a t-shirt and had a towel over her shoulder.

“Hi,” Ethan said. He was wearing only his boxer shorts. “Can I get in there for a second, before you take your shower?”

“Sure,” Pam said. She stopped him before he went in. “Guess what.”


“I told Donna about you and me making love,” she said, almost whispering.

“Really? What’d she say?”

“She said you turned her on,” Pam said. Ethan grinned. Pam slapped his shoulder.

“Hurry up. I don’t wanna be late for class.”

Ethan peed and drank half a glass of cold water and got out of the bathroom. Pam gave him a light kiss on his cheek and went in to take a shower. Before going back to bed in the spare room, Ethan wandered over by Pam’s room. The door was open. He looked in. Instead of sleeping, Donna was dressing. bursa escort She was on her back on Pam’s bed, naked from the waist up except for a tight, black bra, and was pulling on her jeans. She hadn’t noticed him, so he stayed to watch.

She looked angelic, like a young child. Her body was perfect, and her breasts were beautifully full and round, and jiggled when she moved.

She pulled the jeans all the way up over her feet, so that they were bunched up around her ankles. She wiggled and shook, with her ass raised off the bed, pulling hard to get the jeans up her legs and over her skimpy, black panties. She worked the jeans up inch by inch, tugging first one side, then the other, until they were finally over her hips, then plopped down on the mattress, completely worn out. She took a deep breath, caved in her flat, hard stomach, and just barely managed to zip them up. Ethan’s penis had grown hard just watching.

Donna sat up, looked toward the door, and saw him staring at her. She didn’t say anything, but smiled. Her tits looked even more beautiful when she sat upright and they were held back by the constricting bra. He was very tempted to go in to touch her and let her touch him, until he realized he was staring and reluctantly left. In less than a minute after he returned to the warm bed, he was sleeping again, and dreamed of the beautiful, half naked goddess he had just glimpsed.

* * * *

It was past eleven in the morning when he got up again to take a shower. The girls had left for their classes much earlier, and the apartment was still and quiet.

Ethan opened the bathroom door and stepped out of the hot, steamy air into the cool, fresh air of the hallway, rubbing the towel through his wet hair. The spring sky outside was clear and beautiful, and he stood naked by the window for a minute to take in the splendor of the sight. The cool air felt refreshing on his skin.

Ethan was sipping a Coke and going through the school newspaper when Donna came home early from class. He looked up when he heard the door open.

“Hi,” Ethan said.

She tossed her book bag on the table and went right to her room without speaking. He followed her back to Pam’s room and knocked.

“Come in,” she said.

He opened the door.

“Is everything all right?” he said.

She was sitting on the bed, looking sad about something.

“Sure. Why?”

“You look upset.”

She smiled. “It’s nothing, really.”

“How’d your class go?” Ethan said.

“God, I fucking hate biology labs. I don’t see why I have to take them. I don’t see what they have to do for law school. What about your classes?” she said.

“I got biology, too, but I don’t have to take a lab with it.”

“Why not?”

“They don’t have one.”

“That’s totally unfair.” She was quiet for a moment, then looked at him. “Will you help me?”


“These jeans are killing me. Would you help me pull them off before they make me sick?”

She looked at him with her face down and her eyes turned up, in a very seductive manner.

“Is that what’s bothering you?”


“I guess I can, if you really want me to.”

“I do,” she said.

Holding her eyes still on his, she began to blush. The red glow spread over her solemn face, and her lips split in a broad grin. Ethan began to feel excited, and liked the feeling spreading through his body. She nonchalantly pulled her sweatshirt off and shook out her hair, making her breasts shake, although they were still held back by the lacy, black bra. With her eyes locked onto his and the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, she laid back on the bed. Ethan stood at the foot of the bed, watching her unbutton her jeans with great difficulty, sucking in her stomach like she had when she put them on. She finally pushed the zipper down and sighed with relief.

“Pull them off, please,” she whispered.

With her eyes still locked on his, she braced her hands on the edge of the bed and raised her bare feet. Ethan grabbed the little bit of loose material around her ankles with his fingers and pulled. They refused to move, so he pulled harder and harder until the jeans started to come down over her luscious hips, along with the straps of her lacy, black panties.

“All the way off,” she mumbled, raising her hips off the mattress.

She was breathing hard and was flushed all over. Her chest heaved, making her breasts rise and fall.

“Did you mean to get jeans this much too small?” Ethan asked.

“Yes,” Donna breathed.

Ethan pulled her jeans down further and her tiny panties came down with them. He stopped when her jeans were below her knees and her panties were about halfway down her thighs. Her legs were together, but her dark pussy was exposed.

“All the way, Ethan,” Donna breathed, panting.

Her panties hung around her knees and her jeans were bunched up around her ankles. He whisked her jeans off and tossed them across the room on the chair. Donna gasped and smiled. Slowly, she raised her bursa escort bayan legs, bent her knees, and pulled her panties off. With a lascivious smile, she spread her legs apart and sighed.

“I’m in the mood, Ethan.”

“My God, you’re stunning,” Ethan said, staring down at her luscious body.

The dark bush between her legs was fantastically enticing, and her soft, parted, moist, pink lips seemed to beg for attention. He reached down to unhook the bra snap between her breasts and she watched his fingers. He pulled the sheer fabric away and molded her breasts.

“What’s Pam gonna think?” he said.

“Just take me. And don’t wear a damn condom.”

Ethan yanked his t-shirt off. Donna licked her lips, grinning. Her ass ground in a circle on the mattress. Ethan dropped his jeans and her eyes shot wide open.

“Good Lord,” she gasped, her mouth hanging open. “Your sister wasn’t lying. You’re hung like a horse.”

Ethan crawled between her legs and his cock brushed her wet pussy. She reached down for it and let the long, thick shaft glide into her hand.

“Pam’s been telling you about me?” he said.

“Oh yeah. She told me a lot.”

She squeezed his cock and stroked it up and down.

Ethan kissed her cheek and her neck. “I heard you two talking last night. What did you talk about?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you.”

Ethan took her face in his hands and give her a deep, tender kiss, slipping his tongue between her teeth and swirling around her tongue.

“I suppose you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he whispered.

Donna’s eyes were locked onto the head of his cock and watched it approach her pussy.

“It was just girl talk,” she whispered, without taking her eyes from his cock. She was breathing hard when the tip touched the soft, moist area where her pussy lips were spread. “You would have been bored by – oh my,” she sighed as the head split her open. Her pussy made a wet, sucking sound.

Ethan pushed it all the way into her, lifting her legs to his shoulders, making her groan. Donna’s body twisted in the clean, white sheets, like they were making love in fresh snow. Her body was very sensual, very stimulating.

Ethan enjoyed the contrast of his thick, white cock sinking into the mass of black hair on her mound and forcing its way past her fragile pussy lips.

“Oh God … Oh God … Oh God,” Donna moaned.

She squeezed his arms with her hands and his waist with her thighs. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was gritting her teeth. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest and her nipples brushed his flesh. Ethan worked his cock in and out a few times. He pushed hard one time and she flinched.

He drew back his hips and she opened her eyes.

“What are you doing?” she said, as his cock came out of her pussy.

“I’m gonna eat you.”

“Oh,” she said.

He kissed her tits and each of her nipples. His lips nudged down over the ridges of her flat tummy muscles to the light fringe of her dark pubic hair and his tongue licked through the curly tangle, searching for the opening. He spread her thighs wide. Her black eyes burned with a lusty brilliance when he parted the soft lips of her pussy. He pulled on her curly hairs and dipped a finger into her snatch. She squirmed and licked her lips.

He lowered his head and poked his tongue into her pussy and far as it would go. He scooped her ass in his hands and lifted her off the bed. Her clit was a hard, tiny knob, and he focused his attention to it. Her flesh quivered and he knew she was going to cum.

He continued to lick her slit as her body jerked and shook and she screamed and moaned and thrashed on the bed. Ethan hoped it was a good orgasm for her. He wanted her to enjoy it as much as possible, so he didn’t let up as long as she was still cumming. He had to hold her very tight to keep her from wrenching herself away from him, and it was difficult to keep his tongue on her clit.

The last spasms of her long orgasm made her hips buck. Ethan gently lowered her ass back to the bed. With his lips covered with her juices, he worked his way back up her body, covering her with wet, sticky kisses. He reached her mouth and kissed her deeply.

She reached down between their bodies and felt for his cock, which was dangling down from his body between his legs.

“Put it in. I’m so hot I’m ready to come again,” Donna whispered.

She rubbed the huge head up and down her wet slit.

“You’re not gonna hurt me. Break me in good.”

Ethan pushed his hips forward gently and shoved his cock back into her slit.

“That’s so good. Give me more,” she said.

She pulled his hips deeper and he thrust into her with a long, fast stroke. She made a wordless, throaty sound.

He moved his tongue slowly across her lips and tongue, and pinched her swelling nipples. She groaned as he pushed deep into her cunt, while his tongue continued to circle her tongue. She put one hand against her forehead while he slowly brought her to another climax.

* escort bursa * * *

Pam unlocked the door, went into the apartment, dumped her books on the counter by the sink. The lecture had been extremely boring, and the fact that the room was hot and stuffy hadn’t helped at all. She opened the refrigerator, took out the jug of orange juice and poured a glass. She tilted back the glass, drinking down the cool, tangy juice, and heard an odd noise. She put the glass down and listened. She heard it again and went to investigate.

It was coming from down the hall, where the bedrooms were. She was sure Donna was still in class and Ethan had gone out, so what could be making the noise? The door to her room was open, and that’s where the noises were coming from. She heard the sounds again coming from inside, and this time they were familiar. She quietly peeked in to see who was doing the humping and who was doing the moaning.

Pam saw someone on her bed and was amazed to see Donna on her back with Ethan’s cock in her pussy. Donna had her hand around the shaft as it slid in and out and Ethan was raising his hips and dropping them hard. Donna’s long, black hair was tangled around her face and dangled on the sheets. Her mouth was open and her eyes were shut tight. She was moaning and her boobs bounced with each stroke that Ethan drove into her. He was fucking her with the same long, pounding strokes that he used to drive her out of her mind with passion. She stared at her brother’s cock going in and out of her friend’s pussy. They were fucking with such a wild hunger that it was almost embarrassing to watch.

Donna’s arms were spread out to either side of the bed. She cried like she was in agony and clawed at the sheets, pulling them off the corners. Finally she was screaming and her whole body jerked violently as she came. Ethan buried his whole slab of thick meat inside her and grunted out loud as he let go. Donna wrapped her arms tightly around him and panted and moaned into his shoulder.

Pam pushed the door open and walked in.

“What the hell’s going on here?” she said, trying to sound angry.

They both looked up.

“I’m fucking your brother, what does it look like?” Donna said.

Ethan rolled off her and his cock slipped out. She rolled on her side next to him, laid her leg across his leg, and put her fingers around his cock. Pam put her hands on her hips.

“I can’t believe you’re fucking my brother on my bed.”

Ethan just grinned, and finally Pam couldn’t hold back any longer and started to laugh. She climbed on the foot of the bed on her hands and knees. She moved up over Ethan’s legs, staring right at his cock. It was coated with fluids from Donna and his sperm. He was still mostly hard in Donna’s hand, but it was bent over like a long sausage. Her small hand was not able to close all the way around it.

Pam lifted the end of his cock and licked the sides of the shaft and sucked the head. Ethan was slick and warm in her mouth, throbbing up hard and stiff as soon as she started sucking. The taste of their juices mixed together on his skin was strong and intoxicating.

She looked at Donna and they giggled. Pam leaned forward and kissed her, making her lips smack. She stuck her tongue out and Donna licked it. Pam tilted her head and their lips pressed together. When they broke apart, Pam looked at Ethan, who was watching the whole thing. She flicked her tongue over his erect nipples, giggling.

Pam put his cock in her mouth again and began to slide her lips down until they touched Donna’s fingers wrapped around the base of the shaft. Ethan took her head gently in both hands and urged his cock the rest of the way down her throat. Pam kept her mouth tight around him, tasting Donna’s pussy.

“Oh my God,” Donna whispered.

Pam took his entire cock down her throat, bobbed her head a few times, then pulled it out. When the head, shiny with her wet saliva, popped out, she looked at Donna, licked her lips, and laughed. Donna was staring at her with wide open eyes and mouth.

“I told you I could do it.”

“You told me Ethan had a twelve inch cock, too, and I didn’t believe that. I’ll never doubt you again.”

Pam sat back on her heels. “You believed me when I told you we had sex with each other.”

She pulled off her t-shirt and shook out her hair.

“That’s not too difficult to believe.”

“You set all this up, didn’t you?” Ethan said, as Pam unhooked her bra.

“What?” Donna said.

“You came home early so you could seduce me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I bet you did,” Pam said. She was taking her jeans off. “You came home to seduce him because you wanted to see if he really did have a twelve inch cock.”

“I could have. But I didn’t have to. It just sort of worked out that way,” Donna said.

“I’ll buy that,” Ethan said.

His cock was rigid and stood up, although bent over by its own weight. Pam was kneeling back on her heels again, except that she was naked and had her hands on her bare thighs.

“I couldn’t blame you. If you told me your brother had a twelve inch cock, I’d figure out a way to find out myself,” Pam said.

“I don’t actually know whether he does or not. I never saw him naked,” Donna said.

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