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Return To ServiceReturn To ServiceIt felt just the same, yet ultimately different being in that cock-house again after almost a year. I burned with the excitement of what I had possibly missed, and felt eager for a return to service when I’d see something unfamiliar and wanting to look my way.Not a minute after the thought subsided that very thing to happened, and let me tell you, the man had me ready with just a look into his brown-as-my-own eyes. I smiled as he stood there and looked long at me. Almost as if he dared me to try and fuck around with him. Dressed in black dress pants, blue dress shirt without a tie and a leather jacket. Six foot two inches tall, #180 or so and undeniably attractive!He had a big ‘ol manly head with short cropped black hair. Black moustache of medium length with the goatee a bit closer cut. The hair surrounded a warm smile that looked like it hid a fun time behind the white teeth. The thick built, wide shouldered stranger took a few more steps; surely walked like he knew what he was after. I hoped that what my eyes looked at proved to be his cock that made those pants bulge that way. Yet I had to wait another second or so, within which time my hope also became that his second stare in my direction could satisfy my thought…When I’d have the chance to show him how I could handle his cock so fucking well with my big, eager, hungry mouth. To get my mouth down on that cock became all I could think about, and by the time he walked the last few steps and stopped two foot or so away from me, my cock throbbed hard and my left hand applied grip to it.We stared into eyes again while he stood within striking distance, but as I tried to confirm what bulged in his pants, he stepped behind and began to play one of the game machines that separated us. I followed his lead and played the game before me, since it gave us the opportunity to stare over the machines at one another.Several times our stares met and lasted longer than our prospective machines were timed to wait. But though he finished first, he didn’t follow what I thought the stare he’d given had implied. I thought his course may lead him past me, it led him instead in the opposite direction. I fast canceled my urge to follow, and instead found my own flick to watch for a few.After I exited back into the corridor, I watched his humpy form reappear from a room on the upper end. I played the game gaze with him again for a few seconds over the machines, and then headed back to the room I’d just exited. Just after I turned the corner, I heard footsteps but didn’t look behind me, for I doubted it would be him.Once I stepped inside the room, I dropped a coin and then turned to grab the knob and there appeared his handsome face and wide smile just a step away. He closed and then locked the door, took the step that put us face to face and then we latched hands to crotches. Jets of heated adrenaline flashed through as I heard him breathe heavily in the temporary darkness. sakarya escort I dropped a coin as he unleashed my meat and then moaned.I’ve always loved to watch the expression on any man’s face when he plays with my cock. As the screen lighting showed, his didn’t differ from any other guy. His expression went from ‘oh’ to ‘wow’ just the same, but his smile showed a satisfaction that turned me on all the more.“You really do enjoy when that happens, don’t ya?” That Studmuffin asked to have me give a laugh and a nod. My furtherance showed to unzip his dress slacks, ease a few fingers in and get hold of his warm and throbbing cock. I pulled it out into the open and stared hungrily over the thick, cut seven-inch length of it. He lightly kissed my moustache and then I again watched his eyes stare the nine inch length. I again chuckled at the change in his facial expression, after which he looked back into my eyes. The flick clicked off and I quickly heard the sc**** of brass on steel as he dropped another coin.I knew there were words to come my way when the light came back, but my ears weren’t willing to hear them. I knew just one thing; my mouth watered to feel and taste the cock that my fingers played with. I gently shook my head till he could see, felt glad he remained silent and then began the descent to my knees with his eyes in tow.For me, there’s always been something sordid, hot and forbiddingly exciting about being there; in that place where the men hang out. Willingly locked behind the door to one of the relatively small rooms with nothing more than what I need at the time, a hot stud to exchange cock favors with. To hear the one above me seethe when I licked his cock sounded like sweet music to my ears. The sound not only made my cock throb as it echoed off the walls of our enclosure, it caused my hand to wrap around it and start to stroke it with restraint.My right hand found the waist of his pants as I took his cock into my mouth. I eased them down with a little assistance from him, and as they eased over his ass, I found the cheeks to be soft. The main turn on for me lived within the just-above-downy-textured hair that covered the cheeks. His moves in response to my ass play let me know that if otherwise situated, I could do more to and with what both of my hands suddenly toyed over. The flick clicked off, he dropped another coin to bring back the light.Soon his cock began to sail in and out of my mouth at a nice rhythmic pace, and I used my throat to give him reason to grunt, groan and slam to my face on an occasion that became ever more frequent. I put forth some sound of mansexual approval and coaxing with each fresh frequency, and then managed to let go of my wildly pulsing cock as his hands got hold on my head.He stepped one toward me, which forced my position a bit backward and gave that cock an improved chance to go right down my throat more often. That masculine bastard asked me if I liked when adapazarı escort he shoved it down; I took it down, wrapped my arms about his ass and held it long past his readiness to have it released. But he plowed my face all the while and told me all he could about how much he knew I liked what he fed me. He didn’t get one word wrong.After the final release from throat fuck, he surprised me and ceased his oral slams. Then he eased that meat from my mouth and suggested I stand. As I did so, his hand came into contact with my cock in the sudden darkness of our room. I dropped another coin as I stood to full height; waited for the return of the light and to see and feel his plan for my cock.He stared into my eyes and grinned lustily as he stroked my cock with a slowness I adored. I felt the heat of his breath on my moustache, and as well, the pull of my own urge to lean further forward and kiss that sensual mouth. I watched his tongue dart out to moisten his lips; I moaned and felt my mouth water. In a heavy whisper he complimented me on the size of my cock, the low hang of my balls, and especially the heat and skill of my mouth.The realization that he wasn’t going to his knees came easy, but didn’t change a thing for I came there to service him. I simply told him the things that turned me on about him, enjoyed the surprise of the light kiss and tongue he gave, and then I knelt right back down on the floor and took that cock back into my mouth.When his thick-fingered hands got immediate grip on my head of short black curls, I knew everything geared to be in my favor from there on. My stud daddy slid that cock easy at first, which gave me time to have a little fun of my own with my tongue. I rolled, swirled, eased and teased the mouth of his meatus with my tongue. I used my lips to suck and apply pressure to his cock when needed. And my teeth; he became the one who got me into biting lightly on that cock when I’d take it into my throat and hold it for a few.As his force increased in grip and thrust to my head and face, my light bites fell to the wayside so I could pay more attention to the position. I knew it had come time for my lips and tongue to perform strict cock duty when he really began to working that cock to my moustache skill.I got grip on that ass to stabilize my position; squeezed those cheeks and played lightly over that hairy hole. Soon I had that stud in a state of heat that made him put forth his fuck speak with a bit of volume in the darkness. He dropped another coin as he told me to suck his cock; described to me how hot my mouth felt on his cock and how good it felt to fuck my face as I let him. He called me a cocksucker enough times to start me moaning a bit loudly around the meat being fed me.As we got to go speedily, my mouth and his meat would separate for a second or so on occasion. I’d catch a fast breath and then go right back for more. Just as I opened my mouth for his cock on one separation occasion, sakarya escort bayan he lifted it up and away, which crammed my face right into his balls. I first wet them down, and then I sucked them into my greedy oral hole. I lovingly licked; sucked and salivarily caressed those eggs, and they filled my mouth so well my breath became forced through my nose.My cock throbbed so hard and often while I chowed down on those nuts, but I felt afraid to touch it. To add to my heat within the scenario, that stud daddy rubbed his drooling dick over my face while he verbally tempted me. The flick clicked off as that dick hit between my eyes once more, he dropped another coin and had that cock in my mouth and again being sucked before the light returned.He asked if I wanted him to warn me before he shot his load. I moaned loud, squeezed his ass and swallowed that cock in response. He continued to fuck my mouth, with that grip on my head that said he was in control. I only looked forward to the inevitable; the more he slammed that cock home and filled my ears with fuck talk, the more eager I became. I touched my cock for a stroke or two, but ceased for fear I would blow my load before him. There remained no doubt we wanted me to take his load. The grip of security on my head served as an indication, it would happen just the way I prefer.The words and phrases he spouted were partially heard and barely understood through the rushing of air around my partially covered ears. The loudest words he seemed to speak had everything to do with my oral action over his meat, and then I heard him say something about cum. I swallowed his cock and held it as long as we could stand and then I released and sucked it as only I can. That hot fucker told me what I wanted; what he wanted me to do and what we would be doing if we were in a bed. He dropped another coin to light up our scene as my left hand once again touched my cock. I stroked it e a s y as the sight of his cock shaft came before my eyes once again. He had to have looked at the same time, for I heard him groan and whisper something under his breath.“Man that looks so fucking good!” He heaved aloud, inhaled sharply and then blasted my tongue with a large shot of cum.I groaned and my load began to blow. Before I could swallow there came an absolute deluge of shots and drooling of cum from that cock. It all covered my tongue and teeth like my load covered the floor before me, and the forced swallow cleared it away. I could hear him above me; he sighed hard like me after the icy inhale caused when I dragged tongue over the underside of his sensitive organ. He freed it from my lips as his knees shook, stepped two back away from me and then smiled as he tucked it away.“Sure like how you did that.” He said and shook my hand after I stood.“Sure like what you gave me to work on.” I returned, cursed as the flick once again expired, dropped another coin and found him with a smile when the light returned. “Feel free to feed me that cock any time we meet here, if that’s alright.” I continued as I tucked mine away.“In that case, I’ll see you on the next go round.” He said, grazed a hand over my crotch and exited the room. As did I before the coin expired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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