Prostitute Stories: Girl With The Fat Ass

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Prostitute Stories: Girl With The Fat AssSo far my stories have been about events way in the past. Lets skip ahead to present day the newest girl I’ve been seeing. My approach, my technique, and the kind of girls I look for have changed with time and experience. Starting out I was just looking for good quick fuck. Wam Bam Thank you mam kind of thing. My experience with Ms. H taught me that I could have so much more. In particular a few experiences I’d had since moving to California opened my eyes yet again.Basically it came down to this. I began to realize that not every working girl was after the same thing. Most just wanted money, some for d**gs, some to supplement income. California introduced a new element. I now live in Orange County which for those of you familiar with the name your thoughts probably go to the palm trees, extravagant Mansions, The Real Housewives of Orange County etc. That’s definitely all here but it turns out there’s also a very seedy side to the O.C. I won’t get into it now but one of these days I’ll write up a story about what really goes on at night around the Disney Land area that people will never tell you. Anyway one of the things that shocked me about O.C. is the enormous homeless population it rivals Sk** Row in LA, tent cities etc. There’s also a large population who have permanent residences out of local Motels here. On the cheap end you’ll find motels that charge $40 a day these places are roach infested and filled with d**g addicts and whores. Most people I’ve come in contact with stay in the places that are around $80 a day. Now don’t get me wrong these places are also filled with d**g addicts and whores but they are generally a higher class of people. Most of them are good people who just got caught up in bad situations and struggling just to make it by and keep their room for another day. If they are staying in more expensive hotels then these are the kinds of girls that are on backpage asking for $100 and up for a half hour of their time. By the way those “high class” call girls that tour the country on backpage when they come out here to Cali they walk the same exact streets where you find all the other whores and where you can get them for half the price or less. Ok I got way off point sorry I’m long-winded in all my stories back to the topic.I met . . . (lets call her Bandy) the first time a few months ago on the most popular strip around here. It was the weekend and I was specifically looking to have a girl for the whole night. As you’ll see I’ve learned little tricks to get a girl for the night but not have to pay her for the entire night. Cruising around I see this thick brunette with short hair walking so I quickly make my way over to her. I pull up and ask her if she wants a ride and she said sure and hoped in. We make small talk and when I ask her where she wants to go she lets me know that she’s working trying to get money together for a room for the night. “I’ve been walking all night I just want to put my feet up and smoke a bowl”. Perfect this is exactly what I’m looking for. I now know from experience that in this situation I should reply with this line. “Look I’m getting a room too so honestly I don’t know how much I can pay you”. She asks “Are you staying with anyone?” I reply “No, Why? You want to work out a trade or something?” I give her a chance to think this over and let istanbul escort her think this was her idea. “Yea If you don’t mind me staying the night. The only thing is I need some money for the morning”. Now I just need to convince her. “I tell you what. You can stay the night with me and I’ll just wake up early and leave that way you can use the room for work before checkout.” She thinks it over. “And surprise I’ll even smoke you out so you can have a good night” Her eyes lit up, “Hell yea! You’re awesome man!At this point I have things down to a science. I learned from experience to always be prepared just in case I run into a girl when I’m not expecting. I’ve missed out on opportunities in the past from not being prepared but now I keep around my little “party bag” just in case I run into a girl and need to set the mood. This is basically a bag with a change of clothes, and toiletries, In case I spend the night on a worknight. Some bubble bath and shampoo for her I’d say more than half the girls I pick up when we get a room want to take a bubble bath and they want to smell girly but they don’t have anything on them. I keep a ton of condoms after learning my lesson one night ripping through all 3 from the small 3 packs. Last but not least a pint of vodka and a pint of rum. Since I moved out to California I added a little weed kit to that as well. You can see tonight that comes in handy. The goal is to make her as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Nobody treats these girls well they treat them like whores. My experience is if you go above and beyond and treat them like the ladies that they are inside in return you get a world class treatment that they normally would not give to the average date. Even in a case like this where I’m technically not even giving her money for the date.So the scene is set we smoke some weed we talk, we laugh and . . . we fell asleep. WTF!? We had sex but basically it sucked. We woke up and rushed through it so she could get the room. She barely took her clothes off it sucked. I saw her again a second time and I’m going to cut to the chase this time sucked also. As soon as we got in the room she fell asleep. I woke her up to fuck and she told me to climb on top and she fell asleep again let me tell you it is not fun fucking a sleeping woman. I got up and left vowing to never see her again. But I did see her again but this time pays off I promise. Just “bear” with me.I accidentally picked up Bandy a third time. See I was out not looking to pick anyone up but I was in the neighborhood. I pass by this gas station and see this fine thick girl with an amazing hour glass figure, huge round ass wearing this super short, tight little dress. So short her ass cheeks were peeking out of the bottom. I love seeing chubby girls in tight clothes. It’s an instant hard on for me. I almost lost it I raced to do a U turn praying nobody would pick her up before I could get there. Amazingly I get there in time and surprise it’s Bandy. See the first 2 times we were together she wore big baggy clothes that covered her up I had no idea what her body actually looked like even though I fucked her twice already. I kept telling her I can’t believe how amazing she looked. She said thanks and immediately asked if we could do the same arrangement we did last time. Seeing that body, against my better zonguldak escort judgement I said yes. The problem was it was a holiday weekend all these motels jacked up their prices. We go from place to place trying to find something reasonable this leads to us getting into a fight. I kick her out the car, throw her stuff on the sidewalk and tell her I’ll never pick her up again. Then I leave her there cursing and screaming at me causing a scene in the street. I stop at a red light but I could see her in my rearview. Fuck that little dress looks damn good, I could feel my dick getting hard. FUCK FUCK FUCK!! I don’t want to let her win but I’ve got to see her naked this time. I bust another U turn and again I race to pick her up before someone else does. I swallow my pride and pull up next to her. She has the biggest look of shock on her face and from here on out everything changed. She ran into me and gave me the biggest hug and a kiss. I put her stuff in the car and we took off. She held my hand the entire ride and kept appologizing. She would glance over with the goofiest grin and say I’m going to take care of you really good once we get a room.We find this bottom of the barrel motel that was cheap enough so we took it. She runs inside and I get the bags out the car. I walk in and she’s already got the TV on watching girl/girl porn (yes it’s that kind of motel), legs spread wide open fingering herself. I put the bags down, sit back and watch for a bit. Her eyes are fixed on the tv I knew she liked girls from some comments she made earlier but this was a treat to watch. “Baby can you roll a joint please?” I was happy to do so. I rolled the joint as she just sat there perfectly happy fingering herself as it went to the next scene. I lit it up took 2 hits and passed it to her. She looked at me with one hand she took the joint and with the other she grabbed my hand and put it right between her legs which were sopping wet. I start rubbing her pussy she takes a huge hit and starts coughing. “Don’t stop baby keep going” I start fingering her and she starts riding my fingers.She passes it back to me, then with both hands she pulls me out of her and starts licking my fingers. Then she puts 4 fingers in her mouth at once and starts deep throating my hand! I pass it back to her she takes a few hits and puts it out. She grabs my hand again, leans back, spreads her legs and now I’m putting those four fingers to good use down below. She’s making all kinds of noises, grinding and shaking. I tried desperately to get her to cum and kept hammering her with my hand until my arm was tired. Enough of this I’m ready! I go to the bathroom to wash my hand and to grab a condom out of my party bag , strip down put it on and mount this bitch. I start fucking her I’m so excited my dick is rock hard she’s moaning and talking dirty to me and then . . . yup you guessed it she falls asleep. With my dick already inside of her!I CANT FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL!!! This isn’t going down like last time. I start fucking her harder and shaking her she wakes up moaning realizing she fell asleep on me and grabbed my arms she starts getting into it again but she passes out again. I keep going once again she gasps loudly and starts grinding into me. Each time she gets up her pussy immediately grips me tight escort bayan and I can feel her get wetter but eventually she passes out again. I am not going to let her sleep I grab her by both shoulders and start shaking her and pounding her crotch like a fucking maniac so there is no way she can fall asleep and this is what it took to get her going. It turns out this girl is a total fucking freak (if you couldn’t already tell with hand deepthroating already). She wakes up this time gasping loudly grabbing me with a bear hug and pulling me to her. “I’m sorry daddy! I’m so sorry daddy! Please don’t hurt me daddy please. Daddy if you choke me I promise I’ll be a good girl”. WTF!!!?? Shit girl you don’t have to tell me twice. I gripped my hand around her neck and she grunted out “Fuck me harder” so I did. I mean I jackhammered this bitch with all my might for as long as I could. In my head I remember this being like 15 minutes in reality it was probably about 30 seconds 🙂 That 30 seconds must have done the job though because she started shaking uncontrollably. I took my hand off her neck and the second I did that she moaned loudly and squirted all over me and the bed. “That was fucking awesome!” This is only the 3rd time I’ve seen a woman squirt that shit got me so excited. She was moaning and rolling around on the bed.She rolled over on all fours, put her head down low and stuck her ass way up in the air. It’s the first time I got to see her bare perfect ass. Or should I say bear perfect ass for some reason she had a bear paw tatoo on her right cheek. Anyway my point is that thing looked like perfection. She is the very definition of a PAWG. She started wiggling it back and forth I knew what that meant so I stuck my dick back inside of her and started pumping her hard again and she stopped me. Maybe I didn’t know what that meant afterall because she reached back and placed my dick right in front of the hole she actually wanted it in. She couldn’t see this but my jaw dropped wide open. I slowly pushed my dick into her asshole and she began to moan and push back on me. “You fucking dirty slut”. I smacked her hard across that big fat jigglly ass. She pushed back harder and Christ almighty this girl could take a pounding in her asshole. I slammed her as if it was her pussy, grabbed her by her short little hair and kept fucking her. I grabbed her by the hips and felt her asshole clench up on my member and that’s all she wrote I immediately shot my load. Fucking incredible.”Don’t pull out yet.” She continues to push back on to me “Girl I don’t know if I can go again”. Holy shit now I know she’s for real it’s very rare that a working girl enjoys the sex this much and in the past those that have ended up becoming fuck buddies. Read my previous story if you haven’t to find out more about that. She keeps pushing into me and I can feel myself getting aroused shit I might be able to go again. We go for a second round my hands are all over her beautiful ass grabbing and slapping. I just love her shape. She keeps begging me to go harder and faster and honestly at this point I can barely keep up I’m not a young buck anymore. She’s rubbing her pussy hard as I’m fucking her ass. “I’m going to cum whatever you do don’t stop” Im fucking tired but I keep going I really want to see her get her nut. Finally Boom! She starts moaning falls flat on the bed with her pussy leaking right into the sheets. Just incredible. When she’s done she doesn’t say a word to me, doesn’t give me a second look she just rolls over and immediately falls asleep. I can’t help myself at the beautiful site of her ass while she’s sleeping so I snap this pic.-h123

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