Pink Christmas

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Pink ChristmasDelivering gifts was always a joyous event for Santa, but 2012 was a very trying year. His wife of almost 700 years had died in July and add to that the population boom he was giving out more gifts than ever before. On this particular Christmas Eve he had just cleared Asia and was crossing the Pacific ocean with his Reindeer set on California. As the came in low over Los Angels he landed on the roof of a beautiful mansion. “Sara Jennings, age Six a “Barbie Dream House”. With a wink and a nod he fizzled into a cloud of red dust and flew down the chimney. He materialised in a large living room decorated with all manner of christmas fare. As he pulled a cookie from a nearby platter he conjured a large gift from his sack. As he placed it beneath the tree a breathy sigh alerted him to a large couch nearby. Lying on the couch was a girl he instantly recognised, Claire Jennings Sara’s 18 year old sister. Claire Jennings, a frequent name on the Naughty list. As he watched her sleep he couldn’t help but feel a bit ashamed. Maybe it was the loss of his wife, or the years of no gifts but he felt that she should get something. From his sack he produced a small white box containing a Silver Necklace, something she asked for when she was 11. As he made his way back to the chimney he heard a gasp. Turning quickly he could see Claire sitting fethiye escort up looking at him.”Who are you?” she asked “I thought the red suit would be some kind of hint.” he said in a whisper. “Oh come on, Santa’s not real!” she said like any true cynic. “I assure you my dear I am.” he said with a grin.”Prove it.” she said”I think you will find the proof in the gift at your feet.” Claire looked down and saw the white box wrapped with a red ribbon. She picked it up and quickly opened it revealing a pure silver chain with a Sapphire stone pendant. “I asked for this when I was Eleven…how did you…? “Santa Claus, at your service.” he said tipping his red cap. As he turned to leave claire spoke up again. “Can you help me put it on?” Santa smiled and with a nod walked over. Claire turned her body and moved her long blonde hair to the side as Santa drapped the necklace across her neck and clasped it in the back. Claire stood up and happily pranced about. “It looks amazing…don’t you think?” Santa watched as the sparkly blue gem moved back and forth and came to rest in her bountiful cleavage. As his gaze lingered on her chest Claire began to laugh. “Wow even Ole Saint Nick is a breast man, huh?” she said. “I’m terribly sorry my dear, I’d best be going now.” he said flustered. “Now now, don’t be embarrasse. All men have their own escort fethiye little kinks.” “I’m not most guys, I’m over 1,000 years old.” “What’s age have to do with anything? Guys of all ages tell me I have a nice ass, what do you think?” Santa watched as Claire turned around and pulled down her shorts to reveal a breathtakingly tight heart shaped ass. The sight of the teen bounding around caused a long dormant thing to happen, a yule log erupted in his red pants. “Oh my!” Claire said as his erection burst forth sticking straight out. Claire walked over and gently rubbed the front of his slacks. Feeling the hardness and girth screaming to be released from the cloth confines. “Looks like you have one more package for me Naughty Santa.” Claire untied the pants and pulled them down revealing a huge prick. Ten inches long and four inches thick sticking straight out at her. “Your wife must love this!” she said. “Actually it was to big for her, that’s why we had all the elves around.” Claire looked at the girthy member and started to salivate. “Lets see if I can tame this Frost Giant.” she said. Santa bit down on his lower lip as Claire began to suck him off. As she gazed up at him with her blue eyes she took it deeper and deeper each time until her nose pressed into his pelvis. With the Cock nice and slick Claire led him to the nearest fethiye escort bayan chair and sat him down. Holding up his huge prick Claire sat on his lap and shoved it deep inside of herself. “What do you want for Christmas little girl?” Santa asked. “Oh Santa I wanna Cum hard.” she screamed. “That I can do my dear!” Clair began to softly moan as he began to pump faster, her tight pussy slurping hungrly at his swollen shaft. Claire started squirming in his lap as he rubbed her clit. This added to her pleasure and really got the juices flowing.He continued to push in and out until she finally let out a loud scream. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” Claire sank into Santa’s body, he pussy aching from the glorious fuck. “You didn’t cum?” she said.”Not yet but I’m close.” Claire slid off and fell to her knees. She grabbed his tool with both hands and began to tug Santa off. after a few tugs his swollen balls released ribbons on Jizz all over her face and tits. As Cum dripped from Santa’s Cock Claire slipped it in her mouth to suck it dry. “Umm taste like Egg Nog!” she said with a grin. His cock back to normal, Santa pulled on his trousers and grabbed his sack. “You’re still a Naughty Girl Claire Jennings.” “Yes but I’m YOUR Naughty Girl.” With a wink and a nod Santa flew up the chimney. Claire still naked and covered in cum bolted outside and watched as the sleigh took off. “On Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. On Comet, on Cupid on Donner and Blitzen. Come on Rudolph light the way!” And then Santa said, as he flew out of sight… “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Fuck!”

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