Out For a Ride

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Out For a RideI have had a bit of a fetish with the older woman/younger man situation and I thought that I should explain where it came from.When I was younger, I had taken up road cycling as a sport. On the way back from a training ride, not too far from home I went around the corner, hit some loose stone and slipped off the bike.The woman across the road was in her front yard and quickly came over to see if I was alright. I had a few sc****s and the bike needed some repairs. She took me in a helped clean up my elbow and shoulder before I fixed my bike off.The next week I dropped over and took a bunch of flowers to say thanks. She invited me in for a cold drink. We sat and chatted for ages, I found that her name was Helen and she had been living here for 10 years, the last 5 on her own.It was a warm day and ended up being a great afternoon. We were just chatting and relaxed, talking about everything and nothing. Helen was wearing a typical summer dress from that time and each time she got me a drink, I got a glimpse down the top. Being the age I was I didn’t say anything, just took samsun escort as much in as I could. Over the next few weeks I visited Helen a couple of days a week. It was nice to chat to her and I must admit, I did enjoy the view that I got, either down her top or of her legs. Each time she caught me looking I would move the gaze of me eyes and looking back, I realise that she deliberately let me see her. The chat became a bit more risqué over time, with her asking me about girlfriends and what I had done so far. She would compare my limited experience to what she had done at the same age. The talk made me very horny and I would be sitting with her with a bone as she told me how she had to be careful as contraception wasn’t as available. She was teasing me by talking about how they would do lots of things without going all the way. She told me that she had two friends that would come over to visit whenever she felt like some company. I continually wished that it was me in their place and I would head to bed each of those nights thinking about Helen and masturbating, imagining escort samsun her doing all those things with me.On one afternoon we were watching day-time television when the discussion turned to the trend of shaved vaginas. After watching for a little, Helen said she would like try that and she turned to me and asked if I would help her. What an opportunity, of course I told her I would. With that, Helen got up and got everything needs, place a big towel on the table and promptly slide down her panties in front of me and lay down and opened her legs. WOW!!!!! What a view. She didn’t have a huge amount of hair and it was certainly going grey.I sat in front of her and carefully and slowly lathered her pussy. I tried to take my time but must admit that the level of eroticism was very high. My cock was extremely hard as I shaved her, slowly moving my hands over as I shaved her. I’m not sure how long it took but it was not long enough for me. As I was almost finished, I took a good look at her pussy which had very open lips. I now know that she was very turned on and if I had samsun escort bayan moved the right way, I could probably have seen her clit. I finished and rinsed her pussy with a face washer, Helen asked how it looked and I said it looked very sexy and followed up with a ‘how does it feel?” With that, Helen reached down and slide her hand over her pussy and I am sure that her finger slide between her lips and into her pussy.Helen took her hand away and it was clear that this was finished. I stood up and she said thank you but glanced down and could my hard cock pressing against my pants. She took my hand and pulled me over to her, saying she couldn’t leave me like that. Helen undid my pants and let my cock out, taking it in her hand. I was standing up near her face and she did little more than squeeze my cock before I started to shoot. I first stream of cum shot onto her neck and then Helen did something that I would never have expected, she put her mouth over my knob and let my cum shoot straight into her mouth, swallowing it all. I found out in coming weeks that this was something that she enjoyed.It was a great afternoon and when I left, she gave me a very passionate kiss. She thanked me for shaving her, telling me that one of her friends was coming over for the night and she was sure he would enjoy what I had done.

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