Pizza and King James’s Bible

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Cock Tease

All characters are 18 years of age and older.

Pizza, for some reason, doesn’t quite rank among the world’s most erotic foods. Chocolate? Luscious. Strawberries? Lustful. Oysters? An aphrodisiac. Whipped cream? Downright nasty.

But pizza…I certainly never gave it much sexual thought until that fateful day. After that day, suddenly I was all too eager to feel his thick cock inside of me as I stared at the display case of margherita pizza slices. The scent of tomato sauce made me wet. It was a Pavlovian response, and it all started on a spring day.

My mother thought it was about time I got a summer job, and she marched me downstairs to the new pizza shop down the block.

“Hello, James, this is my daughter,” she said. Of course she knew the man already. I was resenting the intrusion into my nice summer of writing and reading and walking in the park, my last summer before college. Of course she had to go and ruin my carefully laid plans.

I’m thankful now. But I wasn’t, then. Not until I saw James. I’m not ashamed to say that I felt my clit tingle for just a moment when he stood up and shook my hand. Six feet tall and thirty-seven years old, with dark auburn hair and a nicely trimmed dark auburn beard. Muscled, tattooed arms that were all too apparent in his tight blue t-shirt. I was glad I was wearing a mask.

“Very nice to meet you,” he said, giving me a firm handshake. The eye contact was killing me. He had piercing blue eyes that locked onto mine and turned my stomach into trembling mush.

“Nice to meet you too,” I said sweetly, “I’m Valeria.”

“That’s a lovely name,” he said kindly. God, his deep voice was making my ovaries do backflips.

“Yours is lovely too,” I said.

“Oh,” he said with a rumbling laugh that made me want to drop to my

knees right there, “It’s a good name. Strong. Biblical.”

God, I really didn’t want him to be too religious. I wanted him to fuck me, and then and there, I set out to make it happen.

Let me be really clear here. Readers, when I say I wanted him to fuck me, I really mean that I wanted him to grab me by the throat and bend me over. I wanted him to tear off my panties and thrust his cock into my wet cunt. I wanted him to slap my face and growl and whisper filthy things in my ears in that deep, friendly voice of his. I wanted to feel those nice muscular hands grasping my thighs. I wanted to feel his calloused fingers sliding into my pussy and fingering my g-spot until my legs gave out.

I was a virgin who had thoroughly explored her body, thanks to the Internet. I was also pretty hot. 5’6, caramel skin, curly black hair down to my waist. B-cup, slim waist, and an ass that would put the peach emoji to shame. I was also teetering just on the edge of ‘legal,’ and he was teetering on the edge of forty. Oh well. Like I always say, one of the best things about this world is that almost all humans of sexual maturity have sex in common, and there’s really nothing like enthusiastic, consenting lust. Pure animal lust, pure fucking want.

But. I was working in a pizza shop. In the summer. I was a virgin with an overbearing mother, and the way he looked, I was sure he already had a girlfriend or five. So I kept my head down and sliced the pepperoni pizza and rang up change in the cash register and ‘Hi-what-can-I-get-for-you’-ed my way through the long hours. James was rarely there, since he was the owner and owned several pizza shops throughout the city. And when he was there, he was nothing but polite to me. Unfailingly polite. Very nice. He never fucking touched me. Which, I suppose, was only to be expected in a workplace, but Jesus. Every night, I lay in bed, kartal escort spread my legs, and pretended that he was rubbing my clit. I’d circle my swollen little bud, forcing myself to go slow. So slow. I’d drag it out, trying to quiet my labored breaths and moans, and when I couldn’t stand out, I’d slide two fingers into my dripping pussy and squirt all over my bed.

Fun times. But nothing was happening, and I desperately wanted to lose my virginity to James. So, I devised a three-step plan to get what I wanted from him.

Step One

The best thing about summer was that any scanty clothing would fit right in. On the day before I started to carry out my plan, Maya, my coworker, got a call that James would be coming in the next day.

“I can’t believe I have to clean the back room just because he’s coming,” I whined.

“Oh yeah, girl, and he’s gonna be spending the whole week here.”

I could’ve jumped for joy, but instead I let out a disgusted sigh and grabbed the mop. The back room would suit my purposes just fine. It was a windowless room filled with spare pizza boxes and cleaning supplies, all piled onto the gray sofa. I copiously scrubbed every inch of the room and shoved the boxes and supplies into the broom closet. Maya never used the back room, preferring to visit her girlfriend across the street during her breaks, so I put a convenient box of toys under the sofa. I had saved part of my paycheck for ages to afford them. Just looking at them made me want to slide my hand into my jeans and finger myself. I was insatiable. I had already taken one of the bullet vibrators into the bathroom and pretended to have menstrual cramps. I made myself cum for fifteen minutes, trying not to moan around my panties that I had shoved in my mouth, desperately wanting James to walk in.

But I digress. I cleaned the back room and then I went home. When I took my shower that day, I made sure to shave my pussy carefully, sighing as the blade slid around my clit. I set out my clothes for the next day- white lacy bra and matching panties with a little pink bow on them. Red shorts that were cut perilously high, and a white t-shirt that was cut perilously low. White Converse wedges. Thank God for workplaces without dress codes.

I liked the way everything looked at me as I walked down the street to the pizza shop. I let my hips sway as I strutted in my obscenely short shorts, my breasts jiggling through my nearly see-through t-shirt. I was sure some nosy neighbor would tell my mother how I was walking around dressed like a whore, but I wasn’t too worried. By the time that happened, my plan would be well underway. Everyone was getting an eyeful of my long legs and my curly ponytail that reached my butt, drawing more attention to that lovely asset of mine.

James was waiting by the pizza shop doorway, idly scrolling on his phone. He looked up and I caught the look of lust and shock that crossed his face as I walked towards him. Mmm, it was delicious. If I had any guts at all, I would’ve squeezed past him without saying anything, pressing my ass unnecessarily against his crotch. But I was, and still am, a lily-livered coward.

“Hi James,” I said sunnily, feeling a blush rise to my face. Walkin down the street had been the easy part. But now I was standing in front of him, with his piercing blue eyes looking me up and down. I started to sweat, all of my insecurities crashing down on me as he stared.

“Hello Valeria,” he said finally, not taking his eyes off of me, “Maya called in sick today, so it’ll just be you and me working.”

“What a shame,” I said, “I hope she feels better kaynarca escort soon.”

But not too soon. James and I worked the entire day in near silence.

Kitchen spaces are small behind the counter, and I brushed against him all day long, never quite looking at him as I did. Deep down, I was terrified, though. Terrified that he wasn’t attracted to me, that he wouldn’t want to sleep with me, that I was making a fool of myself for no reason.

Towards closing time, though we started to chit chat.

“What’s that tattoo of?” I asked innocently, leaning forward and letting my fingers brush his biceps slightly. His eyes creased in a warm smile, and I felt quivery again.

“Do you know the Skyfire Cycle books? By D.C.Parlov?” he asked.

“Of course!” I said, holding back a sigh of relief as he spoke, “I was so happy when they made Qwandor the dragon a woman. His books are awesome, but they don’t have a lot of female representation. Wait, is that a tattoo of Qwandor? She’s supposed to be-“

“Red?” he asked amusedly, “Yes, I know. This is a tattoo of the Norolith.”

“The evil being that almost swallowed Ka’lar at the Battle of Vorcastle?” I asked, “That’s an interesting choice, James.”

He swallowed nervously, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“You can just call me Jimmy,” he said with that rumbling laugh, “Everyone does.”

“But I like James. It’s strong. Biblical,” I said with a lilting little giggle. His eyes locked onto mine for a long moment and I blushed before I turned away, ready to greet a customer who had just walked in.

I was handing the customer his pizza box when he asked for napkins. I was about to turn and get him some from the shelf behind me when I gasped inadvertently. James was pressed against my ass, and I felt the hard length of his cock through my thin shorts. His legs were against mine and I smelled the wonderful smell of his cologne and felt his warm breath on my shoulder as he reached over and handed the napkins to the man. His other hand grazed my hip for a moment, so brief that I would’ve thought I imagined it if it weren’t for the spark of heat that shot through my core as he touched me.

He pulled away from me as the customer left, and we cleaned up and closed up shop, pretending nothing had happened. Step One of my plan had taken effect.

Step Two

I chose another outfit bordering on indecent the next day. Maya was still out sick, and I couldn’t quite feel bad for her. I put on a red corset and matching panties and denim shorts with a short jacket over the ensemble. I may have been a burgeoning slut, but I still clung onto some semblance of modesty every now and then. I walked to the pizza shop and said hello to James, hanging my jacket in the back room. His gaze swept over me hungrily. There was no mistaking it. I bent down and glanced at my untouched box of toys. I shivered with anticipation as I glanced around and touched one of them-the one I planned to use today. It was a hot pink g-spot vibrator that made me squirt in less than 30 seconds when I tried it at home. I felt my nipples harden as I imagined what I was going to do. My clit throbbed, and I let out a little whimper before I had to hurry back to the cash register.

Closing time seemed as if it would never come. Every touch between James and I was heightened, charged with electric lust, even as we talked about the Skyfire Cycle, the mayoral elections, and pizza. After we locked the door and started clean-up, I excused myself to go to the restroom. My heart was beating a tattoo as I rushed into the back room, grabbed the vibrator, and kozyatağı escort rushed into the little bathroom.

To say that I was nervous would be an understatement. I stared at the white walls and the hand dryer machine that was always broken. I didn’t have long to put my plan into effect. So I unbuttoned my shorts and let them slide to the floor. I pulled down my lacy panties too and sat on the toilet seat, feeling extremely exposed. There was no one else in the bathroom (yet), but my face was red with embarrassment, even as I felt myself grow wet. I rubbed my clit for a few seconds, letting out a low moan. My pussy throbbed, and I decided it was time to up the ante.

I untied the laces of my corset and let it fall down, exposing my bare breasts and my hard nipples. I shivered, feeling a chill, before I took the vibrator and shoved it hard into my pussy, feeling the glorious stretch as the bulbous hot pink head of the vibrator hit my g-spot.

It didn’t take long before I started to scream. I cried out as my legs started to tremble. I was on fire with arousal, every nerve of my body in a state of lust, shaking and panting, dripping wet as my orgasm barreled towards me.

“Valeria? Are you alright?” I heard his concerned voice in the hallway and a panicked chill washed over me, but I was too far gone to stop.


He was on the other side of the door, listening to my wanton panting, listening to me groan as the vibrator pulsed inside of me and I frantically rubbed my swollen little clit. He was right-

Shit, I was screaming at the top of my lungs


I was so rampantly aroused by the thought of him listening to me cum that I was seeing stars as I screamed and rubbed my clit desperately


He opened the door and stood in the doorway as I howled, and squirted all over the floor. The look on his face was one I’ll never forget. I could see the outline of his hard cock through his shorts as he stared at me, his mouth open in shock. What a sight I must’ve been, leaning back against the toilet, bare-breasted with my hard nipples poking out into the air, flushed cheeks, panting, with a vibrator shoved up my cunt and my pussy juices sprayed everywhere.

I licked my lips, staring into his eyes as he took in the sight. A moment of sheer terror washed over me. I was sure he would fire me on the spot. What was I thinking? So I just stared into his blue eyes, watching until they darkened with lust and he walked towards me, shutting the door behind him.

“Such a bad little girl,” he murmured, reaching out and slipping a finger into my mouth. I sucked on it gratefully, and I reached out for his cock.

“No,” he said, taking a step back, “Bad little girls don’t get to touch me. They’re made to wait.”

I let out a hungry little whine as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a thick cock that was easily eight inches. It had a fat, throbbing purple head and I longed to lick the bead of white pre-cum that formed at the tip. I stared at it desperately. I had never seen a cock in real life before. His was hard and veiny, and it ended in a thatch of dark auburn pubic hair that I longed to bury my nose in. He started to stroke himself as he stood over me. I smelled the scent of his arousal, and it was so deliciously male, so fucking hot, that I was overtaken by another wave of lust.

“Turn it on, little one,” he told me, and I switched on my vibrator. I was already so turned on and overstimulated that it took less than a minute for me to come again. My orgasm curled through me, almost painful in its intensity, and a moment later, ropes of his hot cum spattered my chest and chin. I gasped delightedly as I stared down at his sperm, oozing down my breasts, loving the contrast of his white semen with my brown skin. I scooped up a fingerful and slid it into my mouth, loving the salty taste of him.

“Eat it all,” he whispered, “And we’ll see what happens tomorrow, my little girl.”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered as he turned and walked away.

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