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Past Sexual EncounterSometimes I like thinking back about my past sexual experiences – replaying them in my mind can really turn me on. I’ve a few favourites and I’ve decided to make note of a few of them by writing them here. I remember once, in my mid 20’s, I had just broken up with my first long term girlfriend. It was thrilling to be single again, not knowing who I may meet next.Shortly after the break up, I was at a local nightclub. I spotted a girl within my circle of friends and thought she was pretty hot. I kept making eye contact with her. I noticed she held my gaze too. As more drinks were consumed, we ended up standing next to each other, talking to mutual friends. Eventually we struck up conversation. We flirted a bit and I was fairly sure she fancied me. I didn’t know how to make the first move as we were kind of still standing amongst friends. I spotted a couch by a table that people had just left. I said to her “oh, a seat, lets sit there”. Now it was better, we were both sitting next to each other, away from the others. We chatted for a bit, and in a moment of silence, looking at each other, we both moved in for it and started making out for a while. Then she said to me “I thought you were hot from when I first came in and seen you”. I passed my compliments on to her too. We made out some more, and at around 1am the nightclub started closing for the night. We stood outside where everyone waited for taxi’s. I had been out the night before and I was pretty tired. It seems crazy to think back that I even thought this, but for some reason I promised myself that I’d definitely just go home, so that I’d feel more rested and in a better mood by the next day. Nowadays I’d jump at any opportunity to get laid! lol She asked me to go back to a friends house for some drinks. Stupidly, I kept insisting that I really must go home. We were now standing on the street, outside the night club, with quite a few others standing around waiting for taxis. Everyone was pretty drunk. She said again “Oh, please, just for one drink”. I said “I’m so sorry, but we will do this again next weekend maybe?”. Then she grabbed my hand, looked at me with come to bed eyes, and slid my hand down the front of her panties, and again said, “Please?”. I immediately felt that she had just waxed as her pussy was as smooth as silk. My fingers slide in between the lips and I could instantly feel that she was warm and very wet for me. She held me close for the few seconds that I slid my fingers up across her clitoris, keeping me tight against her so that no one could see I have my hand in her panties, in public! Straight away, I said “Oooh, Ok then!” and giggled lol. So, we went back to our mutual friends house. It was just me, her, another girl who was her best friend, and our male mutual friend. We sat around a coffee table in the living room drinking a few glasses of wine. I said I was going to go into the kitchen to get a beer. I went into the kitchen and it was dark. I couldn’t find the light switch, but the orange glow of street lights outside illuminated the room enough for me to make my way to the fridge. I opened the fridge and the light from inside it lit up the kitchen a little more. Thats when I felt her hands slide around my waist. She was standing behind me. She slid a hand balçova escort over my crotch, and felt my bulging cock become hard through my trousers. I turned around and I pushed her against the back of the kitchen door and made out with her. I did this on purpose so that we were both against the door, blocking it closed and preventing anyone accidentally walking in on us. We slid down to the floor and she straddled me. As we made out with her on top of me, I could feel her grinding into me. I knew she was horny and totally up for it. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet. I opened it up and said “FUCK!”. She asked what was wrong. I told her that I hadn’t any condoms where I usually keep them. We went back into the living room after kissing for another while. It was now very late. Probably around 4am. My male friend disappeared with the other girl, probably to his bedroom. It left the two of us alone in his living room. On the couch she started kissing me again. Now that we were alone, I wanted more, even though I didn’t have any protection. While kissing her, I decided to have another feel of that smooth, wet little pussy of hers. I slid my hand up her thigh, and she did not resist. So, I went for it, and just slide my hand down the front of her panties. She was really wet this time. Her pussy felt so warm. Now she was rubbing the bulge over the top of my jeans. I unbuckled my belt, and opened the top button of my jeans to invite her to go further. She did not hesitate to put her hands down the front of my boxers and started caressing my now throbbing hard cock. As I started to stroke her clit, she started stroking my cock harder and faster. I still wanted more. I leaned over a bit further and pulled her leggings and panties down until they were around her ankles. She kicked them off and spread her legs wide apart from me. She was not sitting back on the couch, with her legs open and pussy spread, enjoying how I played with her pussy, now inserting two fingers into inside her. The next part is one I really like to replay in my head, as it turned me on so much. Upon her own initiative, she got up, kneeled on the ground in front of me, pulled by boxers down, and put my hard cock into her mouth. She immediately began sucking me off, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, sometimes pushing it down her throat. I couldn’t believe it! My girlfriend I just broke up with wasn’t very good at sucking cock, and she hated if I even rested my hand on her head. Thrilled by this situation, and wanted to make the most of it, I tested the waters by placing my hand on this girls head while she sucked me. No objections. So, slowly, I started applying more pressure. She still continued sucking. Eventually, I was holding her head in both my hands, clasping locks of her hair while pushing down on her head, forcing my hard cock down her throat. She grabbed on to my thighs as she continued sucking hard. I pulled her top up with one hand to have a look at her tits. She knew what I wanted and took her bra off. She had lovely perky medium sized tits. She was in her early 20’s, and her tits looked so fresh and soft, like a teens. I fondled her nipples for a while as she continued sucking me off. Then, I lay down on the couch, and grabbed her escort balçova by her waist. I was able to position her so that she was turned around, and made her get on top of me. Now I could see her pussy properly, as it descended down towards my face. It now felt risky, we were both half naked, and she was getting into the 69 position. We tried to be quiet and listen out for anyone coming. I still remember seeing her pussy first come down towards my face. It was smooth, not a single hair in site. I licked my lips in anticipation. I can still vividly recall what her pussy tasted like. Extremely fresh and slightly sweet. I could feel her wetness on my tongue. I was thrusting my cock up into her mouth, and now I was grabbing her ass and pushing her pussy harder into my mouth. As I slid my tongue up and down her tight looking, smooth, hairless pussy, and swirled it around her hard clit, I was staring right into her tight looking little asshole. I remember thinking how different she was compared to my last girlfriend. My last girlfriend did shave, but she always left a tiny tuft of hair around her clit, and around her asshole she had a few little hairs. Not this girl. She was smooth as silk, and even her little asshole was smooth. Still wanted to push the boundaries further, and make the most of this change, I decided to just go for at, and try for a little more. I remember momentarily stopping licking her pussy, and putting my fingers in my mouth to lube them up. Then, as I went back to eating her pussy, I decided to try gently stroking her asshole with one of my lubed fingers. She continued sucking without a pause. So stroked a little more firmly, I went for it, and began slowly sliding a finger into her asshole. It was tight. Really tight. I recall that as soon as my finger slipped into her asshole, she momentarily stopped sucking my cock, and looked back over her shoulder to me. I am not sure why, but this turned me on too. I wasn’t sure at first if she was objecting, but she then went back to sucking my cock, so I was relieved. Thinking back about it, I suspect that no one had ever been in her asshole before, and it was the first time she had her ass fingered like this. That also turned me on a lot. We had been pleasuring each other in the 69 position for some time now. I was purposely not allowing myself to cum, as I wanted to make her orgasm too. However, I think she grew a little frustrated that she wasn’t making me cum yet. I just happen to be very good at holding off, and can usually go for as long as I want before cumming. However, I got the message that she just wanted to make me cum, because she eventually got up from laying on top of me, got down on her knees in from of the couch again, and sat me up so that she could really concentrate on just sucking me off more. As much as I was highly enjoying eating her out, I actually didn’t mind that she did this, as it basically was giving me the go-ahead to just be selfish, lay back and enjoy the blowjob, and cum whenever I wanted to. I still vividly remember looking down and her head bobbing up and down as she sucked my cock, now harder, deeper and more passionately, with a hand wrapped around my shaft, stroking me as she sucked me and slid my cock in and out of her cute little balçova escort bayan mouth. I decided to go with it and start trying to cum. I put my hands on her head again, and allowed myself to control the speed which she was sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. I began to fuck her mouth harder and fast, now really sliding down her throat faster and faster. I sensed I was getting very close to cumming. Another thing that pissed me off a lot about my ex girlfriend was that she really, really hated if I came in her mouth. She was actually a very strict and controlling girlfriend. She shouted a lot and wasn’t a very nice person. I had to always tell her when I was close to cumming so that she could take my cock out of her mouth before I came. I always hated that as it was always such an anticlimax at the end of a blowjob. With that in mind, as I became very close to cumming, I was about to tell this girl to warn her. Then I realised, maybe she is ok with me just cumming in her mouth. Now I was very close and found myself debating what to do. I also thought now that if I did warn her, maybe she would say to not cum in her mouth? Well, this was the first blowjob I had in a long time since splitting with my ex, I wanted to make the most of this. I was unsure if it would be bad manners to just go for it. I thought, what the hell. I started really fucking her mouth hard now. I remember just before I came, she had stopped moving her head as I was thrusting my entire pelvis now, and I was holding her head steady, and just fucking her mouth at whatever speed I wanted to. Then I felt the rush, it was coming, and I decided to just do it. I suddenly exploded and came hard, thrusting into her mouth with each spurt. Well, she actually did pull away. She did let me cum in her mouth, but after a few, she pulled back. Then she whispered to me quietly “I didn’t say you could cum in my mouth”. She didn’t seem pissed off, but she obviously wasn’t used to it. I felt a little bad, but for reasons I couldn’t help, it turned me on that I may have been one of the first people to shoot their cum into her mouth. Maybe I was the first time she even tasted it? She wiped her mouth and I still came a bit more will stroking myself off. I apologised and she didn’t seem to mind and kissed me again. It was timed very well as shortly after that we heard a bedroom door opening, so we both had to scramble to put out clothes back on. In retrospect, it was actually a really great blowjob. For a few reasons it was always one of my most memorable blowjobs. I think I made the best out of the situation despite not having protection to have proper sex with her. She actually turned out to be a little crazy. Over the next few nights, she would phone at 3 or 4 in the morning, while out partying and drunk. I found it a bit full on. She seemed to want me to herself straight away, and at the time I’d just left a long, horrible relationship. I felt bad how it was left, but she came across as too possessive. I seen her once more again, about 2 weeks after that, in a different nightclub but hanging out with the same circle of friends. I’d just walked in and she grabbed my bottle of beer off my and just said “Hey, give that to me”. I was like, ummm ok, can I have my beer back please? She looked at me and rolled her eyes and stormed off. I guess as bad as I felt, it was her that left it really. I never did see her again. Thats about 10 years ago now. I actually can’t even remember her name to look her up even if I wanted to. But I do still regularly enjoy the great memory of that night!

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