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“Ugh, she’s just so pretty.” Nicole throws herself face down on my bed, next to wear I’m absent mindedly browsing music on my laptop. I place it aside and snatch her phone.

“Let me see what we are working with here.” I look at the pretty girl on the screen, the one my best friend has been chatting with online for weeks. “Oh, she is super pretty! When is your date again?”

She rolls over on her back and drapes her arm over her forehead. I notice how the movement pulls her shirt so I can see her nipple through the fabric. I’m so glad we decided bras are dumb. “Next week. I’m so nervous, I can’t even think straight.”

“Why would you be nervous? You are the prettiest girl in this city, and also the coolest.”

“I’m nervous because… well, I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex with a woman, and I really like her. What if she invites me back to her place, Anne? Fuck, you are the last girl I even kissed and that was years ago.”

My cheeks flare red as the memory invades my mind. Gin Blossoms playing in the background. We were all dressed up, a little bit tipsy, and dancing. A friend makes “joke” about us just finally kissing already. I see the mischievous look in your eyes as you step closer and place your hand on my hip. I move closer, desperate for the moment. Your lips are on mine, your tongue firmly separating my lips as your other hand buries itself in my hair. I can’t breathe, I never want to breathe again… and then you pulled away.

I snap out of it, guilty looking down at my lap and taking a deep breath. You don’t seem to notice my discomfort, as you are flipping through her profile again. I am staring at the tiny strip of exposed skin just over your leggings and wondering how soft you feel when without warning I say “We can practice.”

I feel like all the air is sucked out of the room. Fuck fuck fuck did I actually say that out loud?

She slowly rolls over to her belly, giving me a curious look as she lays her chin on her hands. “Practice? Like, kissing?”

My heart is racing. I can feel the warmth spreading in my stomach. Why didn’t she laugh? We could have played this as a joke.

Fuck it. “Yeah.” I giggle nervously, twisting my hands in my lap and trying not to think about how excited I feel. “I mean, I already know you are bahis şirketleri a great kisser but if you would feel better practicing, I’d like to sign up to volunteer.” oh my god what the fuck is wrong with me?

The music plays in the background. It feels like an eternity has passed. I dare to look up at her face. She is staring at me with a slight smile on her face. Without speaking, she climbs on her hands and knees until she is next to me and lays on her side. I roll to my side to face her, barely able to breathe and painfully aware how wet my pussy has gotten in the last few minutes.

She brushes a strand of hair from my face. “I’m so lucky to have you as my friend.” She scooches closer, and whispers just before pressing her lips to mine “let practice begin.”

Immediately, everything in my mind is silent. All I can feel is her soft lips against mine, the tip of her tongue slipping into my mouth, and the ache deep in my pussy. I cautiously move my hand to her side, looking for that strip of skin. She instantly moves into me, pressing her body against mine. I slip my hand just slightly under her shirt. Fuck its softer than I thought.

We continue kissing, taking moments to stop and catch our breath and giggle. I cross my legs slightly, hoping it’s not obvious that I’ve soaked through my panties. My skirt wasn’t hiding anything.

She pulls back and starts slowly tracing shapes on my neck with her finger. “I’m feeling pretty confident about my kissing. Thank you. But you know…” her finger is moving down my collarbone “there are a few other things” slowly lower, reaching the hem of my tank top “I could use a little practice on.” Her eyes meet mine as her fingers slip under my tank top and brush my erect nipple. The look on her face changes, I can see the urgency in her eyes. Fuck she’s as scared as I am.

I grab her hand and firmly push it down on my breast as I grind my hips a little into hers. “Yes. Anything you want to practice. Please.” The last word comes out hoarse and desperate sounding.

She wastes no time. Suddenly my tank top is on the floor and her tongue is swirling around my nipple. I arch into it and moan, throwing my head back and desperately trying not to thrust my hips. She uses her other hand to gently pinch and pull on my other nipple. I don’t know what to bahis firmaları do with my hands, and reach down to stroke her skin and frustratingly find her shirt.

I push her off me gently and sit up, grabbing her shirt and pulling over her head. “Fuck you are so beautiful.” I pull her toward me, and we awkwardly fall back on the bed, her on top of me. We both start laughing and you rest your head on my shoulder. We lay there for a few moments, as I gently stroke her back.

She sits up and comes to sit next to me. She leans over, grabs my head with her hand and pulls me close. “I need to know you want this.”

I nuzzle my face down in her neck and kiss gently. I bring my mouth close to her ear and whisper “If you don’t touch me, I think I’m going to die. Yes, I want this. I want you. Please.”

She pulls my head back and suddenly I am drowning in her. Her tongue is exploring my mouth and I feel her hand rest on my thigh. She is setting me on fire. I feel drunk as her hand creeps up my thigh and under my skirt. She moans into my mouth when her fingers find my soaking panties.

“Fuck you are so wet.” Her finger gently rubs the outside of my panties. “I should have asked your pussy directly if you wanted this.” Her finger slips under my panties and just barely pushes past the lips. My breath catches. She giggles. “Well, actually…” She pushes me back on the bed and crawls further down. “I fucking love everytime you wear these slutty skirts. You know how much I love looking at your ass.” She lowers herself between my legs, putting her head under my skirt. “Now, I need to ask your pussy if you want this.”

She pulls my panties down, and brings her mouth to my pussy. It takes every ounce of self control not to grind my pussy against her mouth immediately. Oh my god I can’t believe this happening. Please, please do it. She uses her hands to gently spread my lips, and then I feel her tongue flick against my clit. Immediately, my entire body is on fire and I realize I am already on the cusp of orgasm. Oh no fuck, don’t you dare. As if reading my mind, I feel both her hands grab my hips and she firmly holds me still. I can hear her say muffled against my pussy “Don’t you dare.” The waves start hitting and I can’t stop myself. I’m cumming, gently grinding my clit against her tongue feeling kaçak bahis siteleri her hands squeeze my hips.

As the orgasm recedes and my legs relax, she is lazily swirling her tongue around my clit. “You taste so good. Your husband tried to tell me, but you really have to experience it to know. Know what else your husband told me?” She takes a moment to lick my clit faster, and all I can answer is a moan. “That there really isn’t a limit on how many times you come.” She resumes licking my clit, gently sucking it into her mouth. I reach my hands down, touching her hair. I can feel the heat building again, and look down to find her staring at me, watching me for my reaction as she sucks on my clit. Seeing her face pushes me over and I start cumming. As soon as my orgasm seems like it is slowing, I grab her hair a little tighter and fuck her face into an immediate second orgasm.

I collapse on the bed, my skirt now pushed up over my hips and my ass in the biggest wet spot. “Fuck. I don’t think you need any practice. You seem to have mastered it.”

She chuckles as she lay on her back on the bed. “Fuck, if she tastes as good as you do, it’ll be easy.” She stands and removes her leggings “I’m going to go jump in the shower.”

I feel a moment of panic. Here she is, standing in front of me in only her panties, having just made me cum, and she’s going to go shower. “Wait! You’re not done practicing.”

She pauses, and looks at me puzzled. I motion her back to the bed, and she climbs up towards me. “You want more, huh?”

I don’t answer, just lean forward and start kissing her. I grab her hand and pull her back on the bed with me, her back to me. I kiss her neck, and rub her breast. My hand slides down her stomach and under her panties. She whispers “and what am I practicing with this.”

“Shhhh.” I can’t think of any words as my fingers find her wet pussy. I waste no time and start massaging her clit.

She grinds her body against my hand, and I use my arm to hold her firmly to me. I can feel her getting wetter as I increase the speed of my hand. I whisper to her “I want this. I need this. Please let me do this.” Her breath quickens and her muscles tighten. “There you go. Show me how you cum. Let me feel it.” She bucks her hips against my hand and whimpers as she cums.

We lay there quietly for a moment, my hand gently resting on her pussy. She rolls over to face me and says “So… what happens if my date doesn’t go as good as this?”

I smile and wink. “Come here after. Maybe you just need more practice.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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