Out of Divorce Comes Opportunity

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Jack Carter was furious. As the bustle of the other people in JFK went about their business of business or as is so often the case pleasure, Jack could feel himself scowling, showing the signs of someone who’d had a really, really bad day. Here he was at 42 years old, successful in business, healthy, a multimillionaire sure but facing a divorce, facing sharing his hard gotten gains for god knows how long with his gold digging soon to be ex-wife.

He’d met up with Melody and her advisors in Manhattan, her home field to thrash out more details of the separation and it hadn’t gone well. It looked like he’d have to let her keep the Central Park apartment, the Aston Martin, his favourite painting and the rest of the designer furnishings she’d insisted be used in the remodelling but they still hadn’t gotten down to just how much else she’d want or indeed take. All he knew it’d be a lot. He didn’t find the designer furnishings, but he really loved that Aston Martin…

“Oh don’t pull that face,” said the soft, cheerful voice of Abbie, “if the wind changes you’ll stay like that.”

Abbie could always be guaranteed to break a mood. Abbie was Melody’s daughter from her first marriage. 19 years old, and the only part of the relationship with Melody Jack now looked upon fondly. She was to return with him to Colorado to continue her studies at Denver State and he was today a reluctant chaperone for the journey that coincided with the Manhattan murder that was the meeting with Melody.

“Today was an expensive day Abbie. You might excuse me for not feeling my best,” was Jack’s sullen reply.

In his navy Hugo Boss suit with open collar white shirt, athletic figure and angled features Jack had always had fortune attracting women. The problem had come that with his success in business was also the attention of those who perhaps didn’t see him in the way he saw them. You might say not the right kind of women. Melody had been such an attachment. Five years ago he’d met her on a guy’s weekend in Vegas where she was “visiting with friends”, they’d hit it off in one of the bars in the Aria resort and then hit it off more in an Aria penthouse for another 24 hours. A whirlwind romance was bypassed for a “it seemed fun at the time” but perhaps not the wisest chapel on the strip wedding. Now fast forward several years to her cheating on him with her personal trainer, her Pilates instructor, a girl from the coffee shop who doubled as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor and that was just the ones he knew of.

Melody’s appetite for sex was insatiable and though originally he knew he’d been enough to satisfy her (several registered noise complaints from the neighbours attesting to that), she was not one to be pinned down, well not just be pinned down by him! A separation was agreed in the wake of the new year after they’d spent the best part of the pandemic in different states. He in Colorado, she in New York. He didn’t miss the city, he didn’t miss her.

After checking in to premium economy Abbie couldn’t resist a dig, pointing at the class on the ticket:

“I didn’t think it’d gotten this bad!” She laughed and Jack smiled a reluctant smile, “We’re lucky it’s premium” he replied, “Five more minutes with her lawyer and we’d have been in a UPS box in the hold”. With that they went through security and sat mostly in silence as Jack stewed with his thoughts and Abbie enjoyed whatever was entertaining her on her phone.

Jack had always gotten on well with Abbie. Of course she was a surprise, something Melody revealed the morning after that shotgun wedding. But after meeting her and finding her great company Jack didn’t mind one bit. She was fun, smart. She could take care of herself and was above all independent. She had part time work and refused to let Jack support her as much as he financially could and that’s why she’d ended up in Denver but with a scholarship rather than letting Jack pull strings to get her into NYU. In the end it didn’t matter, after getting himself a second home in the mountains overlooking Denver in 2019 he found himself setting himself up there full time, rounding out the pandemic in a great big house with great views with Abbie living with him as a freshman in a guest quarters while campus was closed. They’d spent a lot of time together, watching movies, hiking, playing board games and were very close. It has never gone further than that, and the thought of going further had never crossed Jack’s mind, though to the outsider Abbie would have been quite an attraction. She was very pretty. 5’5, slender build but with a little more curve than perhaps the text book cute stepdaughter might expect. She was outdoorsy and athletic as a result and unlike her mother’s bleached long blonde hair, kept her natural dark brown usually in a ponytail. He enjoyed her company. She made him laugh and she certainly had little affection for her mother whose escapades were not well hidden, her infidelities an open secret.

“It sucks what she’s done to you”

Abbie broke the silence an hour into the flight. It was getting late and Bostancı Escort the flight though delayed they were now cruising in the night sky at 20,000 feet. Abbie had the window seat on his right, him the aisle. Food had been served and the sparse number of passengers were starting to settle in preparation for the cabin lights to dim for some sleep.

“You shouldn’t worry Abbie, I’m just fine.”

“I know you’ll BE fine. It’s just it sucks she’s making you feel this bad. After all she’s the bitch that fucked around”

“Don’t talk about her like that”

“Why not?” Said Abbie. “It’s what she does. Melody looks after Melody and that’s always going to be the case. Only now she can do it in a little more style. She got the apartment right? And the Aston?” Jack smiled a resigned smile and took a sip from the second beer he’d taken at service. Abbie continued ambivalent to Jack’s silence, “I don’t know why she did it to you though,” Abbie carried on, “There’s this great guy, he does everything for her, he gives her a great house, great vacations, everything she wants, a great life and she just kept on taking.”

“I appreciate the reminder!” Jack smiled. Abbie’s green eyes looked at him and smiled herself “Well it’s just us now, just Jack and Abbie.”

It was a pleasant thought.

Jack had promised Abbie he’d take care of her. From the early days Melody hadn’t been much of a mother to a teen who knew her own way. Abbie took care of herself but Jack would do all she’d let him. Against her complaints he’d got her an apartment in Boulder, not far from campus, put enough funds in her account month to month so she could focus on her studies. Abbie had been grateful. She’d promised she’d repay him “once I’m a hot shot lawyer!” And though he knew he’d never accept it, he knew she meant it. She was now to him and him to her a close friend. The divorce wasn’t going to change that. She looked little like her mother, her father had Italian blood and she had an olive skin that would tan easily and it was no surprise that she’d had to fend off several guys on campus who saw her as what she was: a very attractive young woman. To Jack though she was a close friend, perhaps almost a best friend, something strange perhaps but with a bond formed over the pandemic not all that surprising despite the age gap.

When the lights dimmed both Jack and Abbie wrapped themselves in the airline given blankets and reclined to start to sleep. Fifteen minutes or so in, Jack was startled when he felt Abbie shift in her seat and rest her legs up against his, perhaps he thought to get more comfortable. He’d noticed how Abbie had looked in those black leggings in the airport. They looked quite a pair. She’d taken athleisure to heart in her dress sense and had boarded in a baggy Denver State hoodie and sneakers with just a rucksack for baggage. Now he could feel the warmth of her legs against his. Just the thin stretched fabric separating them. It had been some time since feeling another human against him. He couldn’t help but notice it didn’t feel at all bad.

Half an hour later Jack sensed Abbie was asleep and dreaming or at least he was pretty sure she was. Otherwise how could he explain how she was slowly, deftly moving her leg against his. Her foot rubbing his foot, his shin, her knee, her thigh also against him as she cosied closer, snuggling into him.

“Mmm”, under her breath the sound escaped Abbie’s lips. Jack couldn’t be more awake. He looked to his right as his still stepdaughter was curled up against him, her head tucked into her chest but she was angled toward him and each stirring brought her closer against him. He looked left, the row was empty. Those behind and ahead of them seemed to be asleep or were at least well on the way to it. “This is all absolutely normal” he told himself, trying not to enjoy the sensation but failing.

“Mmmmm.” There it was again. She must be dreaming something pleasant. She shifted again, her head now against his shoulder eliciting a whisper: “Mmmmmm Jack you feel really good…” Did he hear that right? No it couldn’t have been. Or maybe there’s a Jack in class? A boyfriend? Not as far as he knew. Abbie was now right up against him, her hand wrapped around his arm, her head close to his chest, the scent of her hair obvious to him, her perfume. It was all fantastic. He was conscious of her shape next to him, every contour. Fairly petite but even under the blanket there was clear curvature of a very cute young woman. She continued to massage his leg with hers. Every touch radiated within him. Something that felt good. He wasn’t sure it was right but it was definitely good.

Jack froze. Under the blanket he felt her relax her grip on his arm and trace lower down his forearm onto his hip. Abbie’s hand was now on his thigh. Still hidden under the blanket, her head was nestled in his shoulder curled looking down, she must be asleep he continued to tell himself. “Maybe she’s cold? The blanket isn’t that thick so that’s probably it.” Despite his best intentions to keep calm at her touch, her leg Anadolu Yakası Escort against his, her hand just inches from his groin, he couldn’t help but feel the stirrings of arousal. Her hand now delicately stroked his thigh, downward at first from the top of his thigh to just above his knee. “Mmmm” she purred.

“It’ll be okay” he thought. “She’ll move away soon” only she didn’t move away. Her touch changed direction and now moved slowly up his thigh. Feeling an injection of unplanned, uncontrollable excitement, Jack was almost fully aroused, shifting slightly in his seat to angle his seat and obvious erection away from her wondering hand but his eyes widened fully as her touch trailed across him and traced the long edge of his cock through his pants. Firstly just slightly, then definitely with purpose, her palm now feeling him from base to tip, back down the shaft to pause at the base and return upon the shaft to then stand still firmly upon him. “Mmmmm” Abbie moaned as she felt him.

Jack put his arm around her, if someone were to see them he’d just be hugging a sleeping partner. He asked himself whether that was the right thing to do but he needed some kind of cover and at the same time would it be so wrong? He was losing the battle to hold back. Abbie moved her body in closer and continued to stroke him. More purposely now, gently up and down, jacking him under the blanket, hidden by the dim lights and apathy of sleeping passengers. He couldn’t deny it felt amazing. She did everything right, he was fully hard and a prisoner to her touch.

Suddenly Jack was unsettled by a hurried stewardess breezing past him, she didn’t notice the two passengers were stirring and continued past, not noticing the gentle movement of the blanket, so she continued her patrol of the aisle and walked away. Abbie’s movement was still slow but if you’d have looked closely it would have been obvious that not only was Jack fully aroused under the sheet, but that the nineteen year old really knew how to turn a guy on.

Jack’s breathing was a little heavier. Again the thought entered his head that this shouldn’t happen. He tried to hug and role her away but she was dead weight, somewhere between sleep and awake perhaps? He couldn’t move her away and he couldn’t stop her. But as he battled with whether he should stop her the thought of why shouldn’t he stop her started to win the war. Her fingers now teased his zipper as she teased him up and down.

“Holy shit”, thought Jack as the girl became ever more bolder. Thoughts raced through Jack’s head. Abbie was very attractive, she wasn’t his daughter, she was a friend who if he’d run into her on the street he’d certainly want to get to no and if she wanted to take things further he’d have not said no to. But this was Abbie. He pushed back into the seat as her fingers purposely clasped the zip and slowly pulled it down. The point of no return.

Finally he decided: “I’m going to let this happen,” he determined before another shock hit him as her hand slipped into the newly opened gap and immediately found the opening of his boxer shorts and the warmth of his pulsing cock. The sensation of her skin on his skin, her fingers upon him made him harder still. It felt amazing. He bit his lip. He thought about his options but god this felt good. If she wasn’t awake then was this something she really wanted? Though he’d never looked at her this way he couldn’t help but enjoy this stunning teen paying him attention he’d missed for so long. He made a second decision,moved his hands to his belt, undid it, raised his hips and slipped his pants and his boxers down under the blanket giving Abbie full range to touch him. She immediately enjoyed the new freedom to grasp him. He was stunned when Abbie turned her head to look up at him, those beautiful green eyes in his; “That’s better” she whispered as she returned to a position nestled into his shoulder that made it appear she was asleep but now to Jack plainly wasn’t.

She continued to touch him, tease him but then her right hand encircled him and began a steady rhythm around his shaft. Jack pushed back in his seat savouring the sensations. Abbie paused, pulled her hand out from under the blanket and looking up at Jack licked from fingers to palm to provide some lubricant before returning her hand under the sheet. “This may feel a little nicer….”. He had no response only to nod his head nervously as the teen controlled him.

As the warm fluid on her hand lubricated his shaft, the sensations magnified. Abbie’s pace increased. Her left hand on his thigh her right hand coaxing every moment of joy, still curled into him. Jack held her with his right arm tightly, translating his pleasure to squeezing her tighter as her talented hand worked him. Abbie teased precum from his tip to aid the lubrication further and began to speed up. Jack knew he couldn’t hold back for too much longer, he grabbed a napkin from the seat to the side of him as a sign that the end was close but abbey pushed it away and looked up at him, “Is anyone looking at us?”,

“No…no” Pendik Escort whispered Jack as he eagerly checked, seeing the stewardess out of sight, “well be quick!” She smiled and abbey lifted the blanket, ducked her head underneath it and Jack moaned audibly as Abbie’s lips took him in her mouth. Her lips wrapped around him. As her hand gripped the base of his cock her mouth, it’s warmth consuming him, bobbed slowly and then more quickly up and down, holding him tightly taking just over half of his 8 inches up and down. Faster, faster still. After what may have been half a minute but could have been a lifetime Jack gripped her shoulder tightly as overcome, he exploded into Abbie’s mouth. She continued to bob, holding her lips tightly closed around him, then slower, then pausing, presumably to swallow under the sheet. Then she appeared back from under the sheet and wiping her lip of saliva she spoke: “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that Jack.”

“I can’t believe what we just did,” after a moment Jack meekly protested, “you shouldn’t have…”

“You’re not my Dad Jack,” she smiled. ” I wanted to, I wanted you and If you think that was wrong then you’re going to be so very put out by what I plan to do with you next.” With that, she took a sip of water from a bottle in the net of her seat and as Jack pulled his pants up, Abbie turned back to him, leaned in and Jack couldn’t stop himself as he kissed the beautiful girl staring back at him.

After a loss of perhaps thirty seconds Abbie pulled back, the wetness of the kiss showing on her lips, “Now you’ve had your fun it’s my turn,” said the teen as she took Jack’s hand, lifted her blanket, and with her hand on his placed his hand on her leg. “I want you to feel how much I want you.” She let go of his hand, shifted back into her seat, lifted her hips to lower her leggings and retook his hand and placed it onto a lace panty, hiding what Jack was fairly sure was a nearly hairless, likely Brazilian shave and clearly sopping wet pussy. “Mmmm oh my fucking god” she whispered as she shook on Jack’s touch through the material. “I have wanted this soooo long”. Jack said nothing, Abbie’s hand guided his, pushing the material aside and nervously he could feel his hand shaking but the teen didn’t seem to mind. The moist folds of her pussy parted easily and he felt the nub of her clittoris, the wetness around it lubrocating his touch, “mmmm not too much” she whispered, and took his finger and traced up and down her opening, teasing the clit up and around in a figure eight. “Oh god I’m so wet” she cooed, speeding up the movement of Jack’s hand.

Taking his index finger she teased her opening and Jack felt resistance give way as his finger entered her. “Mmm fuck”, she whispered, fighting making more noise, applying pressure to his hand for him to go deeper. Jack looked at her face as he did, she was biting her lip, her eyes closed. “Mmmm” her moan was a little too loud for the environment they found themselves in,

“Shhh” he whispered, “someone will hear!”, Abbie ignored him and took greater control of his hand, she knew how she wanted to be touched and to maximise the immense pleasure she was experiencing. “Mmmm that’s so good,” a whimper escaping her lips as she forced two of Jacks fingers into her, massaging her pussy, fingering her deeply then pulling out to tease around and across her glistening clit. More moans, a little louder now as the speed of the tease increased. Abbie turned to face him and as they kissed, their tongues tasted each other, unmistakable strawberry lip balm and gentle but not too forceful entwining. Abbie stiffened back in her seat away from him bit her lip and though did her best to subdue it, the deep moan of an orgasm consumed her and those passengers of flight 723 not in a deep slumber, if they listened, gained the benefit of hearing the amorous teen in row 15 experience elicit a soft cry that could only be that of the most sensuous of experiences.

Abbie looked across to Jack and smiled, Jack’s smiled back. “I think I have to have more of you”, the teen whispered, raised her hips to pull up her leggings, removed the blanket, undid her belt and climbed across Jack as she whispered “Meet me in the restroom”.

Jack watched the young girl walk the aisle and enter the first restroom from them, just fifteen feet from their seats. He looked around. Despite the noise nobody seemed to have stirred. The stewardess wasn’t to be seen, likely on her own rest break. He paused. Considered his options. If he followed Abbie he was doubtless going to be fucking his stepdaughter but then really was she that still? Who was he kidding? He was still married to her mother so yes he supposed he was. But why not? She wanted him, he knew he wanted her but what would the consequence be? Had he taken advantage of her? No, she’d taken the lead. What would Melody say if she knew? Would she use it to her advantage? Would it cost him more of his fortune? He contemplated a moment and when faced with a choice of fucking a gorgeous young woman or not fucking a gorgeous young woman reached a decision of, “fuck it, why not?” He knew it was a choice that probably could get him into a whole load of trouble but it might just be trouble worth having. He undid his seatbelt, stepped out of his seat, and made the fifteen feet journey to the restroom.

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