Part 5, Hot in the Kitchen with Pinky.

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Part 5, Hot in the Kitchen with Pinky.Part 5So after another night spent with Pinky, I was feeling upbeat. I woke up, got ready for work and went to my job. I got the normal text from my wife, saying how her day was and plans for the today ahead. I rode though another shift at work, finishing up a bit later then normal. This virus expanded so quickly, that protocols at work changed to match the level of alertness. So this also meant longer hours, more work and more time with people at work. They made the plan to have the same crews working the same shifts, the same says, the same groups to prevent the risk of an outbreak. This impacted me none, but with Pinky, she was locked in at the late shift for the future. I was locked in at the early shift, tho our times were different, I see her after 11pm, and I was at work by 6am. It left us any real time to have fun and rest up for the next day, or least that is what we both thought. It took a couple days before Pinky and I got up together. This time it was at work. I was finishing up around eight, when Pinky came in the kitchen for a visit. All the other workers had cleared out already, leaving it just us two. Pinky came down to see if I would make a sandwich for her. She knew, well some of the staff knew about my sandwiches. I pulled out the different things and started working on what she wanted. Pinky walked around the table and got on her knees. She took hold of my pants and pulled them down. “I want your sandwich, but right now I want your foot long meat”. She took hold of my cock, and wrapped her mouth around it, pushing her face right to my lap. Then she sucked on my cock hard, making me feel a bit light headed. I tried to say not to suck my cock, but who was I fooling. I took hold of her head and took over thrusting my cock in her mouth. But unlike the other times, we were pushing it faster. Neither one of us could afford to get caught, it would break some of the no contact rules with work. I whipped out the cock and slapped her face, she asked for another slap, this time harder. I took my cock and hit her face again, and she was telling me again, to slap her face again with my fat cock. I smacked her face again, then told her to suck my cock. Pinky took hold of it and shoved it back into her mouth, really pushing my cock deep in her throat several times. Just as I moved my body to lean against the table, the door to the kitchen swung open. One of the other nursing aides walked in, asking if I had seen Pinky. I have seen this aid before, usually she is stuck up and always looked so tight with her hair in a bun, her clothes so done perfectly. The other thing that stuck out with me about sourpuss was she was a tall woman, who had small tits, no buns. She stared at my face, as I did the best to hid the fact of Pinky sucking me off right now. I mumbled as talked, part me and part of Pinky. I pointed out that Pinky was helping me out with something in the dry stock room and will be down soon with the food. I knew the aide was here for the food too. As she said thank you and turned away, Pinky had hit the spot where my cock lets out some cum. Her moan low as it was, made enough noise to raise the aide attention. She looked back at me, took a second to look around, and then smiled. I never saw her smile, and now I wondered if she saw something interesting. Either way, the moment bahis siteleri she left, it was the moment I let Pinky know I was ready to blow my load. She took my cock and took control. Sucking me hard, pushing my cock like a straw and hold it down in her throat as I let my load out. If it wasn’t for the table, my body might have fell. Her mouth at this moment was amazing, the idea of us almost getting caught was so hot. Pinky finished taking my load, letting my cock breath, while cleaning it with her tongue. I pulled up my pants and she went off to get some chips, and other stuff. I put the sandwiches together, and put them in a take out box. Pinky took the stuff, and said thank you for letting her use my cock, it was what the nursing aide need. We laughed as I walked her out of the kitchen. Before she went back, she made a crack about sourpuss, that she might of saw her shoes and might want some of the magic stick. Off she went, and I finished locking up the kitchen, after cleaning up from the sandwiches. I was lucky, we both were, but again that was hot and worth the moment. I left for the night and went home. Most places were closed now, and I was a bit tired now. Before I left work, I felt a buzz, and it was a text. Pinky said thank you again, along with two pictures. One is of her with the sandwich and a thanking me for the special cream sauce. The second one was of her and sourpuss. This picture was faces, and boobs. I double checked the pic, I knew Pinky’s boobs, but now I saw sourpuss’s boobs. I knew that I find out all about why I got this pic later. Off to home I went. When I did get home, I saw that my phone had another message, this time from the wife. It was a short message with clips of her day. She was showing me helping her parents with gardening, to help her dad with wood working stuff and helping cooking the dinner. She mention that she was spending time with the neighbor next store, that she was learning a few things about the area. I replied back and went into the shower, after stripping down naked. I had no plans for the night, and no real desires. So I went to the computer, and started working on some stuff, looking up locations to check out when the virus ends. My phone buzzed several times, telling me I have many messages. I check to see who they from. Wife sent one, just saying good night, and missed me. I replied back. The next several were of Pinky. One pic of her holding a pickle in her mouth. The next three was of her using the pics to show me her sucking the pickle. Her message was that she was still enjoying her night, and thanks again for the pickle. The last two were of Pinky with said pickle in her pussy, and thrusting it in. the last message was of her of telling me that the pickle was good, but she wanted something bigger in her pussy. I was turned on just from that. Didn’t know when we would be doing this but was up for her pussy again. I text back thank you for the stuff, glad I could help and then how she got me hard; while having to watch porn to relieve myself. I got couple joking texts back. A another text back from Pinky about text me later, and that was night. The next morning, I was up way earlier then normal. My alarm went off an hour early, leaving me with not able to go back to sleep issues. I got up, got my work clothes together, and grabbed breakfast. Most times its canlı bahis siteleri simple like pop tarts or bowl of cereal. I checked my phone when I got a knock at the door. I wondered who was here this early. It was 4am, tho and decided to see who was there. I opened the door to see Pinky standing outside. I open the door and let her inside. Pinky talked about how things got last night, and the special pic she sent. We sat down as she talked about last night. She said “I got back with the sandwiches, and sourpuss was asking me questions. When I tried to not say what I was doing, she had mentioned that she saw my reflection the the steam table, that I was blowing you”. Worries came over my head, but she went on to say that sourpuss was feeling a bit naughty at the moment from what she saw and was the one to say send you a boob shot. I told her thank you but now the risk was too high to do that again. Then I asked why she was over so early or late for her. Pinky explained that after her shift, she spent time with sourpuss and lost track of time. As much as I was enjoying the time with Pinky, I mentioned that I had to get ready for work soon. Pinky said “Okay, then lets make this quick”. I was puzzled by the words, but she made it clear. She took her pants off, and then pushed me down on the couch. She climbed on me, and putting her pussy on my mouth. “After sucking you last night, I was so went, that I need you to suck my pussy for me, and I will make this quick for you” she said. She kneed on my body, making sure her pussy was right on my mouth. My lips touched her lips, and they were wet, dripping wet. I stuck my tongue in and went to work. Pinky then started to talk about last night. She let it out to sourpuss that she enjoyed sucking my cock, that she felt like a slut to it. She described to her about what it did for her, how the big cock in her mouth was so good, that she wanted it deep in mouth, that she wanted to gag on it. Then the feeling of this salty cum oozing out of this cock, how it was a warm cream from a donut. Then she further told me in her sexy voice now, that she described how the feeling of power from the cock, how she loved the feeling of how I smack her with it, that the sounds of it turn her on, the feeling of a warm, dirty, wet cock slapping her face feels so good. Then Pinky changed up the moment by telling me that sourpuss got turned on by it too, that she noticed her playing with her pussy. Pinky didn’t stop her, but joined in with fingering her own pussy. The more she talked about what happened with me and her, the more she saw her and sourpuss got their wet pussy on. All this talk really motivated me to eat her pussy. Along with talking about it all, Pinky was riding my face. She helped me more by putting her hands on my face, and rubbing my hair. It was not normal but it felt good too me. I held her legs at first but then reached around her ass to hold. My one hand in the process of this, reached down to feel her foot. She was wearing socks, but I was still playing with them. But it seemed to distract her, so she slapped my hand and told me to save that for later. Then back to talking and ride she went. The closer she got, the deeper her riding was, the more about how she played with her pussy. She talked more about sourpuss, and her pussy. She described it being shaved. How her lips canlı bahis looked bigger then her own pussy. The more she talked about sourpuss’s pussy, the more she was riding my face. She even started talking about how licking that pussy would be so good, so welcoming. But Pinky was not lost to me in this, as she talked about how my cock would looks so good in her pussy, that fucking sourpuss would be so hot. Then Pinky’s body slowed down and my mouth was feeling her rush of juices. She slowed her grind to slow and deep, and turning her hand into holding my hair, even pulling my hair from the oral. I took hold of her ass hard and locked my lips to her lips. I was taking all that I could from her dripping pussy. Then we stopped, her body held me tight, and I was just hold my mouth open for her pussy. Pinky climbed off my face, and in deep breaths at that. She had worked herself out. I sat up to grab a wipe, and clean my face off. Pinky was still standing and feeling her pussy with her fingers. I looked at her ass, and thought about plugging it with my cock. All that talk again, and oral sex got me thinking of sex. But I looked at the time and I was running out of time to get ready for work. I could push it back, as I gave myself extra time in case of something slowing my drive over. I walked up to Pinky, took hold of her ass, and throttled my cock against it. Pinky turned her face to say “If you want to fuck my ass, please do it good and hard”. I dropped my shorts, and took my head into her ass hole. Pinky stopped me long enough to take her pussy juices and coat it on my cock. She then bent over, and yelled for me to fuck her ass. I shoved my cock in her ass hole. Took hold of her ass cheeks and was slamming them with my body. This time I was on a purpose, fucking her ass and getting ready for work. Pinky was loud this morning, talking about how fucking her ass was so good. In the spurts of that, her hands were playing with her pussy. This time as I tapped her ass, I was pushing faster then normal; this lead to my cock ready to burst allot soon then I could want. But I also was worried about the time. Cutting it close was like the night before, hot and sexy. When that thrust of hard cock hit her ass whole hard, my load started to leak out. I held her tight as I forced my cock to cum in her ass. Pinky who was using the computer chair for leavege, was hot and not bothered by my cum early. She waited until I pulled out to use her hands to reach for that ass cum. She took a small amount on her hand and then turned it around to lick her fingers. Then the other hand did the same as before, taking the leaking cum but then she stuck her hand in her pussy. She was using my cum and fingering her pussy with it. Time was not on my side, cause that got me ready to turn her over and fuck her on the chair. That didn’t stop Pinky from working herself, while I went to get my uniform on. When I got back, she was cleaning herself up. Pinky walked with me to the car. We talked about talking it up later, or in our case texting. Pinky climbed in her car and drove off. I followed her through three turns before I went the opposite direction to work. Work day would not be like last night or this mornings fun. Now I was interested in what Pinky had thoughts with sourpuss. Could she do her thing with her, and I am left behind? Would she bring her in to form a three way? Or could she set me up with sourpuss, like I could have sex with either one at different times? Then the last thought, do I even want to mess with sourpuss? All this in more in the next story, part 6 to come.

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