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REMEMBERING ERIKTo anyone I have ever told this story to I call him the L’phant Man and not because of a deformed face but because his cock looks like an L’phant’s trunk that’s what I called them before I learned how to say the word and it was the scariest looking cock I had ever seen even in photo’s or video’s I had never seen a cock like this one! And I thought as he climbed behind me with it “This is going to HURT!”So let me begin my story…It was a Friday night and I was bored I had no date there was crap on the tube so I thought what the heck I’d go trolling for cock maybe I’d get lucky hey you don’t get if you don’t try…I had heard from a friend of this bar that was good for a pick up hot guys good music strong drinks sounded like fun to me so I got the address into my GPS on my phone and took a cab on over there I don’t drive if I plan to drink conscientious citizen that I am and I planned to have a few that night so I got to the bar and the place is called “The Watering HOLE” and when I got inside my own hole started watering lots of cock on the hoof but I had got there late and most of the hunks were paired off already so I sashayed over to the bar letting my ass do the talking for me it said “I’m available come get me!” and I ordered a vodka tonic as I was waiting for my drink I looked over the room and I thought I was going to be disappointed tonight until I saw him sitting in a booth in the corner all alone he was kind of cute not Brad Pitt when he was young cute but cute enough I wondered if he was waiting for someone or maybe he just wanted to drink alone maybe he had had a bad break up or something hmmm if that was the case I was just the guy to help him get over it so when my drink came I sashayed my cute little ass over there well not so little actually I have a nice full bottom kind of round and cushy I think its hot and guys seem to like it I’m small built and slender and my blond hair looks great with my green eyes I know hot as I am and no date for a Friday night go figure…but things happen it just so happened I had just broken up with a long time boyfriend caught his ass cheating on me with my no longer friend Jamie and kicked his butt to the curb both of them he can have that sluts ass that whore has had so many cocks up his butt he has callouses on his anus LOL!!! So anyway back to my story I cruise up to his table and kind of cough softly he didn’t look up so I coughed louder then he looked up and said “Better take something for that cough it sounds serious!” I looked him in the eyes and said “Serious as a heart attack baby mind if I sit down?” He smiled he had a nice smile too and said “As long as its not contagious please do!” I slid my shapely bottom into the booth took a sip of my drink and peeked at him over the rim he wasn’t bad nose was a little big but you know what they say big nose big cock I hoped anyway I hate guys with tiny dicks they just can’t satisfy my ass this ass needs meat lots of meat hard thick juicy meat did he have the goods between his legs I would have to check in a moment…I said “I’m Terry by the way!” He smiled “Terry by the way I’m Erik!” I giggled at his joke I was beginning to like him so I went for it “So looking for a hook up or are you just going stag tonight?” He looked into my green eyes my eyes that were saying “You can fuck me if you want to!” and said “You never know what the night may bring!” I took that as an invitation and slid my small foot out of my expensive black leather shoe I took a quick look around and no one was paying us any mind so I stuck out my leg and slid my foot between his thighs and felt him up there he had a bulge there all right it was very thick bigger than any cock I had ever felt with my foot before okay it’s a good way to find out a guys size if he passes the foot test I move on with the seduction this guy passed with flying colors I felt it thicken under my probing toes as I stared into his dark eyes his pupils were completely black and they flashed fire at me so I said “Would you like to take me home Erik?” He thought for a moment playing me a little I liked that I knew he wanted me as I felt his cock stirring beneath my still probing toes and I couldn’t seem to draw it away from him it liked what it was feeling then he reached down picked my foot off his cock and caressed it feeling the sole with his thumb rubbing my toes between his thumb and forefinger damn but I liked that and got hot between my own legs the blood flushing to my cock and my face simultaneously Erik knew I was ready and said “Put your shoe back on and lets go Terry!” I slipped my happy little foot back into its shoe and we stood up together he left a tip on the table and we started to leave I happened to look over at the bartender who I noticed was giving me the Uh Oh eyes I thought that was funny why was he giving me those eyes I couldn’t figure that out and anyway I was leaving with a guy that I knew for a fact had a nice big cock I was going back to his place to get fucked by that cock I was going to have sex hot nasty dirty stranger fuck me sex it was all I could think of and I ignored his warning as Erik took me out the door…We walked to the parking lot where I was escorted over to a new Mercedes he opened the door for me and I slipped inside the smell of new leather was intoxicating and the dashboard lit up like Christmas when he pushed the button and the engine purred to life I slid over and put my hand on his thigh and we pulled out of the lot and sped off into the night I didn’t really watch where we were going as I was having fun playing with the radio he had satellite radio and I tuned it to my favorite station and began humming to the music Eric didn’t seem to mind and was amused by my antics after a while we pulled into his driveway it was a nice house kind of Victorian looking with a nice big porch and it looked so inviting Erik escorted me inside and took me to the living room which had a nice big fireplace and lots of beautiful furniture I was impressed he made me a drink and it was strong I giggled and said “Don’t get me too drunk to fuck now!” He just laughed “drunk or sober baby you are going to get fucked I promise!” I came up and rubbed the zonguldak escort front of his pants “So what are we waiting for?” I asked…Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it I had heard that expression many times but never really knew what it meant till that night then Erik said “Okay lets go have some fun!” But instead of taking me up to the bedrooms he took me downstairs which I thought was kind of odd but I was high and uncaring so I followed him down it was just a typical basement all dark and scary looking until he opened a door and there was an entire Master bedroom complete with a huge four poster bed that had dancing cherubs on the headboard three to be exact and the one in the middle appeared to have a large erection Hmmm what an odd thing to have on ones headboard but I took it all in and OOOO’D and AHHHH’D at the décor Erik undressed me then had me get onto the bed I saw attached to the headboard fur lined handcuffs and I picked one up in my hand and said “Now this is kinky baby I like kinky!” I purred the thought of being handcuffed then fucked got my juices flowing “Care to try them on?” Erik proposed “Sure!” I said and he secured me to the bed “That looks nice he said and I wiggled my bottom at him in response! “Just a few more additions!” he stated and climbed up on the bed and attached a harness to an eye hook in the ceiling funny the things you don’t notice when you enter a room…He wrapped the harness around my thighs and then ratcheted the device I felt my ass raising higher and higher when it was high in the air with my knees barely touching the bed he stopped then he attached my ankles to other fur lined leg cuffs and drew my legs open wide…I was completely exposed and helpless and at his mercy I was so hot I begged him to fuck me then I noticed the cherub in front of me the one with the large erection had teeth marks on its cock I thought that was funny and then I looked at where my hands were chained to the bed and there were scratch marks on the dark wood that he had tried to hide with furniture polish and I thought “UH OH!” then I looked above the cherub and there built into the headboard was a TV monitor what an odd place to have a screen it was meant to be viewed from this direction and then the screen flickered to life and I could see behind me and there was Erik and he was smiling and he waved to me and I thought how odd I wondered why he needed me to see him back there then he began to get undressed and as he removed his clothes I found out why he took off everything until there was only what looked like a special device wrapped around his waist then I realized what it was it was for his cock that he had pulled under him then suspended from a shoulder harness why would you need a shoulder harness to hold up your cock and then I found out why for he turned and I saw it impossibly huge and unbelievably thick it ran up his back like a huge snake it had a large foreskin that covered the head and I gasped at the sight of it then Erik loosed the straps holding it and it fell I could tell it was heavy and understood the need for the harness then he shrugged off the harness and let it fall theatrically to the floor he was enjoying making me watch the spectacle and then he turned towards me and I grasped the enormity of the situation his cock hung to his knees and a little beyond it was so thick at the base it looked like another leg growing out of his abdomen I looked at this cock and thought this looks like an L’phant’s trunk I expected it to raise up in the air and trumpet any moment then the screen flickered and there I was from the side bound to the bed looking sexy and helpless then a view from the other side then a view from above and I realized I was being filmed from all angles and every ten seconds the screen would change and another view was offered I was astounded I was shocked I was scared for now I knew why he had bound me to the bed so I could not change my mind so I would have to let him stick that monstrous thing into my poor little asshole I struggled with my bonds but there was no escape Erik had seen to that! He lifted his cock up with both hands and showed me his equally huge balls it looked like he had two oranges stuck into that skin sack they hung down proudly looking really dangerous looking really full…He saw my eyes go wide at the sight of them and he laughed at my terror “You asked me for some cock Terry now I’m going to give you some! Once begun it must be Done!” he said and then he came beside me and pulled out a box from under the bed from it he took a device that looked like a long wide tube it had a fake mouth with large pouting lips that kind of looked real sticking out the one end he said “This will help you to enjoy this a little!” Then he slipped the fake lips over the head of my hard cock yes my cock was hard even though I was scared my cock wasn’t and it felt real nice as he slid my cock into the thing deep then he attached it to the harness around my waist and turned the thing on it hummed to life and began to massage my cock vibrating and stroking it simultaneously I felt it sucking me too and I groaned with pleasure in spite of my fear and he laughed again then climbed up onto the bed behind me he got close and then lifted up that freakish cock of his and dropped it with a splat onto me it ran between the cheeks of my ass to the middle of my back I could see it clearly on the screen before me and the screen stayed focused at this angle giving me a birds eye view of what was going to happen then he hung a drip bottle from the eye hook above and a clear fluid dripped down onto his cock base which was resting between the cheeks of my ass he took a few drops and rubbed them along the length of his cock and I watched it glisten and I watched it grow his cock head emerged from its hiding place inside his foreskin like the head of a turtle poking its way out of its shell I watched fascinated as his foreskin retreated behind the massive head and I felt it filling with hot blood growing heavy as it thickened the veins along its length began pulsing to the beat of his heart and I pleaded with him not to fuck me with that thing and he just laughed escort zonguldak and said “Once begun it must be done!” say it with me he commanded I hesitated a moment and he slapped my ass hard drawing a gasp from my fear dried lips “SAY IT!” he roared so I did “Once begun it must be done!” he made me say it three times and then he took the cheeks of my shapely ass and wrapped them around the base of his cock and as the lubricating fluid continued to drip onto it he stroked it up and down OMFG it felt huge this cock was going to ruin me my tight little asshole that all the guys loved would be gone and a gaping hole left in its place how was I going to be able to stretch that wide I could not imagine it happening…but I was about to find out as he slid that monster back and I felt its entire incredible length slide between my compressed cheeks it seemed to take forever and he seemed to enjoy taking his time slowly it retreated until just the head remained I watched as the screen filled with the sight of just his cock and my ass how was he doing that I wondered then he said “Take the cherub’s cock into your mouth you can bite on it to ease the pain!” I looked at the cock before me and noticed teeth marks along its length which had to be at least eight inches a fraction of what was behind me trying to force its way inside… then he pushed and his cock began to stretch and the pain began to grow and I took that wooden cock into my mouth and as my teeth fell into the marks made by previous victims I began to scream and music began to play a Beethoven concerto with loud drums and bass no one would hear me over this din my ass was doomed! I felt the fluid dripping directly onto my asshole and it lubed me as his cock continued to force its way inside my ring expanded impossibly wide but not yet wide enough as only his head had yet to enter me my teeth were almost breaking as he pushed harder and I could hear him repeating “Once begun it must be Done!” I was keeping him out so far tightening my anus muscles but he didn’t seem to be pushing as hard as he could he seemed to be waiting for something and then it happened… my cock betrayed me and as I felt my orgasm begin as it always does at the tips of my toes then it washes over me like a wave causing me to spasm and release and that’s just what I did for the wave rose up into my groin then into my ass and the spasms of pleasure caused me to relax my anal muscles for a moment that was the moment he was waiting for and suddenly he surged forward driving me onto the cherubs cock which slid into my throat I gagged as I continued to cum and I felt him enter me his enormous cock head burst beyond my defenses and was victoriously inside me pain and pleasure exploded in my brain as the most intense orgasm of my life ripped into my brain rockets burst and colors screamed across my mind and I heard him say “Now we can begin! Once Begun It Must Be Done!” I was going to hear that in my dreams for the rest of my life and as his oil slicked cock continued its journey up into my colon I screamed onto the cherubs cock screamed from the pain screamed from the pleasure screamed for my asshole that I knew was ruined it would never more be the tight little love hole it once was not after this cock has had its way with it I was never going to be the same again and I screamed for the loss…Beethoven continued his concerto no one heard my cries I had done this to myself I had gone looking for cock and had found the king of all cocks and now I was his for the taking and he was taking me his monster cock slid deeper into me and my anal ring stretched wider still I had seen his cock it grew thicker to the base and at the base it was impossibly thick he couldn’t mean to put the entire thing into me could he oh no please not all of it I would tear for sure no one could take this entire thing no one! I was wrong! I looked at the screen and it showed his cock buried deep in my ass and I saw how stretched I looked I also saw how much cock was left outside of me there was a lot left but that was rapidly changing for he began to fuck me slowly drawing back then surging forward going a few inches deeper every time the oil continued to drip onto his cock and my asshole was awash with it I heard him chuckling back there and his face lit up the screen and I watched and heard him say “Now you got it baby no stopping now! Once Begun It Must Be Done!” say it with me he commanded I repeated his mantra three times each time louder than the last the third one practically screaming I did as I was told not wanting any more slaps on my bottom and as his cock continued to enter me I felt another orgasm building the cock sucking device was making me cum again and I let it take me there as there was no fighting it now I felt his cock stretching my colon as it continued its ride home deeper and then deeper still he rose and more and more my anus stretched and as my orgasm built I looked again at the screen and was shocked to see most of that thing was buried inside my ass I heard the liquid sounds of it sliding in and out I felt every vein every ripple every hair that grew near the base which was now very close to the cheeks of my ass it felt like he was in my stomach he was in so far and as he pushed into me the cherubs cock pushed into my mouth it was a double fucking I was getting and I didn’t want them to change places I would get a broken jaw trying to take that cock into my mouth…the screens changed and I saw my deflowering from every possible angle close up and far back I was treated to every view…”Almost there!” He roared! “Once Begun It Must be Done!!!” he repeated one last time before he took my hips in both hands and with a final mighty lunge buried that massive cock into my ass I could almost feel my ring tearing it was so tight around that cock my second orgasm rocked me then exploding through my body every nerve raw and exposed I said “GAAAAAA GAAAAAAAA GAAAAAAAAA!!!” around the cherubs cock and as it rolled into my groin I felt those huge balls the ones that were now resting in the crack of my ass I felt them explode and a surge of cum erupted from them I felt the gush rising through his elephant cock zonguldak escort bayan and I heard him cry out and the screen filled with the sight of his cock pumping its load into my ass I saw his balls rippling and contracting drawing every drop of fluid from their depths and depositing it into me the gush came out of his cock head and gurgled up into the deepest channels of my body those fluids would never leak out of me they were in too deep they were a part of me forever now and I accepted my fate what else could I do? I came one last time powerfully explosively incredibly I had never had an orgasm like these before so intense they were mind numbing waves of pleasure removing the pain I let them take me away then everything went dark…I thought I felt him retract his cock from my ass as I hung there my full weight on the harness holding my waist I was spent I had no more to give I had given it all and I felt a rush of air enter my anal cavity and I looked one last time at the screen and there was my asshole his cock a few inches away open impossibly wide it looked like a tunnel I could see deep inside myself what a beautiful shade of pink I was I thought before I passed out…I awoke momentarily as he was loading me into a cab he gave the driver my address and away we went into the early morning I could still feel my ass breathing with me and as I watched the street lights go by I went dark again…some how I must have made it up to my apartment and into my bed I don’t remember doing any of that I think he must have slipped me something though I don’t know how he did it or I had just overdosed on cock anyway I slept through the next morning my dreams were full of giant elephant like cock I was playing with it stroking it two handed and sucking on its huge head I woke up with a smile on my face but when I went to get up my ass reminded me of the previous evening my bottom felt sore but not a bad sore really my asshole had closed up again and I flexed it a few times it felt kind of different so after my morning toilet I got a mirror and lay on my bed with my legs pulled back the same position I used when I tried to suck my own cock now don’t tell me you haven’t tried this yourself LOL every sissy has don’t let him k** you I managed to get the tip of my cock into my mouth and was able to suck it till I came that was fun…but anyway I looked at my asshole in the mirror and it looked bigger kind of puffy but not damaged in any way at least I didn’t think so after touching it and getting a kind of ouchy feeling I decided to just let it heal for a while I put some baby Vasaline on it gently and went about my day as I was putting on my pants I noticed a lump in my pocket it was a flash drive I didn’t have a flash drive like this one so I went to my computer and popped it in inside the drive was a video so I opened the file and a movie played it was my movie I watched us enter his bedroom I watched him hand cuff me to the bed and then I watched his huge elephant cock take my ass I watched in fascination as that thing disappeared into my ass I could not believe I was able to take it all when the movie was almost over I saw his face in the screen he smiled and said “A souvenir for you baby!” “Once Begun It Must Be Done!” that was the phrase that had been playing in my mind over and over his phrase his words his cock…I finished the video and then before I removed the drive I saved the file to my movies file I had an erection and I stroked it to orgasm as I showered thinking of that movie my movie that he had a copy of as well and I hoped he was looking at it too remembering maybe masturbating to it yeah I hoped he was doing that…I practiced tightening back up my anal muscles doing ass exercises constantly to get my tightness back after a few days I felt better and had my boyfriend come over for a suck and fuck it was nice but his cock felt small in my bottom and I did not enjoy it as I had in the past though I pretended to I think he knew but was having too much fun to care…So that Friday as I walked into that same bar and saw the same bartender he came over and got me my drink then whispered “Sorry I warned you too late he is kind of a legend around here hope he didn’t hurt you too much!” I took a sip of my drink and let the alcohol swirl over my tongue then burn its way down my throat smiling I said “I survived!” he smiled too and said “Drinks on me okay!” I replied “Thanks handsome!” then winked at him he went on down the bar to take care of another patron and I looked over at his booth and there he was sitting there just like last week alone and reading so I wandered over and slid across from him he looked up and smiled “Hello Terry!” he said I said “Hello Erik you don’t seem surprised to see me?” he chuckled and shook his head “You had seemed to enjoy it so much I figured you’d be back!” I smiled “Thanks for the video I enjoyed watching it all happen again!” he nodded “I knew you would that’s why I left it!” my foot had slipped out of my shoe and as I told him about sex with my boyfriend about how his cock didn’t satisfy me any longer I let my foot slip between his legs and rubbed his cock through his pants and harness “So I guess I need a bigger cock now that you spoiled me ruined me for everyone else what are you going to do about it?” He reached over took my hand and we stood together and as he led me from the bar I saw the bartender giving me the you big cock loving slut eyes and I threw back my long hair winked at him again put my arm through Erik’s and began to sashay my bottom he smiled and then we both said together “Once Begun It Must Be Done!!” and we both laughed and left the bar for his place I said in his car with my hand between his legs “I want the whole treatment… everything!” he turned to me and said “Everything plus a lot more I haven’t showed you Terry tonight we explore find out how deep your love is how badly do you want it…How badly you need it..Give yourself over to me completely and I will blow your mind!” Fear and excitement fought for control in my brain what else had he in store for me what else would he do to me after I was helpless and restrained on his bed could I take it would I like it? I had to find out! Excitement won over and I squeezed his cock while looking into his eyes “Just take me home Erik let the rest just happen okay?” he said “Okay!” and off we sped into the night into the night we drove and I had never felt so alive…Never,THE END!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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