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Subject: Raising Boys 44 Thanks for all your responses to this story. Comments, questions or even criticism are always welcome at hoo Please remember that Nifty needs our donations to continue to provide these wonderful stories. A special thanks to the generous readers who have made contributions in our name to non-profits which support children in crisis and to those who have made donations in our name to Nifty. It is the season of giving. I hope we can all find it in our hearts to do what we can to support the wonderful gift of stories found on this site. Again, thank fty/donate.html RAISING BOYS 44 I woke up just before dawn, still spooning Derrick in front of me and with his son behind me. I could feel his hard cock against my butt crack. I wiggled a bit, hoping I could get it against my hole. I felt him thrust gently and I realized he was awake. He began to rub his hard cock against my butt and kiss my neck. I loved when it would touch my hot hole. I wanted him and he was horny. I reached around and handed him the tube of lubricant from the bedside table. I could still hear his dad snoring softly. I knew Der was still ready to explore and I wanted this handsome kid to fuck me. I knew he had never fucked before and I wondered how many times he had beat his meat thinking about it. I put some lube on his hand and some on my index finger. I reached around and started lubricating myself with my finger. He was already breathing faster. He knew to use the lube to make his cock slick. Then I put my arms back around his dad and let Der and nature take it from there. The boy squeezed his hands between my chest and his dad’s back and began to tweak my nipples. I felt him slowly slide his cock into me. He went slowly as if afraid it might hurt. It did hurt a little as his thick uncut meat went into me, but it was not bad and that was forgotten when his hard cock grazed my p-spot. I felt wonderfully full as the boy held his cock still in me, just enjoying the texture and the heat of my hole and giving me a chance to get used to the invader. I clenched my muscles a few times and heard him softly gasp. Then he slowly began to move it in and out. It was delightful, holding his dad sleeping in front of me while his boy was having his first fuck in my hole. It was a slow, delicious fuck. I knew this kid was going to be an excellent, patient lover. He was enjoying sensations he had never had, yet he kept his attentions on me, rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples. I loved the way he kissed my neck wetly and even licked my ears. I knew his gentle strokes were moving my hard cock against his dad’s butt. Derrick finally woke up. It took him a minute to realize where he was and what was going on, and then he turned to me. He kissed me. “Is my boy fucking you?” he asked. “Yes, he is,” I said, “and he’s doing a masterful job of it.” He smiled broadly. “Mind if I watch?” he asked. “Not at all,” I replied.” He threw the sheet off us. After licking my nipples a little and reaching around me to kiss his son, he got down to my crotch level. He wanted to see his kid’s cock going in and out of me. Derrick had said he had never done any butt stuff. It was a turn on to realize his son was doing something his own dad had never done. He saw I was hard and he began to stroke me with his hand, slowly moving my foreskin back and forth over my cockhead. The movements from the two felt absolutely amazing. There was no rush. Two men and a boy just experimenting and exploring and taking our time. He went down on me, holding my cock in his mouth as Der’s movements from behind took care of the thrusting for all of us. As Der would thrust his cock into my hole, the motion would thrust my cock into his dad’s mouth. I could clearly see that Derrick’s cock was hard, but he seemed more interested in what was going on with us. I knew that was a change from his usual mode of operation. I loved the way the boy’s cock hit my fucknut and I could feel when he started to speed up his thrusting. Derrick was now talking to his boy quietly asking him how it felt and urging him on. Der told his dad he was getting close. His dad urged him to fill me up with his cream. Then he went back to sucking me as I could feel my nut building. Der started pumping and I knew he was ready. That triggered me as I began to feed Derrick my cum. I felt Der’s body go rigid and I could feel his cockhead expand in my hole as he filled me with his hot boy cream. We lay very still for a while. Then Der slowly withdrew his cock from me. I would gladly have kept it in me all day. After the initial flash of pain, it had felt perfect, hitting my spot with every inward thrust. Derrick pulled his mouth off my now-soft cock and lay beside me on his back, his thick hardon pointing to the sky. I felt Der crawling across me. He wanted more of his dad’s cock and I helped him get there. He was kneeling at his dad’s crotch as the man spread his thick, hairy thighs to allow his kid access. Der took his cock in one swoop. He took that thick cock all the way to the man’s thick pubes and held it there. Derrick had put his arm around me as we both watched his beautiful son service his cock. This was all about servicing his daddy’s dick. He licked and sucked, occasionally taking his mouth off to stroke it as he flashed smiles at both of us. The kid was doing something he had wanted to do for a very long time and being watched made it all the hotter for him. It didn’t take derrick long at all watching his handsome kid working on his thick daddy cock. When Derrick told the boy he was coming. Der put the tip of his cock right at his lips and milked out the load with his hand. We watched dad’s searing semen land on the boy’s outstretched tongue, his cheeks, his lips and his face, with some running down his neck. Derrick was spent but Der wanted me to help with the clean-up. I licked all the cum from the boy’s face and neck, then we exchanged a cummy hot kiss as his dad watched. We had started the day in the best possible way. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if my own Ren were here in bed with us. I couldn’t wait for Ren to meet Der. They were both such sweet kids and I knew they’d get along well. I pulled the sheet up over all of us with the boy in the middle. I told them we had another forty minutes before my alarm would go off. I woke again before the alarm went off and jumped into the shower, leaving Derrick and Der sleeping with Derrick’s big arm wrapped around his boy. I had finished showering as I heard a commotion in the bedroom. I saw two naked boys jumping on my bed. Jack was right behind them. I walked into the bedroom with my towel around my neck. “Rob,” Jack said, “I’m so sorry. The boys are a little wild this morning. I was herding them into the shower and I looked away for just a second and they were loose. They’re awfully fast,” he said. “Don’t worry, Jack,” I laughed. “I know just how fast they are. I can imagine they’re a little out of sorts. They’re not used to going to bed without their dads to tuck them in although they sure looked happy when we looked in on you guys last night.” “We had a great night,” Jack said. “The boys wanted to the Santa Fe steakhouse. That’s the one with the big bull out front. They loved getting up on the bull. I think Bradley got some good pictures on his cell phone.” “I know they had a great time with you guys,” I said. Landry was stroking my legs begging for me to pick him up. I picked him up and kissed him. I looked over to the bed and naked Flynn had wormed his way in between Derrick and Der. Both of them were hugging him although Der had no clue who these naked boys were. “Flynnie, the guys you’ve crawled into bed with are Derrick and his son, Der,” I said. Jack remembered Derrick and I introduced him to Der. I could see the handsome boys subtly checking out each other as Jack went over for a handshake. “Bradley is downstairs getting breakfast ready. We let the boys help us put together a casserole using one of Coach’s recipes last night before we did our Hardy Boys reading. I need to get these two in the shower and ready for school,” Jack said. “I’ll take them from here,” I said, giving Jack a hug and a kiss on the lips, which did not go unnoticed by Der. “Why don’t you give Bradley a hand and we’ll be down shortly.” Jack took off for the kitchen. Flynn was crawling all over Derrick and kissing his head. I could see the big man was loving every second of it. I headed back into the bathroom but derrick stopped me. “Rob, you’ve already showered,” he said. “Der and I would be glad to help these handsome boys if you’d trust us to get them clean,” “How about it boys?” I asked. They were both nodding as I handed my naked Landry to a naked Der. I made sure the shower temp was good and I stayed to watch as Der and Derrick helped my boys get clean. I could tell they were both having a wonderful time. I once again realized that we all have so much love we could share if we were only allowed to do so. Before I headed down, I told them we were having breakfast on the patio so they wouldn’t have to get dressed. It was a general loose rule that if we ate inside, we dressed, but outdoor meals were casual and casual in this house meant clothing was completely and absolutely optional. I got downstairs and both boys were wanting hugs. Both gave me hot kisses on the mouth. “You guys aren’t teasing your old daddy this morning, are you?” I chuckled. “From what I hear, my handsome ginger daddy got lucky last night,” Bradley laughed. “Sounds like one of my boys is telling secrets,” I said, smiling. “Does one of my boys need a spanking? I turned around to see they had both pulled down their shorts, exposing both their beautiful, smooth butts. I gave each a light swat and told them they could lose the shorts because we were eating on the patio. Both of them stripped quickly and came in for a three way hug. “Your boys were hoping for a replay of yesterday if our old daddy wasn’t too worn out,” Bradley said. “I can’t think of anything I’d enjoy more,” I said. “Don’t you boys have swim team or classes? “Coach canceled the early morning practices after a couple of the slackers quit. He’s a pretty smart guy,” Bradley said. “And a handsome guy too,” Jack said. “I need to call and invite him for Saturday when Rick will be here,” I said. “I thought you might want to invite him so I mentioned the possibility. His younger daughter has a dance recital but he thinks he might get by later, if that’s okay,” Jack said. “We saw him at the football game last night,” I said. “His girls are gorgeous.” “They really are,” Jack said. “He adores those kids. They’re very sweet too. I’ve done babysitting for them a couple of times. They’re really great kids.” I began to smell the cinnamon and I knew the young ones had talked them into a trip to the bakery on their way to Santa Fe. “You guys are spoiling those little ones rotten,” I said. “Seriously?” Jack chuckled. “This from a man who would carry his boys around on velvet pillows if he could.” We all enjoyed a laugh as Der and Derrick came into the room, each with a naked boy perched on his shoulders. They reluctantly set the boys at the counter where their juice was waiting and I introduced the guys to Der. Both boys greeted him warmly with hugs which Der accepted graciously. I was surprised that Derrick � Mr. `I don’t hug men’ � opened his arms and hugged both boys warmly. The casserole was coming out of the oven, smelling delicious, as Jack handed Derrick a cup of coffee. I caught each checking out the other. I realized that Derrick, like Kurt had recently, was enjoying having slipped the confining bonds of the old ideas we had lived with for so long. I realized I would need to broach the subject of being tested with Derrick soon rather than later if he planned to play in our pond. I wasn’t sure how he would take that. I had been comfortable letting Der fuck me because I had absolutely no doubt the boy was being truthful about his sexual history, or the lack thereof. We all helped take our breakfast feast out to the patio. The boys had made bacon to go with the casserole and cinnamon buns. It was a delicious breakfast. Jack and Bradley engaged Der and his father in conversation. I enjoyed watching boys and men interact, especially when they were just getting to know one another. I felt the atmosphere in our home made a lot of the bullshit macho posturing unnecessary. Unfortunately, I’m afraid too many men spend all their time pretending their dick is the biggest one in the valley. When you take the clothes away, you also remove that. It was very clear Bradley had the biggest cock in this group and nobody gave a rat’s ass. Bradley remarked that Der looked familiar. Jack reminded him that the boy had been on the local news earlier in the morning on the television we keep on in the kitchen without volume. Bradley asked him about that. I thought it interesting that Der told us that the coaches of the team give them all scripted comments they are supposed to use. He said he had some conflict with the coaches because he and several others had rejected it. He said it was a bunch of stuff about thanking God for their victory and how they couldn’t have done it without the lord. They were supposed to say how they could never have crossed that goal line without the Holy Spirit and God pushing them. Der said he considered his faith a private matter and he wouldn’t be forced to say things because some coach insisted. He said he hoped his dad had supported his position and reported there was growing dissatisfaction with the coaching staff at the school over it. Der also told us the team had been required to sit and listen to repeated speeches about religion and had even been encouraged to attend Point of the Cross church where their coach attends. Jack told us the school had done the same with the swim team when he was there but that Coach Ennis had put his foot down and flatly refused to allow administration to put words in the mouths of his swimmers. Der said it was becoming a real problem for the team and it had come to a head the previous week when the school had brought in Chase Fee to talk to the team. He said that Chase was a kid who went around talking to all the Christian groups and witnessing for all the Christian Athlete groups but that they all knew who that guy really was and the school’s plan had backfired with many more team members joining the refusal to use the scripts provided by the school. I took this all in and said nothing as I recalled that Chase was the son of Reverend Fee and the kid who had enjoyed fingerbanging a sixteen year-old girl in front of her own father. I made up my mind I would be speaking very escort kocaeli soon with the school administrators. Jack and Bradley asked how last night’s game went. Der told them the team had barely scraped by but they had eked out a narrow win. He made no mention of the fact he had scored the only touchdown in the game. I realized this kid was so like my own older son. The phone rang and I went to answer it. It was Ren. My eyes filled with tears just hearing his voice. He sounded excited so I got control and didn’t let him know how emotional I felt. “Son, you sound great!” I said. “I am dad,” he said. “I’ve learned so much and being with Kurt and Stewart has just been great. They’re taking great care of me and it’s the next best thing to having you with me. I really wish you were here and I sure do miss my brother and Flynnie. Are they okay?” “They’re great and I’m sure they’ll want to talk to you. I went to the football game last night with a new friend, derrick. He and his son are here having breakfast. Jack and Bradley kept the boys while I was at the game and fixed breakfast for all of us this morning. We sure do miss our Ren.” “Dad, can I speak to the little ones please?” he asked. “I really have missed them. I didn’t know how much I would miss my little brother. It’s almost like a physical ache.” “I do know about that, son,” I said. “We feel the same about you. But we’ll all be back together this evening. I sure do love you, son and I’ll get the boys.” I called the boys in to speak to Ren and Jack and Bradley came too. I put them all on speakerphone and it was a wild and noisy conversation about Hardy Boys and dinner at Santa Fe and pipe organs and cinnamon rolls and how much they all missed each other. I stood back and just watched all of this joyfully. I felt a big arm around my shoulder and I looked to see it was Derrick. His eyes were as teary as my own. We watched all of these guys and it was so obvious they all loved each other. I felt Der beside me and I put my arm around him as we watched this crazy boytalk wind down. I heard Stewart talking to Flynn and then I heard Stewart asking for me. I turned off the speaker and got on the phone with Stewart. He sounded really good. He told me he was more in love with my son than ever and I would never believe how Ren and Kurt had been just phenomenal. He said my kid had those grumpy old white assholes pretty much eating out of his hand as he had them completely charmed. He said he realized the tough part was yet to come after they visited the other organ manufacturer today but he felt it was just possible a miracle might be pulled off. “If anyone can do it, it’s you preacher man,” I said. “I love you, you beautiful bastard,” I said. “I need you guys back here too. You’ve met Derrick, who is doing our renovations in the basement. He and his son will be staying with us for a while. He’s had some problems and he and his son stayed with us last night. I hope they will be with us for a while. The kid is great and I can’t wait for him and Ren to meet. They’ve been through a lot but they’re working hard on things.” “I really can’t wait to meet them, Rob,” he said. “I’ll say a little prayer. By the way, we’re about to board. It’s only a thirty minute flight this morning over to the other organ manufacturer then we’ll be heading out later this afternoon. I am told we should be home by five or six but he also said there are a few thunderstorms in the area. I realize I shouldn’t have told you that but I’ll always be honest, Rob.” “Thank you,” I said. “I love you.” I went out to the patio after getting a fresh cup of coffee. “I’ll sure be glad when that plane is on the ground,” I said. “It’s only been one night, but it feels like I haven’t seen Ren in…well, forever.” Landry and Flynn were sitting on Jack’s and Bradley’s laps with their heads laid back on their chests and the older boys’ arms draped over them. I took a mental snapshot. “I couldn’t have understood that even yesterday,” Derrick said. “Today I understand it totally. The way I feel right now, I may never let my son spend another night away from his old dad.” They smiled at each other and I took another mental snapshot. “I need to get some boys ready for school,” I said. All of them offered to give me a hand but I told them to relax a little. They had fixed breakfast for all of us so I told them to sit and get to know each other better while I got the boys ready. They pretended they would but the minute I left I looked back to see them all clearing the table and rinsing dishes. I put the thought of thunderstorms out of my mind as I carried my naked boys up to get them dressed. I stood both boys on the bed and went in and loaded both toothbrushes. I handed them to the boys and began selecting their clothes for the day. They were almost identical in size so we never worried about whose clothes belonged to whom. They were beautifully non-territorial about their clothes. The same went for their books and toys and puzzles. I realized they were as close as brothers. It was hard to imagine life without these two musketeers. I got them dressed and we went back downstairs. We still had a few minutes before time to leave so I poured a fresh cup of coffee and rejoined the boys and Derrick on the patio. Does anyone want to join me in taking the boys to school?” I asked. Derrick said he would love to if I would allow it. I welcomed it. He said the older guys had invited Der to join them in a morning swim and he would like to do that. Derrick left to go up and get dressed and the little boys wanted to go with him. He welcomed them both with a wide smile and open arms. They both jumped into his strong arms and he carried them with him. The boys were planning to give Der a tour of the grounds and the guest house and show him how to open and use the hot tub. I could tell they had taken a strong liking to this boy and their affection was being returned fully. I could tell they were both interested in playing with the boy and I had no doubt he could hold his own with them. Some boys have a natural talent for sex and Der was one of those. I knew I’d love to be on the guest list when his daddy opened his hole and I shivered when I thought about that. As it turned out the older boys didn’t have classes until early afternoon. I told them I would be taking all the boots by to Jack’s for embossing this morning. Of course they had already boxed them up and had them in two big bags ready to go. I hugged the boys and handed them ach an envelope. They tried to refuse it but I wasn’t having it. “I don’t care what you do with it,” I said. “You can give it to a guy on the street or you can go out and spend it at the porn store.” The boys chuckled at that. “But I never want you guys to think I take you for granted. Stewart and I know how fortunate we are because you’re here for us and our boys. We love you very much, sons.” Both naked boys came in for hugs. I had dressed while I was dressing the boys. I wished I could join them in getting naked in the pool with Der, but I knew that was not an option.” A now-clothed Derrick came back down with a dressed boy on each of his shoulders. It was apparent how much both boys had taken to this big, burly guy. Derrick definitely had a soft side and these two had found it. Derrick offered to wait in the car while I took t he boys in, but the boys insisted he go to meet Miss Anderson. We got to their classroom and Miss Anderson greeted us. I let the boys introduce him to their teacher. It was interesting to see this guy beside their teacher. Miss Anderson was a tiny woman and beside her, Derrick looked like a giant. After final hugs and kisses, we left the school. When we got back to the car, I decided to broach what could be a difficult topic with Derrick. I told him about our circle of trust and how we had all been tested. I offered him free testing. “Rob, I think that is one of the best things a dad could do. I’m not sure that any of those boys will want to play with me but I am ready and willing to go right now. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “There’s not much I wouldn’t do for you right now, buddy,” he said. “I feel the same way,” I said. “We can head over there right now,” I said. “Would you mind if we made one stop before that? I’d like to run over to the high school and say good morning to the football coach.” I had a feeling he wanted to say more than good morning and I was all in on that. I stayed in the car as he got out, but he invited me to join him and I gladly accepted. The coach’s office was in the field house He had a student sitting at a desk in his outer office. It was quite an impressive set-up, especially for a high school. It was a superb facility, nothing like the locker rooms of my youth. I knew the facility bore the name of the man I was with. “Mr. Derrick, what can I do for you?” the Coach Rich asked. “I generally go by Derrick. The mister business is not necessary,” he said. “Very good, Derrick. You’re Der’s father aren’t you?” “That’s correct, coach,” he said. I’ve only met you once or twice. I choose not to be a helicopter father. My son has talent but I expected him to get no special treatment around here. That’s how I operate. We have never attached strings to the gifts my family has made here. But that stops right here and right fucking now, “he said. The coach stood up. He was not accustomed to being talked to like this. Derrick kept his cool. “Sit the fuck down, coach,” Derrick said. The coach stayed in his standing position and was about to start arguing. “Sit the fuck down now,” he said. We’re going to have a talk and you’re going to listen,” Derrick said. The coach had steam coming out of his ears but he listened. And he sat. “It was Derrick money that built this building. It was Derrick dollars that pays the supplemental you get which more than doubles your salary from the state. It was Derrick dollars that put up that new fancy scoreboard and it is Derrick dollars that have promoted excellence in this program since I was a student here.” The coach was hot. He stood again. So did Derrick. “I will not be talked to in this…” the coach started. “You will sit the fuck down and you will listen,” Derrick said without raising his voice. The coach sat down again. “I can see to it that every Derrick dollar dries up in this fucking place,” he said in his still quiet, calm voice. “I can see to it that you are out of this office and out of this school and out on the fucking street before the fucking sun goes down. I can see to it that you will have a hard time finding work coaching a girls’ volleyball fucking team. I can make sure you and your precious wife are tossed out of that nice home provided for you by the boosters club and I will do exactly that. If you think I’m kidding then, just stand up again. Are you fucking listening now, you asshole?” he asked. I loved the way Derrick had turned the tables on his hypocritical bully. “Things can go on just as they are,” he said. “You can continue to live in a nice house you could never afford on a teacher’s salary with only an undergrad degree, make more than double what the other teachers make here, have your country club membership and dues fully paid, have a cushy office and privileges no one else on the faculty has. You can continue to have a team with some of the best athletes in this city. Or you can fuck with me and be a homeless asshole on the street who can’t find a job except for flipping fucking burgers at McDonalds. Have I been clear, coach?” “Yes, sir,” Coach Rich whispered. “What is it can I do for you?” “First of all you will absolutely not speak of this meeting to another soul on this planet. Not a soul. I have learned about this bullshit with you giving players some bullshit scripts to memorize and use in interviews. That stops here and now. If a player chooses to talk about his faith or anything else, he will be free to do so. You and your assistants will stop indoctrinating these students. Getting an education and playing a sport is not conditional on spouting some bullshit dogma because it is what a coach or an administration or some adulterous whoremonger who calls himself a preacher wants. That will stop now. Any pressure on any student to attend a certain church or any group, whether it be Christian, Hindu, Muslim or fucking Satanist will stop here and now. If I even hear of it, you are a goner. Furthermore, you will stop bringing in speakers like young Fee to indoctrinate these young minds. That will stop here and now. “You’ve gone too far now,” the coach said standing. “My family and I attend Reverend Fee’s church and he and his son are two of the finest examples of Christian men anyone could ever find.” “What did you not understand when I told you to sit the fuck down, motherfucker?” Derrick asked quietly. The coach sat but he was steaming mad. “May I?” I asked Derrick. I asked coach if he could play a video from my phone on his big screen television he used to review games. Coach didn’t like it but he knew if Derrick wanted it to happen it would happen. Coach found a couple of cords and in minutes, my phone was connected to the large monitor. “Before I show you this, I want to tell you about accompanying a good friend of mine to see his young daughter in the hospital a few days ago. She was injured when hit by a car. The whole group had been at a drive-in drinking alcohol even though they were underage and running across a very busy dark street.” “Oh yes,” coach said. “That was Meghan. She goes to our church. She’s one of my daughter’s best friends.” I had noticed the picture of an attractive woman and a young girl in a silver frame on the credenza behind his desk. I assumed it was his wife and daughter. The woman was a very attractive blonde and the daughter a cute, innocent-looking brunette. The picture looked as if they might have been taken on vacation in Hawaii or in the Caribbean. “Then you better be careful who your daughter is running with, Coach,” I said. “I was with my friend, who is her father, visiting her when young Mr. Fee was there. When we walked in the boy was fingerbanging her right in her underage little puss. He didn’t even have the decency to stop when the girl’s own father walked into the room. He put on quite a little show enjoying the humiliation of the girl’s father and showing how much control he had over the girl. He was fingerfucking the hell out of the girl with her own father in the room. I saw it with my own eyes.” “You’re a goddamned liar!” he said. “Chase is a fine boy. I don’t understand why you would slander a fine young Christian man of good character. We all expect him to follow in his father’s footsteps and lead our church. And Meghan is a kocaeli anal yapan escort fine young Christian girl who would never behave like that.” “I have no doubt he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps,” I said. “Are you aware that Reverend Fee was run out of this town for fucking a secretary several years ago? Are you aware he moved down south till all the stupid assholes in town forgot about his bullshit and welcomed him back? “I’ve heard about that,” Coach said angrily. “That was nothing but horrible people telling lies about a righteous man of God.” “You know”, I said, “I had hoped to spare you this, coach. I thought you might be willing to hear some truth. I just told you the truth but you refused to listen. Watch this little video and you’ll see it with your own eyes, you stupid asshole!” With that I hit the start button and Fee’s butt banger video showed up on the screen. Derrick had not seen it and wasn’t sure what was going on but I could tell he trusted me. The video showed Kurt’s wife trying to take the pastor’s blood pressure but failing dismally as the reverend snatched the device from her and flung it on the floor. When Fee forced the woman to go down on his big, freckled cock, coach was horrified. He didn’t want to watch but he couldn’t look away. “By the way, coach,” I said, “the woman playing the role of the nurse is young Meghan’s mother and my friend’s less-than-loyal wife.” When the video ended, the coach was speechless. Derrick stood up. “My friend and I are leaving now,” he said. “I think a quick review of our discussion might be helpful. No more forcing players to use scripted bullshit. No more forcing players to attend meetings to listen to hypocritical assholes. No more coercing players to attend any church. This shit stops here. This shit stops now. One more thing, coach. If there is a single repercussion against my son, I will beat you to a goddamned bloody pulp. If you don’t believe it, just try me. My friend here is the only witness to our conversation and I’m almost certain he will agree that those words never left my mouth. One more question for you, coach. You said you have a daughter?” The coach nodded silently. “I hope you will enjoy seeing the good reverend butt fucking your wife and fingerbanging the shit out of your daughter. Because I assure you it will happen. I assure you of that.” We started out the door but Derrick turned back for a parting word or two. “We are now on our way to have this conversation with the principal and, if we are not satisfied with that outcome, we’ll be talking with the Superintendent of Schools for the city. I’ll also tell the principal I am considering extending an offer to pay the tuition of every player on your team to The Gallatin Academy. You’ll be lucky to have a job by the end of the day, asshole. Tough titty, said the kitty.” Derrick smiled at the coach and we left. We got into the Navigator and we both exploded in laughter. “That guy as pissing his pants,” I said as I howled with laughter. “That shithead could see those Derrick dollars flying out the window as if they had wings,” Derrick laughed. “Tough titty said the kitty?” I howled. “Where the fuck did that come from?” I asked. “I’m not sure he said. “I think I heard it in a movie one time. It just felt like the right time and the right place. We laughed until he reached over and started kissing me passionately. After a minute or two we settled down. “Being an absolute asshole must bring out your romantic side,” I said. We laughed until we walked into the high school main office. Derrick asked to see the principal. His secretary said the principal was very busy and asked who was wanting to speak with him. “Derrick Construction,” he said respectfully. The principal himself came out and ushered us into his office. Derrick told the man the same things he had told the coach but with slightly less profanity. The man said he knew nothing about any of this. I really didn’t believe him, but the man was semi-convincing. Since Derrick had seen the video now, he showed it to the principal on my cell phone without the large screen hook-up. It was not nearly as shocking on the small screen, but it got the job done. Derrick and I left, nicely informing the man there were to be no repercussions against his son or any other player on the team. We were shown out by a smiling but sweating principal who said he would start looking into the situation immediately. Derrick told the man he expected an email to go out to all athletes playing all sports informing them that the scripts and endorsements of particular churches or faiths would end immediately and he said the emails should be sent by opening of school Monday morning. He told him he expected the email to come from Coach Rich and the principal. “I’m sorry I showed you that side of me,” Derrick said when we got back in my car. “It’s not pretty and I don’t like doing that.” “What I saw was a papa lion protecting its cub. No one can be faulted for that and I’m the last person you should ever feel you have to apologize to. Every word that came out of your mouth was justified. ” “He again pulled me in and kissed me. This time it was longer and he held me. I finally pulled back and saw big tears running down his cheeks. “What’s the matter, buddy?” I asked him. “I’m just sorry it took me so long to act like a dad,” he said. I smiled at him and held his hand. “Just be glad you woke up when you did. You have a beautiful son and plenty of time to make it up to him. He loves his father as much as any son I’ve ever seen.” He was smiling again. I headed for the western wear store and dropped off our boots to be embossed. I was told they would be ready the following afternoon. Jack himself took care of me. I told him how much I had enjoyed meeting him the other day and how helpful his son had been. “He’s a good kid and I’m lucky to have him.” When we got back into the car, I asked if he had any more hornet’s nests he wanted to stir. He said if I wasn’t in a hurry, he’d like to go by Der’s mother’s house. The boy had been afraid she might be worried when he didn’t come home the night before and he wanted to tell the woman her son would not be coming back there to live. As we drove to the house, Derrick took out his cell phone and called Jack, his employee who had been working with him on my renovation. The man answered. Derrick first told him he would be there in a bit and told him to go ahead and start prepping the floor for the tile to be laid. Then he surprised me. “Jack, “he said,”There are a lot of things I want to talk to you about. I know that I’ve been an asshole to you for a long time. I don’t mean to do this on the phone and we’ll have a long talk later, but I want you to know I am really sorry for never having treated you like you deserved to be treated. ” I could tell there was shocked silence on the other end of the line. “I know you didn’t expect this when I called, but please know that I appreciate you and what a good friend you have been for all these years. I don’t deserve to have you in my life and I’ll do all I can to make up for it.” Derrick was silent as the other man said something. “Yes, I mean every word of it and I just hope you’ll give me a chance to make it up to you. I love you buddy,” he said. Derrick looked over at me and smiled as he put his hand on top of mine. We arrived at Der’s mother’s home and I could see it was a sprawling two-story. I could see a pool out back and the yard looked perfectly manicured. He again asked me to join him and I did. We went up a curving walkway lined with plush, neatly trimmed monkey grass. We rang the bell but there was no answer. He rang a second time and we were about to leave when a woman came to the door. It was easy to see she had been beautiful but she had let herself go. She was very pale. I could see none of her in the young boy I had come so quickly to love. He was his dad’s son indeed. “What the fuck do you want? ?” she asked, lighting a cigarette and making no move to invite us in. “Is that any way to talk to the father of your beautiful son?” he asked with a smile. “I’d like to come in and have a little chat, if I may.” “Come on in,” she said. We were still standing as she sat on a very nice sofa. The house was nicely furnished and it was obvious someone else took care of things, perhaps her new husband. There were a number of beer cans on various tables around the room. “You’ve put on a little weight, haven’t you?” he asked. “Probably all that cheap beer you’re guzzling.” The remark about her weight really frosted her ass. “Do you want to see your kid?” she asked. “He’s still in bed.” “On a school day?” he asked. “Oh, I thought it was Saturday,” she said as she came back from the kitchen with a cold can of Miller Lite. She popped the top and took a long draw on the beverage. We both realized she didn’t know her son wasn’t home and hadn’t been home at all the night before. She wasn’t even sure what day it was. “Goddamn you!” he said. “My beautiful son has been raising himself. You didn’t even know he never came in last night.” “The brat’s upstairs,” she said. “That little pussy’s never stayed out all night. Go see for yourself.” “Come with me,” he said. “Whatever, asshole,” she said. We all went up the stairs. I caught the smell of marijuana and I could tell from his sniffing Derrick caught it too. The woman opened the door of Der’s room. Of course the boy wasn’t there. The note the boy had written to his mom lay unopened and untouched on the bare desktop. “Look in his closet and check his drawers,” Derrick told her quietly. She did so and it registered her son had moved out. Not a stitch of clothing was left. All the drawers were empty as was his closet. “You didn’t even know my son didn’t come in last night,” Derrick said. “Where the fuck were you? Such a caring, loving mother. I should never have trusted him with you. God only knows what my precious boy has seen here.” “Your precious boy,” she spat. “I’m the one who has taken care of him and fed him and raised him. At that point a naked man came out of the bedroom across the hall. He wasn’t completely naked. He was wearing a white wife-beater and black socks. That was it. He was extremely thin and he looked as if he had never seen sunlight. He had an average-sized cut cock swinging down below and a nasty pubic patch that looked as if he shaved it but he hadn’t bothered recently. He was, overall, pretty nasty. “What the fuck are you doing here, Derrick?” the guy asked. “Crawl back in your hole, weasel dick,” Derrick said, never raising his voice. “No, on second thought both of you assholes better come downstairs so we can have a chat.” We went downstairs. Weasel dick seemed so high he didn’t even get clothing to cover himself. Derrick and I took chairs and his ex-wife and her husband sat on the sofa across from us. “Cover your goddamn self, Harold!” she yelled at her husband slamming a pillow into his lap.” He took the pillow and covered his crotch. Both of them had seen better days. Neither looked as if they had seen the sun in years. I wondered if weed was the only thing they enjoyed and I thought that unlikely. “Okay, assholes,” Derrick began. “The times they are a’changing and it starts today. Bitch, he said,…” Harold interrupted him. “My wife has a name,” he said. “It’s Shirley and you need to use it,” he said lighting his cigarette. “Thank you, fuckweasel,” Derrick said. “I’ll start over.” He smiled. “Shirley, you bitch, you haven’t been raising my son. I have continued your alimony and child support which was very generous. I continued that even though you remarried and I could have discontinued alimony at any time once you hitched your wagon tot his asshole’s star. I chose to pay that because I thought you were raising my son. I see now that he was raising himself. I’ll never get over the guilt I’m feeling right now for not checking to see about him. It’s a wonder he survived. I don’t know how long you’ve been the sorry dicktramp you are now but I hope my boy has been subjected to all this for years. I don’t know how in the hell he’s turned out to be the wonderful boy he is now. “That little self-righteous brat…” she began. “Not another word from your mouth about my son,” he said. His voice was louder now. I reached out and put my hand on his. He took a couple of deep breaths and he calmed down. “Let me tell you how this is going,” he said quietly. “My son is never walking back into this house unless he asks me to bring him. If he does I’ll bring him and will not leave him alone with you or your derelict fuckbuddy for a second. As of today, not another penny of child support will you receive. I suggest you call a realtor and put this place on the market. I don’t think you can afford to live here. I don’t think you can afford the lawn guys or the pool service which I have been paying every month. Not to mention the utilities and the taxes. All of that has been paid. You will be moving because your name isn’t even on the deed. I will see to it that you get $1,000.00 per month for the next six months then even that will stop. This house is in my son’s name and you were too stupid to even question that. You have not worked a single day in your life since the day we married and I doubt your fuckweasel has held a job since he got on board your gravy train. You may think I’m kidding. You could have caused some trouble earlier, but our son is sixteen years old now and any judge in this town will not make him live with a couple of dope smoking bums. If you give me one minute’s shit over this, I will have cops out here every fucking day, looking for your stash. That is a promise. Any questions, assholes?” he asked with a very sweet smile. “You can’t do this, shithead,” Shirley began. “You and your old man promised me $10,000.00 a month to take care of your child.” “Yeah, and we lived up to our promise,” he said. “The problem is that you didn’t. You have forced my son to fend for himself. He got up and walked into the kitchen. We followed. He started opening cabinets. They were bare except for a few cans of soup and some microwave popcorn. He opened the refrigerator and there was nothing there except beer. Lots of beer, “You call this raising a child?” he asked. “I am seething right now. If I thought I could, I’d burn this fucking place to the ground with both of you in it. You better consider yourselves lucky I’m giving you a thousand a month for six months. If you fuck with me in any way, that will disappear too. Where are the keys to the boy’s car? He loved that car when I gave it to him.” They said nothing. I could tell this wasn’t going to end izmit yabancı escort well. “Where are the keys to my son’s car?” Derrick asked, his voice rising. “The kid sold it,” Harold said. “You’re a motherfucking liar,” Derrick said. “My son treasured that car. We both know that. You assholes sold his car and I’ll never get past that.” Harold looked scared now but Shirley remained belligerent. “I’d love nothing better right now than to kill both of you assholes,” my friend said. “I really would. But I know I would have to pay for that and it would separate me from my son. You both better be goddamned glad I love that boy. I suggest both of you freeloading cocksuckers start loading your shit and get the fuck out.” “You’re calling me a cocksucker?” Shirley said. “I think we know who the cocksucker is. You never even fucked me after you knocked me up. I think all you ever wanted was a cock. You worthless piece of shit faggot cocksucker” I thought he might explode. I was wrong. He suddenly became totally and completely calm. “Shirley, I can’t say it’s been nice knowing you, because it really hasn’t,” he said softly. I won’t say I’m sorry I ever met you because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have the fine boy I now call my son. Harold, you are obviously a rather worthless, pitiful excuse for a man. You two deserve each other. Now, I offered you a thousand a month for six months. I want your agreement you will not contest my custody of Der or anything else, including his ownership of the house. I’m going to start counting down from ten. Each number I go takes a hundred dollars off that figure. When I get to zero, you get not another penny from me or anyone in my family. Ever,” “Why you worthless piece of…”Shirley yelled. “Ten,” Derrick said in a mere whisper. Harold was in a panic. He knew Derrick meant business even if Shirley didn’t. He started telling her to agree, that neither of them had jobs and that they would be broke. He was urging her to take the deal. He told her they would have to get jobs. He was desperate. We both realized she had not saved a dime and they had even gone through whatever they had gotten for the boy’s car. “Nine,” derrick said. It is now down to nine hundred a month for 6 months. I won’t wait as long for the next one. Harold was begging her now to take the deal. She caved. “Okay, okay,” she said. “Stop your fucking countdown and get the fuck out of my house.” “Not your house, bitch,” he said with a sweet smile. “Der’s house. And since I know he won’t ever want to come back here, I’ll be listing it in thirty days. You will be completely out of here by then or you’ll both be on the streets.” She could see he meant business. “Get out. Now, asshole,” she hissed. We were leaving but as we got to the door, he turned to her. He pulled me in and gave me a passionate kiss. “Have a good life, Shirley,” he said. “A real good life.” We left the pair standing in the doorway, him in only his wife-beater and black socks and Shirley lighting another cigarette. We got in the car and neither of us was laughing this time. He turned to me with tears rolling down his face. He started to sob. “Robbie,” he sobbed as I held him. “I had no idea what my son was living in. I really didn’t.” “I know that and, more importantly, your son knows that.” He was unable to talk. I had to just let him cry this one out and I felt for the man. He had come face to face with what a truly shitty father he had been. I had been there too so I knew how this man was feeling. My heart was breaking for him and for his boy. I knew the boy had survived all of this. When he calmed, I held him and kissed his wet face. “Try to think of the boy we both saw and loved last night. Der may or may not want to talk about what was going on here. He was, for whatever reason unable or unwilling to even tell you about his car,” I said. “You’ll have to give him time, support and love. You have plenty of all of those and I promise you and he will have plenty of support. I think I know what you need right now.” He was calmer now. “What do you think I need right now,” he asked. “A little dose of /Samantha Littlechurch sunshine,” I said. I called her office to see if she was in. I was told she would be there all morning. I headed downtown. He was holding my hand again and had begun to smile. “You know something I’ve learned about you today?” I asked him. “That I’m an asshole?” he asked. “Yeah, that too,” I said with a smile. “But also that you are at your also at your most dangerous when you’re smiling.” “Oh, that’s not really true,” he said. “You just haven’t differentiated between my smile and when I’m gritting my teeth. That is often mistaken for a smile.” “Show me,” I said while we were stopped at a light. He demonstrated a smile and that tight-lipped thing I had earlier mistaken for a smile. “You’re right,” I said. “There is a difference. I think you’re a handsome fuck either way. He kissed me. He really kissed me until we heard the car behind me honking. The light had changed and I didn’t realize it. “So was that a smile or the other thing I saw you give your dad last night?” I asked. “That was a smile,” he said. “I really am determined to change our relationship if it’s not too late. When you asked yesterday whether I had ever asked to be forgiven I realized I hadn’t tried nearly hard enough. I’m in this for the long haul and I’m going to give it all I’ve got.” I stopped off at the best florist in town. Ron sold me a beautiful orchid. I told him who it was for and he said he knew she didn’t have one of these because it was very new. I bought it and Derrick held it as I drove. “Sam loves orchids,” I explained. “She’s a relatively new friend to me but I’ve fallen under her spell. I think one of my dear friends has fallen even harder. I look forward to you meeting Gil. He’s a wonderful guy and an incredibly sexy man. I’m co-alum adviser for our frat at the U.” “Really?” he asked. “I was a frat boy. Which fraternity? “I’m an E,” I said. “Always and forever.” “Are you kidding?” he asked. “So am I. I pledged at Florida State but there was no chapter when I came home. I didn’t know they had started Greeks here.” “It’s pretty new,” I explained. You’ll definitely have to meet Gil,” I said. “He’s a beautiful man and a good father. He’s struggling right now since his daughter left him with four daughters to pursue her lesbian bliss on a Ranch out west.” Poor guy,” he said. “I can’t imagine.” “He’s managing after a rough start,” I said. “Anyway, he and Sam met recently and I think there may be some sparks or something there. I would hate to lose him as a lover, but if that makes him happy, I’m all for it.” “Of course you are,” he said. “That’s who you are, Rob Ross.” We had arrived at Sam’s building. After I parked, he grabbed my hand. “Would you mind if I take just a second to call my son, Rob?” he asked. “I know it’s silly but I just need to hear his voice to know this all real.” “Go for it,” I said. I got out of the car to give him some privacy. I could see him smiling the second he heard his boy’s voice. I knew that feeling too. He bounced out of the car. I could tell it was a good call. “He sounds great, Rob,” he said. “He said he’s had a terrific morning swimming with Jack and Bradley. They’ve made him feel so comfortable, even though they’re older than he is.” “Those two have a special gift,” I said. “They have done the same with my older son although he’s only thirteen. He’s very mature physically, but they always have put him at ease.” I told him about the Speedo incident at the pool. It turned out he knew Coach Ennis from the high school and thought very highly of him. “I consider him a friend,” I said. “He’s a member of the Jack fan club,” I said. “He loves that kid and Jack considers him a mentor. We were all in Nashville together for a swim meet last weekend. He, Jack, Ren and I stayed overnight at my friend’s condo. We had a great time.” He looked both surprised and pleased. I think he was realizing that he hadn’t really been alone on the island for all these years. He may also have been realizing that labels truly are worthless and that any man is capable of loving another man if the time and place are right. It’s a bit of a shock when it first begins to dawn. Sam was on the phone when we arrived but we could hear her distinctive laugh in the outer office. Just hearing her laugh made us both smile. We only waited a couple of minutes before she came running out of her office. She pulled me out of my chair. I quickly handed the orchid off to Derrick after nearly dropping it. “My beautiful ginger god!” she greeted me, hugging me tightly. She finally released me and went for Derrick. He quickly handed the orchid back to me as she grabbed him. “Yet another beautiful man!” she said as she embraced Derrick. He was smiling as she released him. I handed her the orchid and she loved it. She raved about it. I told her I was glad she liked it and if not, she should blame Ron. “Sweetie, he knows every one that I have and what I would love. Now who is this gorgeous man you’ve brought here to meet me? I introduced them. “So nice to meet you, Derrick, although I’m a terrible liar so I always confess before I get caught. I knew who you were the minute I saw you. You’re the spitting image of your handsome father. I’ve never gotten a close-up look at the man but I know how handsome he is. And you are even more handsome than he.” Derrick was actually blushing. “I never really knew your dad although we met any number of times. The truth is that your mother and my mother didn’t like each other. To be honest, I think my mother had a crush on your father when they were all young and your mother won him. I don’t think my mother ever got over it. My sister agrees with me. But, I’m sorry, I’m going on and on. Please come into my office.” We went into her large, handsome office and seated ourselves. “You really are a handsome man, Derrick. I don’t mean to embarrass you but, as Robbie will tell you, there ain’t a more honest bitch in this town than me. I really hate that we didn’t get to know each other when we were younger. Your eyes are simply beautiful, just like your father’s. I’ve never seen a deeper shade of blue. Tell me, is your father as handsome as he always was?” “Yes ma’am, I think you would say that. I think he’s an extremely handsome man,” he said. “Unfortunately, although dad and I run the business together, we’re not close. I’m afraid I dishonored him when I went away to college and came back with a pregnant wife. He never got past that.” Oh, for fuck’s sake,” she said. “Is he really that stupid? How long ago was that? That’s the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever heard and if I ever get the chance I’ll tell him to his face.” We were both laughing. “She really will, Derrick,” I attested. “He could really maybe use a dose of truth, but I’m just learning that we all may need a little reality check from time to time.” He shared with her that he had been distant from his own son for a while but that they were now together and currently at my home. She smiled. “You’re learning from the best,” she said. She explained how we had taken her son into our home when she was injured in a car crash and how we had shared our love with the boy. She went on to tell him about Casper’s unfortunate `masturbation malfunction’, as she called it. We were all enjoying a good laugh. “Sam. I know you’re a busy woman but I had a video I just had to share with you,” I said. “It has to do with our old friend Reverend Fee,” I explained. I explained about our friend Kurt and what had happened to his daughter. I told her we had suspected something between the wife and Fee. Then I handed her my phone and played the video. By the time it finished, she was pounding her desk and we were all laughing. I was seriously afraid I might pee my pants. “That’s the ugliest old freckled dick I’ve ever seen,” she screamed. “That thing could turn me into a lesbo!” Another round of hilarity ensued. When we finally calmed down, she said, “You guys have made my day. Can I have a copy to share with Bea and Gil?” “Of course you can,” I said. “Just keep it between us for now because it may be used in our friend’s divorce. I’m hoping it ends up being shown on the big screen at the Point of the Cross.” “Honey, I’ll show up that Sunday if they’re not passing out grape Kool-aid,” she said. I I got up to leave but Derrick stopped me. “Sam, I have, or I should say my son has a house I would like for you to consider listing for us. It will be available in thirty days. I would like to authorize you to go ahead and get an appraisal and have the paperwork to get it listed thirty days from now,” Derrick explained. “I’d be delighted to do that,” she said. “We’ve tried for a long time to do some business with your dad but we all finally gave up. He was tied to Bush and we thought that was the way it would always be.” “Dad and old man Bush have been thick as thieves for years,” he said. “Dad has no say in this. This house is the property of my son and, although he has lived with his mother I am actually his legal guardian. My dad insisted on that and my ex-wife had to agree to get the settlement she wanted.” “He’s a shrewd fucker,” she said. “I’ll give the man that much. A handsome, shrewd fucker.” Indeed,” he said. “I’ll give him that too. But I have never liked Bush. I think we could do much better. We have a couple of spec homes we’re just starting. I’d like to try to get my dad and you together if you’d be willing to give it another shot.” “Honey, I’ll do anything for a man as handsome as you are,” she said. “Before you leave, I’d like to make something clear, Rob,” she said. I had no idea what was coming. “You know that Gil and I are enjoying each other’s company. I want to be totally and completely clear with you. I’m a fairly perceptive woman. It’s clear that you and handsome Derrick have a special relationship. It’s clear to me that you and Gil have a very special relationship. I want you just to know that I would never, ever want to see that change. In any way. I may be falling in love with him. I know you love him. I want you to know that even if we do find we love each other, I would never want that to affect your feelings for him or your relationship with him. Gil has told me your philosophy about love. There is no room for jealousy and love is only enhanced, not diminished by loving and being loved by others. I think I had always known that in my gut but had never heard it expressed. I couldn’t agree more. I think Gil and my son have a very special relationship now. I would never want to see that change in any way. Do you understand what I’m saying?” she asked. “I do, Samantha,” I said. “And I love you.” “And I adore you,” she said. I knew she meant every word. She knew Gil and I had a special relationship. She knew Casper and I had a special relationship. And she approved. And she encouraged. What a woman! What a helluva woman!

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