Rebeca Takes The Plunge

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“Rebeca…I want to apologise. I’m sorry I was mean to you when we were growing up.”Rebeca looked up, and into her brother’s eyes. Jorge’s lips were pursed, and he was looking straight at her. She could see he meant it. She looked down.”Ok. Thanks.”There was silence, then she said, “You…damaged my confidence. With boys, especially””I know. I’m sorry.”Jorge looked at his sister, now a woman, now to be married. She was five-ten, with shoulder-length curly brown hair, earrings, and big, dish-like brown eyes, her most attractive feature.It was true. He did feel guilty about having bullied her. He’d not thought beyond getting a laugh. He hoped she’d be happy as a wife; hoped she’d get her…needs met. He realised she’d been quite repressed in that regard, and that had been his fault to a large extent.She was young-ish to be marrying at twenty-two. Deep down, he knew she was settling with the first man she felt comfortable with, jumping into marriage for security. And that was partly his fault.Jorge had been vicious to her, there was no argument. She’d struggled with her weight and needed braces on her teeth. She’d unwisely worn her hair in a ponytail, which made her look dumpy and old when she was still not yet a woman. And her brother had led the way in teasing her, putting her down.”Hey, Rebeca…kissed anyone yet? As if anyone would!” and, making sure her friends were in earshot, “Get thee to a nunnery, sis. They look after girls like you!”It was endless. The put-downs, the jibes. And, like all bullying, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rebeca was bullied because her self-esteem was low, and her self-esteem was low because she was bullied.Breaking into dating was something that happened to other people. She was certainly the last to kiss a boy. No one looked at Rebeca and thought ‘pretty’.She went to a house party. She hung out with a boy she sort of liked in the back garden. He was another one who didn’t have any close friends and they were at least being left alone. Sitting on the back steps, the stars falling overhead, he leaned over and pressed his lips to hers. She instinctively put her hand up to resist, hardly believing what was happening, then she relaxed, and they chewed lips for a while. They went on a few dates and kissed properly, inexpertly at first, but soon learned what to do to make nice. Her confidence grew a little and she began walking about with his hand in hand.”How’s escort bayan your boyfriend, sis?” her brother sneered.”Fine, thanks.””You know, he’s only kissing you because he can’t get it anywhere else. You’re the last one around. He’s desperate.””That’s not true!” And they’d had a blazing fight that ended in tears.It was, in fact, not true, but the lad was insecure too and they never progressed beyond first base, although she was desperate for him to touch her. Frustrated, Rebeca ended it. She buried herself in books and concentrated on getting into university.Aged eighteen, it was time for college. Rebeca treated herself to a makeover. She lost the braces. She cut her hair to shoulder length. She changed her wardrobe.But it was all cosmetic, and the old insecurities were still there. People hooked up around her and she was still just plain old Rebeca. She was plain old Rebeca because she felt like that, deep inside.She lived in a house with four people, and one was a guy called Tomas. At his best, the guy could be smart and funny, but he was just a disaster area. He was cute…when he was sober. Whenever he was drunk, which was often, he vomited or even passed out in public. Rebeca wondered if she could tame him a little. One night, she went to the bar with him, they had a bottle of wine and she grabbed him and kissed him. Tomas was a good kisser, and they kept at it, all the way home on the bus. She pulled him into her room, and they kissed fervently, she felt him growing hard. She put her hand under his shirt, and he under hers… Was this it…No. He wasn’t the one to do it. He was drooping in bed, barely awake. She partly wanted to…but his heart wasn’t in it, and neither was hers. They made out some more, turned over and went to sleep.A week later, she went to the swimming pool and, taking a break by the side of the water, a guy came up to her. He introduced himself. His name was Marc, and he had short blonde hair. She watched him as he approached. His smile seemed genuine. His shoulders were broad, and his torso seemed…firm. He wasn’t ripped but he had enough muscles that you wouldn’t call him scrawny. He was tall, though.”Hi!””Hi!””Have you tried the diving board? It’s pretty cool.”She looked up uncertainly.”Come on, I’ll help you!”As they walked up to the ladder, he introduced himself. Sophomore history. Training for a swim meet. Marc helped her with her dive technique. He kocaeli escort bayan placed firm hands on her shoulders and her waist as she looked down at the water from above. She touched his arm at every opportunity. She glanced discreetly at his package, bulging in his speedos. They dived three times. Then he asked her out.They went for dinner. Then they went dancing. They laughed a lot. By nine o’clock, she knew tonight was the night. At the door of Rebeca’s house, he kissed her. She looked back. Lights were on in the living room. She wanted to ask him in, but she’d have to walk him past her flatmates to her bedroom and face them the next day, perhaps even risk them overhearing her…doing it! The walk of shame!”If you like, we could go to my place. It’s just two blocks,” he said, rescuing her.Rebecca’s heart was about to burst as she stammered out”Ok.”Marc offered her a drink when they got in. She said no. He took her hand and led her into the bedroom. They lay on the bed, making out. For a moment, she lay on her back, and they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Marc put his hand on her hip. She put hers on his shoulder. Marc ran his fingers through her thick, curly hair. He slipped his hand under her blouse. She reached under his t-shirt, feeling his warm body. Her breast warmed as he squeezed it, massaged it really.He was growing hard. She pulled his t-shirt up and he pulled it off. Instead of pulling hers off, he rolled her over and began to kiss her belly, rolling her t-shirt ever upwards, closer to her chest and then he hooked it over her breasts and fell on them with his mouth, kissing, nibbling, pressing firmly onto her swelling nipples. She had to push him up so she could pull the blouse over her head, and then unhook her bra, but she lost no time in lying back down and letting him carry on.They kissed topless for a while, hands on breasts and backs and then she put hers on Marc’s bottom, which was rock solid and really hot, so much so that she began to worry he wouldn’t like her ass. She needn’t have feared; he rolled her over and began kissing her back, kissing every inch of her spine until he came to her bottom and he kissed that too, and she impulsively fumbled at the button of her jeans, which wasn’t easy, lying on her front, but she got them undone and said: “Pull them down.”He did, and Marc dived onto her panties, kissing her ass kocaeli escort through her knickers, and the skin around them, then he was on her thighs and down, down ever down. Rebeca couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe someone was interested in her body; someone was attracted to plain old Rebeca. She half wished her brother, and all the bullies could see her now as if to say “Ha! See?”“Look in the drawer,” said Marc. Rebeca did. There was a pack of condoms there, still wrapped in plastic. This was it! No turning back now! Her heart was racing again as she fumbled with the packet, scratching at it with her nails, and with her attention on that, she didn’t see Marc take his jeans down so when the condom was in her hand and he lay back down beside her, they were both just wearing underpants. Marc’s pants were full to bursting.“As you can see, I’m ready when you are,” he said with a smile.She wanted to say something cute or funny, but she was too nervous, and she immediately regretted saying, “OK.” OK? A man was about to expose his most intimate, personal parts to her for the first time, she was about to invite him to enter her and all she could say was…ok?!Marc pulled his pants down, and Rebeca saw Marc’s cock spring out like a jack in the box. It was bigger than she’d expected. She saw Marc looking down between her legs. Then their eyes met again, and they reached for each other’s genitals and kissed, with Marc rubbing her pussy through her knickers.They didn’t speak for a while. Rebeca took his penis in her hands, feeling its firm but squeezable texture. Marc was circumcised, to her relief, and she jerked it up and down, doing it as she could only imagine a boy would enjoy. She felt Marc reach for her vagina, and he rubbed her lips as they kissed, and he needed help, so she reached down and helped his fingers into her. Oh, it was a lovely feeling, those fingers sliding into her pussy. It encouraged her, and she had Marc pull out so she could remove her pants. Naked, she pulled his hand up and guided his fingers back inside her. Marc reached for her clitoris, and she purred. His cock was rock hard, and she sped up, tugging at it, trying to experience the three sensations at once, their tongues meeting in their mouths, her hand pumping his penis and Marc’s fingers tickling and thrusting in and out of her.After a few minutes, Marc reached for a condom. It was time for her confession. She leaned in and whispered into his ear “It’s my first time.”He looked surprised. “Really?”“Yeah,” she said sadly. “I’ve never been good at this. Boys. I was a late kisser too.”“You still want to?” he asked.“Yes! Yes, absolutely. Let’s get that condom on.”

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