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Quality Time With Mom!Robin walked in the door and headed to the kitchen. She was home earlier than she had expected from the sleepover at her friend’s house. Tammy her best friend ever got a last minute call from a guy she was really interested in and well Robin did not want to be third wheel. The house seemed to unusually quiet but perhaps her mom had gone shopping.She decided to head up to her bedroom. Just as she headed down the hall she heard her mom’s voice. She was talking quiet but even more so she was talking in a way that was just different. Robbin was curious so she moved slowly towards her parent’s bedroom door.“Yes, we’re really looking forward to this weekend as well. I know we both enjoyed it so much last time. Just this time I’m going to bring more lube!” she giggledRobin wondered what her mother could be speaking about.“Yeah, that’s right! I could hardly walk after taking that big black dick in my ass!” she laughedRobin was shocked!“Yes, Rhonda said we should be there by one on Saturday. That’s right, we are supposed to be shopping and then going to the theater. At least that is what we told our husbands!” she laughedRobin just stood there with her mouth open! Her mom and Tammy’s mom were meeting with black men for sex!“That is so naughty! Ok, I will do it. Just a minute.” Her mom saidRobin watched as her mom opened her robe and stood in front of the mirror. She then pulled out her cell and took a selfie of herself. Robin watched as her mom then sent a text. “So did you like seeing my slut picture?” Mom said with a lusty sound to her voiceRobin watched as her mother studded around the room.“So baby, does that make your black cock ready for my white pussy?” her mom asked“OK baby….I will be ready for you and your friends! Bye!” Her mom saidSuddenly her mom looked up at the mirror and her eyes focused on something she had not noticed before.“Oh Shit!” her mom said as she turned to face RobinRobin just stood there and looked at her mom.“Ahhh Robin….I did not know you were there…”her mom stuttered“Mom! Are you fucking black guys?” Robin blurted outHer mom looked at her and she could sense her mom struggled with what to say.“Baby….I ahhh….well you see….” Her mom said“Does daddy know about your black boyfriends?” Robin said as her confidence grew“Ok you caught me….I’m a black cock loving slut….”her mom said“Mom what about daddy?” Robbin asked“Baby, your daddy does not know and besides he has his own interests with women closer to your own age.” Her mom said“Really?” Robin said with her mouth open“Yes baby! He has been fucking his girlfriend for several years. I really do not mind since that I have discovered just how much I love fucking black guys!” her mom said with a smile“Mom!” Robin said“Robin, I know that are not a virgin! You like to fuck so why wouldn’t I?” her mom asked“Mom, they are black!” Robin said but realized how stupid her response was as soon as she said it“Maybe I should canlı bahis introduce you to fucking a big black dick? They are so nice and big and black men do love white sluts!” her mom saidRobin thought about it but deep down inside she did wonder what her mom had experienced.“How about it Robin, want to try a black cock?” Her mom said with a smileRobin had sex a few times and she had always enjoyed it.“I know a black guy we could see today and he has a really big dick!” he mom said holding her hand about twelve inches apart“Ok…” she said but wondered if she was making a good decisionHer mom made a quick call and got dressed. A short time later they were driving through a section of town where they were the only white people around. They parked at a rundown apartment complex and her mom walked across the parking lot while many people stared at her. Robin realized that they were staring at her as well. They walked up a flight of stairs and knocked on a door. A large black man opened the door.“Hi there Judy! Come on in! You have not stopped by to see me for a while.” He said as he hugged her mom“Devon, this is my daughter Robin. She has learned of my attraction to black men so I thought I would show her why I get into them.” Her mom said with a smile“Actually I think it is what they get into Judy! Hi Robin! My name is Devon.” He said as he escorted them to the couchThey sat and her mom rubbed up against Devon. Robin sat and looked at what was happening as her mom touched the black man’s leg and rubbed her tit on his arm.“Look at this baby!” her mom said as she reached and gripped what had be the biggest cock in the world“Go ahead Robin have a feel!” her mom said as she nuzzled against Devon’s earRobin reached slowly toward the bulge. Her hand touched it and she could feel the pulse throbbing through it. Then to her amazement she actually felt it grow bigger and she realized the man was not fully erect.“Go ahead Devon, show her what a big cock really looks like.” Her mom saidDevon stood up and unzipped his pants as he looked at Robin and smiled. His massive cock spilled out. Robin was shocked! The monster was as big as her forearm! Her mom just looked Devon and the cock and smiled a knowing smile.“You see how fucking big it is! Just wait until it is in your pussy!” her mom said excitedly“That thing would tear me apart!” Robin saidDevon laughed but reached for Judy’s head and pushed her mouth towards the cock.Judy went to her knees and started to suck the big cock. Robin watched as it slid in and out between her lips. She could hear the sound of her mom’s mouth working on the dick.“Fuck Yes! I love how white girls suck dick! Come on baby show your little girl how to suck black dick!”Judy moaned as the cock slid in and out of her mouth.“Do you want to try baby?” Judy asked as she looked at RobinRobin looked at the cock that was shiny with her mom’s saliva. Devon was looking at her and smiling.“Time to bahis siteleri suck a real cock little girl! Your moma just showed you how and now it is your turn!” Devon saidHer mom pointed the cock toward her teen daughter’s mouth. Robin opened her mouth and then felt a cock that was at least twice the size of any other that she had sucked.Robin found that she loved sucking on this monster cock. She could only get about a third of the dick in her mouth. She looked up at the mountain of a black man standing over her and watching as she blew his dick. “Shit! This little white girl sucks almost as good as her mom! The boys down here in the hood going to love bust a nut in her sweet mouth!” Devon said as he gripped the white girl’s head and pushed more dick into her throatRobin moaned as more cock pushed into her. Devon then gripped her head and fucked her face.“Robin you look so sexy!” her mom said as she removed her clothes Devon pulled out of Robin’s mouth and the teen girl gasped for air as Devon moved over to mom and made her bend over. Robin watched as the black man pointed his cock at her mom’s pussy. Then she saw her mom’s finger guide the cock to her opening.“AHHHHHHH YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!” her mom screamed as the cock pushed into her pussyRobin watched fascinated as the black man pounded her mom. She leaned back on the couch and rubbed her pussy. She could not believe that her mom was fucking in front of her with a black man. Then it occurred to her that she was going to get fucked by the same cock.“That’s it baby fuck my white pussy!” her mom screamedDevon chuckled as he stroked his cock in and out of the white bitch.“So you like my nigger dick? You want me to fuck you with my nigger dick! Tell your daughter you love nigger dick!” He said as he pounded her“Robin! Oh Robin! I Love my nigger dick! This is what I want! I want to get fucked like this!” Judy screamed“Yes mom! You look so beautiful getting fucked!” Robin said“You know she has to learn to beg for nigger dick! Just like you do!” Devon said“Baby! You have to ask….no beg for Devon to fuck you with this wonderful nigger dick!” Judy said as Devon pumped her pussy so hard she could barely speak“Yes! Devon would you please fuck me!” she askedDevon looked as her as he pumped her mom’s pussy.“What do you want me to fuck you with?” he asked“Your nigger dick……your big black nigger dick!” Robin askedDevon pulled out of Judy and forward so that her pussy was on the front of the couch. He pulled her legs apart and positioned his cock at the teen’s fuck hole. He rubbed the cock up and down her lips as the girl looked at him. He pushed and his dick slowly entered the pussy.Devon pushed in and then pulled out of the tight young pussy. Robin thought she was being ripped apart but her mom just whispered in her ear that it would fit. Slowly she felt her pussy stretched as the cock worked in and out of her. Devon would push in and then slowly pulled back out. güvenilir bahis When the head was that was left he would push hard and fast sinking more cock into her. Robin could feel her pussy getting more and more juicy as he fucked her. Then he felt him push and the cock slid all the way in and his balls slipped against her ass.“Oh Baby! He has that cock all the way in you! He is going to fuck you so hard and you will love it!” her mom said“Hang on little slut! You’re going to get fucked for real now!” Devon saidDevon gripped her hips with her legs over his shoulders. She felt him pull back and then push hard back in. His strokes increased in tempo and soon she could only hear the sloppy wet sounds coming from her pussy and the slapping sound of his body slamming into her.Robin looked intently into his eyes and face and knew she wanted this to happen over and over again. She began to feel an orgasm starting to build in her. It just kept building and building. “You going to cum on my big cock? That big nigger dick?” Devon said calmly while pounding the girl relentlesslyRobin groaned loudly as she started to cum on the cock. She had experienced orgasms but this one was different in that it just kept getting stronger. In a second all she knew was the feeling of a dick pumping her like a machine while her body jerked with pleasure.Judy watched her daughter cumming a cock like crazy and it did not surprise her because that was how it happened with her as well. Then Robin went limp as she could no longer take the intense feeling. Devon pulled out of her and grabbed Judy.Judy lay back on the arm of the couch as Devon mounted her. He pushed deep into her sloppy pussy and started to fuck her like he had Robin. Robin laid back and now watched her mom getting pounded. Judy quickly started to cum on the black dick and her orgasm was nearly as intense as Robin.Robin sat up and watched the cock slide in and out of her mom’s pussy. She looked up at Devon and she could see that he was straining to not cum too soon. Judy was now screaming as she was fucked long hard and deep.“Damn pussy is so fucking tight! I need to cum!” Devon grunted he pumped“Please cum in my pussy!” Judy moanedRobin stared in amazement as she watched the cock slam back in and then Devon grunted and she knew her mom was being inseminated by the black stud.Devon pulled out and laughed as he watched the cum dribble out of the freshly fucked woman. Robin looked at the sperm as her mother smeared it around her pussy mound.“So Robin do you understand why I want to date black men?” Judy asked her daughter“Yes I do mom!” she replied“So you will stay quiet about my shopping trip with Rhonda?” Judy asked“On one condition, Tammy and I get to come along!”Judy smiled.The end(A word from the author. We all have a sexual fantasy. For me I find interracial sex exciting because it still risky. I have had sex with several different black women, Hispanics and Asians. I still get aroused remembering my white cock sliding into the black pussy. Almost popped my nut right there. Hey if you enjoyed a thumbs up is appreciated and as always I love comments and messages.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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