Plaything for a Night (part 2 – the spanking)

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Plaything for a Night (part 2 – the spanking)(This is a direct follow-up to Part 1)I lay on the bed feeling spent from having just come. I surprisingly feel fully comfortable with having let Sir take full control of me up to this point. However, I can already feel the hunger growing in me to keep playing and not have that be the only orgasm for the evening. In this selfish thought, I also realize that I will have serve my Sir as well. Although I am naked, freshly shaven, and only wearing the ribbon he tied around my waist and looped through my pussy, he is still fully dressed. I’m sure he remembers that this was something I told him I had fantasized would make me feel more submissive – feeling exposed while she showed me nothing. It wasn’t however quite nothing that he showed me as I could see from where I laid beside him that he had quite the bulge in his pants. I u*********sly lick my lips hungrily upon seeing that. I know however I will have to wait as Sir is not done with me yetHe gently starts pulling on the ribbon that is ridding up my pussy. “I like this,” he says. “It looks pretty against your shaved pussy. Do you like that I’m changing the way your pussy looks? Decorating it?” I realize he is right, even though I leave tomorrow and might never see him, I will be leaving physically changed. “Yes Sir. I makes me feel more like I belong to you. The ribbon is very pretty.” I say. “More importantly, I am happy you like the way it looks.””Yes, plus it gives me something to hold onto.” he says, as he starts to pull it more. I realize he is using it to guide me to my feet. I stand up in front of him, as he sits on the edge of the bed. “Are you ready for your next step in being controlled by me?” he asks, giving the cord and extra pull, bringing it deeper into my pussy lips.”I think so. What will the next step be””Something I know you have really wanted me to do to you for a long time. It is time to make your bottom as pink as that ribbon I’ve tied around you. Lie of my lap.”I am so excited. This was the first thing we had every talked about that was particularly naughty and the thing we always went back to in our conversations. I was also very nervous as I had never been spanked this way before. I positioned myself across his lap, with my bottom over his legs and my body across the bed. I could no longer see what he was doing but I felt him reach for something from his bag. He must have taken out a ribbon as he took my hands and tied them behind bahis firmaları my back and attached them to the ribbon tied around my waist. I realized this meant that every time my hands moved it would pull the ribbon that was now against my clit and very wet opening “We are going to take this slow,” he said, no sooner saying that than landing a hard spank on my bottom. I gasp a little which causes me to jolt and as expected pull the rope in my pussy. I feel my bottom sting.”Just relax.” he says, again quickly spanking me on my bottom but this time I jolt less. I however take his advice and try to relax. He is steady with his spanks, going from check to check, never too hard but always enough to make a good slap noise. I can feel my bottom getting warmer but I get used to the rhythm and sting of each slap. I loose track of how many spanks he has given me but I know it is more than I had imagined I would take on my first time. Because he is slow and steady it is less about sharp pain and instead about a growing intensity on my bottom.Sensing me becoming more comfortable I notice him give a few harder ones and then move my legs open. I know before his fingers get there that my pussy is wet again. “This ribbon is dripping,” he says, giving it a pull. “I guess you were right about being turned on by spanking.” He lets go of the ribbon. In his pause I think he is going to slip a finger again into my pussy but instead he lands a spanking on it. I jump, pulling everything but he had anticipated and pushes me down onto his lap, landing another spank on it.”Good girl,” he says gently, then returns to spanking my ass now with intensity. This time it hurts more but I am distracted by the lingering memory of the spanks on my pussy and waiting, so what eagerly for another one, or a finger, or a rub of my clit, generally just waiting for anything that gives me a bit of relief to my building sexual tension but it doesn’t come.Instead, once my bottom I’m sure is very rosy he unties my hands. I feel a little disappointed at how quickly it had ended but he makes sure my disappointment doesn’t last. “Roll onto the bed on your back,” he says, ” spread your legs and let me see your pussy.” I do as he says, realizing as I lie on my bottom that it must be must more spanked than I realized.”I’m going to spank your pussy now,” he says. “When you first told me you were turned on by the idea of pussy spanking that was the moment I knew I wanted to have you submit to me. I’m kaçak iddaa going to really enjoy this.”He starts with a few full handed slaps on the pussy, not too hard, but more direct that the ones to my bottom. I try to keep my legs wide but they want to spring close after each one. To keep me from moving he grabs the ribbon in my pussy and pulls it up with one hand, using the other to spank me. I am enjoying the feeling but again can’t help but want to pull away a bit. “If you don’t keep still I’m going to have to stop,” he says, knowing that stopping would be the worst punishment.”I’m trying” I assure him. “Please don’t stop yet. Help me be a good girl for you.””I have an idea,” he says. He gets up off the bed. He grabs his bag and walks around the bed so that he is behind me. He places the bag behind me and then sits behind me on the bed. I can feel the roughness of his pants against my bruised bottom. He unties the rope around my waist and slowly pulls it away, leaving me with a strange sensation as i feel it pulled through my pussy lips. “lean against me” he says, wrapping his arms around and giving my pussy a quick slap to make sure this position is better for him.As he starts to spank my pussy, he uses his second hand to first tease my nipples while he spanks. He feels I am however getting to wet and excited, especially with the ribbon gone to absorb the wetness, so he focus more on the spanking of the pussy, wanting me to not come until he had fully enjoyed the spanking. The free hand now moves to manipulate my pussy lips, allowing the spanks to go to different areas and have different impacts each time. He spreads the lips side so that the spanks are less erotic, landing directly on my open pussy, holding them together which slightly squeezes my clit wit the spank, pulling a lip out while spanking the other, adding a pulling feeling to the spank. The most intense landing directly on my clit which is not pleasurable but does keep me focused. Of course this might be slowing me from coming, it isn’t stopping me from getting closer. I can hear how wet I am as the spanks become wetter sounding and more sloppy. “Just the way I like it,” he says ” nearly all warmed up now.” He reaches into his bag and pulls out a small crop. It has a long handle so he has lots of reach with it and a leather piece about and inch wide at the end. I’m sure that by most people’s standards this is small and safe, but to me it is new and scary. It wasn’t something we kaçak bahis had ever talked about. “I want you to hold your legs open. If you are good for ten slaps with this I will reward you with something else from my bag, but if you close your legs we are going to restart. Does that sound fair?” he asks me.I want to say no because I’m afraid of how much it will hurt but on the other hand, I trusted him as he hadn’t let me wrong yet so I agree. I put one hand on each thigh and pull me legs back, exposing my now sore pussy.The first hit lands right in the middle of my pussy. In all actuality it is probably the best spot but I jump as I am not prepared for the new sensation. I let go of my legs. He sighs, disappointed. With his free hand he reaches around and plays with my nipple as he talks gently to me, “come on kitten, you just need to do ten slaps and then you’ll get a nice reward. I promise you you’ll get to cum soon. Do you want me to continue?”I resume the position, “Yes Sir. I want to make you happy. Please start again.” This pleases him and he pulls my nipple as he releases to resume the slaps. The first one lands again just outside my pussy, on the fleshy lips. I gasp but this time don’t move. “Good girl. Nine more to go.” The next lands in the same spot but I react less this time being prepared. “Eight now.” again landing in the same spot.”Seven more.” This time he lands one higher up, closer to my clit.”Six.” Again this moves up a little more, even closer to my clit. I tense a little, knowing where the next will go.”Five more.” and as anticipated this one lands on my clit. I let out a little gasp but keep my legs open.”So good. Four more.” again landing it on my clit, but now a little harder. I give a cry, not having enjoyed it.”Hold your pussy lips open this time.” I do and it lands right on my open pussy. I give another little cry but it is drowned out by the distracting wet sound of my wet pussy being hit.”Two more, where should I land this one?” I want to please him and so tell him my clit. I move my hands so he has better access. He hits with precision and sharpness but this time i enjoy it more, I think maybe it is because this is what I asked for.”Last one” he says, landing it back in the middle, but this be the loudest of them all. I’m happy to be done and eager for my reward. He gets up from the bed, but instead of putting the crop back in his bag, he puts it beside me saying “we might need this again later,” which worries me. He comes around to the front of the bed and smiles admiring my red, swollen and wet pussy.”You’ve been such a good girl. Are you ready for your reward?”I smile and say yes. Eager for what is next…. To be continued.

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