Power Play Pt. 05

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AFTERNOON: “Ravaged”

The moment my throbbing cock pushed up into her pulsating insides, I thought my heart actually stopped pounding for a while. She was tight like nothing I’d ever felt before; the friction was overwhelming in the extreme. She slowed down the pace for a few moments, likely seeing the blood run from my face and the desire darkening in my eyes. Her tits juggling arrhythmically up in front of me, I let her go in control for just now, allowing the arousal and the ferocity to grow inside me.

When I say “a while”, it was likely no more than twenty seconds, but it felt longer. Moaning, she dropped her hands down to her ass as if to add to the sensations of getting fucked. The expression on her face blended angelic delight with a devilish wickedness, quickly giving rise to predominantly the devil’s bit. We were picking up speed and her hips fell down on my more harshly. My large hands soon replaced her on her butt before sliding up stroking her back fiercely. My taut-skinned balls were slapping loudly against her skin and her moaning was growing in intensity and shamelessness. We were now somehow getting more aggressive and yet more rhythmical. Her tits seemed to be getting tighter and harder, and I loved that the cum from before was still glistening there.

An animal in me was rising now that we found a unified tempo, my thrusts up meeting with almost perfect timing her dropping her hips; practically unawares, my hands flung down a harsh slap on her ass cheeks. It just spurred her on: she rested her hands on my bent up knees and parted her lips morphing into a siren-like image. The bed and the headboard were both wobbling under our unruly bodies. She put her ass into a circular motion, creating an almost unfathomable amount of friction while pushing her tits closer to me, her entire figure feral and savage.

Fuck no! I needed to control! This was getting too much and I needed her to be on the receiving end. Decisively and aggressively, I rose up, pushed her on her back and in an instant found myself between her thighs – the cock never left her body. Instantly able to fuck her harder by just moving my hips faster, I wrapped one of my hands round her throat, applying bahis siteleri just enough pressure to make create the impression of arousing danger for her. My face was inches away from hers. She gave in to the sensations of her cunt being methodically rammed into, panting through her half-open lips. Mercilessly and brutally, I launched a long attack on her, ripping through that young flowing hole, stretching her open. For a good while, only her moaning, the creaking of the bed and the slaps of my balls could be heard.

When the filthy bitch found her clit with her hand, clearly begging for more, we got her more and even harder. She pulled up her ass so that I could now pump into her from higher up with longer strokes possible. She wheezed out “Oh God!!” several times, despite my hand still over her neck. Every one of my powerful thrusts pushed her now slightly around the bed. With every shove, her tight, whoring cunt clenched around me feeling like it was her first time and she’s never been fucked before. I would’ve grabbed, squeezed and sucked those tasty tits gyrating erratically in front of me but I needed to hold her tight to deliver the thrusts. The viciousness of this moment was unprecedented.

Bit by bit, with every thrust, she was being shifted along the sheets towards the edge of the bed. Now with her head over the edge, her long hair was sweeping the floor and she was yelling and moaning loudly towards the ceiling. I kept ramming in and finally managed to grab those tits and squeeze them hard in my full hands. Driven to complete insanity by the slut, I landed fierce slaps on those hard tits, only driving her wilder in response.

In the midst of all this, it wasn’t just the sensation of her young soaking tender wet flesh torn through without abandon and the seductive fire around my dick that aroused me to no end. It was the rush that I got from being in completely control, treating her cunt like my property and the pretty little thing being more than willing to be one. And, of course, her being as supple, slender and young as she was.

Several more slaps landed on her tits; her voice was shouting repeated yesses now, vibrating with uncontrollable arousal, locking us in canlı bahis siteleri a circle of fuck you-give me more-fuck you more- give me more.

But the primal beast inside me was growing and soon I knew that moaning and groaning face needed to be shut and full obedience established. She was in a good position, her head hanging down over the bed frame. I jumped off the bed and bent my legs slightly, crouching, in front of her. “Be a good slut!” I growled at her and, obediently, she opened her mouth wide. From up there, I had a good view of her moist, welcoming throat.

Her slender hot body was sprawled on the bed, with almost angrily dark circles around her nipples – this flashed before my eyes when I poised my rod down towards her and barked out in husky voice, “Be a good girl and behave!” Her response, whatever it was to be was stemmed by the large shaft forcing its way into her mouth, effectively plugging her up. Her words stuck in her throat.

This would not be like before. I was now an instinct-driven sex-craved animal purely after my pleasure and she was to give it. The cock moved in for a rough, harsh face-fuck. Instantly buried balls-deep, hitting the back of her throat, it was going vertically down straight into her face. She took it boldly, trying to match its ferocity with pushing her tongue against it, but it was a true onslaught; it was just me and her mouth and how deep and vicious I was. This was ruthless and she was, a good slave, doing my bidding. The wet, slurpy and gagging sounds soon followed. Seconds later, the first round finished; she went up for air gasping and a stream of cum flowed down from her lips to her cheeks and one of the eyes. Using my cock, I smeared it more around her face, making her look even more dirty, filthy and slutty if that was even possible.

And back inside. This time, my balls, dripping with cum, were adding to her already sticky face once deep-throating restarted. She was behaving, taking it well and eagerly, sucking as much as she could, her throat being able to accommodate the bulging fuckrod well; her chin and face dripping with semen.

She came up for air again to take it back in again seconds later, harshly reprimanded canlı bahis by her professor. The last round had it constantly buried deep, but involved little movement, just my groin circling around her, shutting her up well. She gasped when I pulled out and swallowed with loud gulp.

But if she thought she’d deserved a break, she was in for a disappointment. I grabbed her feather-light body, standing her up on the floor against the headboard, indicating she should support her arms against it. I stood behind her, spreading her thighs and ass cheeks and without any further ado entering her from behind, getting a series of good moans in return. Putting my hips easily into fast swaying motion, I was thrusting in deep and hard, slapping her ass now and then. She turned her head towards me, groaning loudly and trying to maintain an eye contact for a while, clearly fucking satisfied. Ramming into that fresh stretchable cunt, I grabbed her hair. Still looking at me over her shoulder, she growled, “Now I feel like a woman!” I landed a harsh slap on her ass, doubling the intensity of my thrusts and wrapped my hand round her throat. My balls were slapping against her and, continuing slapping her ass changing its colour to pinkish and holding her by the hair, she was my mare now, obedient and well-trained. Savage and brutal thrusts kept coming and I loved seeing the waves of her skin and muscles travel up her ass every time I shoved it in. I grabbed her leg and pulled it up to rest on top of the headboard, then grabbed her tit, squeezing it first, then pinching the rock-hard engorged nipple.

She was constantly moaning and yelling now. Soon, she would be cumming, that was obvious. She reached down to rub her own clit to speed it up. The quality of her moans was changing to higher-pitched and more frequent and her body started twitching more. Then she started to wail like a police siren on a clear path to release. “Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!” she barked as if in indignation and grabbed hard onto the headboard. Her convulsions soon came shattering her body into small pieces, sending powerful shaking down her legs. She shouted then she was cumming, which was an animalistic, bestial growl that certainly sounded like it came from her pussy, not her mouth. Then rapid growls followed and she was out of it, in her world, consumed by waves of arousal.

Not that the fucking ever stopped for a single second, you understand.

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