Punishing my Pets

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I sent the text to Jenny for her to show me wearing her new panties while holding her dildo as soon as I got home from picking up my daughter from Sarah’s house. Ever since I’d married her useless son, I had referred to her as mom but the recent events with Jenny and then Denise changed my outlook a bit in regards to the other women in my life. Sarah was a very beautiful woman who, as far as I knew, never dated after her husband had passed away about ten years ago. While I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek for helping me out, an image of my former mother-in-law naked, her huge tits exposed while she knelt before me, flashed through my mind. I laughed silently at the thought of what my ex would think if I seduced, then enslaved, his mother into a lesbian relationship.

It wasn’t until after dinner that my phone alerted me that I had received a text. I waited to read it after finishing bathing my daughter and putting her to bed. Fixing a glass of wine for myself, I drew my own bath, then opened the text. The image of Jenny wearing her new panties and sucking on the tip of her dildo appeared on my phone along with the caption “THANK YOU FOR MY AWESOME PANTIES MISS REYNOLDS!” Jenny then had texted “OMG! You spanked my mom, too?”

Laughing out loud, I took a sip of wine, then replied back that I was happy Jenny liked them and that they looked wonderful on her. Then I texted that yes, I’d spanked her mother because she was naughty just like her daughter. I also texted that Jenny was a better pussy licker than Denise and maybe she should give her mother some pointers.

After finishing my bath, I was so worked up that I practically ran to my bedroom, grabbed my favorite toy and fucked myself silly, visions of Jenny, Denise, Marge and even Sarah flitting through my head. When I finally orgasmed, I collapsed on the bed, then started giggling uncontrollably at the thought of the conversation that Denise and Jenny were having at that moment.

Friday night found me sitting in the living room watching a kid’s movie with my daughter when a text appeared on my phone. I smiled when I saw it was from Marge. The message simply said “That bitch you sent over got her toy for free!” I laughed at that and replied that I couldn’t wait to hear about it tomorrow.

Saturday came and I kissed my daughter goodbye as I dropped her off with her father. After stopping by the liquor store to pick up a couple of bottles of wine, I went home and thoroughly cleaned the house before sending a text out to Jenny, Denise and Marge to let them know that six o’clock was when the party was going to start. Both Jenny and Denise replied “Yes, Miss Reynolds” while Marge sent “Hell Yeah!” Then, I decided to take a nap to gather my strength for what would be happening tonight. I drifted off to sleep while trying to come up with ways to seduce Sarah.

Waking up, I felt refreshed. I took a nice, long bath, shaving myself clean, then putting on a pot for tea. It was almost six so I donned a pair of silken panties and a sheer robe. My nipples were hard from the fabric that was rubbing them as well as what was to come. A knock on the door made me run from the bedroom to answer it.

Marge was there, dressed as usual in a pair of jeans and a red flannel shirt, holding a plastic bag. She walked in, dropping the bag by the door before she grabbed me by the waist and kissed me hard. My hands went straight to the buttons on her shirt. I fumbled with them, trying to undo each one as our tongues wrestled. I was trembling a little when we finally broke the kiss. “God damn, you are sexy!” I whispered as I finally undid the last button and pulled the shirt off of her. Marge’s massive breasts were barely contained in the black, lacy bra she had on. Reaching around her back, I undid the bra, removing it from her body

Grabbing Marge by the hand, I walked her to the couch before gently pushing her down onto the cushion. Leaning over so that my breasts were swinging freely, I gazed into her eyes, smiling evilly as I removed her sandals and then undid her jeans pulling them off of her. The sight of Marge sitting there in her panties made my mouth water and I had to fight the temptation to tear them off of her body and take her right then. Instead, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and asked if she wanted something to drink.

After refreshing my cup of tea and fixing Marge one as well, I snuggled up to her on the couch. As she wrapped her arm around my shoulder, holding me against her nude body, I reflected on how good it felt being held by somebody and for a brief moment, I considered texting Jenny and telling her tonight was cancelled. Instead I took another sip of tea before running my hand over Marge’s stomach and breasts. It was at that moment that a beige sedan pulled up in my driveway.

“Hot damn!” Marge said before kissing me. I lightly gave her tit a squeeze and pulled back just as there was a knock on my door. It was time for the party to start.

I answered the door, my robe open and tits Beylikdüzü escort plainly visible. Jenny and Denise were standing there; Jenny wearing a tee shirt and cutoffs and Denise in a summer dress. Both obviously weren’t wearing bras. I grabbed Jenny by the wrist and pulled her into a deep kiss right in front of her mother, who just stood there looking shamefaced, unable to stop my enthusiastic greeting.

Jenny let out a squeal of surprise at my kiss, then moaned into my mouth as I shoved my tongue past her lips. After I broke the kiss, she took off her shirt and shorts. I was happy to see that she was indeed wearing the panties that I’d purchased for her. I stepped up to Denise, who was still standing at the door and pulled her inside.

Closing the door behind me, I spun the older woman around and kissed her deeply as well, groping her tits as I licked her tongue with my own. Denise, to her credit, did return my kiss. I felt her tentatively reach out and touch my sides. Breaking the kiss, I looked up in time to see Marge and Jenny kissing their hellos. My eyes shifted back to Denise and I watched her face shift between shame, anger, and lust as Marge shoved her tongue down Jenny’s throat while kneading the teen’s cute ass with her large hands.

Walking behind Denise, I wrapped my arms around her body and began to fondle her breasts. “Look at your daughter, bitch.” I whispered, my mouth just an inch from her ear. “She’s loving every minute of this. I turned her into a little lezzie slut.” My tongue snaked out, licking Denise’s earlobe. “Just like I’m going to do to you.” I added, pinching her nipples for emphasis.

“I want you undressed by the time I get back.” I said, then walked to the bedroom to retrieve Jenny’s collar, the lube, nipple clamps and paddle. Entering the living room, I saw that Denise was naked except for her lacy white panties, busy eating out Marge, who had a handful of hair, pulling the bitch tightly against her cunt, as Jenny had assumed the correct position, kneeling right next to her mother, legs spread and hands on her thighs. She was watching her mother with fascination as the older woman did her best to please Marge.

Sitting down on the couch in front of Jenny, I smiled as I attached the collar to her neck, then kissed her again. We both enjoyed the show Denise was putting on until Marge let out a guttural scream and came all over her face. Marge let go of her hair, a satisfied look on her face. Tears were streaming down Denise’s cheeks as she too assumed the correct position. “Looks like you did a pretty good job licking Marge’s pussy, bitch.” I said to Denise. She let out a choking sob in response.

“Okay pet,” I said, now addressing Jenny. “It’s your turn to show us if you’ve been practicing your knee bends like I’ve wanted.” I bade Jenny to stand and retrieve her dildo. She ran over to her mother’s purse and removed the toy, which was carefully wrapped in a pair of her panties, and brought it to me. I made Jenny assume the position again, then threaded the nipple clamps through the ring on her collar. Slowly and deliberately, I first closed the clamp around her right nipple, then the left.

Jenny let out a little whimper as the clamps pinched her tender nubbins, pulling her tits up and away from her body. I reached out with my foot and ran my big toe up and down her now wet slit as I took the dildo from her hand and coated it with the lube, taking my time to make sure it was thoroughly covered.

Again, I made Jenny stand and spread her legs wide. I slowly but firmly pushed the toy deep inside her. She stood there, trembling, as I sat back and took another sip of tea. “Okay, you know the deal pet.” I said as I looked Jenny in the eyes. “You already have ten spankings coming to you because you were naughty and let your mother find your toy. Those are your spankings.”

Jenny let out a strained “Yes, Miss Reynolds.” I could tell she was concentrating hard, trying to keep the greased dildo from falling out.

“However, if you let it drop, not only will I spank you but also your mother for your failure.” I heard Denise let out a shocked gasp. “So, unless you want your mommy’s ass blistered, you’d better succeed. Now, start.”

To my amazement and, to be honest, disappointment, Jenny made it through all twenty. Just as she stood up on the last one, the plastic prick slid out and landed with a thud on the floor. Her face was red from strain and pain and I decided to reward her for actually making it through. Standing up, I took two steps forward and kissed her as a reward, then undid the clamps on her nipples, causing her to gasp as the blood rushed back in. “I am so proud of you, pet.” I said, as my hands massaged her little titties.

“Thank you, Miss Reynolds.” Jenny replied, smiling. I let her run to the restroom to relieve herself as I picked up the dildo from the floor.

As I sat down, Marge let out a whistle. “Damn, that was hot!” she said, removing her fingers from her cunt.

“Hell, yes it was.” Beylikdüzü escort I replied, laughing. Turning to Denise, I asked her where her dildo was. Instead of replying, she blushed furiously.

“Well, I told Denise here that she couldn’t carry it in her purse.” Marge stated, giving me a wink. “Okay, bitch. Lower those panties.” Denise stood up and slowly removed the garment. Jenny reentered the living room just in time to see her mother reach between her legs and pull a nine-inch dildo from her dripping cunt. I was a bit surprised to see how thick it was. “You should have been there.” Marge said to me as she placed a hand on my thigh. “She squealed like she was being fucked for the first time when I shoved it in.” We both laughed at that as Denise stood there, holding the plastic prick in her hand.

“Well, let’s see how well she can hold it in.” I said to Marge, snuggling closer to her. Reaching out, I took the dildo from Denise. “You just saw what your daughter had to go through.” I said, picking up the lube. “It’s now your turn.”

“Hey little girl,” Marge said, addressing Jenny. “Bring me that bag by the door.” Jenny complied, then assumed the correct position at my feet. Marge reached inside the bag and began to withdraw what she’d brought with her. “I figured this bitch might need a collar of her own.” she said. It was a beautiful black leather with a little silver heart that read “BITCH” attached to the ring.

As I was finishing up with the dildo, Marge made Denise kneel. “This is who you are now.” Marge said as she fastened the collar around Denise’s neck. “You’re nothing but a little, lezzie bitch, understand?” Denise looked like she was about to burst into tears but shook her head yes. Her watery eyes widened in fear as Marge withdrew a set of adjustable nipple clamps as well as a jeweled anal plug just like the one Jenny had buried deep inside her ass.

Marge reached out and began to pinch and pull on Denise’s nipples. The bitch couldn’t help herself and let out a little moan of pleasure as her obviously sensitive titty tips were stimulated. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out by the time Marge was finished with them. The older woman took the nipple clamps, threaded the chain through the ring on the collar and quickly fastened first the right clamp, then the left, to Denise’s tits. Denise let out a whimpering cry as Marge tightened the screws. Her breasts were pulled up away from her body and her nipples were already turning red as Marge slapped each breast hard enough to make them sway.

Marge then ordered bitch to stand and bend over. Picking up the bottle of lube, she greased the plug before turning Denise around and making her spread her ass cheeks wide. Placing the plug at the puckered ring of Denise’s anus, Marge pushed it inside. I watched in fascination, then looked down at her pussy. It was glistening with her juices. Reaching out, I ran my fingers up and down Denise’s slit. “Damn bitch,” I said as I withdrew my hand, noticing how much cunt cream I’d gathered. “you’re fucking loving every minute of this, aren’t you?” I ordered my pet to open her mouth and placed my fingered inside, making Jenny clean her mother’s fluids from my fingers.

When Marge was finished with the plug, I took the well-greased dildo and inserted it to the hilt in Denise’s sopping wet twat. “Same rules apply.” I said, wiping my hand dry on Jenny’s chest. “You have to do twenty deep knee bends. If that falls out, whatever number is left is how many spankings both you and your daughter here get.” Denise stood up with her legs shoulder width apart and started. “Wait,” I said, stopping her. “Hands behind your head.” She assumed the correct stance and began.

Almost immediately, we all knew it wouldn’t take long before the bitch failed. Denise made it to six as the plastic prick slid from her body and fell to the floor. She began to cry and say “I’m sorry!” over and over as a wicked smile came over Marge’s and my face. Standing up, I walked to the kitchen, retrieving the first bottle of wine, four glasses, and the wooden spank spoon.

When I sat back down, I handed Marge the spoon, opened the wine and poured her and myself a glass. Denise was kneeling again, looking down at the floor, tears falling from her eyes. “Well, I guess it’s twenty-four for my pet and fourteen to the bitch.” I said to Marge after I took a sip of wine.

“Hell, I think the bitch should get twenty-four spankings as well.” Marge replied, running the spoon over the palm of her hand. “I mean, if she had just minded her fucking business and not confronted you, she wouldn’t be in this mess now, would she?”

I paused for effect and then said “Yeah, that does seem fair.” I took another gulp and put my glass on the end table. Picking up the paddle, I reached out and hooked my finger on Jenny’s collar ring. Pulling her across my lap, I ran my palm across her smooth, soon-to-be beet red, ass cheeks. Marge also pulled Denise across her lap, positioning the woman so that mother and daughter Escort Beylikdüzü were facing each other. Then we both brought down the implements of punishment on the respective asses.

It took a couple of blows for us to get into rhythm with each other but soon the loud thwacks of the spoon and paddle and the crying out of our slaves were in unison. When number twenty-four finally landed, both Jenny’s and Denise’s asses were bright red and both were sobbing in pain. I let Jenny slip from my lap and curl up on the floor as I put down the paddle and drank more wine. Then, I grabbed her by her hair, spread my legs and forced her face right on my pussy. Jenny dutifully began eating me out, still crying.

Marge followed suit with Denise, making her suck on Marge’s cunt as she was still crying from the spanking. Marge and I looked at each other at that moment, then both of us leaned over and began kissing passionately.

I orgasmed first, moaning into Marge’s mouth as my hips bucked. Pulling back from the kiss, I let out another squeal of delight as I flooded poor Jenny’s face with my juices. My orgasm kicked off Marge and she gripped Denise’s hair tightly as she let out a guttural growl.

When Marge was finished orgasming, she pushed Denise away and laid there panting, a contended smile on her face. Denise rocked back on her heels, her eyes glazed over and face covered with cunt juice. Without even thinking about it, she’d assumed the position of thighs spread, hands on legs.

I thought it would be a good time for a break so I ordered several pizzas, undid my pet’s collar, told her to put on her shirt and shorts minus undergarments and sent her to pick them up. While Jenny was gone, I made Denise sit between Marge and myself and we basically ravished her body. After finally removing the clamps, I took the right nipple between my lips and suckled as Marge did the same to the left. Reaching down between Denise’s legs, I shoved two of my fingers deep in her cunt and finger-fucked her to several orgasms, then made her lick her own fluids off my hand.

I poured Denise a glass of wine while refilling mine and Marge’s glasses, as well. “So,” I said to Marge. “I know that you’ve been wanting a lezzie slave of your own. How about you take the mom while I keep the daughter.”

“Hell yeah!” Marge said, clinking my glass with hers. “This bitch definitely needs to get better at licking cunts and I have several girlfriends who she can practice on.” I had to laugh out loud at the shocked look on Denise’s face. Here were two women discussing trading her like she was an object. I reached down and began to finger her pussy again.

Leaning close, I whispered into Denise’s ear. “You like it, don’t you?” She shook her head no but let out a moan as I began to flick her clit with my thumb. “Yeah you do. You like it.” I said, my lips a centimeter away from her ear. “You like feeling dirty and used. You like sucking cunts. Hell, the thought of your daughter seeing you like this turns you on.”

Denise began to cry as Marge leaned down and started sucking her nipple again while I continued teasing her pussy. “You’ve been looking forward to this day ever since I told you, haven’t you?” Denise hesitated for a second, then nodded, unable to say the words. “I knew it.” I said softly, picking up the pace with my fingers. “You haven’t cum this much in your pathetic life. Even the spanking that your new Mistress gave you got you wet. Didn’t it bitch?”

Denise let out another choked sob and nodded again, her hips starting to move in rhythm with my hand. “Just the thought of sucking a stranger’s pussy while another fucks you into oblivion is enough to make you orgasm. Then you have to go home and play the dutiful housewife and mother, all the while dreaming of the next pussy, the next spanking, the next time you submit.”

My tongue snaked out and licked Denise’s ear. She was getting close to orgasming again so I picked up the pace. “Say yes. Say yes to becoming Marge’s little pussy sucking bitch. Say yes to letting your Mistress treat you like a toy, like a like a pet. Just…say…yes.”

Denise tried to hold on, to resist as much as possible but it was too much for her. She screamed out “YES!” as Marge and my sexual assault on her body pushed her over the edge. Orgasmic juices sprayed out of her cunt as I continued to finger-fuck her. Denise’s eyes rolled back in her head and, for a brief moment, I thought we had gone too far. I removed my hand, marveling on how soaked my arm was as Marge gathered her bitch up in her arms and comforted the woman as she came off her tremendous high.

I got up and went to relieve myself, letting the two of them have some alone time. Walking back in, I sat in the high-backed chair by the window instead of the couch. I didn’t like using this chair that much as it was my ex’s favorite spot to sit in but it kind of grew on me. It was my chair now, not his.

Looking out, I saw that my pet had just pulled up, carrying the pizzas. I opened the door and made Jenny stand there while I undid her shorts, pulling the off her body. She put the boxes on the coffee table, then removed her shirt, knelt down, and presented her neck to me so that I could put her collar back on.

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