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Subject: Richard College, Adult Youth Back again it appears, with another story. This one is pretty much true as written, it was me and my first actual sexual experience with another guy and his younger brothers. Hope you all enjoy it! I’m including a list of my stories at the end, should you wish to read anything else I’ve written. Normally I finish a story before I post any of the parts, this time I’m posting the initial part before moving on to the rest of the story. I’d be interested in any of your comments, feel free to email me ota and thanks for reading! Richard Well, it was 1971 and I was 20. I was in college and just lazing around, no work for this boy. My best friend for the past few years was Walt, he was a year older than me and totally straight. I was gay but it never came up in our conversation, he wasn’t my type at all and I guess he knew it so he didn’t mention it. I had been sucking off my next door neighbor since he and I were both 13 and while I was sure he told people about it, nobody ever bothered me with any slurs or tried to bully me. It helps if you’ve got a reputation as being totally crazy. I was 6′ tall, long brown hair, blue eyes. A nice body, perhaps a bit skinny and I was often told I was kinda “pretty” which bugged me when I was 13 but not so much now at 20. So there was this woman named Dottie, she was a friend of Walt and I had met her a few times at the local pizza shop. She was our age but already married and had a 2 year old little girl. Somehow those two things are related… Anyway, Walt and I went over to Dottie’s apartment one Saturday morning and after we knocked on the door she answered. As we went in I heard a noise in the other room and then came in a man, I mean a man our age, not some old guy. He had one of those late Beatle’s haircuts, long, straight, no trace of facial hair though. He was around 6’1″ tall, thin but well built, it was easy to tell since all he had on were tight shorts. Walt introduced me to him, said his name was Richard and after we shook hands Richard looked at Walt and said “Is this the gay guy?” and I guess Walt must have shook his head or gave some type of signal because Richard looked at me, cupped his dick and balls and said “You want some of this?” and then he laughed. I was taken aback, some, but I had quick wit so I responded “I don’t think Dottie would like me sucking your dick”. Dottie looked at me and laughed “Suck it if you want, I’m not gonna do that” This did take me up short, a bit. “Not with an audience, I’m only one on one” Dottie looked over at Walt “Weren’t we gonna go to the mall for a few hours? Let’s go and leave them alone.” At this Walt shrugged, looked at me and when I didn’t say anything he just gathered up the kid’s stroller and with one last backwards glance the two of them left the apartment, leaving me alone with a guy that I had just met. “Can you believe those two?” I said, with a nervous giggle. “You gonna blow me?” he said, stepping closer. I could see that his pants were fuller than they were earlier. “Man, that bitch won’t fuck me, suck me, she won’t even touch my dick since she had the kid. I haven’t even jerked off for 2 weeks.” “You’re serious?” I said. “Close your eyes” he said and when I did and opened them at his command he was standing naked in front of me, his dick 90% hard. 7″ solid inches of meat, cut and just throbbing as it rose to full erection. Man, his body was so hot, no hair except a little trail to his navel, a small pubic bush and smooth from the waist up. “You want it, don’t you?” he whispered. “I can see you’re hard in your pants. Strip down, let me help” and with that last word he was on me. He almost ripped off my shirt, then took the pants I had unzipped and pulled them off after I had kicked off my shoes. Then I was standing in front of him, my 6″ dick hard and he took one of my arms and lifted it up, peering at my armpit. “Do you shave your pits?” he asked. “No, I just never grew hair there.” and he turned me slowly around and just looked at me. THen he took my hand and led me into the bedroom and lay down, motioning me to his dick. I got close and could feel the heat of it, he smelled good, like a guy. There’s no way to explain that smell, either you like it, or you don’t. He had probably showered a couple of hours earlier and the sweat was just from the hot apartment, not any exercise. Plus there was this smell that’s just sex, as his dick got hotter it just seemed to pour out of him and into me and fuck, it made me so hot. I pushed my face down to the bottom of his dick and smelled his nuts and the smell was even stronger. His sack was so full, it was like he had months of sperm in there. I licked the spot where his balls and dick met and he moaned. “Fuck man, just suck me, let me cum once and then you can do more before I cum again but I gotta cum” he moaned so I took the head of his dick in my mouth, ran my tongue all around it to get it went and took about 5″ of it in my mouth, sucking hard. His ass lifted up off the bed and his hands went to my head and I felt him hold me tight as he started to fuck my mouth. I didn’t have much control except that I had fingers around the base of his dick so as he drove in the head went right to my throat but not in it, just enough to make me gag a little with each thrust. I felt his dick get harder and harder and then he pushed my head down hard and kept me there while his dick pulsed in my mouth filling me with his two week old load. Over and over he shot and I swallowed once, twice, three times and the shots tapered off to an ooze. He fucked slowly in and out of my mouth now, each thrust pushing out a little more sperm that I savored, keeping it in my mouth as he stirred it around. Finally he pulled his still hard dick out of my mouth and relaxed. “Thanks man, I needed that. I need it again and maybe again after that” he said, pointing down to his dick, still hard and glistening from my saliva. I didn’t go for his dick, I started to lick his balls and he gasped a little and spread his legs wide apart so I could reach every part of him. I licked up and down, sucked one of his nuts in my mouth and licked it good, then went to the other one. I tried to get under his nuts but either he didn’t notice or didn’t want it so I came up and just licked his dick like a lollipop, bottom to top, and kept my head moving. I felt him pull at me and then he started to move me so I was still licking him but with my stomach on the bed, my ass and legs down by his head. I felt his hand on my legs, rubbing them up and down and I moaned as I started sucking his dick again. I was still a total virgin, never been touched by anyone in a sexual manner. All I had ataköy escort done, to this point, was suck my next door neighbor and my cousin in North Carolina and they never had me get undressed, never offered to do anything back. Just suck, cum, swallow and that was it. I felt him move a little on the bed, then relax back down and then he lifted me up and pulled me into a position where my ass was right at his face. “You’re so smooth, you sure you don’t shave?” he said, his hand rubbing across my ass. “Your ass is so much nicer than Dottie, her’s is all fat and flabby, yours is smooth and round and nice” rubbing my ass more. Nobody had ever touched my ass and it was like an electric shock. All I could do was moan and suck his dick even harder. Now, I was so naive and, to be honest, I never thought about him fucking me. I felt him pull apart my cheeks and knew he was looking at my asshole. “Fuck, that’s such a tight looking asshole” and I could feel his fingers rub across it. I heard him sniff and then I felt a wet sensation on my asshole and realized it was his tongue. He was eating my ass out and I was about to lose it. I slammed my face down and, in this position, his dick slid all the way into my throat. I don’t think I even noticed, I didn’t gag at all and I pulled up some and moaned loudly again and pressed my ass back against his face. He raised his hips up and rammed his dick back down my throat and I just took it. I sucked as hard as I could and he kept brutally ramming his dick all the way in my throat. Then he just held it all the way in and just ground his pelvis against my face. I could feel his dick hitting every spot in my throat, every part of my mouth, it was just filled with him but my mind was centered on his tongue in my ass. I couldn’t tell you how long this went on. Might have been a few minutes, might have been hours. I was so lost in a sexual haze and then I felt something hard at my hole and a colder wetness. He had lubed his finger and was pressing it in me. I arched my back as his finger slid inside, my hole was a little loose from his tongue attack and there was no resistance as he pushed it in all the way. I felt him moving it around and jumped as he hit a spot inside me. He noticed and kept moving at that spot and I lost it, his dick was in my throat, his finger in my ass and my body felt like I was going to cum right there, all over him. I wiggled my ass and I heard him moan and then he ripped his dick out of my throat and mouth and rolled me over like a ragdoll. “I’m gonna fuck you” he growled and he didn’t wait for any response. I was still dazed from the sexual feelings, I swear I could still feel his finger inside me as he positioned me on my back and stuck a pillow under my ass. He took my legs and draped them on his shoulders and looked down at me. “You want me to fuck you?” “Yes, yes, please fuck me, do whatever you want” I babbled. “Grab my dick and put me at your asshole.” and I did as he ordered. I could feel the spongy head of his dick slightly pressing into my barely loosened asshole and he looked down at me “You’re fucking pretty” and he leaned down and kissed me. I felt his tongue stab into my mouth as his dick pushed into me, slowly but steadily. My ass was tight but it was no match for his dick and his power and I felt the head slide into me, followed by all 7″ of his dick. I grunted against his tongue, it was invading the other end of me at a furious pace and then I really fucking snapped. I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to kiss me, I wanted him to just fucking use me and I was going to prove I was better than his wife. I squeezed my ass around his dick and I heard him moan and felt him start to move. He pulled out just a little, then back in and kept going until his dick was barely inside me before pressing back in. He raised up off me and looked at my eyes and slammed his dick hard into me, the shock of it causing me to open my mouth, almost in a scream but it came out more like a whine and, as he kept eye contact he kept on slamming into me, watching my face and, after a few minutes he saw what he wanted. My body just relaxed and I totally submitted to him. I guess he saw it in my eyes because he covered my mouth with his and really started to fuck me. He was like a machine and now that the initial pain was gone I felt it, it was like before but it wasn’t his finger hitting that spot in me, it was his dick. Over and over my body shook as he kept stimulating me and the fuck went on and on. He was sweating and I could feel drops hitting my face as his hair really got wet. I saw a drop of his sweat on his cheek and I leaned up and licked it off, it was so salty and tasted like him. At this he leaned in again and almost devoured me with his kiss. My ass was on fire from his brutal fucking and my dick was hard and leaking all over me. I felt him get even faster in his movement and then he rammed in me and started to cum. I could feel him shooting deep inside me and it set me off and I shot hard, the first shot went over my head, the second hit him in the chin as he kissed me and then more shots all over me as he shot in me. He lay on me and my cum coated both of us as we both came down from our orgasms. Finally he stopped and raised up and looked down at me. I was a sweaty mess, hair tangled, all red in the face and cum was everywhere. He was the same, even now more of his sweat dripped off onto me. I felt him pull back and his dick slipped out of my ass and I felt a cool breeze caress my bruised hole as it struggled to close. I lowered my legs and he lay full length on me. I could feel his dick against mine, both of us were still at least half hard, the slickness of his cum and my cum along with the lube he had used made our bodies almost connect, I could feel him from my feet to my head. At last though he looked at me “That was the best sex I’ve ever had. If I had known you at 15 I’d have never bothered to fuck a girl” and I blushed. “I wish you had known me then” I whispered. “That was the first sex I ever had and it was incredible.” We lay there a few minutes, getting our senses back and when he tried to raise up we were stuck together from my cum all over the two of us. I swear it made a sound as he got up off me. “We better go get a shower” he said. “Together?” I asked and he shook his head yes. For a small apartment this place had a huge tub and shower, plenty of room for 2 people in it. As I stood I could feel some of his cum leaking out of my ass and running down my leg and even that turned me on. I tried not to get hard as we made it into the bathroom together, we were just bouncing against each other as we walked in, merter escort I know there had to be a trail of cum that had run out of me but I didn’t care. He got the water warm and stepped in, pulling me in there with him. “You wash me, I’ll wash you” he said, handing me the soap and I lathered up and handed it back to him. I started with his shoulders and just ran my hands over him. He was so nice and hard under my hands, sliding effortlessly as I went under his arms, then down to his chest. He was doing the same thing to me and while it was erotic and the feelings making me hot, my dick wasn’t up and neither was his. I got down on my knees in the shower and soaped up his feet and legs, feeling every inch of him. I lightly touched his nuts as I did the inside of his legs and he shivered and turned around and there was his ass. Right in front of me. Fuck, he wasn’t so smooth there, not covered in hair but there was a bit but it didn’t turn me off. Instead it made him more of a man to me. I lathered him up there and even made sure to clean over his asshole. I didn’t try to push in, not even a little but I did make sure he was totally clean. I kinda wanted to stick my tongue in there like he had done to me. I went up his back and he was completely soaped up. I rinsed him off and, as I was rinsing off his feet, I licked the inside of his leg, just once and felt his leg tremble. Then he pulled me up and started to do the same thing back to me. He didn’t get on his knees like I had done, he just told me to hold on and lifted each leg up so he could do me from the foot on up. When he got to my ass though I felt his breath quicken as he looked at me. “Man your hole is so open, even with the soap I still smell my cum inside you. Bend over a little” and he pushed me forward so my ass was opened up to him. He took a finger and pushed it in me, then a second finger and a third. I barely had time to get accustomed to it before he was moving them in and out. Each time he did more cum leaked out and finally he sniffed his fingers. “All clean” he said, smiling. We did each others hair and face and then, completely clean, we looked at each other in the shower. There were no soft dicks now, both of us were hard again and I was ready, for anything. He leaned in and kissed me, we were both still wet and I slid to the wall and barely stayed on my feet. I surrendered to him, feeling his tongue fucking into my mouth. He broke the kiss and jumped out of the shower, pulling me with him. “Come on, I’m horny again” and he almost dragged me back to the bed, dripping from the bathroom back to the bedroom. “You know we’re wet right? You want a wet bed?” I asked as we neared the bed and he didn’t answer, he just picked me up and tossed me in the middle of the bed and jumped on top of me. “Fuck the bed” and he swung around so we were back in the 69 position. “Open up” and he sunk his dick into my mouth and didn’t stop until his pubes met my lips. I felt his dick slide right into my throat and swallowed, trying to pull it even deeper into my throat and then I felt him pull up my hips and suddenly my dick was in his mouth. I fucking lost my mind, never had I had a blowjob but now I see why the two guys I’d been sucking off for 6 years liked it so much. I started to move on his dick and he began to fuck my mouth. I guess maybe I wasn’t reacting like he thought, I wasn’t sure what to do with my dick, do I fuck his mouth? I didn’t want to do something wrong. He started to pull my hips up and down, making me fuck his face and, when I started to move on my own, he grabbed the lube, put a large glob on his finger and pushed it back up my ass. Holy fuck my head was spinning. He was rubbing against that spot inside me and, with the feeling of his tongue and lips on my dick, it was about to make me pass out. I felt myself rapidly approaching an orgasm, it’s damn hard to hold back when you’re pretty much still virginal and a hot fucking guy is doing all this to you. I was having trouble even moving on his dick but I don’t think he noticed, he was still fucking my mouth balls deep every single thrust and moving faster as he went. His dick felt harder and harder and I knew this meant he was gonna cum again soon and I was trying my best to hold off from shooting until he got there. I thought I was going to lose the battle but suddenly he jammed his dick into my throat and I felt it expand and cum shot directly to my belly. My dick exploded in his mouth, I felt him gag at the power of the first shot of sperm, followed by lots more. He was still pressing inside me, each time more cum shot. I was moaning, trying to gag from just the power of his dick pressed in my throat and I moaned at the thought of not being able to taste his cum and he pulled back and shot a big load inside my mouth, some of it went up my nose as he jammed his dick back down my throat and now I could taste and smell his cum. He was sucking on my dick as it continued to shoot and then ooze in his mouth and, to my surprise, I felt him swallow a couple of times and, as he did, my dick just kinda slipped into his throat. Just a little, I was only 6″ so it barely made it but his throat tight against the head of my super sensative just cum dick almost killed me. He rolled me to the side, not taking my dick out of his mouth and we both just lay there, our dicks softening in each other’s mouths. We broke apart and he turned and lay down beside me, staring into my eyes. “Are you having a good time?” he asked. “A great time” I said and laughed and so did he. “We are gonna get together again right?” he said, kissing me softly. “Anytime you got the apartment to yourself” I said and man, I wanted him every fucking day. “Did I do anything you didn’t like?” “No, I liked it all.” “Anything you wanna do that you didn’t do?” I thought about it and what I really wanted to do was eat out his ass. Not to fuck him, I was gonna be the girl and I realized that, I just wanted him to sit right on my face until he got tired of me eating his ass. “Umm, there’s one thing.” “Tell me” he urged. “I wanna eat your ass out. I don’t wanna fuck you, I want you to sit right on my face and let me lick you.” “Fuck yeah, you can do that. Nobody’s ever done that to me.” and he got up and I lay on my back and just watched as he got over me. I reached up to his ass and pulled his cheeks apart and his hole was tiny and tight looking. I knew he was clean, I washed him myself and I just waited as he lowered himself and I guided him until his asshole was right over my mouth, my lips all around it. I stabbed at him with my tongue and felt him jump and moan. I could barely hear him, he was really bahçeşehir escort pressing down on my face. It wasn’t painful and all I had on my mind was his hole. I kept licking at it and trying to get my tongue in it. I wasn’t having much luck but I felt him press down a little harder and his hole opened right up and my tongue went in it at least an inch. By now my dick was hard again and I could feel him grab it and maul it. Not jerking it, just holding my dick tight in his hands. He kept flexing his hole as I tongue fucked him. I had cum a couple of times, I was in no danger of cumming the way he was handling me. I could tell he was jerking off while I was eating out his ass, every so often his arm would bump against me. I ate his ass for almost 20 minutes when he suddenly just jumped off me. His face was all flushed and his dick was hard and throbbing again. “Fuck man, you turn me on so fucking much. Now it’s MY turn!” and he pulled me back over him, his dick at my mouth and my ass in his face. He pushed my head down to suck his dick and he started to eat me out. It seemed so different this time, my hole was still loose and he was able to right away fuck my hole with a couple inches of his tongue. My ass felt sore, felt great, it just felt. It’s hard to describe but every nerve ending was alert now, my ass knew how good things could feel. “Can I fuck you again? Please? I’ve never been this horny for someone in my whole fucking life.” He phrased it as a question but he had me on my back before the question was even done. There was that same cum soaked pillow under me and this time he just pushed right into me. No lube, just my saliva on his dick and his on my asshole. I moaned so loud that he kissed me to shut me up. This was pain, this was pleasure, this was just sheer fucking. No stopping, no slow and get used, just ram it in and out and fuck hard. He bent me over more and more until he was almost fucking straight down into my ass and I swear I could feel his dick at the back of my throat every time he rammed in deep. He pushed in all the way and rolled me over until I was on top of him. “Fuck yourself on my dick baby” he hissed at me and I obediently started to move up and down, staring at him as I did it. Licking my lips, being just as slutty as I could imagine. He pulled me down and kissed me and started to fuck me himself, his dick slicing in and out of my tender hole. My dick was rubbing against his stomach as he continued to fuck me and I could feel another orgasm building. I had never cum this many times in a day before, let alone in a few hours. I wasn’t sure I could cum but it felt like it and, the more my dick leaked on him the better it felt to me. His dick was just plowing me, no pauses, no easy, nothing but tongue in my mouth and my ass being used like a loose whore. I moaned loudly as I felt myself start to cum on Richard and then I felt his dick get as hard as steel and he rammed it all the way in and unloaded deep in me. “I’m gonna knock you up” he whispered into my open mouth. “Knock you up”. He rolled me off him and his dick slipped out of my abused ass. I almost shouted, now that the sexual haze was clear I realized just how sore I was. “Go get a washcloth, clean me up” and I did, trying to hold his cum in me until I could get to the bathroom. I stuck two fingers inside myself and could feel his cum, I saw him watching me so I pulled out my fingers and stuck them in my mouth, slurping loudly, tasting his cum and my ass both. It was a flavor I never thought I’d like but now I loved it. After I cleaned him up he used his own fingers to scoop the cum out of my gaping hole and fed it to me until there wasn’t anything left to taste. I noticed the clock, we had been at this for almost 3 hours so we got dressed and he took the sheets and tossed them in the wash. “I gotta get home” I said. “You gotta come back again tomorrow, Dottie will be at work” Richard said. “I mean if you want. This was the best sex I ever had and I don’t wanna go without it for more than a day or so. Hope you agree.” “It was the best sex I ever had too. Just call me when she’s gone” and with that I left. The air outside smelled so different, I can only imagine how bad that apartment smelled inside from the intensity of the sex we had. That was Richard’s problem. I went home and when I sat down pain shot through my ass. There was no blood but fuck man he had really fucked my virgin ass hard and I felt it all the way to my stomach. Walt came over later and noticed I was sitting very gingerly and we talked about what had happened. I left out anything Richard did like kissing, sucking, eating out my ass. That was none of Walt’s business. This led to very frequent sexual encounters. Three or four times a week. Not quite as intense as the first day, he never had a chance to get too horny before I was back but they never lost that excitement. I loved getting fucked, loved how he sucked my dick, kissed me, ate my ass. We even talked about love, he said he loved me but that he couldn’t leave Dottie and I did kinda love him but I knew it was never going to last so I just enjoyed the whole friend with lots of benefits relationship. Dottie always seemed just as friendly when we talked but the subject of sex never came up again. I’m sure she knew, I guess it made it easier on her since he was getting laid with me. It had been almost 6 months when Richard called me and I came over. He had these two boys there, you could tell they were twins, they were for sure identical. Couldn’t tell the age but they seemed young. Richard took me in the kitchen. “These are my twin brothers, they just turned 13 yesterday” he said. “I’m hoping you can show them a good time as much as you do me, I don’t want them making the same mistakes, getting some bitch pregnant like I did.” The end of part one….. Other stories by me on Nifty – Please check them out. The celebrity stories aren’t so great, in my eyes but maybe you like them if you can remember the people involved. Benjy – Highschool I actually knew Benjy, a story from long ago. Charlotte 1977 – Adult Youth A longish story about a summer spent in Charlotte in 1977 and all the teenage and preteen boys available. Pretty Boy – Urination A kinda real story from when I was 11 years old and up. Corey and Eddy – Celebrity Set in Amsterdam, a long story about meeting up with Corey, other boyfriends and a real depiction of the Amsterdam scene during this time. Sunday At Zach’s House – Celebrity A story with the real life actors playing the kids in the Home Improvement show. KLM Flight 651 – Adult Youth Another story based in real events but just a bit hyperbolized in the sex department! Ben’s Dream – Celebrity Ben Savage and Rider Strong have a good time! Ethan and River – Celebrity Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix from the Explorers movie timeframe. Remember people to donate if you can to Nifty. Those donations will help keep this site alive and all of the stories you love to read at your fty/donate.html

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