Reluctant Lesbian Parts 1 and 2

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Reluctant Lesbian Parts 1 and 2Part 1 (re-edited)Despite our differences, Louise and I liked to take vacations together. She is a tall, redhead with a great figure. She dresses in such a feminine manner that you wouldn’t guess that she was gay. I on the other hand am a petite gym rat who likes to wear jeans or sweats. Not only am I straight, but I never harboured any attraction to other women. I guess that Louise and I got along so well because neither of us posed any threat to each other. While on a Caribbean cruise, we spent some time with an attractive, married couple, named Paul and Sheila. One night, after a few drinks, we let them in on the fact that we had gotten the special married couples rate on the cruise by using a false marriage certificate that we were a gay married couple.The next evening, Paul insisted on that he needed to speak to Louise privately so they went back to our stateroom and Sheila, knowing that I was a connoisseur of fine brandies, invited me to their stateroom for a night cap. I do not know exactly what happened in our stateroom but what occurred between Louise and myself changed my life forever.As we were sipping our first brandy, Louise told me that unless I did everything she wanted that night, she and Paul would tell the captain about our fraud and we would be put off the ship at the next port of call. She then told me to get undressed. I told her that Louise was the lesbian, not me and that she had better not touch me. She said, “I know you are straight. If it was you who was the lesbian, you would be in your own stateroom getting fucked in the ass by Paul.”I undressed slowly, pleading the whole time, “Please don’t do this to me.” She praised me for taking so long to undress which heightened her anticipation. As soon as I was undressed, she came over and kissed me. I was disgusted and tried hard not to let her open my lips with her tongue. She slapped my face and said “Loosen up or you will be sorry.” Her tongue tasted of brandy and after I got used to the sensation, it wasn’t half bad. But then she started to fondle my left breast. “Don’t touch that, it’s mine.” I shouted. All I got was another slap but this time on my breast and another warning. She fondled and squeezed my left breast and sucked hard on the nipple. I was disgusted with my reaction as I felt it tingle and get hard in her mouth. How could I let this slut get me aroused? She continued to work only on the left breast for what seemed like forever but was really only several minutes completely ignoring the right one. She continued to squeeze and suck and the breast reddened where she had slapped it and the nipple was standing at attention. I was tingling and panting for breath. “Aren’t you going to do some of this to the other one?” I asked meekly. She stopped sucking long enough to reply nastily, I like this one. It is red and hot and the nipple is hard like a stone. I used to think the other one was nice too but it doesn’t hold a candle to this one.” Then she resumed licking and sucking on my now raw nipple. Then one hand started to slide down my stomach past my navel and headed for my crotch which was already tingling. “Don’t you think that this has gone far enough?” I asked hoping that she had had enough sport with me. “We’re just getting started, Girly!” was her response as her fingers brushed my clit. I nearly fell over with the shock. She led me to the bed and pushed me down on my back, her mouth never leaving my nipple and one hand still in my crotch. After pinching my clit and rolling it between two fingers for a while, a muffled moaning replaced my panting. I was so ashamed because it felt so wonderful. Then she said, “I have to stop sucking your beautiful nipple for a while. My mouth is needed somewhere else. You have to keep it stimulated. Lean forward and take it in your mouth and use your hands to caress your breast and don’t let me catch you touching the other one!”Imagine how I felt when she started sucking my clit. My boyfriends had licked and sucked me there but never like this. It was hard to moan with my nipple in my mouth but I was making sounds I had never made before. Then she put a finger in my slit. As she rubbed the front of my vagina, my hips started moving of their own accord. “Hold still or I will stop!” she said. “I can’t, but I will try.” I managed to say without releasing my nipple. After a few minutes of fingering (she now had two fingers inside me) I my pelvis started bucking again and she did stop. “I can’t have you cumming just yet” she said angrily, “Stop sucking your nipple and lie face down.” “What are you going to do to me? I asked. “I am going to lick your ass hole.” was her reply. “That’s disgusting! How can you even think of doing something filthy like that?” I cried. She pushed me over and started slapping my behind. She gave me ten hard spanks on the right side. She said that she liked to see bright red and didn’t want to waste slaps by doing both sides. “Hold your ass cheeks open so I can get in there.” As I did as I was told, she started licking. Up till that point, the only thing that had ever touched my ass hole was toilet paper. I had always considered it too disgusting to touch and here she was running her tongue back and forth over it. My ass jerked and I squealed with pleasure. “Oh my g_d, please don’t stop!” was all I could say. Then I felt the tip of her tongue enter inside. I had a spasm which might have been a mini orgasm but I didn’t let on as I didn’t want her to stop. After a minute, she withdrew her tongue and put some greasy substance on the pinkie finger of her left hand. “What is that for?” I asked. This finger is going in.” she replied. “Oh no! My ass is a one was street. Shit comes out and nothing goes in!” After ten more spanks on my already sore right ass cheek, I was ready to receive her greasy digit. Little did I know that she had greased her middle finger and thumb as well. As she slid in her smallest finger she said, “Wow! Your ass is tight. I guess I am boldly going where no one has gone before. We’ll have to loosen it up.” As her tiny finger slid in, it felt uncomfortable at first but as I got used to it felt very sexy. As she moved it in and out, I reluctantly told her that I liked it. Then she withdrew her finger. I started to cry. “Where are you going? I really gaziemir escort like it. Please put it back in.” I said tearfully. She answered, “I had to take it out so I could put in a larger one.” Then she put in her long, slender middle finger. After a minute of this, I was panting and squealing my pleasure. She then used her short, fat thumb which spread me wider still.”Turn back over. I want to inspect your left breast.” she said. Reluctantly, I obeyed. The nipple had lost some of the hardness but the breast was still red. “We’ll have to fix that.” she said. “Please do the other one.” I pleaded. “Haven’t I been good?” She wiped her greasy hand and did as I asked while I sucked on the left one. My poor neglected right breast and nipple were aroused instantly. It felt great but I hoped that she wouldn’t take long before she return her attention back lower down and would at last bring me to a complete and final orgasm.Although my ass was still greasy, she greased two fingers of her left hand. I had never had two before and I was nervous. My pussy was so wet that her right hand needed no lubricant. She then attacked both holes with her fingers and my clit with her mouth. I told her that I was going to cum but she warned, “Don’t cum without permission!” The sounds from my mouth were squealing and moaning and lots of pleading. I didn’t know how long I could hold back the orgasm which had been building for so long. Finally she gave permission and I had an erupting orgasm which lasted several minutes. I had never had an experience even close to this. My body was racked with pleasure as I bucked and spasmed.I calmed down after a minute or two and was basking in the afterglow, so happy and completely satisfied. I was surprised to find that her fingers and mouth had not left their stations. “It’s time to stop. It’s my turn to please you. You haven’t cum and I have had my orgasm. I couldn’t possibly cum twice anyway – especially like that!” I told her. “You silly girl!” she retorted. “Don’t you know that the second orgasm is always better than the first?”She proceeded to resume stroking several fingers in and out of my ass and pussy, at first alternating between the two openings and than pushing everything in together as she still sucked and licked my clit. In no time, I was near the top of the roller coaster, ready to plunge into another organism. My climax was even wilder, slower and much louder than the first one. Every time I think back on it, I can hear my ecstatic screams and my pussy gets wet. Part 2I was exhausted but I was so thankful that Sheila had given me such a thrilling experience; I wanted to pleasure her as well. She said that every time I had orgasmed, her arousal level had soared. When I suggested that I could satisfy her sexual hunger, she said that the longer she stayed unsatisfied and the more she would stimulate me, the better her satisfaction would eventually be. I felt that there was no way that I had the stamina or the desire to continue being stimulated. She suggested we relax and chat for a while and maybe even sip some more brandy. As we sat together with her arms around me as I wallowed in the afterglow of sexual pleasure, my mind started to wander until I thought of poor Louise in the clutches of Paul, Sheila’s handsome but large husband.In our conversations about sex, Sheila had told me that she thought there were two kinds of lesbians, those who got off on sexual activity, both giving pleasure and taking pleasure from their partner no matter the gender, and those who only liked women. I distinctly remember how Louise said that she disliked anything shaped like a penis including toys and vibrators when used by her partners. She probably wished that she had a penis herself as she once showed me the strap-on she said that she wore to please her lovers. How was she going to cope with Paul’s advances? This is what Louise told me about it.When she and Paul got back to our stateroom, they were both a little tipsy from the wine at supper. Paul approached her with the same threat about our fraud. Her answer was that she knew that we were doomed as I would never submit to sex with another woman. He might as well tell the captain before Louise did. She then proceeded to begin packing her suit case as though getting ready to disembark in the morning. She had called his bluff perfectly. He told her she could stop packing as he and Louise would not rat us out and that they both just wanted to have a little fun with us. “At our expense!” Louise retorted angrily. Paul replied, “I cannot go back to our stateroom in case Sheila was having more success than I did. And besides, I cannot admit that I confessed everything to you. Sheila will know that she won and I lost.” Can we sit close, have a drink and maybe even snuggle? We have a whole night to kill.”Paul stood behind her with his arms around her and held her against him. He caressed her ear first with his nose and then his tongue and she didn’t seem to mind. In fact she said that she felt warm and not threatened. He slowly started to caress her with his hands – first on her arms, then on her midsection and then he moved up to her pert breasts. “This isn’t going to work. It is true that the thought of Rosalind and Sheila possibly making it has got me a little aroused but I could never make it with you.”“You are really missing something!” said Paul. “I am really good at pleasing a woman.” Louise replied, “So am I. I bet that I am better at it than you are.” Paul was quick to reply, “You are on! Why don’t we go to one of the bars on the ship and pick up a girl and we can share her.” Paul realized that they wouldn’t be able to find someone as beautiful and sexy as Louise but they could try. He also admitted that he and Sheila had never shared a woman and that he was anxious to try it. They agreed that someone on the straight side of the “lesbian – straight continuum” would be better or they might face the same problem as between Louise and Paul had. Also, Louise confidently decided to give Paul a reasonable chance of winning. They entered the singles’ bar together and sized up the candidates. Using her gaydar, Louise was able to limit the field to a few straight women. They approached Shirley, a pert, young, athletic looking brunette in tight jeans and a loose sweater. escort gaziemir As they talked to her, they could see that she was interested in Paul but not in Louise. Pretending to see someone she knew, Louise parted company with them and went back to our stateroom to wait. She left the door ajar as Paul did not have a key. She made sure that her strap-on was clean and sterile and had a comfortable blindfold ready on the night table. She decided remove all makeup and to shower to erase any traces of perfume and hair spray so Shirley would have difficulty telling her from Paul by smell. She was glad that Paul did not wear cologne or after shave.Back in the bar, Paul and Shirley were chatting up. Shirley was not looking for a long term relationship but wanted to have a good time on the cruise. She was sexually active and interested in trying new things but wouldn’t specify what she was willing to try. At Paul’s suggestion, they finished their drinks and went back to “his” stateroom for a night cap. When they arrived at our stateroom, they were surprised that the door was ajar. Paul made a point of making noise so Louise could stay hidden.Paul and Shirley were sitting together and sipping cognac. They started to smooch and caress each other. Clearly, Shirley was amenable to making love. Paul asked, “Have you ever made love blindfolded? It really increases your sensitivity to touch.” Shirley responded that she hadn’t and Louise almost gave herself away as she laughed quietly from the closet. “Maybe this would the something new I was interested in trying.” Shirley remarked. She put the blindfold on and sat back down on the bed. Paul sat beside and slightly behind her so he could nibble on her ear and caress her waist over the sweater. Then he reached under the sweater and caresses her bra clad breasts. Shirley gasped with pleasure and kissed his cheek. Within moments, the sweater was off and so was the silky bra that Shirley had worn. Then Paul reached around and started rolling her nipples between the balls of his thumbs and forefingers. Shirley was mewling and breathing heavily at his caresses.As Shirley lay back on the bed, Paul moved to her left side and as he fondled and kneaded her breast, he kissed, licked and sucked at her left nipple. Shirley gasped as he did this for exactly two minutes. Then he got up and Louise moved to her right side and did the same to het other breast and nipple for exactly two minutes. After three rotations, both nipples were standing at attention and Shirley was squirming involuntarily because of her arousal. As Louise ended her third two minute session, Paul asked Shirley which breast felt better. “It’s hard to tell but I think the right one. Please don’t stop – it feels so good.” was her reply. Then they both caressed her and sucked on her nipples at the same time. “How are you doing that?” Shirley gasped out as she tore off the blindfold to see Louise devouring on her right nipple. “You lured me into this like a couple of spiders spinning a web. I hate you both! Don’t stop! You took away my right to choose if and when I wanted to experiment either with a lesbian or with group sex. I said don’t stop! If it didn’t feel so good, I would run out of here straight to the captain and report you.”Louise released Shirley’s nipple being careful to use her finger tips to keep up the stimulation and admitted, I don’t know about Paul but I have never done anything like this before. All of my sexual partners have always been consenting adults. I am truly sorry and if you want me to leave you alone, I will understand. I would leave but this is Rosalind’s and my stateroom so, whether alone or with you, I am staying here.” Her mouth returned to Shirley’s rock hard, red nipple and her hands returned to caress the rest of her breast. Then Paul spoke up, “I have coerced women before and tonight, Louise was my first failure.” Then, Shirley interrupted. “Could you please switch sides please? I like Louise’s technique much better. It is probably because she has breasts (and nice ones) and knows how it feels.” As the predator pair switched sides, Louise chortled, “I won! I won!” Paul retorted, “You haven’t won yet. This was just the first event.” They then explained how the hoax was prompted by each of their contentions that they could satisfy women better. Then as Louise paid attention to both of Shirley’s breasts, Paul disconsolately laid out the ground rules. Phase one should have been kissing. They had skipped that but they could get back to it. The third phase would be clitoral stimulation with fingers and tongues. Shirley would be the sole judge. She would replace the blindfold and try to be impartial. As they probably had all night as Rosalind was occupied elsewhere, they would be able to take their time. If when they finished the competition they wanted intercourse, it would be strictly voluntary.By now Shirley was completely compliant. Louise released her breasts and explained that although going slow and taking cool down breaks may seem frustrating, it makes what comes after so much more intense. Paul also explained that neither he nor Louise would be getting stimulated that much physically (and he guessed that Louise agreed) but that Shirley’s reaction to their stimulation would give him a much bigger high than any ejaculation he had ever had.Then the kissing started. Each one would kiss Shirley for two minutes with a two minute break in between. Then this was repeated a second time. As hugging body against body was allowed, the blindfold did not make the contestants identities secret. When it was over, Shirley announced that Paul’s tongue was larger and filled her mouth up. Also, her already sensitive breasts pressed against his hard chest was better than the unfamiliar feeling against the softness of Louise’s breasts. It brought back memories of kissing her mother. She felt that this was a tug of war and that she was the rope they were pulling on.Now the score was tied. The rules for the pussy stimulation were similar – two minutes action with five minutes rest time. At the end of a session, if Shirley was so close to orgasm that the other contestant had a slam dunk orgasm, the previous contestant could call for a ten minute rest period but only once during the match. During the rest period, Shirley gaziemir escort bayan was allowed to caress Louise and Paul’s privates but they could touch nothing in return.Paul went first. Shirley lay on her back with her legs apart and Paul‘s long body was d****d half on, half off the bed with his face over Shirley’s pussy. A little flick of the tongue made Shirley squirm and moan. It had been twenty minutes since Louise had stopped stimulating her tits and the anticipation was almost unbearable. Buoyed by his initial success, Paul continued to tease with flicks and darts of the tongue around but never on Shirley’s clit. Shirley started to whimper in expectation of the touches that had been withheld for far too long. “Lick it! Lick it! Lick it!” she cried and Paul knew she was ready for it. He then lashed out at her clit with his tongue and gave it a slow hard lick. Shirley’s whole body spasmed as she screamed words of encouragement. As soon as Shirley’s ass returned to the mattress, Paul wet his index finger and slid it deep in Shirley’s already dripping pussy. Had Paul not raised his arm with Shirley’s movement, he could have broken his finger as her whole bottom jerked up off the mattress again. The two minutes was almost up but Paul could see that Shirley was about to come. He pushed in his finger and sucked on her clit and Shirley screamed out her first orgasm. As soon as Shirley had recovered enough to talk, she said, “I don’t know which one of you did that but it was incredible!”Louise knew that she was in danger of losing this round and her bet. This called for desperate measures. During the rest time, Shirley stroked Paul’s cock with one hand and played with Louise’s nipples with the other. “This is the first time I have ever touched nipples that were not mine.” She joked. Clearly, Shirley’s lust had been satisfied and she acted as cool as a cucumber but what Louise needed was hot salsa, not salad.When the match resumed, Shirley was again on her back and Louise was on her stomach with her head above the target. She bent Shirley’s legs at right angles over her shoulders and again at right angles down her back. With a finger and thumb of each hand, Louise pulled Shirley’s labia up to trap her clit in between and rubbed the labia together squeezing and rolling the clitoris roughly. Louise was rewarded with a squeal of surprise from Shirley. She then lapped the tip of the clit that was sticking out with her tongue. From this position, Shirley could squirm but her ass stayed touching the mattress so Louise did not have to work with a moving target. “I can’t believe that I can get so hot so soon after an orgasm” panted Shirley. Paul was watching with interest and was breathing heavily. Louise knew that time was running out and that all she could do was score points and try for an orgasm on her next try. She released the labia as they had done their job and continued sucking Shirley’s clitoris. She stretched her arms up Shirley’s torso and tried to restore some life into Shirley’s dormant nipples. They were revitalized instantly and again Louise was awarded with twitching and moaning from Shirley. As time ran out, Louise signalled a ten minute break to Paul. She didn’t want her hard work to give him a second cumming.During this time out, Shirley once again had Paul’s penis in hand but Shirley turned on her side so she could suck on Louise’s nipples and fondle her pussy at the same time. After about four minutes, Shirley enthusiastically announced, “The Zambony has cleaned the ice and it is time to play more hockey.” Paul and Louise told her that there was still six minutes in the cool down because she was too hot. Shirley took advantage of the time to roll over on the other side and take Paul’s cock into her mouth while she continued to reach behind her and stroke Louise’s moist pussy.Paul realized that on his next turn, he had to do something different but he was running out of ideas. He had Shirley on her knees with her head on the pillow. As he knelt behind her, he started to lick her pussy. He slid upward and tried to lick her ass but Shirley stiffened and said, “Get away from there!” Under normal circumstances, Paul figured that he could probably gain entry there, at least with the tip of his tongue if not his fingers and penis, but how much can you do in two minutes? He went back to licking the lips of her pussy and rolled her clit between the finger and thumb of one hand. With thirty seconds to go, he slid the tip of his big tongue inside her pussy and heard her moan. For the rest of the time, he tried sliding his tongue in and out of her tight slit going a millimetre deeper with each thrust. As the time was up, he could see that Shirley was heating up nicely so he also signalled for a ten minute rest. Besides, he wanted Shirley to suck his cock for ten minutes rather than just five.Shirley did not let on who she thought was winning as she did not want to ruin her last cunt stimulation session. During the rest break, she wanted to taste her first pussy and told them so, much to Paul’s disappointment. Louise said okay but not too long as she did not want to cum just yet. After three minutes of being tongued by Shirley, Louise hollered uncle and Shirley turned her attention to Paul. However, Paul also did not want to cum just yet either so after four more minutes, he stopped her for being too good at the job. “Have you ever sucked nipples?” Louise asked Shirley and when she shook her head, Louise added, “See if you can make these stand at attention the way I did yours.” That was how they passed the rest of the break. Louise had an easy time finishing off Shirley’s orgasm in her allotted two minutes. Assuming the same position as before, she was able to slide her little tongue deep inside Shirley’s pussy and wrench out a wild organism while her hands were free to continue to work on Shirley’s breasts. The points were awarded to Louise. She had won the competition two to one. Shirley needed a rest after two orgasms but she definitely wanted to fuck Paul and suck Louise to return the favour. “What were the prizes for winning” asked Shirley. If Paul had won, he would get to spend a night with my straight friend Rosalind but instead, I get a night with Paul’s bi-sexual wife Sheila. At this point, both Paul and Louise were wondering about if Sheila had been able to seduce Rosalind. Louise was so sure of Rosalind that she bet Paul double or nothing that Sheila had failed in her quest.At that very moment, Rosalind and Sheila were getting ready to resume their sex play.End of Part Two

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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