Part II

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Part IIAfter Michelle overheard Mistress Carmen. She than starting panicking wondering who is Mistress talking but definitely to do with her. She immediately went back to work to continue the chores. Some time later Mistress Carmen comes to check up on her new slave. “I see you have done well pet, i must get some sleep so do you whore. Mistress attaches a leash to Michelle’s collar and led her to Mistress bedroom and in her bedroom was a small little cage in the corner of the room. Mistress then starts to remove some of the heavy bondage items such as cuffs and the posture collar. Mistress Carmen then orders her slave into the cage and tell her that this is where she will sleep from now on. Michelle now has to sleep on the cold hard steel floor of the cage. After Michelle has been placed into her cage Mistress leaves to take a shower and gets ready for bed. “Goodnight slut sleep well for your Mistress, i expect you to be awake before i wake up.”Morning has arrived and Michelle is up and waiting for Mistress to awake, after what seems like hours Mistress Carmen had finally awoken and looks over to her slave to see if she had did what Mistress asked the night before. “Good gurl i see your already adjusting to my rules, keep it that way slave.” Mistress get out of bed and prepares for the day at college. She take a shower and comes back to to he bedroom wearing her college uniform. Mistress Carmen then releases Michelle from her cage and ties her back up into her bondage outfit. “I expect to see you in the lounge room at 3 when i return from work. We have a busy weekend ahead of us slave and i expect ankara escort totally obedience from you bitch, now goodbye and i see you later”Soon 3o clock strikes and Michelle kneel in the middle of the lounge room waiting for Mistress to return home from work. It didnt take long as Mistress Carmen arrive shortly after Michelle got prepared. Michelle looks out of the window only to see a 2nd figure but who was it Michelle began to worry as to what might happen. She could hear chatter but could not clearly understand them. The door finally open and Mistress see her slave had done what she had asked her to do. She approaches her slave and starts to play with her then suddenly she kneels to next to me and i confused “Master we are ready for you please come and get your sluts.” Michelle almost lost her place and she could see a man that appeared very tall, very hung, very dominant and looking handsome for the pair of us. “Carmen introduce your slut to me.” “Slave this is Ali and he will be our Master and we must serve him in every way we can whenever he is around.” “Greeting Master Ali it is an honor to see you.” Thou Michelle tried to hide his lie and didn’t like the idea of having a Master. Master walks up Michelle and inspect throughly and even check on Michelle chastity. “Excellent work Carmen you please me what you had done to your slut.” “thank you Master please use her as much as you desire.” “Im thinking that we should cuckold you Michelle you useless piece of shit what you do you think of that bitch?” “Yes Master please cuckold me.” “Good answer bitch i be back in a sec you to stay right ankara escort bayan there Carmen watch Michelle for me” “yes master” said Carmen. Master Ali returns with two leashes and a collar. Master Ali places a steel chrome with a small ring on the front of the collar on Carmen neck and attaches a leash to it. Ali then grabs a collar from nearby and shows it to Michelle. It a pink dog collar. “Does michelle know why he has a dog collar?” Say Ali. “No Master Ali, michelle doesn’t know why.” “It mean your a worthless slave that isn’t fully trained and is a sissy. Carmen however is a trained slave she wear that collar with pride unlike you michelle. “Bet you want that collar don’t you?” Ali said. “Yes Master please i would like to wear that collar one day” “if you can achieve your training and complete your transformation into a gurl i give you a chrome collar to wear if you can do the right thing for your Mistress and Master, do you understand whore.” Master Ali then places Michelle new collar on her neck. “Yes Master i understand.” “Good now i want you both naked, Carmen assist michelle please and do keep on her, the chastity, plug and high heels.” Yes Master Ali as you say.” Soon the two slaves were naked ready to serve their Master. Ali then pulls his two slave with him, the two slave crawls behind their master to the bedroom. “Michelle sit there while you watch us two fuck each other pleasurably. Michelle sit there watching her two dominants fuck each other. Carmen is on her knee sucking her Master big juicy cock, “OH CARMEN YOUR SUCH A GOOD GIRL!!” After hearing this Carmen simply escort ankara went harder, faster and deeper on her Master cock. “Carmen get your slave over here.” “Yes Master.” Mistress Carmen bring Michelle over and orders her to suck Master Ali cock which she rejects, Carmen angered she forces michelle’s head onto the cock and makes her suck the cock by pushing back and forth on his head. As Michelle suck Master cock Carmen grabs a whip and whips Michelle ass and tell her if she isnt doing a good job she’ll have a brutal whip slash to her. Michelle realizing that she must suck the cock to please both her Master and Mistress. Michelle receives no more whips. Master Ali orders Michelle to stop sucking and to stay where she is. Master Ali want to fuck Carmen. The pair get on the bed and Master Ali begins to pound Carmen ass hard. Carmen orders michelle to stand in front of her which michelle does. While getting fucked Mistress Carmen then teases her slave playing with michelle’s locked up cock and trying to such her cock. It hardened her cock and michelle suffer painful erection as her cock is denied of erection. Both Carmen and Ali laugh at the poor michelle. Master Ali tells that he is about to cum and orders Carmen to make him cum. Mistress carmen then orders michelle to kneel in front of his Master’s cock. Kneeling with her mouth open Mistress Carmen gives a handjob to Master and he sprays his load on to Michelle giving her a facial and making her lick up Master Ali juice. Soon the trio were back downstair and michelle was in the kitchen cooking dinner for her Master and Mistress. As michelle cooks she could see that Mistress and Master were having sex again this time Ali was licking Carmen pussy and Mistress Carmen was moaning with pleasure this distracted michelle alot but she got her job done and served Mistress and Master their dinner.

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