Picking up my daughter from school

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Picking up my daughter from schoolI picked up my daughter after first classI waited nervously in the car. At a small fast food place I waited for my daughter. I watched her grow from c***d into a stunningly hot teen. I had dropped her off earlier in the morning and I told her that I wanted to talk to her after her first class…In the last year she really blossomed, and I began to think of her differently. Started when I was watching her get ready for school one day, and she was now wearing thongs under her uniform, and multiple times went with no bra… I know it’s wrong, but I began to fantasize about fucking her. Many a morning I would watch her get dressed, while I slowly, secretly stroked my swollen cock as she did. I wanted to be going down on her, making her cum, and let’s be honest, I wanted to.fuck her. I fantasized over this for years, of being with her, cumming inside her breeding her… I’m sure some how before today she knew, cause she would “accidently” brush against my cock, or expose herself to me. Each time I dropped her off at school, she would kiss my cheek, and each day the kisses would get closer.to.out lips touching.. This morning was different, as this morning after I told her I wanted to see her after her first class, manisa escort she went to get out of car, leaned in to kiss me, and God knows what came over me, I kissed her full on the lips.. and OMG she didn’t hesitate as our mouths opened and we kissed passionately. “See ya in an hour Daddy!”, and off she went.She came out to the car and got in. I started the car, and drove out of the parking lot. “Where we going?”, she asked.. “we are gonna play hookie..”, I smiled back at her. She was unaware that today I had decided it was time. I headed home with her, and as we talked, I became harder and harder, her skirt rode up exposing her thighs, and I was going crazy.We pulled I to the drive way, we got out. I unlocked the door, I knew Mommy was at work, and finally alone with my daughter. I shut the door behind us and locked it. I took her by the hand and guided her to the stairs, and as she climbed them I was entranced watching her ass swaying under the thin black material. As she reached the top of the stairs, she started to turn left to go to her room. “No, not today, get in here”, and I guided her into mine and mom’s room. I through back the covers, this the same bed I fucked her mother in all those years ago, maraş escort would now be the bed I fucked my daughter’s pussy on. She looked at me…her back to the bed, and I hiked her black school dress around her waist, and pulled her thong off… No no Daddy she protested as I stood up and pulled her top down. I pushed her back on to the bed, and kissed her pussy! The sweetest pussy ever… licking her and sucking her clit..she began breathing g harder panting, I knew she was about to cum, my fingers thrusting in and out of her hot wet tight hole, she started to shudder… reaching for my nightstand, I pulled out a large rabbit vibrator (her mothers), and I switched it on, and as it vibrated and rotated, I forced it deep inside my daughter! “Oh No no Daddy.. what is that..It’s it’s to big”, she cried as I fucked her harder and harder with that vibrating artificial cock! She exploded..her juices pooling under her ass, a big wet spot… right were mommy sleeps…and as she begged me to stop. I fucked that tool into her faster harder…ands Iicked and sucked her clit…. Fuck fuck fuck she moaned. I slowed my pace, to bring her back…She was breathing so hard… I stood there marveling at my Daughter, I had gone this far…I climbed escort bayan on the bed between her thighs… kissing her breasts, squeezing them, my rock hard cock brushed against her pussy…. ohhhh fuck. I looked into her eyes, and reached down grabbing my cock, I guided it to her pussy and pushed it forward… FUCK she was so tight, her eyes wide as she realizes her father is about to FUCK her…NO Daddy No….. I pulled her thighs up, curling her hips up as I shoved deep… FUCCHK AAHHHH GOD I growled as I felt the tightest hotest pussy I have ever felt surrender to my swollen cock! It’s ok baby it’s ok… I grunted humping and grinding against her… holding her arms down I sucked her breasts biting and sucking, her body spamming and moving with me as my cock tore into her. We kissed… as I pounded my i****tuous cock into her… I never wanted to stop… couldnt…. Ooohhh Fuck. FFFFUUUCK. I felt my cock swell… I tried to hold on but fuck I couldnt… I was flooding a torrent of hot fertile sperm deep into my daughter’s pussy… I shoved her hips down hard into the matress ensuring there would be no way she wouldn’t get pregnant, as I just breed my little girl… I held her tight as throb after throb filled her with more of my sperm… I could feel her body suddenly surrender as she orgasmed om my cock…. I felt my cum and hers dribbling down her sexy little ass…. and as We dressed I saw the large spot her mother would be sleeping in later…..She is the best Daddy has ever been with, and I’m gonna fuck her again and again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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