Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 02

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Needless to say they never did get Chinese food or watch a movie that night but Timothy didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. He fully enjoyed exploring his Mom’s body and holding her close. That was over a week ago and it goes without saying that Tianna’s and Timothy’s lives changed a lot after their first time together sexually. Tianna felt slightly awkward around Timothy at first but he didn’t seem to think there was anything strange about having sex with his Mom. Well, maybe that wasn’t completely true since he wasn’t going around telling people but he didn’t act awkward or uncomfortable around her. He was very happy to be the one in his mother’s bed and satisfying her sexually. It made him feel more grown up and older then he was.

“Tim, can you come here for a second,” Tianna called out from the living room. She had been trying for over thirty minutes to get the DVD player working but either she was really stupid or there was something wrong. Timothy, wrapped only in a towel as he was about to go into the shower, walked into the living room. “What’s up, Mom?” he asked.

“I can’t get this dumb DVD player to play,” she said sounding annoyed and frustrated. “Can you get it working or show me what the hell I’m doing wrong?” she asks as she turns to look at him. “Oh, I didn’t realize you were going to take a shower. It can wait till you’re done,” she says letting her eyes trail over his chest. He always enjoyed working out and it was obvious by looking at his muscled chest.

“Nah, I can do it now as I’m sure it won’t take long,” Tim answered walking over to him Mom and taking the remote from her. “Well I think the problem is that you don’t have the right remote for starters. This is the old VCR remote, Mom,” he stated with a chuckle. He walked to the coffee table and put the remote down and after a second picked up the right one and proceeded to turn the DVD player on and start the movie for her. “Here you go,” he said handing her the correct remote then winking at her and walking out of the room.

Tianna watched him leave and with a shake of her head went to sit on the sofa to enjoy the movie. However, she could hear the water being turned on for the shower and she was very distracted at the thought of Timothy’s body so without thinking about it she got up and walked upstairs to the bathroom. She stripped her clothes off and left them piled outside the door then she entered the bathroom. “It’s been a long time since I helped you take a shower. Would you like my help now?” she asked pushing the shower curtain to the side and smiling at Timothy. He smiled back and moved so she could easily get into the tub.

Tianna ataşehir escort bayan stepped in and pulled the curtain closed behind her as she looked her son up and down feeling the desire in her begin to come to life again. She took the wash cloth from him and soaped it up good then motioned for him to turn around so his back was facing her. She began washing his neck and back and down to his butt, which she took special care of washing. She squatted down and washed the back of his legs and then back up slipping her hand between his leg and carefully washing his balls. Timothy moaned out at the feel of the cloth rubbing him. When she was done she had him turn around and she washed the front then getting on her knees she rinsed him clean and wrapped both hands around his cock and leaned in and ran her tongue up the underside licking the water off as more fell on him. Timothy closed his eyes and placed one hand on the wall and the other on the pole holding up the shower curtain as his mother took the tip of his cock into her mouth and sucked upon it slowly. Her hands began to move up and down his shaft while her tongue played with the hole on the tip.

“Ohhhhhhhh.. Mom… ye…s….” he moaned out as Tianna slide more of him into her mouth as she stroked him bringing one hand to his balls to massage and caress them. She knew how much he enjoyed having her play with his balls while she sucked on his cock. Soon Timothy placed his hands on Tianna’s head and began moving his hips back and forth fucking her mouth at a slow pace. He wasn’t in a hurry just yet to have it over as there was nothing better to him that his Mom’s mouth wrapped around his cock.

She slowly brought him all the way in and increased the suction around his cock as she played with his balls. After a few more hard sucks she slipped him out and licked her way down the underside letting her tongue stroke the vein that was protruding as she did. Once she got to his balls she began lapping at them carefully with her tongue before slipping one into her mouth and gently sucking on it. “Mommmmmmmm… oh.. god….. yes.. suckk.. .me .. Oh.. Mommmmm….” Timothy continued to moan out as his orgasm began to get closer to surfacing. He loved how her mouth knew where to lick and jus the right pressure to use to get him going.

After switching to take the other ball into her mouth she moved one hand up and began stroking Tim’s hard cock making sure to run the palm of her hand over the tip with ever down stroke. His moans were getting louder and were echoing off the tiles in the bathroom making them sounds even more erotic to Tianna. When she escort kadıköy could feel Tim’s balls tightening she knew he was close so she slipped his ball out of her mouth and moved back up to take his cock into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down over the tip sucking as she did while her hand stroked him at the same time. He was moaning so loud now and was holding onto her hair tightly as she brought him closer to climaxing.

“MOMMMMMMMMMMMM… … G…od… yes…..” Tim cried out as he shot his cum into his Mother’s mouth and down her throat. She sucked him dry and when he was done she stood up and smiled at him. “I think you’re all clean now,” she said with a wink. He smiled back and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her to him. “I am but I think it’s your turn to get clean,” he whispered as he brought his lips down and captured hers kissing her hard. He then leaned her against the back wall of the tub and kissed his way down her chest and over to her left nipple. He traced around the aroused nipple with his tongue teasing her before finally sucking it into her mouth. He slid one hand down her body and rested it on her pussy gently stroking her lips as she parted her legs and moaned. She was so wet and hot for him and his touches that he easily slid between her lips and stroked up and down very slowly.

After a few strokes he moved his finger upward searching for her clit finding it swollen and in need of attention. While his mouth and teeth nibbled and sucked her breasts his finger, wet from her juices and the water from the shower, began to lightly stroke Tianna’s clit in circles. Her breath caught for a second and her legs parted more as she felt his fingers on her clit. Finally a moan escaped her parted lips as the sensation began spreading throughout her body. “Oh.. baby.. .yes… just.. like.. that….. rub Mommy’s clit… good boy…” she moaned as he got her even more excited.

Timothy loved hearing his Mom moan and talk to him that way while he was sexually pleasing her. It was a big turn on for him and as usually his cock, which hadn’t lost its erection completely, was at full mast again. He couldn’t wait till he could bury it deeply inside his Mom’s hot pussy. Finally he licked his way down her body and kneeling like she did he took both hands and gently pulled her pussy lips apart and ran his tongue between them up and down. Tianna’s hips rocked against his mouth as her hands held his hair tightly. “Yes… baby.. lick Mommy… make Mommy cum…” she moaned.

Timothy knew that it could sometimes take his Mom a little while before she’d cum and he enjoyed that a lot but there were other maltepe escort times when she would cum quick and those were good times too. He wasn’t sure which was going to happen this time as he licked up to her clit and slowly licked very lightly up and down on it. As he was doing this he brought one finger down do her entrance and he began to slide it easily inside her pussy arching the tip up trying to find that spot that drives her crazy. She was moaning louder and tugging on his hair as he continued to bring her closer and closer to her release.

“Yes… right.. ther…e….oh.. bab…y.. mor..e… lick… fas..ter…..plea..s..e….bab…y…” she cried out as he brought her to the edge but not quite over. Hearing her he knew she was close so he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked. When he did this her pussy tightened around his finger as her body exploded and she came. She cried out and pulled on his hair rocking hard and fast against the wall and his mouth and finger. When she was done he stood up and kissed her again then reached over and turned the water off. He got out of the tub and offered her his hand to help her out. When they were both out he moved her to the sink. “Mom, I need to fuck you… can you lean forward against the sink?” he asked huskily. She kissed him and moved into the position he requested looking back over her shoulder at him as he grabbed her waist with one hand and lined his cock up against her pussy with the other.

He teased her at first rubbing the tip of his cock up over her clit causing her to moan and buck slightly as she was sensitive there now. Then when she thought she couldn’t wait another second he pushed the tip inside her and slide all the way in. She moaned out and leaned forward pushing her ass backwards. Timothy closed his eyes for a second and held still forcing his orgasm back as it was too soon for it to erupt. Once he had regained some control he slowly began to slide his cock almost completely out then back inside. He kept up a slow pace at first but the need got stronger and as it did his speed increased. Tianna had slipped one hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit while her son fucked her. They were both moaning rather loudly at this point and suddenly Timothy gripped his Mother’s waist rather tightly as he cried out and pushed deep inside her and came filling her up nicely. After a few seconds Tianna’s orgasm hit as well causing her pussy to clamp tightly around Timothy’s cock as she came. Once he could move Timothy slipped out of her pussy and sat on the edge of the tub catching his breath. Tianna turned and smiled at him as she leaned over and kissed him.

Yes, their lives had changed but it was for the better as far as they were concerned. Timothy was getting the chance to be intimate with his Mother whenever he wanted to and Tianna was able to enjoy her son’s cock whenever she needed it. To them life had taken a turn for the better.

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