Oral Seduction

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She sat impatiently in the chair. He would be here soon, entering from the door behind her. She was not to turn around. She had already unbuttoned her blouse and now played with her skirt a little.

How would he look? How hard would his body be? How big would his cock be? She had envisioned quite a few different men while she waited. She had imagined what he might do. Now, as she thought about it again, her hand slipped inside her skirt and began to stroke her clit lightly. She remembered her last encounter. He had been young, several years younger than her, but with youth comes stamina. They had gone at it for hours. The strokes became more aggressive. And before that one, the cock that she could barely fit into her mouth. Hmmm, she knew someday, perhaps soon, she’d have to taste him again. Her circling now, her hips began to move as well. And, of course, the one with the ripped body. Not much in the way of technique but, oh, to feel those muscles while her worked! To run her hands and mouth over that body. Yum. She shouldn’t be doing this, she knew, but she had gotten so horny in waiting.

Then the hands fell on her shoulders. He was here, slipped in without her hearing, or perhaps she was just too enraptured remembering. She tried to turn and look at him but his hands came to her face and held it forward. bursa escort He hand slipped out from her skirt and she drew in a breath. His hands loosened and then began to move downward. Over her shoulders they traveled, and along her arms. He took her hands and moved them back toward her skirt. She understood and started to touch herself again. The hands moved back up and were gone for a moment. Then the cloth came gently over her face. He tied it behind her head and he asked, “What were you thinking about?”

“Fucking, of course.”

“I know, but what specifically? Describe it to me.” He voice was circling her as he spoke. He was somewhere in front of her now.

“I was remembering a guy I had sex with a while ago. A smooth muscular man.”

“Do you like muscles?” He had a deep sensual voice and she could tell he was playing it up but it sounded, oh, so good.

“Who doesn’t?”

“You be surprised. And what were you two doing, exactly?”

“Exactly? I-” She paused as she felt her skirt shift. He was undoing it. A moment later it was gone. She felt his hands touch hers coaxing her to masturbate. She had stopped when she felt the skirt move.

“You?” he asked.

“I was feeling his chest and those ripped abs.”

Her blouse was next to fall away and the bra which snapped in bursa merkez escort front seemed to pop open by itself.

“Is that all?”

“No, I was kissing that chest and licking my way down.”

“Really?” His voice was close and she realized why as his tongue ran along her breast to her nipple. He cupped it in his mouth and sucked a little but the tongue worked at it. She gasped and her hands began to work faster. “How far down did you lick?”

“How far down do you-” He moved to the other breast but one hand stayed and massaged the first. “-think?”

“He was wearing underwear at this point?”


His mouth moved down toward her panties.

“Did he take them off or did you? Past her belly button and down.

“I did.” He slipped her panties off and spread her legs apart. Her hands came away to give him room.

“And did you like what you saw?


He licked the inside of her left thigh. “And what did you do next?”

“I took it in my hands.” His tongue moved slickly toward her mound but skipped over and touch her other thigh. “And I stroked it a little.” The tongue began to circle but avoided where she wanted it.

“And then?”

“And then I licked him.” He licked from the bottom of her clit to the top and her body convulsed.

“Oh, bursa sınırsız escort fuck!” She felt his cheek sliding against her the other way causing little tingles to hit her. Then he took another long lick. “Ohh!”

“Like that?”

“Ye-” she couldn’t get it out before that tongue struck again. “Yes.”

He began to work at her clit and she arched and started to lose herself in it.

Then he stopped.

“Do you want me to continue?”


“Then you have to as well. What happened next?” He gave a little stoke to coax her.

“Jesus! Okay, I licked him some – some more and then took him all the way in my mouth.”

At that, this tongue went into her pussy and began to explore.

“His-his hands-god!-came down to my head and-and-and-” He slipped back out and ran along her clit again circling his tongue around and across it. “And he began push-pushing my he-head, fuck! Oh please! Pushing my head back and forth to hel-hel-help. Oh Jesus!” She could barely keep herself in the chair. She felt like she was going to explode.

He paused briefly to ask her, “Did he cum in your mouth?” He attacked her pussy viciously, skillfully.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” But she was not answering his questions. She was cumming, with a vengeance. She grabbed the sides of the chair and let out a moan. His mouth began to slow and she started to relax. “Oh god, oh god, yes…he came in my mouth.”

Then he lifted himself up and took her hands again. He guided them to his own cock which was big and hard already. She took it greedily. He smiled, “Now show me what you did.”

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