Our New Neighbor Ch. 3

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I was in back of Nicole and I could no longer control myself, as I was showing how to stroke the cue stick, my hard cock pushed up against her beautiful, tender bare ass. I quickly pulled my crotch back because I realized that if I didn’t, I would end up ‘dry fucking’ her and cumming in my pants, uugg, that’s messy. She let me know that it felt good to her by pushing her butt further back to keep the contact with my cock. I pulled away and then she said, “Bob, can we just talk instead of playing pool?” I told her we could sit and talk.

“Bob, I really like my step-mom very much, but because she had that thing in the tub, does that mean that she is a slut, like isn’t she too old to be doing things like that? Another thing, aren’t people supposed to stop doing things like that after they are married?”

“Why would you think that Nicole? There are a few things that I have to explain to you. For one thing, your Dad left a couple of weeks ago and your step-mom misses him as well as the sex that they had together. One thing that I want you to always remember, sexual pleasure is one of the greatest gifts we have been given, so we should enjoy it whenever we can, whether it’s by masturbation or otherwise. Another thing that you have to realize, every normal person has a sex urge from the time that they are born until the time they die, some people have a stronger sex drive than others. I’m sure that you have masturbated and probably even had sex with a boy, or maybe even with a girl for some time, haven’t you?”

Nicole dropped her head down so that I couldn’t see her face and said, ” of course not, what kind of a girl do you think I am, I would never do things like that. Before my real mom died, she told me that a nice girl doesn’t do things like that.”

“Nicole, to begin with, you know that I like you very much, so I’m going to be honest and tell you only the truth. I’m not sure if you have had sex with anyone, but I could tell just by looking at you pussy if you have. Another thing I do know, you probably masturbate frequently and enjoy the feeling of cumming very much. As I told you before, Kitty and I enjoy masturbating very much, and sometimes with each other or maybe to each other. Also, we like to have sex together and I like girls, especially ones that are as pretty as you, and Kitty likes both boys and girls. One more thing that I should tell you, even though most women try to hide it, they have a lot stronger sex drive than men, plus most men can only cum once or twice, with some rest in between, but you lucky women can cum many times, one after another.” Nicole was in awe of this last statement.

Nicole was trying to digest all of the things that I just told her and at the same time, as we were sitting next to one another, I could sense a certain amount of sexual arousal coming from her just by the way she was moving her body, just like a twitching. Another thing is that I have a super keen smelling factor when it comes to the odor of an aroused woman, I was most certainly getting it from Nicole.

Then I told Nicole to let’s go check up on Kim and Kitty, I’m sure that Kitty has calmed Kim down by now. I was sure by this time that Kitty would have Kim pretty much under control and was probably getting Kim so sexually worked up that poor Kim would be begging for more and I wanted Nicole to secretly witness the orgy. Nicole was still flushed from me telling her that she probably masturbated frequently.

What had taken place in Kim’s room with Kitty is as follows: I’ll explain it from what was on the tape and then come to the point that Nicole and I quietly looked into the room.

Kitty told Kim that she looked all wound up and that she wanted to give Kim a nice massage. Kim responded by saying, “that’s not necessary Kitty, I’ll be O.K., I guess it’s just that I miss Don so much and I’m starting to get a little on edge. I think that I would like to be alone for a while.”

“Kim, I insist, your handsome husband made Bob and casino şirketleri I promise that we would take care of you and Nicole and that’s exactly what we are going to do, so please don’t be difficult. Now let me remove your robe and get you into a comfortable position. Where can I find your body oil?”

Kitty, please don’t, I know you mean well but I would rather you didn’t give me a massage, I’ll be fine.” (Sure she would, as long as she could get that dildo back into her beautiful cunt.)

“That’s it Kim, either take that robe of this second or I’ll spank your butt as if you were a little child, I mean it.” Kitty said this to Kim and she sounded pretty harsh.

Kim slowly took off her robe and as she was doing so, I could see a couple of small tear drops run down her cheeks. She also told Kitty in a silent tone where her body lotion was.

When Kitty returned from the bathroom with the lotion and a couple bath towels, Kim had her legs tightly together and hers eyes staring at the ceiling.

Kitty looked at Kim lying in bed and as stiff as could be, and said to Kim, “I want you to take some deep breaths and I want you to relax.” Then Kitty’s eyes beamed in on Kim’s heavy growth of pubic hair and said, “my god Kim, don’t you ever trim that forest you have down between your legs, I can’t give you a massage with that tangled mess. Now where do you keep your scissors and razor?”

Now poor Kim was begging Kitty not to shave her pubic hair. “Please Kitty, please don’t cut my hair down there. I’m going to my doctor next week for a check up and I’ll be embarrassed to tears if I’m hairless down there, what will the doctor think?”

Kitty lifted up her skirt and stood right in front of Kim’s face and said, “Kim, see my pussy, see how clean it is. (how could Kim not see it, especially in it’s engorged state of arousal.) I also go to the doctor and to tell you the truth, they see clean shaven pussy all the time and it doesn’t phase them one single bit. In fact, my doctor thinks it’s easier for her to check me without all that messy, smelly hair.”

Kim finally relented, with a few sobs, and told Kitty where everything was that Kitty needed. This the point where Nicole and I quietly entered the room. Kim was not aware of our presence, but Kitty was and motioned me and Nicole to be very quiet. I think this observation of what she was doing to Kim, was more for Nicole rather than for me.

Kitty lathered up Kim’s pubic hair after she put a heavy bath towel under Kim’s butt. Then she said to Kim, “spread your legs as wide as you can and lift up your butt, I’m going to shave you so that you don’t have a trace of hair from your anus to your navel.” Kim spread her legs slightly and then Kitty took them and forcefully spread them as far as she could.

Kitty first started by cutting the heavy growth and then went to the razor to get her pussy as bald and smooth as a baby’s butt. I was holding Nicole’s hand, being aware that Nicole was trembling with arousal, as we quietly observed every move that Kitty made in finishing up on Kim’s pussy. Nicole was having a difficult time of standing still.

In Kitty’s shaving Kim’s pubic hair, she very shrewdly placed and manipulated her fingers in a manner that was stimulating Kim’s pussy lips as well as her clit, and that was causing Kim to make soft moaning sounds. Every time Kim made a moan, I felt Nicole’s body shudder. Other than the moans, Kim ceased objecting to what Kitty was doing to her, by this time, I think that she realized that if she did, Kitty would speak harshly back.

“Now to clean you up and we will almost be through.” Kitty got a warm, damp towel and started cleaning up any lather that was still on Kim’s body. She took the towel and started from near Kim’s navel and just worked it down to Kim’s , now very open and engorged, cunt lips. I wish we were closer because then Kitty said to Kim, “oh Kim, you have a beautiful looking clit, the naughty thing is poking its head casino firmaları out, let me clean it.” Then Kitty took the warm, damp towel and rotated it around Kim’s swollen clit.

This was getting to be too much for Kim, and with a louder moan she said to Kitty, “please Kitty,” her words were slightly slurred and I think at the same time she was trying desperately to hold back a moan, “I’m very tired and I would really like to go to sleep.” SLEEP, no way, she needed to get herself off before she went out of her mind.

“not yet, beautiful, now I’m going to give you a massage and then you can go to sleep for as long as you want.” Kitty told Kim. Not only was Kim hurting, poor Nicole had taken her hand away from mine and in the dark Thinking that I was totally focused on watching what Kitty was doing to Kim, had let her robe fall open and with one hand was pinching her nipples and with the other hand , she was rubbing her cunt ever so quietly as not to alert me.

I couldn’t, take it any longer, my cock was throbbing so hard that I thought if I waited any longer, it would go off by itself. I quietly pulled Nicole’s hand away from her pussy and brought it up to my mouth and sucked every drop of her delicious nectar off. She stiffened at my action, but I think it was from the shock of getting caught. I pulled out my cock and put her hand on it and with my hand over hers, I started stroking it. When Nicole got the hang of what I wanted, I took my hand away and put it on her pussy lips and started to masturbate her. She was wet, in fact, more than wet, even her thighs were covered with her pre-cum juices. I expertly started to gently rotate my finger around her clit, teasing her to some very quiet moans.

I could see that Kitty got a look at what we were doing and had a giant grin on her face. What is the saying, “Divide and conquer.” Well that’s what we did and it worked.

I was ready, more than ready, as my pre-cum was soaking sweet Nicole’s hand. I wanted to get her off with me so I picked up my pace and started to rub Nicole’s clit faster and faster. I thought this is the time to find out if she’s a virgin. I plunged one finger all the way into her wide open love hole, then another on, damn, her hot tender cunt felt so fine. Then I felt it, her cunt muscles clamped down on my fingers as she squirted out her cum in globs. I came instantly, shooting cum straight out about a foot or so and all over the floor. She was not a virgin, but she was tight.

I had my hand over Nicole’s mouth as not to alert Kim that we were in the room, but even so, with closed mouth, she made a loud moan, but surprisingly, it didn’t alert Kim. But then again, Kim was in kind of a turmoil in her desperate need to climax. I had to hold Nicole up because she was ready to collapse. That must have been one powerful cum, but that was going to be only the first with more to cum.

Kitty was now rubbing Kim down with some nice scented,(lilac I think,) body lotion and I’m not sure if Kim was moaning or trying to get Kitty to stop.

Then Kim spoke out, but very softly, “Kitty, you have been very good to me, but you know what you’re doing to me, I just can’t take it any longer. I know that you’re bi-sexual, but I’m not and you’re making me very frustrated. I need to cum and I can’t with you here. Would you please leave so that I can take care of my need, PLEASE.”

“Kim, I’ll be through in a few more minutes. I know that you’re horny, but I have to give you a rub down now, so just close your eyes, breath deeply and relax, before you know it, I’ll be all through.”

“Please hurry Kitty, I’m going out of my mind, I need some relief SOOOON.”

Kitty didn’t say another word. She started on Kim’s neck and shoulders, gently massaging Kim’s face, she even blew into Kim’s ear and I heard her whisper, “you are soo very beautiful Kim, I want you to enjoy every touch and feel the energy run through your body.” Then Kitty nibbled on Kim’s ear lobe as güvenilir casino her hands worked down to Kim’s breasts. Kitty knew exactly how to stimulate Kim’s breast. First from the underside and then to her nipples, almost teasing them. For the first time, I noticed that Kim’s breasts seemed to be very full and her nipples were protruding further than when I have seen her on the monitor.

Nicole, standing beside me, I was again starting to feel the tremors of her sexual arousal, as she stared at her step-mother’s dilemma and the way Kitty was manipulating her.

As Kitty was manipulating Kim’s breasts and nipples, Kim was now starting to hump her butt. Then Kitty put her mouth to Kim’s and gave her a open mouthed kiss. It was gentle, but never the less, Kim did not protest. Kim slowly moved her hand down lower on Kim’s body, she first stopped at her navel and then slowly moved down to Kim’s mound.

Kim was now trying to fuck the air as she kept humping her butt up and hoping that there would be something there to penetrate her hot love hole. Kitty now moved her hand lower and started to fondle Kim’s swollen cunt lips. As she did this, she now gave Kim a soul searching deep kiss and Kim totally succumbed to it, in fact, kissed Kitty back with desperation.

Kitty pulled her mouth away from Kim’s hungry and wanting mouth and started working her tongue down to Kim’s nipples and started to suck on them. Kim came with a thunderous moan that shook the room as she yelled, “Oh fuck yes yes yes, oh fuck, oh god yes”. After a moment or two, Kim came back to earth.

While this was happening to Kim, fortunately with her loud moans, didn’t hear Nicole getting off to a mind blowing orgasm that almost knocked her out. I was watching Nicole do just as she had done while watching her Dad Don, and Kim fucking. Her fingers were but a blur as she stood beside me, I didn’t have the heart to stop her. She groaned and moaned, but she was in sync with Kim and it went unnoticed to Kim, but certainly not to Kitty.

Kitty was now massaging Kim’s feet, toe by toe and then when she was finished with Kim’s feet, she started to work her way up Kim’s legs. Kim was still recuperating from the intensely over powering orgasm that she had just gone through, but I knew that what was in store for her in the next few minutes, would put her out for the night.

When Kitty got as far as Kim’s pussy, she took a little detour around it without touching any of her sensitive pussy lips and her hand went up to her now smooth mound and started to massage the area with thev palm of her hand in a circular motion, causing Kim’s clit to come out of its cover and then retreat. Kitty then leaned over and gave Kim a kiss That was the kind that only lovers gave one another. Kim was now kitties to do as kitty desired.

I knew the next move would be for Kitty to go down on Kim and give Kim an orgasm that would be stronger than Kim has ever had. I have seen Kitty when she has brought a girl home to make love too, (she would always leave her bedroom door open enough for me to see,) and they have screamed into orgasms that they had never experienced before. They would tell Kitty it was the most mind blowing orgasm that they have ever had. Most of them would be to weak to leave and would stay over night.

Nicole was standing next to me and I almost felt sorry for her. Her body was shaking as if she was caught in an ice storm. I knew she was ready to cum again and then she whispered to me “OH Bob, I feel like I’m ready to cum again, I think I’m going to be a nympho. Please help me, please kiss me or fuck me now, I can’t stand it any longer. I just want to cum, over and over, I can’t stop the feeling.

I told her that she wouldn’t have to wait much longer.

To Be Continued…

Thank all of you for your kind remarks, I truly appreciate receiving them in my e-mail, and again, any comments or ideas are greatly appreciated. As I have mentioned before, I’m not a writer as such, but I’m new at this and I get a big thrill by writing these stories. This story will have some twists that may combine some mystery along with the sex. But I just let my fingers do the typing and sometimes I’m not even sure where I’ll end up.

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