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Big Tits

Subject: Rockhill State Jocks – Part 6 This is a fictional story based on my fantasies. This story contains sexual activity between 2 (or more) males, so if you find this offensive or if you are under the legal age limit in your country, DO NOT read this story. The characters, places, and events in this story are the products of my imagination and not based on any real life events or experiences, so any similarities are purely coincidental. Huge thanks to Zach who helped me proofread and edit this chapter! Please! Donate to Nifty to keep this awesome site fty/donate.html If you have any feedback or suggestion, e-mail me ail ————————————————————————— I was sitting on the floor, shirtless, wearing only my skimpy boxer shorts. My entire body was drenched in sweat. I could feel my heart pounded hard. My chest was rising and falling quickly, as I tried to fill my lungs with as much oxygen as I could. It felt like I was about to pass-out. To my left were Randall and Rex, both wearing their ‘signature’ work-out clothes. Randall with his compression shirt and shorts, and Rex with his tight red singlet. ‘They’re definitely not human’ I thought to myself. ‘A normal human wouldn’t have this much energy.’ I was putting my glasses back on when Rex eventually approached me. “You okay, buddy?” Rex asked as he ruffled my wet hair. “I think I’m gonna die!” I answered, still panting. “Aw, come on! That was nothing!” Rex said as he grabbed the bottled water from the counter and handed it to me, which I gladly accept. I drank the entire bottle in seconds. “You did great by the way!” Randall said as he offered me his hand so I could get up. I looked at myself in the standing mirror next to me, and I couldn’t help but smile. It has been more than a month since Rex and Randall helped me with my weight training routine and the result from my hard work finally coming to fruition. I still looked like a small nerd, but at least my body was more developed. My chest had a little more mass, the outline of my ribs were not visible anymore, and my biceps got a little bit bigger. Rex and Randall were like my personal trainers. They patiently taught me about work-out routines, gave me tips, and even shared their supplement and protein shake with me. I was really grateful to have nice and caring friends like them. I didn’t know how long I was staring at the mirror, but Rex finally snapped me back into reality. “If you work out with us more often, and follow my diet, you would be bigger than you are now, you know?” “I told you, I have lots of assignments so I can’t work out with you guys often. As for the diet, I can’t eat 5 eggs and 3 glasses of milk every morning, Rex.” I said looking at him. “The protein is good for muscle building! And the calcium is good for your bone structure!” “I know.” I sighed and turned my attention back to the mirror. “But, this is not bad. At least I can see the improvement.” Suddenly, I heard a phone ring. It was Randall’s. He took his phone and went to his room. Now that me and Rex were alone, he rested his chin on top of my head and wrapped his muscular arms around my body. His huge sweaty body was sticking to mine, so I could feel his enormous cock rubbing against my back. “Maybe I should get Lasik surgery, so I don’t have to wear glasses anymore.” I said to him after I observed my own face in the mirror. My thick glasses are definitely the thing that made me look ‘nerdy’. “I like your glasses. You’re cute when you wear them.” Rex said “Really? You like my glasses? Are you like into nerds or something?” “Yeah, I like nerds. I think nerds are sexy.” He said it as he kissed my neck while his hand was exploring my chest, rubbing his calloused hand all over it. A wave of pleasure was filling my entire body. I closed my eyes and threw my head back in arousal. “Seeing you working hard today makes me fucking horny.” Rex whispered to my ear as he began to rubbed his lycra clad cock on my back. “Shit. I want to fuck you so bad… I want to fuck your nerd ass. Oohhh.” This always happens everytime me and Rex were alone together. Always started with him flirting with me and ended up with him fucking me hard while he still in his singlet. And we almost always do it in front of a mirror. He liked seeing himself flexing his muscles as he pounded me from behind. We were both enjoying the moment, before eventually, a yell was heard from Randall’s room. “HEY REX!” Rex stopped what he was doing and sighed. “WHAT?” Rex yelled back. “GO GET CHANGED! THERE IS A MANDATORY MEETING FOR FRESHMEN WRESTLER AND LACROSSE PLAYER IN THE STADIUM. NOW!” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Rex grunted. He then looked back to me. “Well, I have to go.” he said in disappointment. “We’ll continue later. When we are completely alone.” He added as he kissed the back of my head before running to his room. 5 minutes later, both of them came out from their bedroom, Randall was wearing his lacrosse jersey and Rex wearing his team hoodie. “You guys didn’t shower?” I asked them. “Nope! Don’t have time.” Randall answered. “We used lot’s of cologne though. Smell this!” Randall lift his right arm and shoved his armpit to my face. Like a reflex, I automatically took a long whiff of his armpit. The smell of his heavy perfume hit my nostril, I could still smell his musky body odor faintly though. “It’s definitely covering your awful smell.” “Well, we’re gonna go out for a while. You should continue your work-out so you can get bigger faster. And don’t forget to drink the protein shake!” Rex said as he and Randall walked out of the apartment, leaving me completely alone. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to follow Rex’s advice and continue working out. Before that, I took another look at myself in the mirror, this time, I flexed my small biceps. “You still look the same, you fucking faggot!” I looked back and saw the front door had swung open with Luke was standing in front of it. He was wearing a very tight navy blue and gold under armour compression shirt, which hugged him tighly, exposing every bit of his herculean body and a baggy navy blue basketball shorts. As usual, he got a serious expression on his face, making him look intimidating and sexy at the same time. I froze, ‘What would people do in a situation like this?’ I thought hard to myself. ‘Run? Scream?’ Then, he shut the front door and started to inspect me from head to toe. A disgusted expression formed on his face. “You work out like what… A month? And you already think that you’re one of us huh? Guess what, faggot? You’re still a nerd. You’re still a pathetic son of a bitch. A pussy.” “But you know what? I admire your will to change to be less of a wimp. Even though it’s impossible for you to be like me or Rex or Randall.” Then he started to walk towards me and stopped just a couple inches in front me. “So, I’m going to train you today. I’m so sick of living with a fucking sissy.” ‘TRAIN ME?!’ I didn’t know how to react. My feelings were conflicted. ‘Is he genuinely wanting to do this or is this just an excuse to mock and embarrass me?’ I wondered. “I’ll be back.” Luke said as he walked to his room. ‘Shit! What would he do to me?’ Different scenarios started playing in my head. Moments later, Luke finally came out from his room, wearing nothing but a worn-out jockstrap, probably the same jockstrap that he used a couple months back when he ‘confronted’ me. The memory from that night then started to flood my brain. The image of him that night flexing and sweating in his jockstrap while letting me explore his body made my cock hard in an instant. “STRIP!” He yelled, commanding me like a drill sergeant at a military boot camp. His voice was so loud, I felt like the entire floor could hear him. “I want to see the progress you made this past month!” I was hesitant at first because I didn’t wear anything escort izmit underneath my shorts. But because I didn’t want to make him mad, I quickly pull down my shorts, revealing my fully-hard cock to him. I was ready to be mocked like the last time. He stared at my hard-cock for a while before eventually moving without saying a word. Circling around, he checked every bit of my body. “You work out for a month and this is the progress you’re making?” He continued circling me before eventually stopped right in front of me. “Well, that make sense since a sissy like you can’t produce the same amount of testosterone as a real man.” He added as he took a step back and walked back to his room. Seconds later, he came out holding a white small jockstrap and tossed it to me. “Wear that. I don’t want to see your fucking small penis.” Luke said as he glanced at my hard cock in disgust. I didn’t know whose jockstrap he gave me, but it definitely is not his since it was too small, excactly my size. Probably it was his little brothers, but at this point, I just didn’t care and quickly put it on. “Let’s begin our training! Give me 10 push-ups!” he commanded me as soon as I finished adjusting the jockstrap he gave me. Without hesitation, I quickly drop to the floor and start doing the push-ups. While I was doing it, I noticed that Luke was kneeling right in front of me. It was kind of weird because he kneeled really close to me. Since I’ve been doing it a lot for the past months, my endurance was improved, so doing 10 was pretty effortless. After I was finished and about to get up, he yelled at me, “I didn’t tell you to get up you idiot!” I stayed in my push-up position and looked up at him. Since he was kneeling in front of me, the view of his packed jockstrap greeted me. His cock was half hard and it filled the pouch of his jockstrap nicely. I noticed there was a litte hole on it, so I can see his cockhead a little bit. “You call that push-ups, faggot? Your position was wrong! your knee was bending!” With that, he leaned in to me to fix my position and in doing so, his jockstrap-clad cock was pressed into my face, and his strong manly smell – the combination of sweat, piss, and cum – was all I could breathe. He moved as he fixed my knee position and as a result, I could feel his crotch rubbed all over my face. I really wanted to open my mouth and licked his sweaty jockstrap but decided against it since I didn’t want him to beat me up to death. He was doing this for a moment, and I enjoyed every second of it! “Give me another 10, NOW!” He commanded as he finished fixing my position. Without hesitation, I quickly did 10 push-ups, this time with a correct position. “Good. Get up!” He order me. As I got up, I took a quick glance at his crotch, and surprised to see his pouch becoming more filled. I gulped. “Now I want to see your flexibility.” Luke said as he circled me again. “Bend over and try to touch your toe!” He instructed me as he took a stance behind me. Without question, I did what he said and bent my body. But not being limber plus I’ve never done this before, I was struggling to do it. I bent my body to the limit until my the back of my legs hurt, but my hands were still inches away from my toe. “Come on faggot! Bend further!” Luke hollered at me. I kept trying to push my limit, and over time, I could see my hands became closer to my toe. ‘I can’t believe I fucking did this!’ I thought to myself as the tip of my middle fingers finally touched my toe. I felt really proud and happy at this point, but my happiness turned out to be premature. “Are you fucking kidding me, fag? Your knees were bending. Again!” Luke said in an annoyed tone. I looked at my knees and he was right, both of them were bending. I didn’t even realize it. “Fucking hell.” I heard him muttered under his breath. He took a step forward to get closer to me then kneeled right behind me. His face was at the same height as my exposed ass, so I could feel the warm gentle breeze of his breath, making my asshole twitch. He then straightened my knees with both of his hand. “Now try to touch your toes again you pathetic freak.” He commanded again. I bent my body again, trying hard to touch my toes. As my body bent further, my ass was spreading even wider, exposing it more to Luke’s warm breath. As a result, my ass was twitching non-stop. Then, I felt something on my crack. I looked behind and saw Luke was sticking his face up my ass. He took a couple of deep breaths, devouring the smell of my sweaty ass. I didn’t know why he did this. Maybe he was checking if I smell like a real men, like he did before. His action made my cock twitched in excitement. Pre-cum was flowing from my piss-slit, creating a wet spot in the front of my jockstrap. After a moment of me unsuccessfuly attempting to touch my toes and Luke sniffing my damp ass, he finally let go of my knee and move away. “You know what? Just fucking stop. You’re fucking hopeless.” Luke said as he released my knees. I immidiately straighten my body, glad the torture is over. My back and my legs were in pain. I glanced at him, he hadn’t really done anything but sweat was starting to pour out of him. “Fuck! It’s fucking hot in here.” Luke said as he did something unexpected. He pulled down his jockstrap and tossed it to the floor, unleashing his thick, half-hard cock for me to see. I gulped. I have seen his cock before, but was still amazed by how big and perfect it was. His huge hanging ballsack, his long shaft, and big cockhead hypnotized me. “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU FAG?” He snapped at me. I immediately looking away, not realizing I was staring at his cock. “Lay on the fucking bench. We’re doing weight.” Luke ordered me as he walked to the weight rack and grabbed a couple of small weight plates. I lay on the bench with my jockstrap visibly bulging and wet from all the pre-cum. At that point, I just wish he didn’t notice it. The weight training started with 20lb weight, which was easy. “Do 10 reps.” Luke ordered as he stood to spot behind me. I did what he commanded and lifted the weight. Since he was spotting me, he stand really close to hold the bar. As a result, everytime I lift the bar, his hips would move a little bit forward and his huge cock slapped the top of my head. It made a huge smacking sound, which resonated throughout the room. After I finished, he added another weight to the bar and stood back behind me. This time he got even closer, his monster cock was actually touching the top of my head. “Do another 10 reps.” Luke ordered again. Like before, he moved his hips forward as I lift the weight. As a result, this time he was grinding the top of my head, rubbing his sweaty cock all over my hair. The faint smell of his manly odor also started to invade my nostrils again, making my cock stay hard. After finishing, Luke added the big plates to the bar. “This is the last one, do another 10.” Luke said as he move back to his spotting position. This time he was literally standing over my head. His cock head was just an inch away from my lips and nose. All I could see from my position was his big, dangling ballsack. His manly, musky odor was also became stronger. Addicted to it, I ended up taking lots of deep breaths, didn’t want to waste the opportunity. I did as he said and lift the weight, but his cock is definitely a distraction. He moved his hips up a little as I lift the bar, making his cock dangle and when I lower the bar, he moved his hips down, making his soft cockhead touched my lips. By the time I reach the 5th rep, I opened my mouth a little, so his cockhead dipped into my mouth. I could taste the sweat and piss from it, and it made me even harder to concentrate. By the time we reached the final rep, he put the bar back and move away. “We’re done. Stand there and take off your jockstrap.” He ordered me as he point to the middle of the izmit rus escort room. I was confused about what he would do to me, but I remained silent as I walked to the center of the room and took off the white jockstrap, revealing my hard cock again. “The workout should give you a testosterone boost. Testosterone are made in the testicles, so I’m gonna check it.” He added as he walked towards me. Then, Luke began to kneel in front of me and examined my testicles. At this point my cock was as hard as steel from all the touching and teasing. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother him. ‘Oh, shit! He’s gonna touch it! I’m gonna bust!’ I thought to myself as his hand got closer to my balls. As soon as his hand touched it, A loud moan was escaping my mouth. But again, It didn’t seem to bother him since he didn’t stop and proceeded to fondle them. As his palm explored my balls, I tried so hard to not to let another moan out of my mouth as waves of pleasure from his touch was running through my body. It felt so fucking good! I also started to think of something gross and disgusting to prevent my cock from exploding. Then, Luke said something unexpected, “I have to smell and taste it.” ‘Oh Fuck! This alpha muscular stud now wants to smell and taste my fucking balls? Shit!’ I was trapped in a lose-lose situation. If I let him, my cock might explode and his head would be covered by my cum, and I don’t know what he would do to me if that happen. But on other hand, I don’t think saying ‘No’ to Luke is a great idea either. After a quick consideration, I decided to try to stop him. I looked down to him and I could see his face getting closer to my sweaty nerd balls. “Hey, Luke, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to-” “I didn’t ask for your permission you fucking faggot!” Luke snapped with his eyes glaring at me. Well, it was not successful. ‘Why is he doing this?’ was all I could think of. I don’t even think Testosterone can be smelled and tasted through the skin. Even if it does, I wouldn’t think some alpha like Luke would lick and sniff someones balls. He started with a deep breath, inhaling all of the aroma of my sweaty testicles. “I couldn’t smell any testosterone.” He told me as he kept sniffing every inch of my testicles like a police dog searching for a drug. Satisfied with my balls, he began to move to smell my dick, started from the base all the way to the cockhead. I could feel his warm alpha breath tickling my shaft. “I didn’t smell any testosterone AT ALL! Shit! Further confirms that you’re not a fucking man!” Luke said as he reached my cockhead. “Let me taste it!” Luke let out his tongue and gave my balls a lick. The friction between his soft wet tongue against my balls gave me a ticklish yet pleasurable sensation. “Couldn’t taste shit!” Luke said before he opened his mouth and put both of my balls into his mouth, sucking it hard like it was hard candy. After sucking it for a while, I could feel his tongue started to move around my balls, exploring every inch of it. The combination of his warm, wet mouth and his soft tongue created a ticklish yet pleasurable sensation. “L-Luke…” I whimper. I could feel my body shaking from all the pleasure his mouth gave me. I looked down, and the sight of a muscular alpha sucking a nerd’s balls was making my gay brain go crazy. My mind was flooded with lust. “Oh s-shit L-Luke” “Definitely NO Testosterone!” Luke said as he let my testicles drop from his mouth. “Let me do the last check!” He let out his tongue again and started to lick my shaft like a lolipop. He ran his tongue from my balls all the way up to my piss slit. He was doing this a couple times, and as he did it for the third time, I couldn’t handle it anymore. My common sense was lost. His warm jock tongue was too overwhelming for me to handle. As his tongue reached my piss-slit, I grabbed the back of his head, and push my cock inside his jock mouth. I could see his body jolt, startled from my sudden move. I shuddered as I felt the warmness of his mouth around my cock. “Oooommmphh!” Luke groaned while he struggled. As his struggle began to die down, I grabbed both side of his head and began to moved it forward-and-backward. At this point, I came to a realization that Luke liked it. This big muscular linebacker liked what I did to him. He could easily push me or fight me, but he just kept ‘struggling’ – trashing his body left and right as he kept groaning, without any attempt to get away from this humilitating thing I made him do. Both of his hands stayed at his side and his monstrous cock… was standing upright! The big motherfucker was hard! Luke definitely wanted this! To prove my theory that he really enjoyed this, I slowly pulled my hands away from his head. The result, he continued bobbing his head forward and backward on his own, sucking my cock without me forcing him to. A smile formed on my face. After a while, he finally realized that I already stopped forcing his head and discovered that I already knew that he enjoyed it. As a result, he stopped trashing his body and began to move his warm wet tongue, exploring every inch of my cock with it. “Oooohhhh Lukee” a moan escaping from my mouth. Over time, Luke became more aggressive – he bobbed his head faster as he began to grope my more toned body with his right hand. He started at my abs before moving up to reach my right nipple, where he played it with his finger. The combination of his warm wet mouth around my cock and his big fingers pinching my nipple created an incredibly pleasurable sensation. I was in heaven. “S-Shit Luke. Oooohhhh” My moan became louder. After a while, I could feel the urge to cum building up. Didn’t want this to end too soon, I quickly pulled Luke’s head away, pulling my cock from his mouth and took a step backward. Looking down to him, his bulging muscular chest was rising and falling quickly, and his entire body was covered in sweat. Then, he looked up to me and finally I could see his face. He showed an expression that I’ve never seen before. It was the expression of defeat and humiliation, but at the same time, I could see hunger and lust in his eyes. “Go lay on the floor!” I finally spoke up, commanding him. Without any question and hesitation, Luke quickly lowered himself, and laid on his back on the wooden floor. The fact that Luke, a big muscular football player obeying a command from a small nerd like me, excited me. I could feel my cock twitch a couple times. “I want to continue our work out.” I said to him as I stood over his legs. “But this time I want to train you.” I added. “I want you to do 20 sit-ups. But you have to suck my cock everytime you raise.” I commanded him as I pulled my cock down, so it faced forward instead of upward, to make it easier for him to suck it. Quickly, Luke adjusted himself to sit-up position – Bending his knees and put his hands behind his head. “Let’s begin!” Effortlessly, he began to do the sit-ups, raising his body until his torso straighten up – where he slid my cock into his mouth, sucked it a bit, and slid it back out – before eventually lowering his torso down to the floor. I looked down to him, with one of my hands on my hips, enjoying what I saw. At that point I couldn’t believe it. Never in my life I would’ve thought that this athletic alpha would follow my command. He stopped after reached 20 and lay still on the floor, awaiting my next command. After thinking about what I would do next for a moment, I quickly laid down on the floor beside him. “I want you to assume push-up position on top of me!” I ordered Luke. Like an obedient soldier, he did as I said, getting into push-up position on top of me. I was under him with his face a couple inch on top of mine. “Give me 20. Now!” He began his push-up by lowering his body, touching mine. I could feel my throbbing cock pressing against his hard sweaty abs. As his kocaelide escort face became closer to mine, I lift my head a little so our lips can met, giving him a gentle kiss, before he lift his body again. He did his push-ups in a steady pace. At first the kiss was gentle, but by the time he did the 10th push-up, the kiss became more wild – our tongues were battling with each other, trying to explore each other’s mouth. The combination between the kiss and my cock pressing against his abs made my mind go wild. And by the time we kissed at his last push-up, I immediately wrapped my hand around his body and flipped him over, exchanging the position – he laid on his back on the floor while I laid on my stomach on top of his hard muscular body, making our sweaty bodies became one – without breaking our kiss. We continued our kiss as we rubbed our sweaty bodies against each other – My chest was rubbed against his big bulging pecs and my cock against his hard abs. At the same time, I could feel his big, wet, throbbing cock poking my ass, asking for attention. After a while, I decided to end our kiss. “No…” Luke groaned in dissapointment. I gave his neck a couple lick before I turned my body to play with his cock. As expected, his monster cock greeted me. His cock was fully hard, wet from all the pre-cum he produced. Taking a deep whiff, a familiar manly aroma was filling my nostril. I grabbed his cock with both of my hand, anxious to gave it attention. His cock was so big, I couldn’t even fully wrap my hands around it. Both of my hands were starting to jerk his shaft as I began to lick his cockhead in circular motion, starting from the side all the way to his piss-slit. “A-Alex ahhhh-” I could hear Luke let out a moan. As I reached his piss-slit, I decided to let my tongue play with it a little before eventually devouring his cockhead into my mouth. I kept jerking his shaft as my head began to bob up and down, trying to suck his enormous cock. I could feel his body shuddered as he moan louder. “Ooohhh Alex… Shit…” Then, as I still gave service to Luke’s member, I could feel my ass getting spread followed by a sound of someone taking a deep whiff. “Ooh Alex… Your ass is so hot…” Luke said in his deep voice as he gave my cheeks a couple slap. “You’re welcome to give it a taste.” I told Luke. Moments later, Luke ran his wet tongue over my asshole, giving it a gentle lick, creating a brand new pleasurable sensation for me. “Oh, fuck yeah Luke!” I cried. Over time, he became more lascivious about it, his mouth began ‘attacking’ my ass more brutally. I looked back to him and the sight made me even more horny. I couldn’t believe it. A big alpha football player was feasting on my nerd ass. “Shit Luke… You like it don’t you??? Big fucking linebacker… eating a nerd’s ass… Ooohh.” I trashtalked Luke as I continue playing with his cock. The more I played with his cock, the more I wanted it in my ass. So, I decided to stop and gave Luke one last training. “Let’s move on to the last training.” I said to Luke as I get up. “I want you to grab your dumbbells, lay on the bench. Move! NOW!” I ordered him. “Y… Y-Yes… s-sir…” Luke answered me, a little bit hesitant. I couldn’t believe what I just hear at this point. This big motherfucker was just calling me ‘sir’! I almost shot my load hearing him saying that. He quickly grabbed 2 dumbbells and laid himself on the weight bench, obeying my command. “Now lift the dumbbells, work your biceps and pecs!” “Yes… Sir!” Luke answered, this time not hesitating. He lifted the dumbbells, both on his right and left hand effortlessly. His biceps and pecs were bulging everytime he lift the dumbbells up. Seeing Luke working out naked like that made my cock twitch again. Then, I looked at his cock, still rock hard, standing proudly between his legs. ‘It’s time!’ I thought to myself as I got closer and stand over him, with his hips between my legs. “Whatever happen, Don’t stop. You understand?” I asked Luke. “Yes, SIR!” He answered. This time his voice was stern and clear. After hearing his answer, I grabbed his cock with my left hand and pulled it so it faced upward. Then, I started to lower myself slowly until the tip of his cock touched my asshole. “Ooh!” Luke moaned as his body jolted a little. I took a really deep breath and slowly lower my body further, letting Luke’s monster cock impaled my ass. I was really struggling since it was REALLY big. It hurt like hell! His cock is literally splitting me in half! My ass was twitching non-stop, clenching his cock. “Hnngghhhhh. Shit Luke… Your cock… Ohhh… It’s so big… Fuck… Ooohhh… You fucking ripping me in half… Oohhh… Fucking football cock… Aaahh…” Deragatory words kept coming from my mouth as I slid his fat cock up my ass. Moan and groan was all I could hear from Luke. I stopped as I my ass finally swallowed his entire cock. “Ohhh Luke… You fucking filled my ass.” I moaned. “Yes… Sir” Luke said, didn’t stop lifting his dumbbells. Slowly I slid his cock out a little before slid it in again, trying to get used to his thick cock. The pain it created was overwhelming, I felt like my inside being ripped apart, but overtime, the pain subside and turned into pleasure. The friction his cock made was driving me insane! I bucked my hips up-and-down faster and faster, wanting more. “Fuck yeah Luke… Ooohh… My nerd’s ass… It’s tighter than all the pussy you’ve fuck right? Aaahhh” I continued my dirty talk to Luke. Luke was just groaned, I could see his eyes were rolling in his head, in pure pleasure. The sight of him trying to concentrate working out with his dumbbells as his cock sliding in and out of his cock was hot as fuck! His perfect body was glistening in sweat, making it looked so inviting. I decided to add another distraction to him, grabbing his bulging pecs and rubbed my small hand all over them. “Ooohhhh fuck!” Luke groaned as my palm grazed against his nipples. The more I played with his nipples, the more louder he moaned. Wanting him to moan more louder, I decided to pinched both of his nipples. “OOOHHHHH SIRRR!” My wish was granted. I felt like the room next door could hear it. But at this point, I didn’t care. Hearing him moan, seeing his muscle bulged as he work-out, and feeling his cock tearing up my ass was too much for me to handle. My cock was rock hard, swollen, ready to erupt any time soon. Pre-cum was steadily leaking from my piss-slit, making my entire cock wet. Then, I could hear his breath became faster, and his muscle became more tensed. So I decided to buck my hip even faster, violently bouncing my ass up-and-down his cock. “Cum in my ass Luke… I need the protein… Ooohh… To get bigger…” I moaned in ecstasy. After a moment of violent fuck, I hear both his dumbbells falling to the floor and when I looked at him, he already showing a double bicep pose, flexing his muscle as hard as he could. “Ooohhh… Sir… I’m gonna… Sir… SIR!!!” He yelled as he lift his hips to push his cock into my ass farther, and moments later, I felt something inside my ass. His cock was pulsing as he shot load after load into my ass. Moments later, I followed. “FFUUCCCKKKK!!!” I yelled. I couldn’t hold it anymore. My cock was erupting without me touching it. 6 ropes of cum was flying from my piss-slit and landed on his face, chest, and abs. It was fucking amazing. After that, both of us didn’t move for a moment. His cock stayed in my ass as I felt his cum dripping out. Both of us were spent and our body were drenched in sweat (and cum for Luke). We just looked at each other, thinking what the fuck have we done. After a moment of silence, we finally come to our senses. I pulled his cock out of my ass, and as soon as it pulled out, he pushed me away from him. “Get away from me you fucking faggot!” he pushed me hard enough to make me fall to the floor, making a loud ‘thud’ noise. He quickly get up from the bench and looked at me. I could see a worried look on his face. But he immediately looked away and went to the bathroom. “Fucking queer.” I could hear him as he walked away from me.

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