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Panty MagicI love wearing panties and tights (pantyhose) stockings with suspenders under my day clothes. I get so turned on thinking that no one knows about my secret. I was in the local gay club the other night and badly needed a piss, as there was no one in, i just dropped my jeans and pulled my cock out of my panties and fuck me, didm’t a guy walk in on me. He stood there and looked at my cock out of my red panties, at my red suspender belt and red stocking and just said “Wow, I love those” I was a bit pissed off and said “No need to make fun I love wearing this gear”He said “I am being serious, look” and dropped his suit trousers he was wearing gorgeous tan tights and had a blue lace panties under them and I could see a pussy bulge under too. “I love the shape in your panties and my name is Jed, by the way” “I am Pete ” he said “And I love guys into lingerie, but not the full CD works””Hey Jed, you fancy coming back to mine or me to your for some fun?” Fancy it, I was gagging for it!!!! We went back to mine in my car and and I did not remark on the large bag he had with him, I thought he had some nice gear in it.I made coffee and Pete asked could he remove his suit and trousers, that’s what I wanted. He had a buca escort great body, a bit hairy, but I love hairy legs in tights and we started to kiss. I took off my jeans and shirt and he started to play with my cock, which of course started to grow and get a wet tip. He asked me a really odd question, did I not mind about the big bulge my cock and balls made in my panties and tights, I said “No I had got used to it but had to say I loved whatever he was wearing to give him the required camel toe look he had”.”Ah Jed, that is an easily remedied problem I have some great panties here which disguise your bulge and make you look good, without affecting you at all””Come on Pete, lets have a look” He opened his bag and pulled out various sorts of knickers, briefs, thongs, panties and all had a camel toe front on them. “There is a small plastic hollow shaped box inside all the panties. you simply ease you cock inside and off you go.2 I was dying to try them so I slipped off my red stretch panties and he passed over a gorgeous a gorgeous pair of red satin style panties he showed me the inside, and sure enough there was a rubber sheath which you pulled over your cock and balls which held your cock escort buca at the base of the panties, right where the camels toe slash was. “Now ” said Pete, “If you want to piss just sit on the toilet and it will come through the camel toe slit.feels so good”I pulled up the panties and they were a very good stretch quality and strong as well. They my cock and balls down and under my crotch so I looked incredibly smooth around my crotch area. They did feel extremely comfortable and we sat down on the sofa and started to really kiss each, load of tonguing, nipple licking.. I loved it. I asked Pete “These panties seem to be getting a little tighter on me, and showing my slash mark a bit bigger” ” that’s ok” said Pete “They always do that, you wont be disappointed, just wait another 5 minutes and I will show you”We kissed and cuddled a bit longer and then Pete asked “Do you have any Dildos? double ended ones etc?”I laughed “I am a gay guy, if I do have a cock inside me, I come home and dildo myself, why?””Well” said Pete, “Would you like to get them,we are ready now”Ready now, I thought, what does he mean?? Anyway I brought out two monster dildos and a double ended one.”Right Jed, get those panties buca escort bayan off and lets have some fun” I pulled them down and to my surprise I must have cum in them as they were wet and sticky, I went to pull my cock out and could not see it, nor my balls. I felt under my legs and there was only smooth skin, Pete was smiling “Do you like it Jed” “Like what Pete” I asked, I slid my hand under my crotch already thinking fucking hell I have been cunted. there was just smooth skin and in the middle a raised pair of lips, which felt warm and sticky., I pushed and my fingers went inside a warm hole and horrors I started getting hot and wanting a cock.”Jed” said Pete “I have not cunted you, you have been wearing pussy panties, they dissolve your manhood and replace it with a vagina. It only take cock and cums as well. No other women’s problems, and I have some tampons to slide inside to stop you wetting your suit trousers.Actually I was delighted, Pete got the double ended dildo and slipped one end inside my pussy and then pulled down his panties AND HE HAD A PUSSY AS WELL. The camel toe was NOT a padded piece anymore it was really our camel toe of our pussies showing in our panties. The other end he pushed up inside his own pussy and then we worked it inside us both. 2 hours latter we were soaked in sweat, our lingerie was sticking to us and our pussies were touching each other, cum was oozing out all over the bed. What a mess, whats happens next is another story.!!!!

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