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RELATIONSHIP (PART 4 OF 12)PART 4After lunch, ball gag back in place, Kevin pulled me back into his dungeon. I heard another door being opened, and was told to duck down to enter his small cage. After I was inside, he closed and locked the door. “I have to take care of some errands, and will be away for a couple of hours. I’ve asked Marvin to come by to be here while I’m away. He loves to bring Julius to my dungeon to play with him.Almost immediately after he said this the doorbell rang. Kevin left the room, and I soon heard Marvin and Julius enter. I heard Marvin lower down the overhanging shackles and start to lock Julius into them. Next I heard what sounded like another ball gag being strapped on Julius, followed by the ripping of what was probably duct tape from a roll. I figured Julius was being tightly gagged.I next heard the chains being lifted up. It went on long enough so that Julius was probably lifted off the floor into the air. After a couple of minutes of silence I heard a loud “whack”, followed shortly by another. This went on for several minutes. I figured Marvin was hitting Julius with a paddle.Finally it stopped, but only for a couple of minutes. türbanlı maraş escort There was then the unmistakable sound of a whip being tested out. Finally there was another loud “whack” as the whip found its mark. I counted five whacks with the whip. I figured Julius was being punished for something.When this was finished, I didn’t hear any sound of chains being lowered, so I figured Julius was left to hang by his hands after being punished. The gag must have been very effective, because I didn’t hear any sounds made by Julius.I heard Marvin come up to my cage. “Julius likes to be warmed up every weekend. It gets his juices flowing. I can do the same to you if you’d like.” I just shook my head back and forth.“You won’t know for sure until you’ve tried it. You might find that you like it.”I couldn’t imagine wanting that done to me. Bondage I liked, but to be punished like that? I didn’t think so. And besides, I only had Marvin’s word for Julius liking it. I could ask him at work some time when we were together with no one else to hear.There weren’t any other sounds for what seemed like a couple of hours. türbanlı maraş escort bayan Marvin had left the dungeon, and Julius was just there hanging out. Finally Marvin came back and started in again on Julius. It was a repeat of his earlier beating. When he finished he again just left Julius hanging there. I wondered if there was to be more beatings.Before leaving the room again, Marvin said “if any of that blood lands on the floor you’ll have to clean it up.”In about a half-hour I heard Kevin come back. He opened the door of the cage and pulled me out. He removed my blindfold so I could see what Julius looked like. He was a mass of welts. I didn’t see any blood on the floor.“Marvin likes to bring Julius by for his weekly beating. I could do that to you if you wanted it, but I seriously doubt that you do. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and I think I know you well enough to know that you wouldn’t like that.” I nodded my head up and down in agreement, but Kevin mistook my meaning as agreeing to have that done. He said “you do want that done?” When he said that I quickly shook my head back türbanlı escort maraş and forth. Kevin laughed at that and pulled me out of the dungeon.Marvin was sitting on the sofa watching another porn flick. Kevin sat me down beside him and said “I’ve got to unpack the groceries and start dinner. Enjoy the movie.”This one had a lot of beatings in it. I didn’t particularly like seeing men being beaten. They obviously didn’t want it done, but their masters did. Occasionally I’d look over at Marvin and see the pleased look on his face.Marvin joined Kevin and me for dinner. Julius was still kept hanging in the dungeon. After dinner was over I heard Marvin going into the dungeon and repeating another beating on Julius. I was back on the sofa watching another porn flick while this was going on. Finally I could hear the sound of Julius being let down. He was taken to the shower to clean up. Afterwards Marvin got some iodine to apply to his wounds. That had to sting, but I didn’t hear a sound out of Julius. Then Julius was being put into some kind of clothing that had been brought.When Marvin and Julius came out, Julius was in a full-length rubber cat-suit. He was walking on all fours, and there was the metal collar again around his neck with Marvin pulling him by a chain. The attached rubber hood had eye, nose and mouth openings, but I could see that the duct tape gag was still in place, or had been replaced after the shower. Marvin said his good-byes, and the two left Kevin’s house. That was quite an afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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