Picking up the right man

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Foot Fetish

Picking up the right manMy Company had sent me to another city; I was supposed to attend some boring conference and it really was making me crazy.Worst of all, my loving hubby had not fucked me during the last two weeks; so, I was uncomfortable and very, very horny.The first night after the conference, I squeezed my body into a gorgeous short black strapless mini dress, stepped into a matching pair of high heels, and wore my curly hair down. I went to have a drink at the hotel lobby; I knew I just had to wait for someone to come and pick me up…After rejecting three stupid guys carrying stupid proposals; I was convinced that I should spend the night alone at my bed, just with my favorite travel toy; a medium size red silicon dildo…But suddenly, a little miracle just occurred.”Why are you alone…?” A perfect voice came up from behind, asking the right question.”The right man has not approached yet” I said with my back to him.Then he sat down close to me. He was a black man; a huge one; very tall, with a tightly muscled body. He was dressed in dark blue and his clothes looked perfect against his black as night skin. “Have you decided what you need?” He said while looking me over.”Well, I need what every woman needs” I replied karşıyaka escort purring like a cat.My heart raced as I said this, but I did not take my eyes from his. As I finished my drink, he pulled his stool closer to mine and suddenly he grabbed my hand and put it into his lap.My hand rested along a thick shaft, something very huge.All of a sudden, his heavy hand explored my ass cheeks.”Lead me back to your room.” I told him without hesitation. The elevator ride was long, but I enjoyed being held close by him. I enjoyed his hand on my hip. I enjoyed the image that was racing through my dirty thoughts in my mind…When we got back to his room, he continued to control me.He ordered me to undress him. I started unbuttoning his shirt, unzipping his pants and finally pulling down his boxers.He stood before me totally naked. His dark cock, still not fully erect, was thickest than my loving husbands…He rocked his hips slightly making his dick swing from side to side.I just kneeled before him and pulled his cock head into my mouth. It was too thick and I could barely put it in. Instead, I ran my tongue around it and pulled on him hard with both hands. My stroking quickly brought him to full escort karşıyaka strength and I tried to pull as much of him into my mouth as possible. I could feel myself getting my cunt wetter and wetter.”You can do better, my white married bitch” he suddenly said and with that he pushed himself deep into my mouth. The feeling was uncomfortable as it stretched my skin, but the feeling in the back of my mouth was amazing. I did my best to not gag on his cock.The black bastard seemed pleased as I sucked air through my nose and he fucked my mouth in such a wild manner. He kept a pace comfortable for him; but it was also pleasurable for me…After ten minutes of hard work, he pulled himself from my mouth.He looked at me in the eyes and then my soaked tiny thong was off in just two seconds. He smiled when he saw that wet piece of cloth.Soon the head of his black cock was swimming in my wetness.After teasing with a few shallow thrusts, he pushed his head into me; making me let a gasp in surprise…”Damn bitch, you are tight. Did you have been fucked before…?” I was concentrating too hard to answer, instead focusing my attention on letting him push deeper. Making short progress, he pushed deeper karşıyaka escort bayan and deeper, pausing only to let me catch my breath. “How does that feel…?” “You love my black cock deep inside you?”Thoughts went through my mind; but all I could do was moan…I felt him pull back until only his head remained inside of me; he paused for just a moment and pushed hard back into me. I came immediately, screaming like a bitch in heat…Then he continued his own pace; pumping me with long, deep, impossibly powerful strokes. The bastard fucked me real hard. I slipped from orgasm to orgasm; as he went from a soft pace to a punishing one deep inside my stretched cunt.”What do you want, bitch?” He asked me as he pumped me wildly.Then I begged him in tears to fuck me; I told him I loved his cock; I told him to cum inside me I told him everything he wanted to hear.”Beg me, bitch; I cannot hear you!” And I did, repeatedly, until a final, painfully deep thrust announced me his orgasm. I felt him rush into my body, filling my womb. It was perfect.He lay on top of me for a few minutes, catching his breath, before rolling over. Once he stood up, my phone rang…As I spoke to my loving husband I started stroking my black lover back to full strength again. I was not done yet.. Victor and I chatted for a few more minutes and then I stood up as the conversation drew to an end. With my eyes locked on my lover’s black cock and feeling his warm semen dripping between my legs, I said goodnight to my husband and told him I loved him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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