Randy Wendy

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Randy WendyWhen I was still at school we had a lot of fun with the girls. Some were complete sluts and had several boyfriends at the same time. The dirtier and sluttier they were the more fun they were to be with. The naughtiest of all was Wendy. With long shiny black hair and a fringe which hung over her forehead to partially cover her sexy black eyes, she was a nymphomaniac who liked to be fucked by several boys at the same time, and would often manage to corrupt the teachers – both men and women – when they kept her in for detention. Her surname was Rand and so that’s why she was known as Randy Wendy.Wendy would always dress in a black open neck shirt (the uniform was a white one with a tie) and she wore jeans and trainers although jeans were banned. The mark of a rebel was to ignore the uniform and wear jeans, and many of us boys did the same. We would smoke, chew gum, fight swear and generally cause havoc to annoy the teachers. It turned the girls on and they often liked to make us fight before we got to fuck them. The toughest boys got to fuck the dirtiest girls. They would also fight among themselves over the boys and that would guarantee they got screwed by the boys afterwards. Or during the fights.One afternoon while I was skipping maths I bumped into Randy Wendy as she hid smoking in the bicycle sheds. She was bunking off school too and was obviously glad of some company.‘Hi Steve’ she drawled ‘Got any beer on ya?’I stuck my hand in the pocket of my parka and drew out a can.‘You’re in luck’ I said ‘ but it’s my last one. You’ll have to share it with me’‘I’ll give you a blow job for the whole can’ she winked at me ‘or you can fuck my arse if you like’‘Well I dunno, I fancy a drink. Maybe we can share it.’ She was now at my side and unzipping my jeans. She grabbed my shirt collar and pulled it towards her causing it to open wide enough to expose both my nipples to the cool air. I felt my cock stirring as she brushed it with one hand as istanbul escort she pulled my face towards her for a french kiss. I dropped the can back into my pocket to free up my hands to give her the same treatment, roughly pulling open her shirt to allow her ample breasts pop out and display her hardening nipples. I also ran my hand down to her crutch and felt the heat through her jeans.She now had my huge cock in her hand and she gasped ‘Fuck, I just love your monster cock. I want it so bad.’ Then she bent down to suck on it while I held her by the hair, pulling at it to stop her choking on me by trying to take it all in her hungry gob. Nevertheless, she gagged and still went deeper, making strange guttural sounds as she slurped.I pushed her back causing her to stumble and fall on her back, mud and grass stains now all over her black shirt. Her sleeves were rolled up so her arms also became muddy but she didn’t seem to notice as she was still staring at my cock which was now fully erect and pointing to the sky. My jeans had fallen to the floor so I stepped out of them, but my cock was standing proudly up in front of my own black shirt, framed by my open green parka coat.‘They call you Tough Steve’ gasped Randy Wendy ‘So I want you to fuck me hard. Be rough with me. Be brutal, beat me, I can take it.’ I didn’t need telling twice. I ripped off her jeans, flipped her over and pushed my fingers into her arse. She sighed and went limp, allowing me to slide in more fingers. I roughly pushed my hand as far as it would go, withdrew and pushed again. My hand went straight in this time and she groaned in pleasure so I punched her inside as I fisted her.‘Fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK ME’ she gasped.I withdrew my hand and slid it under her to find her sopping cunt. I slipped it straight in and felt her clit bud harden by my thumb so I gave it a squeeze and felt her thrust her arse avcılar escort back towards me in response. ‘I want your fucking great big cock inside me now!’ she cried, and so I immediately thrust it straight up inside her hot wet pussy.‘Oooooooh’ she cried ‘Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Oooooh’ and she thrust her arse into my groin. Most girls find my cock too big for them until I’d worked on them but Randy Wendy took it all and she was loving it.I reached forward to cover her mouth in case her noisy fucking brought any teachers but I only managed to grab the chunky metal chain around her neck causing it to slip up to her throat and choke her. She started grunting in pleasure so I pulled all the more, choking her and fucking her as I started to pull her long black hair with my other hand. Still she thrust as I thrust and so I let go of her hair to slap her arse. Then I did it again, harder and still we thrust against each other. I punched the back of her had and she cried ‘Yeah, Yeah, fucking do me’ so I continued to rabbit punch her and strangle her as I fucked.I relaxed my grip to withdraw my cock. I had to back off almost out of reach cos my cock was now about ten inches long inside her, and she whimpered as I withdrew. I immediately re-positioned and guided it into her butt and she squealed as I forced it in. ‘Oh Steve’ she groaned ‘Fuck my arse off’I did my best to fuck her arse off but however much I tried it stayed there at the top of her legs, held there my meat up inside her arse hole. Her reactions showed me how much she liked the rough treatment so I used both hands on her throat to throttle her as I fucked her filthy arse. Eventually she tensed up and cried out as she came but still I fucked. She went momentarily limp before starting her rhythmic thrusting again. This time I withdrew from her arse and put my fist back in. She groaned in pleasure and I put my other fist up inside her pussy too. ‘Fuck şirinevler escort my cunts’ she breathed ‘Fuck me good’ so I did. She bucked in pleasure, tensed up and cried out as she came again, this time a steady stream of warm piss ran up my arm and trickled from my elbow. ‘Fucking bastard’ she gasped ‘ You fucking made me cum’.I withdrew my arms so she could get up onto her knees. She turned to look at me and again stared at my cock, still hard and still in need of release. She grabbed it with both hands and pulled it towards her mouth. Slurping and licking she was going wild, her silky hair over her beautiful face and her dirty shirt wide open showing off her lovely tits bouncing against my legs. Her shirt collar was popped up so I grabbed it to hold on to her as she sucked me off. She bounced faster and faster until I could take it no more and I came in her mouth, spurting my hot spunk down her throat. She swallowed some of my cum and then leaned back to allow more of my juice to spurt over the front of her shirt, on her collar, and all over her face and in he shiny hair. She licked what she could reach with her tongue ad used her hand to push some into her mouth. She smiled as she looked at my spunk all over her shirt. ‘A nice souvenir’ she laughed ‘I’ll leave that on there when I go out later. It’ll just be another load of spunk stains to show off to my mates. I’ll tell em its yours if you like, they all want a piece of Tough Steve’ ans she winked.I grabbed her by the collar and drew her towards me for another french kiss. I could taste my own cum in her mouth and I felt aroused by the taste. Feeling my cock starting to harden again I shoved her back and fucked her again, this time in her well practiced pussy which responded by fucking me back with passion. The next time I came I was the one who cried out and I felt her cum at the same time, perhaps sent over the edge by the passion I showed, or maybe the noise I made.‘Can I have that beer now?’ she asked ‘I’m going out clubbing later and I need a drink first’I looked at my spunk still all over her shirt. ‘You going out like that?’ I asked‘Of course, why not?’ She said ‘But first I’ll tie my shirt together at the front to hide my nipples. The boys will have to fight for them, I’m not a cheap slut.’I smiled and gave her the beer.

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