Pure Heart Pt. 03

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Chapter 14

Like a silent observer, the silver face of the moon shone down on me as I made my way around the car to the passenger side and tugged the handle. Tanya smiled at me as she stepped out, making sure to grab her purse before I tossed the door shut and turned to walk with her down that long stretch of sidewalk toward her apartment building. My stomach churned with nervousness as we stepped up to the large oak door, poorly lit by a mercury lamp overhead.

“That was a fun evening.” I said, sounding more confident than I felt.

She gave me a huge grin and pulled a lock of her dark hair from her face. “Yeah it was really fun. I haven’t been bowling since I was a little girl.”

The “awkward moment”, that spot of silence just before a goodnight had nearly arrived when I headed it off with a chuckle and said, “Next time maybe you should use a real ball instead of that little pink one.”

She pretended to be insulted and retorted, “Well maybe if there had been any real balls there tonight I would have used them!” She laughed as I cringed at her well-played jab.

“Well I have to get in so I can read up for class.” she said. “You’ll call me, right?” she asked as she pulled the door handle forward.

“Um, yeah. Of course.” I said, stammering and then stepping back as another tenant of the apartments made their way out of the building past Tanya and me.

“Okay. Have a good night! I really enjoyed our date.” Tanya said with a sweet smile as she slipped inside.

The door closed behind her and I stood there for just a minute, absently fumbling with my keys. I turned around and started back towards my car, casting a glance at the bright moon that had witnessed Tanya turning me away at her door for the third time in so many dates.

I reflected on the past week. Tanya had called about two weeks ago with some questions about a project. When I called back we talked about our class assignments at first but then started to talk about ourselves until we were just chatting and having fun. My sister, Sara, knew I was on the phone with her and stopped by my room to tease me about it. She stopped back a little while later and had written, “Have you asked her out yet?” on a paper. When I nodded no she made a frowning face and shook her head in mock disappointment. It was clear she was going to keep pushing at me to ask Tanya out, and I really did want to, so I surprised myself by asking her to dinner that next Tuesday after classes. She was a little surprised but easily agreed. Sara gave me a big smile and later told me she was glad I finally did it since she knew I liked her. I kind of liked how Sara was encouraging me to go out with Tanya.

We did go out that Tuesday and again that Friday, and for the heck of it we went out bowling tonight, Sunday, and it had gone really well. I knew we were still getting to know each other beyond just being classmates. It’s not like I was expecting to be invited upstairs tonight for a night of passion, I just wanted a kiss or a hug or anything more than just a smile to say goodnight. Maybe I was just in too much of a hurry. Stupid hormones.

Frustrated, I got back in my car and drove off. It was a half hour drive back home and by the time I reached my family’s house I had calmed down considerably. I knew that part of my frustration was that Tanya was probably the first girl I’d ever had the gumption to ask out on a normal date and I was putting a lot of hope into our relationship. I really did like her and found her so attractive. I just couldn’t understand how she could be such a tease and make all the dirty jokes she did in our classes and yet not even give me a hint that any of her playfulness was geared toward anything more.

As I reached the front door of my house I realized that although I had calmed down I still didn’t understand so I just shook my head and mentally put the whole thing aside for now.

It was after midnight and I was careful not to make a lot of noise lest I wake my parents and my sister, Sara, up. However as I made my way into the house I could hear the TV on in the den and peaked in to see an empty room but a telltale bowl with a few popcorn kernels and a mostly empty cup of water. I walked back towards my room and saw that the light was on in the bathroom, telling me that Sara was still up. I could hear the shower running.

I knocked quietly on the door and heard her muffled reply. I turned the knob and peaked my head in, finding myself suddenly in a world of warm mist and the scent of strawberries and thirty or more exotic herbs as the soap bottle no doubt promised. Sara poked her head out from around the shower curtain, water dripping from her cheerful face.

“Hey, just wanted to let you know I was home.” I said, smiling.

“Okay. Thanks.” She said and smiled back.

I stepped back out of the bathroom and shut the door behind me, then went to my room and changed into my pajamas before heading back to the den.

Just as I was almost invested in whether the leaf-cutting pendik escort ant would make it through the rainstorm (thank goodness for nature shows), Sara came in and smiled when she saw what I was watching.

“It was either this or a commercial about an exercise machine that looks like it should be illegal.” I quipped.

She rolled her eyes playfully at me and sat on the floor against the couch where I was laying. Sara was wearing her nightgown and her blonde hair hung in damp strands – mostly dry, but not quite.

“That’s why I was watching a movie you goof.” she said, taking the remote from me and pointing it at the DVD player to resume what she had been watching. Fortunately it was a movie I liked, although I would have been grateful for anything I could shut my mind down to watch.

A few minutes in, I noticed her rolling her head around, stretching her neck. She reached up and started to massage one of the muscles in her shoulder.

“Does your neck hurt again?” I asked, over the movie.

It took a second for her to register that I had said something and she looked back so I repeated myself. She nodded. “Yeah, it’s been giving me a headache.”

“Well here, let me.” I said and sat up behind her. I reached down and started to massage her shoulders. Sara had been getting tension headaches for years ever since she had gone into high school. She had found that keeping her neck and shoulders loose really helped prevent the headaches from growing too strong and she’d trained both our parents and myself to give a good neck massage pretty much whenever she asked.

“Oh, thank you.” She said, dropping her hand. She sighed.

Rubbing my sister’s shoulders was all the more enjoyable now, with the closeness we had together. It wasn’t erotic, it was my love for her as her brother. And she knew that.

After two or so scenes of the movie had passed, she tilted her head back, looking much more relaxed. “Can I ask you to rub my feet too?”

I nodded so she got up on the couch, sitting on the opposite end and putting her feet on my lap. Again, this wasn’t new, though it was less frequent. She only asked for a foot rub when she was really stressed. Fortunately she had very pretty, delicate feet and it was no problem to me to rub them for her. We both were turned toward the TV as I gently kneaded the soft soles of her feet, and between her toes. Just to help her relax more, I massaged her ankles and her calves for a little while. I enjoyed the silky smoothness of her legs and the firm feel of her muscles.

“So how was your date?” she asked, smiling at me.

I shrugged. “Fun, we had a good time.”

My fingers continued to knead her calf muscles and I heard her sigh. Then she giggled and asked, “So did you kiss her goodnight?”

I moved back to her feet and massaged the soles again, then found it more comfortable to play with her toes – massaging the joints, softly bending each one to stretch the muscles, kneading the areas between her toes.

“No, I didn’t really get the chance.”

She gave me a look and I could tell she felt my disappointment.

“You need to be cheered up, don’t you?” she asked. When I nodded, she slipped her feet away from me and stood up, then got me to lay down on the floor next to the couch.

“Here. Since you’re being so nice let me do the same for you.” she said. She laid on the floor with me but with her feet by my head and her head by my feet.

Propped on her side, Sara took one of my feet in her hands and began to massage it. Following her lead I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around one of her feet as well to continue where I had left off.

Feeling my sister’s fingers work into the soles of my feet made me even more attentive to rubbing hers and I did my best to make sure I gave her as good as what she was giving me. She’d never done this for me before and it was really soothing to me as and was helping me forget about my frustration with Tanya.

After a while I became so relaxed that my brain shut down and I just kept rubbing her toes as I watched the movie. Hearing her voice startled me. I looked over to find her looking at me with an odd look on her face. I gave her a questioning look to get her to repeat whatever she had said.

“I said, that’s turning me on.” She told me with an embarrassed grin.

“Oh…um, sorry.” I said, and smiled. I looked at her foot to see myself massaging her between her toes. After a second I asked, “Just from that?”

She nodded. “It was really relaxing at first…it’s just getting me a little worked up the other way.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just smiled and put more pressure to the spaces I was rubbing.

She pursed her lips, pretending to be irritated, but laughed. “Alex!” She scolded. I shrugged just to tease her.

I rubbed her toes, then looked up at her. She looked at me. I’m not sure why I did but as she was watching I pulled her foot forward until her little, painted toes were right in front maltepe escort of me and I kissed them.

“Alex!” she said, laughing but a little urgent.

I decided to go with it and kissed one of her smaller toes. She bit her lip and a moment later she had spread her toes for me. I slipped one of her toes into my mouth and licked it, slipping my tongue around the little digit and between it’s neighbors. I thought I heard her groan and her foot twitched but her toes stayed spread apart to let me lick between them more easily.

“Oh gosh…” I heard her say and I continued to twirl my tongue across the sensitive undersides of her soft little toes. It was a weird feeling to know this was my sister’s toes in my mouth but I enjoyed knowing she was taking such pleasure out of what I was giving her.

I felt her body move closer to me until she was hugging my calves with her face against my shins. Her breasts were pressed against my thighs and my dick was pressed against her belly. Her foot crinkled and her toes bent and straightened as I sucked on her toes.

It was only a few more moments later that I felt her begin to move. She pulled her foot out of my grasp and shifted her weight to push me onto my back with her on top. I had to quickly reposition my arms as she slid her feet under and past my shoulders and sat back, straddling my head. All I saw, with the hem of her nightgown surrounding me, was the crotch of her panties…only several inches above my face.

“If you’re always in this mood after a date…” she began and ended with a frustrated, anxious sigh.

With the sounds and light from the movie surrounding us, I felt my pulse quicken as I memorized every line and curve of her body above me and every thread I could see of her cotton underwear. I could smell her feminine scent and feel the heat radiating from between her legs as I reached into my pajama pants and started to stroke my firming erection. I breathed deep and let my hand pleasure my cock, knowing she was watching.

Sara put her hands on my chest and I nearly jumped at the touch of her skin. As I rubbed my dick in front of her, she started to slowly gyrate her hips, sensually moving her crotch around in front of my eyes. I could already feel precum starting to dampen my PJ’s as I stared at my sister’s panties. Her fingertips pressed deeper into my skin and she began to knead my chest. In return I put my free hand on her bare thigh.

I felt her hands slowly work down my chest, over my ribs. Her crotch dipped closer to my face as she moved it around. Without being fully aware of it, I applied some pressure to the top of her thigh with my hand, encouraging her to move down. She didn’t need much encouragement and in a moment she pressed her panties against my face. I opened my mouth and began to hungrily kiss her through the fabric. It was a weird and mind-blowing thing I was doing – kissing my sister’s crotch. But I wanted it and by the way she was pushing herself against me, it was clear she wanted me to do it. My thoughts alternated between thinking how awesome this was and how this was my sister and how we probably shouldn’t do this, but I didn’t want to stop.

I continued pumping my dick. I felt the elastic of my boxers sink down a little and I knew I might be uncovering some of my penis, but I didn’t care. She probably couldn’t see too much by the light from the TV, I reasoned. I just pushed my lips deep against Sara’s cunt, my nose sticking between her butt cheeks, and licked her. The fabric of her panties was stretched tight and completely wet and I could feel her soft flesh trapped underneath.

I realized her hands were still moving down, now gliding along my stomach, then past my bellybutton. They kept going and in just a moment, my head reeled as I felt her fingers slip under the edge of my PJ’s and touch the fringe of my pubic hair.

Pressing my lips against her soft mound I breathed deeply of her young, womanly scent and tasted her excitement through the wet fabric. Her fingers reached closer and closer until they touched the base of my shaft. I kissed her with all I had, devouring her through her panties as she tenderly massaged my groin. Her body began to shift and I realized she was bending over.

The next thing I knew, her face touched the front of my PJ’s and my erection. She paused, at first, just keeping her face against my dick. I slid my hand away and out of my PJ’s, making sure to pull the elastic back up to keep myself covered (not wanting to assume anything). Her hips continued to move against my face and I continued kneading her cunt through her panties with my lips. I felt her face move against my cock, and she began to rub her cheeks and lips up and down the length through the fabric. She was slow and cautious at first but as I put more pressure between her legs she applied more pressure and fondled my cock with her face.

As I pressed my face against my sister where it didn’t belong, she returned the favor. I felt her kissing the kartal escort shaft and felt her fingers kneading my pubes. I could feel the stimulation on my dick reaching the max, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight for a moment, mashing my mouth against her. I heard her moan and felt her lips wrap around the head of my penis, over the fabric of my PJ’s, and for a second I saw stars.

I think I nearly threw her off as my body strained to cum, and I know my ejaculation pushed my cum through the fabric and between her lips. As my semen was oozing out and she kissed the head of my dick, I hungrily continued licking her panties and kissing her quivering softness. When my ejaculating had finally slowed, she sat back up, reached a hand down her panties and began rubbing herself. She pressed her crotch against my mouth again and I could feel her fingers on either side of her cunt as she directed my mouth to one spot. I obliged and kissed and nursed her there and she writhed and moaned and shook for several minutes before finally slowing down.

There was a quiet moment that followed our little storm and we both spent it breathing deeply and caressing each other with tenderness. She slid her hand out of her panties and clambered to her feet.

“I’m gonna go freshen up.” she whispered and quickly ducked out the door. The light from the bathroom shone into the hallway as she went in. I laid on the couch, totally blown away at what we just did. The movie was still on – almost over. I got up and cleaned off then lay back down.

I had almost fallen asleep by the time Sara came back in. I groggily rubbed my face, noticing that her scent was still on my lips, and looked up to find her smiling at me.

“Aw, you look so tired.” she said, adoringly. I drowsily smiled back at her. “Why don’t we get to bed. Come on.” She held out a hand and helped me stand up. I slowly walked out of the room as she turned off the TV and followed me down the hallway. I stopped in the bathroom and when I came out she was still waiting patiently for me. She yawned but looked happy.

Upon entering my room I did nothing more than flop down onto my bed. I felt her pull the covers up over me. There was a stillness in the room and then I felt her hair touch my head, smelled her sweet breath and then felt her lips press tenderly against mine. It wasn’t a kiss ever to be shared by a brother and sister but that night it was. Her tongue touched and then curled over mine with all the passion and desire and gentleness a sister should never feel for her brother. And I kissed my sister back deeply and tenderly, like a man to his wife.

It felt like it lasted forever until she reluctantly pulled away and kissed me once more on the forehead before sighing and leaving me to sleep. And sleep came, though it took time for me to welcome it.

Chapter 15

“What?” I shouted, looking with annoyance back at the guy revving his car engine before tearing out of the parking lot.

Tanya turned to watch the guy swerve out into traffic. Once the noise had died down she turned back and smiled. “I said, do you want to do anything?”

It was now Wednesday afternoon and we had both just finished our last class that day and were leaving the school’s campus. Although I was still a little unsure about how things were going, I wasn’t even going to consider turning her down.

“Sure!” I said. “Want to grab lunch?”

She happily agreed and opted to leave her car there and drive over with me. We went to a local restaurant and got nice booth that looked down the main road in the town.

Tanya looked great today. Her long, brunette hair was casually pulled back and she still had a smudge of dirt on her wrist from one of the car engines we were working on for our class. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt with a white graphic and dark blue jeans. I really had trouble accepting that it was just the two of us and that she really seemed to like me.

Our lunch came and we ate it while talking about our projects and the other people in our classes, cars and different things we were trying to learn. She tore the end off of the paper wrapper of her straw and playfully blew the other half at me and giggled.

When the waitress asked if we wanted dessert there was an awkward moment where we both looked at each other. I finally said, “Well…I wouldn’t mind some…”

Tanya laughed and said, “Me too!” We decided to split something and gave the waitress our order. After she walked away, Tanya grinned at me and said, “I’m glad you said that. I hate being the only one who wants a dessert.”

I chuckled. “No problem. You seem like the kind of person I can be real around.”

She paused and I realized she was staring at me. I looked up at her to find a thoughtful look on her face.

“Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate that you said that.” I nodded and smiled kindly.

The dessert came and we picked up our forks to share the dish. She was quiet for a while but eventually began to open up and talk. Before my eyes went from being a gorgeous, self-sufficient woman to a vulnerable girl. She began to talk about how she had always been depressed in high school and had hated her appearance. She’d become bulimic and fought with it for years.

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