Putting Winona In The Movies

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Big Dick

Being a nerd is not so bad sometimes. It meant I could do a lot of things that other guys couldn’t. Because I read a lot and because I was good with technology. That was how I helped Mrs. Griffin get the goods on Mr. Griffin. He had been cheating on her for many years. My name is Edgar. I was short but my cock was long and my body was in great shape. I had been bullied as a child. That would never happen again.I was now in my mid-twenties. I lived in a rooming house. It was taken care of by two maids, while the owner, Mrs. Griffin worked downtown. Her husband stayed at home. I had installed a closed-circuit television camera in the rooming house. It was for Mrs. Griffin. She knew that Mr. Griffin was having sex in her bedroom when she was away at work. You see, Mr. Griffin was an “artist.” I put that in quotes because I don’t really think he was that good. He only sold a few pieces of sculpture. He did what he called “found art.” That means it was made of crap, mostly, that he found in the trash or in the dumpsters outside of stores.Anyway, that left him plenty of time to fuck around at home. Mrs. Griffin knew it and so did I. I lived in a room in their three story house. I always had since I started tech school to learn programming and technical stuff. When I graduated I just stayed on. I was very marketable. I made good money as a consultant for companies who knew, or thought they knew, that their employees were ripping them off someway, especially after hours.I was a wiz at installing CCTV cameras in places that no one could find them. Many office buildings in my town were full of my cameras. I made good money, but I wanted to stay where I was. I gave the Griffins plenty of money to stay there. I was not that good with people in social situations. And I had a massive thing for Mrs. Griffin.See, she was a brunette. Her name is Winona. She had great tits that had only begun to sag. In her late 40s, she was still beautiful. Her legs were perfect because they were so long and curvy. And she was voluptuous. I loved women with meat on them. Sexy meat. Her ass bahçesehir escort was wiggly. I mean, when she walked it did a little dance for you, if you were watching, and I always did watch when I was there to see it.So Mrs. Griffin came to me to help her. She wanted a divorce so she could get on with her life. My camera in her bedroom did the trick. I was able to record hours of Mr. Griffin fucking everyone from the next door neighbor to an Avon lady who felt the need for some random dick. Mrs. Griffin used those recordings to get a divorce. She just threatened him with losing everything and he buckled. He left her the house and just took a few thousand dollars in savings to get started again in another state.I had the actual television, showing what was going on in her room, in an armoire in my room. I kept it locked. And I left the camera in place, even though I told her I took it out. I wanted more out of this than the pleasure of helping Mrs. Griffin. I wanted to watch her. And I liked watching the guys too. I guess I was a little bisexual.Mrs. Griffin was so fucking sexy. I hadn’t had a lot of sex in my life. Most nerds don’t. But when some of my female nerd friends did condescend to have sex with me they were always pleased. You see, I could hold off on coming for a long, long time. And my cock was plenty big enough to fill up any cunt that I had fucked. Actually I had only fucked five girls. And two guys had sucked my cock, complaining that it took too long to bring me off. The girls had not complained. They loved fucking for hours. All had wanted more. I even got a vasectomy so I could have sex anytime I wanted. After Mrs. Griffin got her divorce she told me to call her Winona. I would spend hours in the evenings watching her. Often she was alone and I would just jerk off as she undressed and walked around her room with nothing on. But other times men would join her and she would get the fucking she deserved. The fucking I wanted to give her. I was recording all of this, you know. I didn’t keep the copies in my room. beylikdüzü bayan escort Oh no. I made them, and copied them, and put the copies in a safe place at one of the companies I worked for. A home security firm that had vaults I had access to.I liked watching Winona get fucked. I loved jacking off when she was moaning and groaning from the humping she was getting from the studs she brought home. I had, of course, installed sound with my system. I was no dummy.One night I was in my room watching, waiting for Winona to come home. She came up the stairs and she was with an old classmate of mine. It was Jeff. He had bullied me for years in school. Now he was going to get some of the pussy I had always wanted. I couldn’t help but watch. But I could also plan a little revenge. Oh yes.Jeff stripped Winona of all her clothes and then just started licking her all over. He finally forced her to get on her knees and he fed her his fat cock. She choked on it but she had always loved sucking dick. I had hours of her doing just that. So she took it all and sucked him as hard as she could while he fucked her face. He had grabbed her pretty, brown hair and was jerking her into his cock as he rammed it into her mouth. As I expected he shot his wad in about two minutes. He was finished. He was also married. I knew that.Two days later I called Jeff and told him what I had recorded. He panicked. He worked for his wife’s dad. The stupid dick had never had anything going for him but his looks. That had got him his wife and his job. I told him to come over now. Tell his boss he was sick and come to my rooming house. He knew where that was.When he arrived he started his begging routine, but I ignored it and told him to come up to my room. When we got there I played a recording of him getting a blow job from Winona. I told him a copy would be sent to his father-in-law and wife, unless. The unless was that he suck my dick. He begged some more and pleaded and it was all wasted. I had already stripped off my pants, my cock was hard, and he escort beylikdüzü was in for a face fucking. Maybe a little payback for the bullying in school.He realized his situation finally and got on his knees.”Lick it good. I haven’t washed it in days. It needs some good cleaning.”Slowly but surely he started licking it. Then he grabbed it with a hand and started stroking it. I knew it. Jeff was a closet bisexual. He was fondling my balls and sucking for all he was worth. I began ramming my dick into his open mouth and he took it all.”Please, Edgar, can I jack off while I suck you? I love cock. Please.”I nodded. I was getting ready to ram his mouth harder. He could do as he wanted as long as I got what I wanted. I fucked his mouth for over half an hour. He had shot his wad on the floor in less than 5 minutes. At last I took pity on the bastard and filled his mouth with my spunk.”Drink every fucking drop, you ass hole.”He did. At last I allowed him to slink off. Now I had been sucked off by three guys.But this was not my main goal by any means. I wanted Winona’s cunt. I wanted it badly. And if she was giving it to dicks like Jeff she could sure as hell give some to me.I waited one evening for her to come home from work. We pretty much spent separate lives. But tonight when she got home I told her I wanted to show her something. She was curious. I took her up to my room, opened the armoire and turned on the TV. She could see that she was looking at her own room.”What’s this, Eddie? I thought you took out that camera when my husband left.”Then it dawned on her. If I could record him with this equipment I could record her.She looked at me and said, “Eddie, have you been watching me? Why?””Because I love you Winona. Because I love seeing you get fucked. Because I love seeing you suck dick. Because I want some too.””Eddie, that’s just crazy. I can’t do that.”All the while she had been talking I had been loading a recording into the machine. Now she could see what I had seen. Now she could understand why I wanted some of her pussy. She could see how beautiful and tempting she was. She was fascinated to watch herself. In this scene she was taking it up the ass from one of her colleagues at work. He rammed her for about five minutes and then filled her with his seed. All the while she was finger fucking herself, trying to get off as much as possible.Mrs.

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