“…Rebecca and I…”

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“…Rebecca and I…”(If you have sexual or racial hang ups…you should exit now and go find some site that you are comfortable with…I have no such hang ups and do not wish to entertain yours…not being hateful just being real. This world has far too many ignorant people to continue..so allow it to go on by exiting now!!!)Rebecca, was a tall(5’7”) ivory skinned princess, she has shoulder length dark brown locks and size 34b breast, her waist was 26inches, with 34 inches hips.Rebecca was not the star female basketball player, but an intricate part of the team. She had a small following in our high school that would shout out her name during games.Yet you could often find her walking alone through the maze of hall ways in our school. During the season you could find her staying after her team mates has left practice trying to perfect her shots.It was during one of these session that our paths crossed. I was assigned to dust mop the gym and tidy up both male and female locker rooms after every one had left the building.I had finished in the guys locker room and had dust mopped the gym floor. I was heading into the girls locker room when I heard a soft moaning.Thinking that I would catch two girls enjoying each other, I stealth my way down the stairs. As I reached the last landing, I noticed that all the lights were out in the outer dressing area.Stopping to adjust my eyesight, I slowly moved forward. In so doing I disturbed a carefully placed dust pan. The racket was like a drum section going off.I froze and waited to see if any one came to investigate, no one appeared, so I moved forward. As I passed a row of lockers, I was sized from behind in a very powerful arm lock and pressed against the near wall.A female voice whispered harshly in my ear ‘…cry out and I;ll break your arm off and beat the sh– out of you….’ Gritting my teeth I tried not to make a sound.The voice asked ‘…who else is with canlı bahis you…?’ I could barely managed to whisper ‘…no one, I just came to clean the locker room…’With that my capture released me and giggled ‘…yeah, I heard that the boys bitch was cleaning the gym tonight. I had hoped to see you in action…’ The way she had said “in action’ gave me second thoughts as to =what she may have meant.I turned to see Rebecca standing not three feet away from me as naked as she came into the world. My mouth must to have been wide open for she said coyly ‘…you can close your mouth, I don’t have a dick for you to suck…’I looked at her as she came closer and took hold of my chin saying ‘…ooohhh, did I disappoint the little dick sucker…well we just gonna have to make up for that, aren’t we…’ I looked her in the eye as she spoke and had no ideal what she was saying. With her free hand she reached into my waist band and took hold of my manhood ( penis and testicles). She smiled and kissed my startled lips and said ‘…come with me, we gonna have some fun or I’ll start screaming ****…’With out recourse I followed as she lead me back into the girls shower and stopped in front of one of the dressing benches. Rebecca looked at me and said ‘…I’m naked, now let me see what you got. Come on get out of them clothes and hurry up…’I quickly undressed and was surprise to see that as I pulled my shirts over my head, Rebecca, had reclined on the nearest dressing bench with her feet up on the bench and spread apart. I had a perfect look at her vagina and anal opening as she instructed “…come, today you are my bitch. I want you to suck and lick my pussy till I tell you to stop…’Looking at her long ivory thighs and moist pink opening was almost too much for me to handle. My penis was rock hard and throbbing like it would explode, and her was a beautiful white girl all spread out telling me to bahis siteleri lick her pussy.I tried not to seem to excited and slowly moved to her just as I reached her feet, she raised her left feet up and said ‘…show me how obedient you are…lick between my toes and suck them one at a time…’Transfixed by her body and the sweetness of her aroma, I moved as if in a trance. I licked between her toes and suck each of her toes one at a time. Rebecca moaned and twisted her body as I carefully ministered to her needs.I slowly worked my way up her feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs and finally to her very wet vaginal orifice. I slowly pulled my tongue through her outer labia majora and than back deeper into her labia minora. As Rebecca twitched and trembled I captured her clitoris in my lips and was amazed as her clit throbbed like a small penis between my lips and teeth.Rebecca held my head as she undulated her hips till she rewarded me with a flood of her vaginal juices. Rebecca held my head and face close to her vagina as she exploded and released her flood of fluids.As soon as she released her grip I raised my head and saw her body twitching and trembling from her orgasmic pleasure. She laid there barely able to move as she glance through laden eyes.I quickly seized the moment and went back on the attack. I parted her legs and begin again to lick her vaginal opening and probed her tightly clinching anus as she begged and moaned for me not to stop.Once I felt she was at the point of no return, I slowly spread her legs and mounted her trembling body. As the head of my penis slowly breached her outer vaginal lips she feebly lifted her hands to stop me but so helpless she was barely able scratch my sides.As my penile glans mad entrance into her she gripped my sides and pulled me to her hunching her mid section up to meet my penis as it entered her vaginal orifice.As I slowly made my way deeper canlı bahis siteleri and deeper into her Rebecca surrendered her self to me. She gripped me in her arms and envelopedher legs around my waist and tried her best to meet each of my thrust with a similar one of her own.I slammed into her as hard as I could till I could hold back no longer. With a powerful thrust I buried the entire length of my penis as deep into her as I could and released the pent up stream ofmy baby making fluid deep into her vaginal canal.I collapsed down onto her body as I emptied my seminal fluids into Rebecca. We laid there panting till Rebecca tossed me off her to the floor.Rebecca straddled my head with her thighs and lowered her dripping vagina to my face and begin to hunch her body as she gripped my hair in her fingers.I could barely breath as she rode my head till she once again reached her climax and flooded my face with her vaginal juices. I sucked and licked her fluids as fast as I could listening to her as she moaned and groaned above me till she slowly fell over me exhausted and panting heavily.I managed to pull my self from under her and look back as she laid in a kneeling position between the dressing benches. Her legs were spread and her vagina was gaped. Her anus was winking with each throb of her muscles.I knelt between her legs and poised my penis at her anal opening and rubbed my penile glans up and down her butt crack till her anal opening accepted the point of my penis.Rebecca feebly moaned ‘…nooo, don’t do me there…ooohhh nnnnoooo….’ I ignored her protest and slowly pressed my way into her accepting anal orifice till I was testicles deep and pulled back slowly as Rebecca hissed and moaned in pleasure.Rebecca rectal muscle gripped my penile shaft with great intensity till I finally shot my load of sperm deep into her bowels. Rebecca whimpered and twisted her head from side to side as my penis throbbed and twitched deep in her rectum.I pulled my penis from Rebecca’s anus and she collapsed to the floor. Slowly she turned to her back and looked up at me with tear filled eyes. She gasped as she clawed for me ‘…I love you…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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