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Here I am yet again, cleaning some rich asshole’s pool. I never really understood why they couldn’t do it themselves, none of this is really that difficult. Do they really think that they’re too important to clean their own pools? I guess I’m happy for the income, but it still pisses me off. There are much better things I could be doing, things that could actually benefit the people I love as well as myself; instead I’m cleaning some scumbag’s pool. There is one benefit to this job though, and anyone who has seen 5 minutes of porn knows what I’m talking about. That’s right, I actually find myself in sexual encounters with my clients on an oddly regular basis. It turns out that a lot of people fantasize about fucking their pool boys. I can’t say I’ve ever fantasized about such a thing, but my comrades and I are glad that other people do.

Today is one of those days where I know something is going to happen. I’ve never actually served this client before but you develop a sense for this sort of crazy shit after a while. I am currently serving a young couple. The man is very wealthy and somewhere in his 40’s while the woman is a fiery 20-something named Emma. The man, Alex, left shortly after I arrived and Emma just came outside and sat in one of poolside chairs and starting reading some generic love novel to illusion herself with.

The hardest part of these affairs was always initiating them- even if the client really wanted something to happen they always held back a little bit. I usually need to be the bold one, which would really put my job at risk if the client was not interested in what I was going for. From experience, I learned that it was always best to make it incredibly clear that you are interested and a raging erection never fails to get the message across. It’s not really hard for me to get turned on, all I really have to do is think about all the crazy shit that I have experienced. My mind turns to the time when I fucked a young gay couple on the rooftop of their secluded getaway house. bahis şirketleri As the one removed his cock from my mouth he expelled a gracious helping of semen that grazed my face and landed in the pool two stories below.

I snapped back into reality and glanced down at my hard cock bulging through my bathing shorts, I glanced to the side and found that I wasn’t the only one to realize what was going on with my body.

Emma’s face made it clear that she was planning something devious, her eyes just had a curious gleam to them and her mouth presented an almost sinister smile. Emma was on the short, skinny side and had hair that was cut an inch or two shorter than shoulder length. Despite her small size, she had a sort of passion about her that made her spirit seem large. Funny since I never really felt that people living this kind of lifestyle could be passionate about anything other than golf and screwing over the rest of society. She began to laugh and shouted over to me, “Hey, pool boy. Al, was it? I can see you’re enjoying your work a lot more than my boyfriend seems to enjoy anything. Do you want me to help make it a little more enjoyable?” As she finished her question she burst out laughing again, knowing how cheesy she was sounding right now.

I started walking towards her and responded, “Oh, no. I’m working for you, it’s your job to make me as miserable as possible, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make you enjoy yourself a little more.”

I got on my knees and pulled off the shorts of the sitting woman to discover a rather lovely vagina that was surrounded by a nicely trimmed bush. I slowly kissed up her thigh and I reached her vagina. I slowly licked her outer labia, brushed her clit, and liberated my tongue inside her. I licked her vagina like it was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I stuck my tongue in as deep as I could and licked at furious pace. I pulled my tongue and released a passionate breath of hot air against her pussy. I stared into her eyes, seeing that she was bahis firmaları clearly enjoying this, and slowly sucked on my middle and index fingers before sticking them inside. I moved my tongue to her clit. I moved my fingers in and out quickly, but started slowly around her clitoris. I picked up the pace with my tongue and heard her start to moan louder and louder. I switched my tongue and my hand, licking deep inside of her and rubbing her clit with my thumb. I continued this until I could feel her pussy contracting around my tongue. I slowly pulled out and looked at the look of euphoria that shined so brightly on her face.

She looked down at my cock that seemed to throb even harder after feeling her with my tongue and very smoothly said, “I know you said it was your job to please me, but I would enjoy pleasing you as well. Sex is a wonderful thing that all people should be allowed to enjoy, regardless of social standing. Just because I’m your boss doesn’t mean that I can’t please you as well.”

I couldn’t imagine that someone who was too lazy to clean their own pool was saying such a thing, but at this point I was more than ready to put my hard-on to good use. She stood up from her chair, removed her top, and told me to lay down on the ground right next to the pool. She got right to business, squatting right over my member. She placed her pussy right at the base of my dick and started it slide up toward the head. She repeated the motion quite a few times and leaned her face down to mine. First she just pecked my lips, but then she proceeded massage my tongue with hers. I closed my eyes and just focused on the sensation of our tongues rubbing together. We moved our tongues together passionately, fighting with all out might for the sake of pleasing each other. She pulled out and just stared into my eyes for a few moments, rubbing her fingers gently against the stubble on my face.

She once again slid her pussy from the base on my cock to the head, but this time when she reached the head she let kaçak bahis siteleri my cock unite with pussy to fight the forces of dissatisfaction. She sat up on my cock, gyrating her hips around it. She leaned back down to my face and forced her tongue into my mouth with slowly moving up and down. This time when I closed my eyes I went many sensations at once, our tongues, our genitals, and even our hearts. She started to speed up around my dick and continued to wrestle my tongue with hers. As we continued, I started to feel the sensation greatly increase. I opened my eyes and gave her look that told that I was about to cum. She let me know that she received the message by pulling out and started to rub the lower part of my manhood with her womanhood. After a few long seconds of this, a string of cum shot out all over my chest. She smiled down at me as I continued to release my self all over my own chest. She then laid right on top of my cum soaked body and went in for one final, passionate kiss.

We slid into the pool to wash off the jizz, I leaned up against the side of the pool with my head back and floated amongst the top of the water on her back. As she stared into the blue sky she spoke, “You were even better than I’ve heard.”

Heard? She’s heard about me? I was shocked to find that I was starting to get a reputation thing, but even shocked by what she said next, “As much as I enjoyed this, I enjoy your ideas any more. Mel told me all about your dream of a better world, a world where no one has unfair power over another. Not a utopian world by any means, there will be many problems in any society, but a better world for the sake of all humanity. I might be with a rich man now, but I come from a tough background and I understand the struggle that so many are forced to go through while others coast through life. This isn’t something that will come easily, it will have to be fought for, a fight that I can help fund with Alex’s money.”

I’ve mentioned my dreams and ideas to a regular once, but I never believed she would tell her friends about. Hearing such a thing practically erased my post-sex fatigue so I stepped out of the pool and told her. “We can start building a better world as soon as I’m done cleaning your pool.”

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