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PUBLIC SEX FOR MY BABYPUBLIC SEX FOR MY BABY[This story is dedicated to my lovely Chamorro friend from Guam. She is beautiful and petite, and according to her xhamster profile, loves public sex but hasn’t had many opportunities to realize it in R/L. I texted her this story over several days, to let her realize it virtually.]I took you to a small bar. It was downstairs and pretty dark. There were about 20 people there — 5 couples and 10 men, plus the bartender. When we came down the stairs, 4 of the men are holding their beers and standing around a full-size pool table, with a bright light hanging overhead. The couples are sitting at small dark tables and the other men standing at the bar. The female bartender came over to our table to ask what we want to order. “You know, my specialty is a Mai Tai. It’s very popular here, and the local drink of choice. My mai tai’s are 2 shots of good rum, orange curacao, lime and a couple other secret ingredients — can I bring you a couple?” she asks,(This all reminded me of a strange little Tiki Bar wifey and I went to in Honolulu many years ago. The 5 ex-patriots there bought us drinks when they found out we were from Montana. After 2 drinks, we stumbled out not wanting to get totally wasted for the rest of the afternoon. They seemed disappointed that their “new blood” left, without even buying them drinks. So, Mai Tai’s are exactly what we need to complete this little experience with my beautiful exhibitionist Chamorro friend, I was thinking.)”Sure, that sounds good,” I say without giving you a chance to answer.We sipped on our drink, good rum in that Mai Tai, and talked about growing up on Guam….and in Montana. Better have another…After another stiff Mai Tai (3+ oz of liquor in each), and more small talk — my hand is now rubbing your leg under the table. “The boys at the pool table bought you another round!” says the bartender as she brings us another drink and the guys at the pool table all smile. By the time we finish the 3rd drink, I am getting a little woozy, and you are getting totally fucked up and slutty, grabbing and squeezing my cock under the table. One of the boys from the pool table comes over and says “Would you like to play with us, Babe,” and added grinning at me “if that’s okay with your Daddy here?””Oh, yeah, it’s okay with me,” I replied. “My beautiful Chamorro friend loves to play……pool, and who knows what else,” I added, winking at him.You look over at me, wondering what’s going on, but with your inhibitions suppressed by all that rum, you get up and follow him to the pool table. You walk over to the pool table, swinging your petite little hips in your tight short skirt that fans out with a little ruffle at the bottom…but you almost stumble, shaky from the rum.”Get the lady another drink,” one of the boys shouts out as they all watch you bahis şirketleri walk over. The tallest, dark young man hands you a cue and says “We’ll be partners, babe — what’s your name?” “Sethy,” you answer, smiling drunkly.They racked up the balls, and waited for you to break. As you get ready for the break shot, leaning down with the cue, and the little ruffle on the bottom of your dress just barely covering you pussy, they are all getting so fucking horny. You break with the cue ball, and the other balls go everywhere, but none of them go into the pockets. Nevertheless, they are impressed that you actually know how to play pool, and by your excruciatingly lovely ass.They all laugh, a couple of them clap, and your partner says “Nice….you’ve played before — we’re going to beat those other guys.” A couple of guys wandered over from the bar to watch, and I could see some of the couples at tables casting glances toward the pool table and laughing quietly.The three guys took their shots, but left you with a “bad leave” — the cue ball in the middle of the table, and all the other balls clustered down and the other end. Realizing you would have a very hard time reaching far enough to property strike the cue ball, you asked “Okay, give me the bridge stick so I can do this.””Oh, we don’t have one of those here,” your partner tells you. “It’s pretty annoying when you have to make a shot like that,” he said, referring to your current set-up.I’m standing over by the pool table now too, just admiring how incredibly beautiful you are in your little blue dress, and proud of your pool savvy. And wondering how long these horny guys can resist coming on to you and touching you and who knows what else. It doesn’t take long.You move around the table, leaning down in your short tight ruffled little dress, trying to find a place where you can reach the cue ball at the right angle to hit another ball, but despite your best attempts (and your lovely shapely ass being exposed as you stretched), you can’t reach far enough.Your partner, on the pretext of wanting to win, tells the other players: “Since we don’t have a bridge, and she’s not as tall as us, I think we should make an exception and let her crawl up on the table to make that shot!” The opponents say, half-heartedly and jokingly, “No, that wouldn’t be fair. She’ll have to just do the best she can…a bank shot maybe?”The other five guys (now) standing around jeer the opponents’ objections, and chant “Let her shoot, Let her shoot!” Without further ado, you partner grabs you by your lovely waist, and hoists you up onto the pool table. You’re now crouching on your hands and knees in the middle of the pool table, under the bare glaring light. Most of the other guys from the bar have sauntered over to get a better look — and even two of the couples have come over to watch, bahis firmaları holding hands amorously.You are an excruciatingly lovely sight, leaning down to get position on the cue ball with your cue in your hands, your ass sticking up in the air, no longer covered by your short skirt. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on your tiny blue panties.You make your shot….and you hit the cue ball on the bottom so it would come back toward you. So, you’re still crouching there, further exposing your tiny blue panties as you move to get in position for the next shot. Some of the guys in the shadows are rubbing their pants. And one of the women is nuzzling her boyfriend’s neck as they stand there watching you.You make your next shot too. Everybody around the table is getting very agitated now.So before you can climb off the table, your pool partner comes up behind you and pulls your panties down all the way and off your feet.And from the front, another player takes your cue, and pins your hands down on the table. He is a pretty handsome guy — he leans toward you to force a kiss, but you look up, open your mouth and invite his kiss. As the two of you lock lips, the crowd claps and cheers raucously — everyone is drunk and horny,Your beautiful petite bare ass is now thrusting in the air, while you tongue and kiss the guy in front of you. The other guys are all getting lustful ideas in their minds, and in in their eyes….Your partner reaches up from behind to unzip your tiny little dress, and the guy in front leans back from your torrid kiss and pulls your dress over your head, leaving you just in your tiny bra, holding in your beautiful full, hanging breasts.Now, other zippers are being pulled down — your pool partner grabs the front of your thighs and pulls you toward the edge of the table, so that your pussy is jutting out above the edge of the table and fully accessible.At this point, I walk in front of you and tell everybody in my best command voice: “Now my lovely girlfriend is obviously horny, and will make you all happy — but if anyone hurts her one bit, all the rest of us will beat the shit out of you — so be nice, and enjoy!”With that forceful defense of my damsel in distress (lol), I step over to kiss you on the lips, and gaze into your eyes as your pool partner slips his cock into your exposed wet pussy.All the guys watching are getting their dicks out. For one of the couples, she has her hand in his pants — the other couple, he has his hand in her pants. If you keep going, we’ll have all those pants off before long. I hear one of those women nearest me whisper to her date that she really wanted to slip her tongue in your beautiful pert little asshole, and slurp some of the cum out of your perfect pussy. By now, 4 guys have fucked you (gently) and came in you — it didn’t take them long…Another couple gets kaçak bahis siteleri up from their table, his zipper down, her blouse unbuttoned most of the way. She comes to the table, pulls you tiny bra off, and begins caressing your perfect breasts and nipples.The guy in front of you groans and grimaces and cums with his cock deep in your throat. He pulls out and spurts more cum over your hair and face. The guy in the back plunges his small dick one last time into your little asshole, and holds it there while he closes his eyes and cums. Since nobody is left at the bar, the bartender, a sexy and voluptuous brunette, comes over with a tray full of drinks. There is a dark spot on her crotch…she also wants to get closer to the action. After handing everybody a drink, she bends down and kisses you full on your cum-covered face and mouth, hugging you like the precious doll you are.The other woman is still caressing your breasts and running her hands up and down your lithe body. So now we are all watching some hot lesbian sex, under the glare of the pool table light, while cum oozes out of your well-used cunt, and your pert little asshole…down the insides of your thighs, some of it reaching the felt on the top of the pool table.A couple of guys who are too embarrassed to publicly fuck you cum in a dark corner from masturbating. And one of the couples comes over to the table, she grabs the edge and leans forward while he pulls up her skirt and starts fucking her. Your display has caused 8 guys to cum, and three women to get so horny that they are either making love to you or are being fucked herself.I step forward again into the light, and say with my best command voice: “Okay we still have a pool game going here — and we have some money on this. So, my lovely Chamorro companion should have a chance to sink that 8-ball and win the game.” The men stand aside a little, and the two women reluctantly tear themselves away from making love to your mouth and your breasts…..while another two big dollops of cum drip down your thighs and stain the top of the pool table.One of the guys hands you your cue, and on your hands and knees, you aim at the 8 ball — and sink it. Everybody cheers and claps, the losers hand a $20 bill to your partner, and I get the feeling that everybody sees this as a fitting end to a very hot, unexpected experience. And a fitting tribute to a very beautiful demure Chamorro girl who always wanted to get fucked in public.So, as you climb victoriously off the pool table, the bartender slips your tiny little blue dress on over your head, the crowd breaks up, and both of us being adequately drunk, I take your hand and lead you back up out of the bar.At the top of the stairs, I wrap my arms around you, and tell you “My beautiful Sweetie, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I hope it fulfilled your exhibitionist fantasy.” We walk out onto the street and hail a cab. Cum is still running down the inside of your things below the ruffle on your tight little blue dress, and in your hair. I love you my beautiful Chamorro friend.

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