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Subject: Osito de miel 9 Adhere to the laws of your place, and do take care as you read and enjoy everything I post. I don’t condon diddling in family fun and more, yet I know it happens. I try to be an open book and upfront about my experiences growing up, so yours is def welcome if you’d like to talk bout it. Very open minded and non judgmental either, especially for my fellow Mexicans and Latinos. Ive been jerking to this site since I was a teen boy, so please donate what you can to help keep it up and running. I still enjoy this site, as I know countless men and boys do, whether they are married, downlow or closeted. Also, the second link is to my site, to help envision characters. I’m still working on it, so please give me time to post shit tons of material for my mbl/ —————————————————————– “You almost done osito?” yelled out Tio Carlos as I tried my best to finish taking a poop. Even though it was a lil weird, I was starting to like using the bathroom with the door wide open. “I’m almost done Tio, just a lil bit more!” I quickly reply as he reminds me “Remember, don’t wipe too much, just come when you’re done, okay?” I loudly reply “Okay Tio!” as I push down hard, getting the last bit of stinky poop to drop out of me and “plop” right into the toilet. I grab some toilet paper and kind dab it around as I try to not clean it fully. A second later, I stand up and flush the toilet, and kinda waddle to the sink as I’m not used to my culito feeling like this. It feels sticky and slick at the same time, just so new to me. Once my hands are clean, I yell out “Coming” as I make my way to the couch, naked and not knowing what Tio has in mind. Making it around the corner, I see Tio’s handsome face, and him really smiling good. “It feel weird between your cheeks osito?” he asks as I nod my head “Yes”, watching him set some wires and electronic stuff down. He walks over and kisses the top of my head, stating “I got us some snacks so we can have some good fun all day osito.” Instantly I ask “What are we going to do Tio?” as I notice towels laid all over the couch. He smirks before giving me a lil hug, telling me “I love you so fucking much, you’re my special lil honey bear, you know that?” I blush as he says it, his eyes melting mine as his hands hold the back of my neck securely. Without skipping a bit, I tell him “And you’re my favorite-ist Tio ever, promise!” which brings a chuckle out of him, as he jokingly says “I better be, you drive me crazy osito.” I felt kinda bad that I did, so I let out “I’m sorry Tio Carlos, I didn’t mean to, I’ll behave better.” He laughs out loud as flexes his eyebrows, telling me “That’s a good thing osito, that you drive me crazy. But even better you’ll do what I ask of you, no?” I nod my head eagerly as I know Tio would never hurt me and always makes me feel so good and crazy. He nods his head to the side, and says “Come here, keel on the couch.” I waddle over a bit and am confused on how to do it, so I kinda wait for Tio to show me how. He puts his hands on my waist and urges me with “Put your knees on the couch osito” which I do, getting it just right as he rubs plump tummy side a bit. That gets a short “gasp” out of me as Tio’s hands feels sooo good on my skin. Easily, I lean forward, and he maneuvers my body so my back is arched, and I feel my culito stick out. Seconds later, the smell of my dirty culito is floating in the air as I look back and notice Tio just staring at my butt. “Fuck osito, you’re so fucking sexy” he whispers as he lightly squeezes and shakes my cheeks. I giggle as I notice Tio’s red shorts are sticking out now as he lets out “Yea, you like making your Tio horny osito?” which gets another nod out of me. Firmly, he states “Stay like that” while he reaches for his phone, presses a few buttons and then starts to take pics of my culito. He mumbles here and there as he takes more and more pics, turning the phone to different positions every few seconds, and then also getting closer to my culito too. A lil chill runs through me as he gets close and pries my cheeks open with the middle finger and thumb of his left hand. His strong fingers open and close the middle of my crack a few times, the sticky dirty feeling making me melt more and more. My body jumps up a bit as he suddenly reaches down, and plays with my weenie a lil, putting his hand under it to take a few pics. Then, he firmly tells me “Open your culito for me osito” while I hear him tap his phone a couple times. I blush a lil as I do so, grabbing onto my plump cheeks and pulling them open, looking back at tio as he groans out “Fuuuck” while playing with his bulge. After a minute or so of accidentally letting go and re-opening my cheeks a few times, Tio leans forward and takes a deep sniff my crack. His nose lightly touches the insides of my cheeks, getting my body to jump just a bit before he takes a few more deep huffs. Tio groans and nicely smacks my cheek saying “Okay osito, go ahead and sit down.” I do as I’m told and grateful I can, as my knees were starting to hurt a bit from kneeling. Tio sets the phone down next to me, as he groans a bit, kneeling between my legs before feeling them up with his strong hands. That makes my weenie tingle, as he touches up my plump smooth thighs and even my belly too! I whimper a bit as his right thumb lightly istanbul travesti rubs my balls, making my legs flex side to side a bit. A second later, Tio slides his arms under my legs and pulls me to the edge of the couch. “Mmmmm, you’re so sexy osito..you always have been to your crazy Tio” he simply states as my legs stay wide open in front of him. My weenie is so hard now that I could feel Tio’s breath, and hoping he would put it in his mouth. “You wanna know how much your Tio loves you osito?” I eagerly shake my head “YES” as he moans and then reaches down for the remote control. He aims it behind him and flicks it on, and all I can see is a big arrow on the screen. A second later, he presses a button and a video starts to play. The TV isn’t too loud, but I can see that someone is walking kinda fast and making their way to something. The person enters a room and I can hear hard breathing, as they walk up to a bed. Then, it’s my turn to breath hard as the view turns and I see it’s Tio Carlos! But he looks different, he looks skinnier and younger. I can hear him say “Fuck, I need to taste you osito” while he holds whatever is recording him. I whimper as Tio starts to lightly lick my weenie on the couch, and in the video, I can see him softly pull something towards himself. My eyes widen as I realize it’s me, but I’m younger than I am now! I see my favorite onsie opened up, and me playing with my legs as I was naked under it. A chill runs through me as Tio’s eyes connect with mine through the video, and then, a loud sharp “GASP” comes out from me a second later. The same moment Tio sucks on my weenie on the couch, he sucks mine in the video, the feelings too much for me as my hands grab onto his hair. Strong moans and whimpers come out as his tongue is driving me crazy, tickling my foreskin and rubbing my lil eggs. In the video, I can hear myself giggling and whimpering, as my lil plump legs thrash on the sides of his head. He’s eagerly sucking me in the video, nibbling my thighs and hard tiny weenie as he mutters out “Mmmm, sucking my osito and stroking my nasty verga!” Tio must have been too excited as I whined and groaned a lot in the video, and his face looked so concentrated as he groaned louder and louder. In a second, I see him push his face down harder between my lil crotch, and really suck on me as he must have orgasmed really good and hard! I can hear “Uh uh uh” as he huffed and puffed between my lil legs. The video ends a few seconds later and I’m so hard in Tio’s mouth, ready to tingle really hard. I don’t know why I do it, but my hips start to move up and down into Tio’s hungry mouth. Holding onto his hair really good as I slide in and out, and in no time, I can feel the tingles build so high. I groan out “TIO!” as his tongue goes crazy on me, pushing me over the edge seconds later. I whimper and gasp as my weenie throbs in his wet mouth, his strong hands holding my belly as I feel so good! Tio doesn’t skip a beat and presses a button to make the next video play, and man, that got me even more crazy! The screen fills up with Tio’s big, hard, wet uncut verga, and him playing with it. I can hear him say “Yea, you got your Tio all nasty and horny osito” as he plays with a drop of precum. Then, Tio pulls me a bit forward on the couch and pushes my legs wide open and back, getting a whimper out of me as he blows on my crack. My eyes jump back and forth between watching the screen and watching my tio in person, til the video made me tingle even more! I could see Tio walk forward, his big hard weenie sticking out of his boxers, and then he walks up to me as I’m laying on my back. I’m still young and sucking on my pacifier, in only my socks and shirt. Softly, Tio says “Hold your legs osito, hold them for Tio” as I reach for my feet and hold onto them, playing with them. “Such a good boy, yes..always a good boy” Tio lets out as the screen moves down and I see him start to rub the tip of his weenie up and down my crack. I can’t help but whimper the same time as I’m doing in the video, as Tio takes a long lick of my dirty butt, giving a deep “Mmmmm” as his tongue starts to rapidly wipe at my hole. I groan out “TIIOOOO” as his strong tongue tastes my lil hole, licking up any poop it can, and getting it really wet. I can feel my hole squeeze open and shut as the tip of his tongue slides in here and there, almost making me want to beg for it deep inside. My body shakes and shivers as in the video, Tio says “I wanna load you up so fucking bad osito, I wanna fill you with my cream, my sexy lil cum bear.” I must have really liked it, as I whimpered more in the video and held onto my legs, and Tio whispered out “So close babe, you’re gonna make me cum.” The wet slick sounds in the video are pushing the tingles in me so damn much as Tio just holds his tongue in place, flicking the tip of his tongue just like he did with big his weenie when I was younger! My hole pushes out more as it gets soaked more and more with Tio’s spit, and then my eyes dart to the TV as I can hear him say “I’m cumming osito, I’m going to fucking load you up!” And right as I see Tio hold the tip of his big weenie to my lil hole, he stabs his wet tongue as deep as he can into my butt, wriggling it as hard as he could! I let out a loud “Ugghhhhh” as his tongue digs deep in me, making me tingle and wild all kadıköy travesti over. The feelings were even stronger as I saw Tio’s pulsing weenie move from my lil hole, and the video showed my leche soaked lil butt. I could hear myself whimper and reach down with Tio’s hand as he rubbed his leche into my cheeks and hole with his thumb and pointing finger. The video ends there and Tio pulls off of me softly, asking “See how much your Tio loves you osito?” as I whimper lightly and nod my head “Yes”. I squirm a bit as Tio leans forward and starts to lightly kiss my tummy, sucking on it here and there so nicely. Next thing I know, Tio stands up and pulls down his red shorts, kicking it off as his hard, wet, hairy uncut weenie bobs up and down. He gives it a few shakes before running his fingertip in his foreskin and then bringing the finger to my mouth. I suck on it, getting a grunt out of him as he reaches back down to scoop some more leche, and feeds me one more time. I love the taste of Tio’s light leche as I keep suckling, his face looks like he’s so relaxed as he pulls his finger out to lean down and kiss me. Even though it tasted a lil weird, I started to like the taste of my culito in his kisses as he made sure his tongue wiggled with mine, setting me on fire as we made out. “I’m so fucking ready to cum osito, but wanna do it in a nice way” he softly whispers, letting me go so I can scoot over and he sat in my place. He leans down to grab the remote and make sure his phone is next to him before falling back in place and playing with himself a bit. Butterflies flutter in my tummy as I just simply love to watch Tio play with his hairy weenie. Firmly, Tio whispers “Come here” as I take a couple steps to him, his strong hand reaching out and playing with my lil eggs and weenie. I flinch in goodness as he does it for a few more second before he grabs my waist, showing me to turn around and starts to pull me back to him. Awkwardly, I stumble back and then kind of stand on the couch, as Tio slides down a bit and holds his weenie by the base. I get excited as I realize Tio wants to put it in me, so eagerly I sit down on it, his thick tip pushing on my tight lil wet hole. I grunt a bit as it feels like I’m taking a big poop again, but even better as the tips pops in, getting a groan out of me. “Easy osito” Tio says but I want it all the way inside me, so I keep pushing myself down till all of his big hard weenie is in me. My legs shake a lil bit, as I spread myself open a lil too hard and a lil too quick. I’m glad Tio is so loving, his strng hands tickling and rubbing my lil package to make me feel better. “Good thing I left some poop as lube osito” lovingly came out of his mouth as he comforted me for a while. Then instantly, Tio pulls me back as his bushy hairs tickle my cheeks, sucking on my neck as I whimper in his arms. He keeps his mouth in place while he searches the screen for a video, then I tingle again lightly as Tio shows me more of his love. On the screen, I can see a cute butt pointed in the air, and then it shows me sleeping! I can hear myself snoring as the video keeps going, and I see Tio’s hard weenie come into view. He whispers “I’m so ready to blow, and all I did was finger him good..watch” as his stiff middle finger goes up and down my crack, then all of a sudden, pushes it into my lil hole. Like nothing, his finger disappears all the way in me as he moans behind me and on the screen. I can hear squishy wet sounds as his finger turns side to side slowly, and then he really fingers my plump butt, sliding finger in and out, making more wet sounds while he moans. He must really love playing with my butt, groaning out words I couldn’t make out. Then, he pulls his finger all the way out before showing that it’s lightly dirty before jerking his weenie on the screen. “I need to make you mine osito, and one day, I truly will..all for me” he roughly states as he gets up close to my butt, pulls back the skin and puts his tip right to my hole. Behind me, I barely catch Tio Carlos telling me “Watch osito, I got half way to making you mine then.” My eyes focus and try to remember so much details as Tio grunts in the video, pushing his big plump wet head inside my butt, groaning as he squeezed and spanks my cheek, but I don’t seem to wake up. I must have been sooo tired from playing with Tio or something. Tio then pulls and grabs at my cheeks as he tries to push forward, getting a lil more of his weenie in me, before growling out “Fuck!” The squishy sounds are even louder now as Tio pulls in and out of my butt, getting it wet and filled up like right now. I can’t help but rock my hips as I watch Tio hump my lil butt, me whimpering and him moaning, both of us tingling and going crazy. My hips seem to want to rock harder as in the video, Tio says “Ima fuckin fill you up osito, you’re mine once my cum soaks your sweet lil ass.” Chills run through me as the screen shakes a bit, Tio humping my butt really hard that I could hear “smack smack smack smack” as his arm wraps around my waist to hold me still a bit. “Here it comes baby!” yells out from the TV as he humps my lil butt really hard a few times, then stays still as he lets out a deep and loud “Urggggggghhhhh, fuk yeaaaaa!” I whimper as Tio reaches down and plays with my hard weenie, my eyes glued to the screen while I see him pull bakırköy travesti out till I hear a “plop”. I can see my lil hole is wide open and his leche is running out of me. I like how it looks a bit brown too, and then I see Tio’s finger come back on the screen. “Looked how full you are” he says while playing with my open butt, tickling my loose hole and pushing his milk back in me. I guess I’m still sleeping in the video as I don’t really move or make a sound, so Tio must have been talking to himself. He keeps making sloppy noises as his finger plays with it over and over, my butt getting more sticky and wet. And then the video cuts off right as Tio says “I need to fill you again” while he steps up to my butt once again. “Mmmmm, how do you like that osito? See how much I love you?” Tio grunts into my ear as he nibbles it. I’m so tingly as his strong hands grab my tummy and feels it, his weenie feeling sooo good in my butt as he flexes it. “Yes Tio Carlos, you always always loved me!” I let out in excitement, my hips start rocking back and forth the best I can. He groans so good while the TV flicks back on, and I can see all these small squares fill up the screen. It looked like lots and lots of videos, and I just had to ask “Tio, what are all those?” He gives a warm “mmmmm” into my neck as he softly states “Some are of me making love to you and us just being together, and the rest is other horny pa’s and uncle’s making love to their sexy lil sons and nephews.” I “gasp” lightly as the idea excites me, that there are boys like me who get lots of good feelings and love from their Pa’s and Tio’s! So shyly yet eagerly, I ask “Can I see some Tio!?” He quietly hands me the remote, letting me choose my first video, and man, it brings the tingles back even stronger then earlier. The boy looks chubby just like me and he’s moaning as his slim dad humps his plump butt. I love that it’s another latino boy and dad making love, and the dad looks so concentrated and eager to fill him up. My butt can’t help but rock harder, as I want to feel Tio in me the same time the boy is getting filled. The feeling is too good that I accidentally press a button and a new video plays right as I toss the remote to the side. In it, it looks like a white boy laying on the floor, and his big horny dad comes and puts his hard weenie in his butt real easy too, all the way to his hairy round balls. And once inside his son, the dad really makes love to him the same way Tio is starting to do now! The dad is humping him so hard and fast, the wet slapping noises mixing in with Tio’s while doing the same! I whimper and groan as he holds onto my waist, and more so, Tio is grunting and muttering something as he pounds my butt. All of a sudden, Tio slams into and holds me down, then picks up the remote to search for a video till he finds it, then presses play. “Ready osito?” he quickly grunts as it starts, and in it, there’s another latino boy laying on a bed, and his lil weenie is as hard as mine! The dad is speaking spanish, saying how much he loves his boy, and he’s all his, how he’s so hard cuz he loves his dad’s just as much too! And even better is that the horny loving dad is pounding his son hard and deep too! I whimper and groan out as Tio picks up pounding my culito, and whispering “Fuck yea, I’m going to fill you up osito!” He moves a lil bit, hitting my button inside me more, getting me to yelp from the overwheling feeling. Tio Carlos wraps his arms around me, and holds me to him as he pounds the tingles out of me, and right as it washes over me, Tio pushes in hard one last time before filling me with milk. I’m almost yelling out as he sucks on my neck, holding me hard to him as I can feel his weenie move inside of me, blasting his leche deep inside! I grab onto Tio’s hands while he moves a bit, and the tingles are just too much for me. My lil weenie is still so hard and bounces around as I relax on him. “Mmmmm, you’re the best sobrino any uncle can ask for osito, you know that?” Tio lovingly grunts into my right ear before sucking on it. I squirm and whimper while his hand reaches down and starts to lightly play with my sensitive vergita. I moan out “Tiooo” as he chuckles a bit, rolling my lil eggs in his hands like little chinese balls. “We’re gonna make this night count osito..you ready?” Tio asks before I nod my head “Yes”. His hand reaches for the remote and puts on another video, getting a “gasp” out of me as he strokes me so good while I see another horny dad make love to his son. The Dad truly love his son as he’s showing off how milky his sons butt is, and the son begging daddy to go back inside of him. Keeping his strong arms wrapped around me, my vergita throbs when Tio starts to hump my butt in small motions, hitting my button inside. And then, I realize I can smell Tio’s milk mixed in with my butt smell. It’s a lil weird yet I’m liking it a lot, and so does Tio Carlos. “You smell that osito?” grunts out as he reaches down between my legs and rubs where my hole and his big hairy weenie touch. He gets a few whimpers out of me before pulling his sticky fingers up to my nose. Instantly, I sniff it and feel a lil dizzy as he continues to hump me, then I realize he’s sniffing and sucking his finger clean before grabbing my jaw, turning my head so we can kiss and share our flavors. “This is going to be a damn good night osito” growls out as he picks another few videos to play, showing how I hold his hairy weenie when he takes a big pee, and showing more Tio’s making love to their sobrinos, and more, making sure to pick his phone up to record more of our fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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