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Subject: Pool-adventures Chapter 3 I had a nice long workout on a Saturday afternoon. It was pretty quiet as it was summer and most students are gone that time of year. If I am in no hurry I like a nice long, hot shower after laps to warm up and maybe enjoy a little eye candy surrounding me while I am at it. I hopped out of the pool and headed for the showers. There are 8 or so shower heads in 1 well lit room. When I entered it was about half full but not much of interest to see. After a little while this guy entered, he was in a pair of Adidas square cut swim trunks. He had a nice ass and treasure trail leading to his bulge. Finally something to sneak peeks at while I rinsed off. I had my back to the shower head and glanced his way a few times. We didn’t make eye contact so didn’t think he was interested. There are a ton of international students here so not surprising to see hot straight guys in tight suits. If only American guys were a little more into showing off a nice body. I soaped up and still had my suit on. I reached into my suit to clean it and myself. When I had my hands on my cock and balls I happened to look up and Adidas boy was staring at me, not my face but clearly watching my hand. I let it linger longer than I would normally then slipped my hand out of my suit and rubbed the bulge from the outside. He continued to look as I started to show a semi. I turned away to calm down a bit and lose the semi. When I turned back around he was fully hard in his suit. There is something contagious when a guy so close is hard, so naturally I got hard again. My speedo had no liner so it was impossible to hide my interest. Finally we made eye contact and he smiled. I also returned a smile. By now I was fully rinsed off and lingering only to izmit sınırsız escort bayan enjoy the view. We were in the shower room all alone by now. He asked if he could borrow some body wash. I nodded and said “Sure”. He walked over to me and I put some in his hands. He took the shower head next to me and proceeded to wash his body while occasionally stroking his cock inside his suit. I was completely hard by now as was he. His cock was sideways and the head of his cock was easy to make out. All of a sudden a guy came into the shower room and we both made sure to hide our bulges. Mine calmed down enough so I turned off the water and went to dry off. As I was standing by the towel racks he came up alongside me and grabbed a towel next to my stuff. I looked down and his cock was still semi hard but passable to walk around without gathering too much attention. We dried off next to each other and then I went to the urinal to piss. A minute later he took the urinal next to me. I was able to piss but it was getting more difficult once he came along side me. I could see his cock easily as he pulled it out of his suit and pretended to piss. Instead he stroked his cock a couple of times and played with the head a bit. By now I could not piss anymore and was hard again. He flushed and turned away from the urinal, brushed his hand across my speedo-clad ass and went into the far bathroom stall. My heart was racing because clearly he wanted me to follow. I hesitated but then decided to take a peek. The stall door was open. I looked in and there he was by the toilet with his back to me. His cock was not visible but his head was turned towards me and he moved his head to indicate I should come in the stall. I went evinde görüşen escort in and closed the door. I dropped my stuff on the ground and hung my towel on a hook. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him and pressed my bulge into his butt. He reached around and grabbed me to encourage me. I then ran my hand across his bulging cock and started to stroke him through his suit. He started to grind his ass against my cock. He whispered into my ear “I want you to fuck me”. I was so turned on but was also worried about getting caught. He turned around and got on his knees so that he was at cock level. He started to suck my cock through my speedo and loosened the string. He then pulled my cock out of my suit and started to suck me off. He sucked on me for a while and his spit lubricated it. He stood up and pulled off his suit. Spit into his hand and lubed his hole. He then grabbed my cock and led me to his hole. I didn’t hesitate at all considering I could not hear anyone nearby and we were trying to be as quiet as possible. I entered his hole with the head of my cock and the heat of his wet hole felt amazing. I slid in further and he let out a soft moan. Pretty soon I was balls deep and he was pushing back to make sure I was all the way inside. I started to pump in and out a little until I could sense he was loose and ready to be fucked. He was loose very quickly. I picked up the pace and pulled my cock all the way out and then slammed it back up his hole. He gasped and reached around to grab my ass to encourage me to go deeper. I kept fucking him but trying not to make any noise. I whispered into his ear that he was sexy. I asked if he wanted me to cum inside or pull out when it came time. “Breed my kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan hole” was his response. That was all the encouragement I needed. I knew it would not take long to reach orgasm so I reached around and started to stroke him. He had a beautiful uncut cock so I played with his foreskin using his own precum as lube. I then spit into my hand and lubed his cock even more. He moaned and I could feel his cock get firmer and engorged. Pretty soon I was about to cum. I whispered in his ear to warn him. I drove my cock in deep and let loose my load inside of him. It was so difficult to not make any noise as I am normally very vocal. My cum was lubing him up more so now there was an audible squishing sound as I continued to fuck him. Then it was his turn. He let out a `uh’ sound and then his cock spasmed as he came all over my hand, the toilet seat and the floor. I continued to play with his cock and stayed inside of him until the spasms stopped. I slowly pulled out of his ass. He turned around and started to kiss me. We kissed for a few minutes and caressed each other’s bodies. “Let’s go shower” he said. We pulled up our suits and separately walked out of the bathroom stall. We took adjacent shower heads and rinsed off. He reached into his suit and squeezed my load onto his hand. He then showed me my cum and then gave it a taste. I looked around and the coast was clear. I leaned over, kissed him and rubbed his bulge. Just after that I heard a locker door close and then a guy entered the shower to rinse off. We both walked out. He said thanks and said he still needed to get in a swim. I said goodbye, got ready and went home where I jerked off again thinking about what just happened. I never got his name and never saw him again but everytime I see a guy in an Adidas square cut suit, I take a second look just in case it is him again. Hey there, I hope you enjoyed my story. I am new to writing erotica. I have enjoyed Nifty for many years. Please remember that Nifty needs donations to keep things up and running. Please make a contribution of any amount, fty/

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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