Out in Dawlish Nature Reserve

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Out in Dawlish Nature ReserveCarol and I were walking in our nearby nature reserve. It was back in July, and as you know 2018 was a particularly hot and warm summer. It wasn’t long before we had disappeared from view from the sea and nearby golf course. It was very hot, Carol was wearing nothing but a summer dress and I had a t-shirt and shorts on, no boxers or anything underneath.We continued our walk to the far end of the nature reserve where very few people venture, it was stiflingly hot but as Carol was walking in front of me I couldn’t help noticing the jiggle of her arse as she followed the path. I felt myself getting aroused as my cock twitched in my shorts. I sped up slightly and got to within touching distance of Carol and made a grab for her arse. Through her summer dress I couldn’t feel much, but to my delight she just reached down to the hem of her dress and lifted it up, exposing her pale ass to anyone who would have been nearby.My cock gave another twitch, by this time I was getting hard, Carol lowered her dress and turned round to face me; she looked down and could easily see the bulge in my shorts. She knelt down in front of me and pulled at the cord which was keeping my shorts up. I looked around wildly hoping this would continue but also nervous about being outdoors. There were a few bushes and a couple of trees nearby, I saw that these were giving us some cover, but we were still on the path, and that anyone out for a stroll would easily see us.My shorts suddenly hit the grassy floor of the path and my cock stood erect about 6 inches from Carols face, she looked up into my eyes and opened her mouth. Her bahis firmaları tongue slightly stuck out I could feel her breath on my cock as it entered her mouth. Although it was a warm day I could still feel the warmth and moistness of her mouth as her lips closed around my shaft. Her hands gripped my waist as she slid her mouth further down my cock, inch by inch disappearing into her wet mouth. Carol began to rock her head in and out, this felt so amazing as I was watching my shaft disappear and then reappear only a moment later. I told carol not to stop but I was getting worried in case I blew my load there and then, imagining my hot sticky white cum spurting into her mouth and over her face, hot wave after wave covering her hair and neck. I told her to stop there and then, Carol looked up at me and said, “You don’t like it?” I replied “I love it but I don’t want to cum yet, I want to fuck you from behind” We looked around and found a small tree; Carol leant against it and pulled her dress up exposing her ass to the nature reserve. I came up behind her and knelt down pushing my face and tongue into her ass and pussy. I could taste the wetness and new that she was already very turned on. I lapped away at her and could hear her breathing heavily as she let out a small whimper and orgasmed on my tongue and face. The sweet juices of her pussy running down my chin.I stood up and she turned around and kissed me, saying that she loved the taste of her own pussy juice especially from my mouth. I felt her tongue enter my mouth searching for any last drops of her cum.We stopped kissing and I once again turned Carol around, kaçak iddaa she bent over and once again raised her dress. My cock already out and hard made a bee line for her pussy. I entered her, first the bulbous end of my cock meeting a bit of resistance from Carol’s pussy, but once it found her wetness it just slid straight in. Firstly a couple of inches but then I pressed harder and it slid in the rest of the way. Carol let out a gasp as my manhood penetrated her from behind.Her arse felt so good in my hands as I fucked her, I could feel my balls slapping at her as I fucked her from behind, carol was letting out gasps as I thrust myself in her as deep as I could. The feeling was so intense as my cock twitched regularly and carol used her pussy muscles to try and clamp my cock. I was in my element I could feel the gentle breeze on my ass cheeks as I pumped her. Suddenly a small brown dog appeared at my feet, sniffing around, Carol hadn’t seen it, but as I looked back over my own shoulder I could see a lady in a pair of jeans and a shirt looking at us with her mouth slightly open, I think she had spotted us at the same time I saw her. But for some reason unknown to me I didn’t stop pounding carol, in fact it seemed to turn me on more. I couldn’t keep looking at the lady as she was almost behind me, but I heard her say, “Billy come here away from them” in quite a stern voice. Carol suddenly then realised we were not alone, I said to her “stay there its ok,” I felt carol bend lower to give me more access for my cock in her pussy. Clearly she was being turn on by this too.I continued to slide my meat into Carol, knowing that kaçak bahis we could actually be in a bit of bother here, especially if the lady started filming us or something. I took another glance behind me, but the lady had actually moved and was now beside me, about 2 meters away, she had blonde hair and was in her fifties, and she had brown eyes, I could see her just looking at the point where I was fucking Carol. I said to her “you don’t mind us continuing do you, as we are both turned on.” She replied, no “carry on I want to see you cum” at this point Carol was clearly in ecstasy as she came heavily on my cock and let out quite a loud moan. As this happened my cock slid from her pussy. I was about to cum, but suddenly the unknown lady came in, took my cock in her hand and said “let me do that for you, I want to see your cum on your wife’s tits” my cock was quite slippery with both pre-cum and carols pussy juices, but the ladies hands with their red nails took a firm grip and started rubbing my cock, Carol turned around and knelt in front of me. It was no good I couldn’t hold back any longer, “I am Cumming I am Cumming”, and as I said this a hot spurt of sticky cum ejaculated from my cock, it hit carols tits with such force that it splashed back onto my cock and this strangers hand. The lady laughed as another spurt hit carol in the chest and face, the lady continued to rub my cock as spurt after spurt came out. When no more was to be had this strange lady let go of my now limp cock and licked the cum and Carols pussy juice from her fingers. She said “well I didn’t expect to do that today, but it was nice” with that she called her dog over, put a lead on it and walked off. Both carol and I couldn’t believe what happened, but ever since we try and go to the reserve as often as we can, but we have never seen that dog or the lady since!

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