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Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 132 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 132 Promptly at 1815 there was a knock on the door and Will came in. Finding two other officers there as well as Slim and Prince he said, “is this a convenient time?” Slim stood up. “Yes, of course. Gentlemen, will you excuse us please.” The officers left and Prince got up to go as well. Slim made no move to stop him, but asked him to wait outside. “I may need you before Dinner.” Knowing the cocktail habits of the senior officers Prince knew that Slim would not wish to go on for more than 20 minutes. Before he reached the door however, Will stopped him. “I think Prince ought to stay, Colonel, if you don’t mind.” Slim was surprised by this, but said that if Will wanted Prince to stay he must have a reason for doing so. “Why don’t we all sit down. What can I do for you, Mr Miles?” “Has Prince been useful to you, Colonel? Is his conduct satisfactory?” “Yes to both. He hears things discussed in here and I have told him that what is said here stays here.” He turned to Prince. “Have you said anything to any of your colleagues?” “No, Sir.” Will smiled. “I’m glad, but not in the least surprised. Colonel, would I be right then in thinking that you trust Prince to keep his mouth shut.” “Again yes.” “In that case I’m about to say something to you which will require all three of us to keep our mouths shut. I am aware of your visits to Prince and his friends, and the reason I’m aware is that I share your interest in the activities they enjoy providing. Before the War they and several crew members held little get-togethers well away from the eyes of passengers, and these have continued on a smaller scale since they painted us grey. I should like to be able to join you from time to time, but I accept that my doing so might put you in an awkward position. So I ask you, Colonel – or Slim, as I believe you are called in more informal circumstances – whether you would be happy if I were to join you in the bowels of the ship.” Slim was stunned by this, and had half-risen from his chair when Will had said that he knew what he was up to. He took a few moments to collect his thoughts. Then a smile broke out. “Yes, I can see no reason why not. We will both be hung out to dry if anyone discovers us, but both of us being there doesn’t increase the risk. I take it you are fully in the picture about the nature of the activities we are discussing?” “Oh yes, our tastes are very similar, and a discreet few words assured me that you would be unlikely to object.” “In that case – what should I call you, by the way, if I am to be Slim?” “Will.” “In that case, Will, joining you in the bowels of the ship will be entirely pleasing. And not just the ship’s bowels if I read you right.” Will grinned. “Oh yes, Slim, you do.” Throughout all of this Prince had sat listening amazed to what he was hearing. He had had invigorating and exotic sex with each of these men, and had dealt formally and correctly with both of them. It was difficult for him to get his head round the way the conversation had changed from a formal one to one of arranging sexual assignations. Will looked at him. “It’s all right, Prince, you’re allowed to breathe. Are you happy with all this?” “Of course … Will. Patrick and Slim talked about moving the sling into the shower. I take it we should do that straight away?” Both men smiled. “I think that would be wise,” said Will, “I am on duty from 2000 through the night, but tomorrow night I will be off duty from 2200. Would tomorrow night be convenient?” Slim said that he was in the habit of coming down at 2300, so it was agreed that they would both seek ataköy escort the pleasures of the sling at 2300 the next day. All three stood up. “Tell Patrick and the others,” said Slim, “and get that damn sling shifted. And now I think I’ve earned my martini more than on any other evening. I won’t need you again tonight, Prince.” Will and Prince left, neither saying anything once they were back in public, as it were. When I fixed Slim’s martini he winked. “Prince has news for you,” he said. He didn’t know that I was inside the loop, so instead of beaming widely at the thought of him and Will taking turns in the sling I contented myself with smiling in a professional manner. “Thank you, Sir.” ***** Some 28 hours later the sling had been re-erected, as had most of us in anticipation of what (and who) was to come. Will’s joining in had altered the whole dynamic. We eight had discussed things and agreed that Will and Slim should set the agenda, at least for the first such visit. We would revert to being bell boy whores, willing to do whatever the men wanted. Tim pointed out that none of our clients had ever seemed to raise any objection when we had made suggestions about favoured directions in which things might usefully have moved. Beer was drunk, clothes were shed, cocks were stroked. The party would soon start. The door opened and Will came in. “You don’t hang around,” he said with a grin. It had been over a month since he’d last joined us and he wasn’t hanging around either. Clothes off, beer opened, there were nine of us waiting for Slim to appear. Nigel knelt between Will’s legs and licked the underside of his long thin cock. Will shuddered. “It’s been too long.” Nigel took Will’s cock into his mouth. “Mmm! That’s so good, Nigel.” Seeing the two of them busy Tim and I decided we wouldn’t wait for Slim – he was usually prompt and it wasn’t 2300 yet. Charlie spread his legs and I settled happily between them, kneeling and licking his gorgeous inches. I gently peeled his foreskin back and kissed the wet delight underneath. He sighed deeply and bent forward to kiss me. Our tongues met, but did so softly, gently – this was not a frantic kiss, but a calm relaxed loving one: the frenzy would come later, and would be with other partners. As I went back down to Charlie’s cock I noticed Tim nuzzling Prince. Graham and Sam were stroking each other. Only Javid wasn’t yet involved. Perhaps he had decided to be readily available when Slim arrived. No-one wanted to come until Slim arrived, but the beer was beginning to make its presence felt. “Where is he?” Tim muttered, “it’s after 2300, and he’s usually on the button.” Needless to say that was when Slim put his head round the door. “Not too late, I hope. Hello Will, don’t get up.” Will grinned. By the time Slim had slipped out of his clothes Javid, naked and erect, had placed a beer in his hand and was kneeling in front of him with his tongue out. “Come on, Slim, give me a taste.” Will said, “they’re good hosts, Slim. Tonight they want to pretend to be bell boys again, so it’s up to us old men to use them how we will.” Slim said that was fine by him, but he wanted Will to fuck him. “I love a long cock up inside doing the business, and there’s three fine ones here – yours, Sam’s and Prince’s. I want all three.” Will said that he would be happy to take his turn. “I gather that you’re happy to have whatever comes out of these guys’ cocks shot up you, just like me.” “No, Will, not happy – anxious. Piss first, then good honest bell-boy jizz … and officer jizz too, of course.” I got up from between Charlie’s legs. “The sling’s in the shower room, but there’s not a lot of room – we can’t all fit in.” “I can’t see why not,” said Graham, “one in the sling, one fucking him, two either side of his head, two either side of his belly, what’s that – six. The four others – yes, I see what you mean.” “There’s no need to be so organised,” said Tim, “for God’s sake why don’t we just get on with it. I need to piss and my cock isn’t on the list of cocks Slim wants up his arse, so I’ll just piss on whoever’s in the sling, but please can we just get on with it?” merter escort “Well said, Tim,” said Will, “come on.” He and Slim went to the shower room, followed by Tim, Sam, Prince and Graham. The four of us stayed in our cabin, knowing that our turn would come. Charlie went over to Javid. “I want you to fuck me,” he said. Javid broke into a broad grin. “I’d love that, Charlie,” and taking my lover in his arms they kissed deeply. Nigel and I caught each other’s eye and he hopped over to my bed. “Come on then,” I said, “let’s show those two what we can get up to.” What we got up to was a very satisfying 69 session, he on his back and I on top. Neither of us wanted to come when we started, but somehow each of us seemed to press a trigger in the other. After all, we were both young enough to come two or three times in an hour, so when we had been sucking and licking for a few minutes I pushed a finger in his arse. Immediately he put a finger up me and – well, one thing led to another. When we each had three fingers merrily playing sexy music on the other guy’s prostate there was no holding back. He came in my mouth, several strong jets of sweet salty joy, savoured, rolled round my mouth, and swallowed. I was close too, and his fingers doubled their efforts. I groaned happily and unleashed his reward. As we relaxed afterwards we looked over to the other two. Javid had fucked Charlie – we’d somehow heard that while we were occupied, and Charlie was cuddling him and stroking his back in his arms. I smiled at Charlie, marvelling for the millionth time that I was so lucky. God knows how many billion people there were in the World, but I had found the one who mattered, and who would always matter. The smile on his face told me that he felt the same. I knew he would fuck me when the party was over- a long slow loving fuck quite unlike the ones we’d all be having in the shower with the others. It’s funny how many different fucks there are. Sam and Tim came in. “It’s your turn in there,” said Sam, “I’ve fucked Slim and Will’s in the sling now. You four go and hose him down.” It was a squash when we got in there, but Graham and Prince offered to make room. “Slim’s having a break,” said Prince, “one down and two to go in there.” Slim was sitting on the floor, his back leaning on the tiled wall, a broad smile on his face. “Sam got the party started with a bang,” he said, “and I’m just letting it all leak out. See to Will – it’s his turn. When you’ve finished doing whatever he needs I’m back in the sling and Prince is next to warm me up.” Having made sure that he was happy just to sit and leak Charlie and I went to where Will was lying in the sling, his wrists and ankles fettered, his arse displayed for all to see. His whole body was soaked in piss. “Been fucked yet, Will?” I said. He shook his head. “One of you get in there and piss – it’s bone dry up there.” I rather doubted this as there was a steady trickle of liquid running down his perineum into the seat of the sling. Javid nudged Nigel. “Get in there and give him what he wants, then Patrick. Charlie can go last and fuck the daylights out of him.” “What about you?” I said. “I’ve only just fucked Charlie – give me time. I shall stand by Will’s head and offer words of comfort if he finds the ordeal too stressful. I shall also offer my cock should he need to suck anything in his distress.” Snorts of mirth from all concerned, including the fettered Will. “Just get your cock up me, Nigel, for God’s sake.” Nigel positioned himself and teased Will’s arse lips for a few seconds before gradually feeding his half-hard cock in. When he was in as far as he could go he pulled Will’s thighs towards him, sealing his cock in as best he could. Ten seconds passed … neither Nigel nor Will breathed … piss started to trickle … the trickle became a stream … a torrent. Will moaned in ecstasy as he felt the hot liquid fill his rectum, swelling, pouring deeper inside. In no time his arse was full and tight as Nigel’s grip could make it, piss leaked … gushed out, some with such force that Nigel’s belly was soon as wet as Will’s arse and the sling. Still Nigel pissed bahçeşehir escort – almost a full minute. Then “I’m done, Will.” “Out then, fast – Patrick, in as soon as you can. Don’t let too much escape.” “Not this time, Will,” I said. Tonight we’ve gone back to being bell-boy whores, and this whore wants to torment you. Why, a big man like you, full of piss from goodness knows how many sexy 14-year-olds, demanding to have more piss poured up you? No, Will, I need my treat first,” and I knelt and rimmed his sopping wet perineum. I was pretty sure that Will’s arse muscle would involuntarily relax when my tongue worked its whore-proud magic – and I was not wrong. “Oh fuck, Patrick!” was all he managed to say before I saw (immediately before I shut my eyes) his arse dilate and a wall of piss started to soak my face. (I don’t mind piss on my face, but it stings like buggery if you get it in your eyes.) Charlie had worked out what was in my mind, because when I reached my right hand down he used both his hands to grease me thoroughly. “I think your arse is empty, Will, but before I put my cock in there I need to check it’s OK,” and without any preparation I put four fingers in, rolling them back and forth over Will’s prostate. “Aaah! yes, yes Patrick, all the way,” he begged. “Very good, Sir,” and in I went until I could go no further. Slim had got up to see this. “I had no idea you offered advanced stuff, Patrick.” “I don’t think we did when you last sailed with us, Slim, but we sure do now,” and I pulled back several inches and punched in again. “Aaah!” from Will, accompanied by a fountain of piss from him. Javid reached over and rubbed the piss into Will’s chest. “Here,” muttered Will, “your cock, Javid.” Javid leaned over, his cock touching Will’s lips. “I can’t come, Will, but I’ll piss if you want.” Will nodded. “In your mouth or on your face?” “Face.” Javid moved back a few inches. Will shut his eyes. If Will was about to get his face pissed on I wanted to help at the other end, so my arm came out at a great rate of knots (“aaah” again from the other end) and my cock was up there, pissing almost immediately. If Will had died at that moment he would have died a happy man, satisfied beyond measure at both ends. It couldn’t last though – bladders like balls empty fairly quickly – and a minute later Javid and I were done. I pulled out, my cock followed by another torrent. “Your turn, Charlie, it’s fuck time.” Charlie had made sure that his cock was good and hard, knowing that once I was out he’d be on parade immediately. As I think I may have mentioned, Charlie has a fine turn of sped in the fucking department when speed is called for, and I swear that there were sparks coming out of Will’s arse as he did his bit. “Yes, yes, yes,” he cried, accelerating (was it possible?) as prime Sutherland spunk gathered itself in his prime Sutherland balls for the rapid journey up his prime Sutherland cock into the piss-infested depths of Third Officer William Miles. Slim, now standing by Will on the opposite side to Javid, aimed his cock at Will’s cock and let fly with the beer he’d been keeping for just such an opportunity. Charlie slipped out. Gallons of piss poured out. Will quietly pointed out that, although he had been copiously pissed on and up, and been fisted, and thoroughly fucked, his balls were as full as they had been when he climbed into the sling 15 – was it only 15? – minutes earlier. “I need to come. Patrick, you 14-year-old whore, suck me off, boy!” “Aye Sir.” This was the kind of order I liked. Reader, I fellated him. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 133 as it’s Slim’s turn in the sling again. I gave an inaccurate URL earlier. It should be https://warfarehistorynetwork/wwii/voyages-to-victory-rms-queen-marys-war-service/ That pesky “s”. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … I will be reacquainting myself with these pictures in Queen Mary 2 when I make another pair of Atlantic crossings in April. There will be a three-week pause in the wartime adventures of our eight friends – or perhaps their post-war escapades: who knows how quickly the story will develop. Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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