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I had just got back from the shops and was putting the meat for the evening braai in the fridge when I heard a giggle from outside by the cocktail pool. I slid open the doors and stepped out onto the patio, at which point the source of the laughter was immediately revealed. Janet was riding up and down on the dick of someone whose face I couldn’t see, but who was certainly well endowed. The anonymous dick-owner was lying on his back on one of the sun-loungers while Janet had mounted him in reverse-cowgirl style and was bouncing up and down enthusiastically on his rod.“Hey, Annie,” she cried as she saw me standing on the other side of the pool, “get your clothes off and join us.”“You carry on,” I said, “I’ll just sit here for now. I always enjoy watching you fuck.”I kicked off my sandals and pulled my sundress off over my head, which was all it took to leave me naked. Then I pulled up another sun-lounger casino siteleri and lay down on it, spreading my legs wide so I could finger myself as I watched.“Who’s your friend?” I asked as I rubbed at my clitoris. “I don’t recognise him from this angle.”“It’s Theo from the coffee bar,” explained Janet. “I went down for a drink and he was just about to start his lunch break, so I asked him back here for a fuck. Say hi to Annie, Theo.”She paused in her riding and Theo stuck his head up and waved sheepishly at me, his dick still buried in Janet’s snatch. He seemed interested to see me with my fingers buried deep inside my vagina.“Annie’s got a lovely cunt, hasn’t she?” said Janet. “You can fuck her when I’ve finished with you, if you like.”“You’ve got a great cunt too,” he replied, and began to piston his dick back into Janet’s wet hole. She was obviously very aroused, as I could see güvenilir casino his shaft was coated in her frothy juices. He was giving it all he’d got, and very soon he grabbed hold of her hips and gave three or four hard, deep thrusts, then cried out as he shot his load up into her.“Mm, that was a great fuck,” said Janet, as she rolled off him, letting his large rod slip out of her, coated in a frothy mass of cunt juices and semen. “Have you got anything left for Annie before you go back to work?”“Sure thing,” he said with a smile, “but I just got to go for a piss first.”He was just heading off towards the house when Janet pulled him back.“Don’t go inside,” she said with a dirty smile, “piss out here, all over me.”Theo looked a bit surprised at this. He obviously hadn’t encountered Janet’s pee fetish before.“Wow, I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing,” he said.“Well, canlı casino I’m not exactly going to go about wearing a t-shirt with “Piss Whore” on it,” she said. “But if you need to pee, you have to do it on me. Them’s my rules.”“I’ve not done this before,” he confessed, “but I’m up for it. Where do you want it to go?”“All over me,” said Janet. “I like it on my face and in my mouth, but on my tits is good too. You’ll come and clean me up, won’t you Annie?”“Sure,” I said. “Though I’d like to give you some of my own piss too, while I’m here.”Janet actually clapped her hands with glee.“Two lots of pee in one! It’s my lucky day,” she giggled.She sprawled back on the sun-longer and spread her legs, while Theo took his dick in his hand and stood beside her. For a moment nothing happened, then a stream of piss began to flow from his dick. At first it splattered over her little tits, then as the flow began to accelerate, he pointed it at her face. Janet opened her mouth eagerly, and Theo aimed the arc of pale-yellow urine straight into it. As she gulped it down, he sprayed more liquid over her whole face and into her hair. Soon streams of piss were running down her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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